Authors Notes: This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age. All names, characters, places, and events mentioned are fictitious. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

Many thanks to Reindeer58 for the editorial expertise.


Will’s eyes immediately went to his sister as she stepped up to the counter taking a seat on the stool next to him. He was again amazed at how good she looked. His kid sister had always dressed rather frumpishly, lots of sweatshirts, long sleeves and baggy pants that hid the body she had developed in secret. Her clothes combined with her glasses gave her the bookworm look he was so familiar with. With her high school graduation behind her, Amy seemed determined to shed her past and start fresh when she headed off with him to school in a couple of weeks. One of the hottest summers in recent memory only aided her efforts. Amy had spent most of the summer showing a lot of skin, the tight denim shorts and bikini top that she wore that day had become her favorite thing to wear around the house and from the looks it she planned to continue that trend at the lake house. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she pulled her long black hair back into a ponytail. The tight shorts, bikini top, ponytail, and glasses made for an amazing combination in his eyes. Amy had transformed into the sexiest dorky sister ever.

“You should put some decent clothes on young lady,” their mother scolded the instant she turned from the stove and saw her daughter.

“I wear this all the time,” Amy protested.

“You wear far too little these days at home as it is, but this isn’t home,” their mother continued. “We’re on vacation and there are other people here, and they don’t want to see you flaunting yourself.”

“Some might,” Will added with a mouthful of chicken sandwich.

“You’re not helping,” his mother scolded him. “Besides, the ones that wouldn’t mind are exactly the ones your sister needs to stay away from. Only have one thing on their mind.”

“I’m wearing shorts and a bikini,” Amy continued, “I’m not topless, in a thong.”

Will coughed drawing the eyes of his sister and mother toward him. He quickly lowered his eyes to his plate and continued to eat.

“That’s barely a bikini top,” their mother continued her complaint as she returned to making lunch.”

“It is so,” Amy said looking down at the bright red triangles and white strings that held the fabric tight to her breasts. “It’s not the sixties mom,” after sitting, she adjusted her glasses and waited for food. “And since its hotter here than Death Valley I need it to survive.”

“Could fry an egg on the sidewalk here today,” Will added.

“Egg hell,” Amy said. “The whole chicken would burst into flames.”

“It doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” their mother grumbled ignoring the joke.

“It’s fine mom,” Amy said with a deep sigh. “No one will care. Besides if I get my way I’ll have Will with me for protection.”

Will looked up from his plate to find his sister smiling at him. With all the willpower he could muster he kept his eyes from gliding down her body. “Hmm, what now?”

“Well … ,” Amy said twirling the hair of her ponytail in her hand. “I’d like to walk the boardwalk and check out the pier.

“By pier you mean that larger than normal dock that people walk out on to gawk at the lake like they’ve never seen trees and water before,” he said.

“That’s the one,” Amy smiled. “Pleeease.”

“You don’t need me for that.”

“Yes I do,” she stuck out her lower lip in an exaggerated pout, “I don’t wanna go by myself.”

“I was …”

“Please Will,” Amy hopped off her stool as she took hold of his arm.

Will did not want to go walk down the boardwalk, the heat was nearly unbearable. But as his sister stood before him, batting her eyes at him from behind her glasses and her firm tits pressed against those red triangles, he really had no intention of saying no. But he couldn’t give in too easily either, that might draw their mother’s suspicion. A walk down the boardwalk would give him a chance to check her sexy little body out. He shouldn’t, but he would. “It’s pretty damn hot for a walk don’t you think?”

No,” Amy shook her head. “You have shorts on; just take your shirt off if it gets too bad.”

“I dunno.”

“Please,” she pleaded making a dramatic production out of batting her eyes at him.


“Hooray,” Amy chirped as she jumped up and down, her shaking breasts drawing her brother’s eyes to them.

“Umm, yeah,” he said clearing his throat. As he turned away from Amy he saw his mother looking at him with an odd expression before she turned back to preparing lunch. He wondered if he’d been noticed openly admiring his sister’s assets.

“You want to go now then?”

“How about later, maybe after dinner if that’s okay with you?” Amy said with a smile as she filled a glass with her favorite iced tea. “Maybe it’ll be a little cooler then.”

