Kelly was so fucking bored that she thought she was going to die. August. Ugh. The long, drawn-out days of summer vacation. The isolation of the suburbs, nothing around for miles but other houses—most of them inhabited by no one under the age of 40. Both of the family cars taken to work by her parents. A whole month before her first year of college. At times she wished she had taken a summer job. Well, not quite.

With nothing else to do, she worked on her tan, lounging on the deck in her two-piece, her firm body glistening with sweat and oil. She did this pretty much every day, until the sun bleached her hair golden and her skin turned dark as cocoa.

So one day, lying on her belly with her top undone, she heard a strange kind of music coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. It sounded familiar, but it took her quite awhile to place it. Then it struck her—an ice cream truck? How fun!

She jumped up and ran into the house to get some money, and it wasn’t until she was inside that she realized she wasn’t wearing a top. Oh well, everyone in the neighborhood was at work anyway. After scrounging up a couple of dollar bills and some change, she threw on a T-shirt and headed out the door.

The truck rolled down the street toward her at around 5-mph, güvenilir bahis but there were no kids in the neighborhood, so it was pretty futile. When she smiled and waved her money in the air, the truck sped up the block and parked in front of her house.

When she bounced up to the truck, she got a bit of a surprise. The driver was Matt Walsh, from her graduating class. “Wow Matt!” she said. “How’d you score such a fun job?”

“Well,” he laughed, “it’s actually pretty boring. I don’t know how they even make enough money to pay me; there are never any kids outside. They’re all playing video games or something. So what do you want?”

“I want something to do. It’s like I’m in exile out here.”

“Wanna come for a ride?”

“Oh, god, yes!”

Matt opened the door, and Kelly climbed inside the truck, which was pretty cold compared to the sweltering heat of the outdoors. Instantly, her nipples hardened, and Matt noticed. Her T-shirt was white and close fitting, and her deep-brown nipples could easily be seen through the fabric.

Kelly wasn’t embarrassed at all. She felt excited that he could see her, and when she glanced down and saw that he was hard, she got horny and bold. There would be no more trouble with boredom today.

“Can türkçe bahis I have a root-beer Popsicle?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said, snapping his head up to meet her eyes again. He took a Popsicle out of the freezer and unwrapped it for her.

With a mischievous grin, she accepted the Popsicle, making sure that her hand touched his an instant too long. Then, never breaking eye contact, she began delicately licking the shaft as if it were a cock.

“Do you ever fool around in here?” she asked, taking the Popsicle into her mouth and sucking it.

“I haven’t … yet,” Matt said. He watched her lips as they slid up and down the cold, sticky treat for a few more seconds, then reached over to close the side hatch of the truck. When he had fastened down the hatch, he turned back to find that Kelly had removed her shirt, and was drizzling butterscotch syrup onto her nipples.

He grabbed her and pulled her to him to clean off her tits with his tongue. As soon as his mouth closed on her nipple, Kelly started breathing heavily, then moaning deep and loud. She was so horny that her hips were fucking the air uncontrollably.

Matt couldn’t handle it, either. When she pulled down her bikini bottoms, he tore off his own clothes, and as soon as they were güvenilir bahis siteleri both naked, he pushed her against the freezer and rammed his cock into her dripping pussy. They fucked hard and recklessly, her digging her nails into his back, he reaching his head down to suck her still-sticky tits. The freezer door felt almost painfully cold against Kelly’s bare ass, and this turned her on even more. In mere moments, she came with an abandoned scream and a bucking fury that rocked the truck on its axles.

Then, knowing she had teased Matt and put certain images in his head, she pushed him off of her before he could cum. Turning him around, she dropped to her knees on the stainless steel floor and licking him just as she had licked the Popsicle. She could smell and taste herself on him, and this turned her on even more.

She licked the shaft along the underside, stopping to tease the most sensitive part with the tip of her tongue. Then she took him into her mouth and sucked hard until hot, thick cum jetted onto her tongue and spilled out over her swollen lips. She licked up and swallowed as much as she could, then sucked him until he felt clean and soft in her mouth.

After they had dressed again, she picked up the root-beer Popsicle, which had been lying on the countertop. It tasted so cool and sweet compared to Matt’s hot, salty cum. He watched her suck it for awhile, then asked, “Is it all right if I come back tomorrow?”

“Matt,” she said, “you can cool me off anytime.”



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