“Sounds good.”


“Will!” illegal bahis Amy yelled from the bottom of the stairs, her arms folded under her breasts. “Will!”

“What!” His opportunity for a quick release had been ruined by the object of his lust. He finally had found a chance to slip away from the family long enough to relive some of the pressure caused by Amy and that bikini of hers. She had spent all afternoon laying out in the sun and walking around the house, all while those small bits of red fabric clung to her body.

“Hurry up,” Amy yelled up the stairs.

“Hold your horses Nerdzilla, I’ll be down in a minute,” he growled back while he stuffed his erection back into his shorts. “That dock has been there thirty years it’s not leaving today.”

“I don’t want to have to rush and it’ll be dark soon.”

“We have at least a couple of hours before it gets dark,” he said as his problem rapidly deflated. “Give me a minute will ya?”

“Come on,” she pleaded, “please. I want us to be able to take our time.”

Will stepped to the top of the stairs. The scowl on her face did nothing to take away from the sight of her and those young firm breasts, pushed together by her folded arms. He quickly averted his eyes. The view was great but he knew if he continued to look his erection would return as he stood in front of her with no way to hide it. “Fine, let’s go.” Will said, his eyes roaming her body when she turned and bounded out of sight.

The oppressive heat and humidity of the day continued into the evening. Will peeled off his shirt nearly the minute they left the rental house. The sight of Amy as they walked along the boardwalk made the trip a mix of heaven and hell for him. The fabric of her shorts clung to her ass as her hips swayed back and forth, small beads of sweat ran down her tanned body. With quick sly glances he watched her tits move beneath the red fabric of that revealing bikini top that exposed a bit of the sides of her breasts. She took no obvious notice of Will’s eyes on her, or the passing glances of admiration from most of the men, and at least a few women. Will made sure to carry his shirt in front of him as a precaution, too much time spent admiring Amy’s ass threatened to leave him with an obvious erection that would not only expose his desire for her but also leave him with the extremely difficult task of explaining just exactly why he had gotten hard from spending time with his kid sister.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” Amy said as they stood at the end of the dock.

“It sure is,” Will agreed with his eyes fixed on her ass.

“It’s so hot,” she complained wiping the sweat from her brow.

“It should break soon,” Will said looking to the sky. “The sun’ll down before long.”

“Well let’s go down to the water now, there’s shade from the dock there already.”

“Sounds good.”

Amy turned and ran yelling back, “race ya.”

Will shook his head as he watched her dash away. “Didn’t we just talk about it being too hot?”

“Don’t be a wuss, you’re half naked already you big baby,” Amy yelled over her shoulder.

“Damn,” he muttered as he followed.

“The shade feels nice huh?” Amy asked when they reached the water’s edge in the shadow of the dock. “With that breeze it’s not bad here.”

“Yeah, much better.”

Amy patted her toes in the water, “it’s warm … too warm, almost like bath water.”

“It’s been so hot,” he said as he dipped his toes in.

“Not very refreshing I’ll bet,” she said as he moved further out.

“No …” his words cut off as he was struck in the back. “What the …,” he struggled to keep his balance, suddenly realizing that Amy had jumped on his back. “Are you nuts? The heat’s cooked your brains hasn’t it?”

“I’m dunking you,” Amy said through gritted teeth as she struggled to knock him off balance.

“No you’re not actually,” he said as he fought to stay upright. “You’re just getting your sweat on me.”

“You’re going in,” she said.

“No,” Will said as he took her arm and twisted her in front of him and then grabbed her by the waist, “you are.” As the two struggled he was able to get a firmer hold of her, lifted her high as her legs flailed, and tossed her shrieking into the water with a splash.

Will blinked in surprise as he watched her come up for air. Standing before him in waist deep water was his sister, water running off her body, her bare breasts exposed. She sputtered and wiped hair from her face, tossing her ponytail over her shoulder, before repositioning her water spotted glasses.

“Jerk,” Amy sputtered, making no effort to cover her nakedness.

“Ummm,” Will stammered as he looked down at the water to see the bright red triangles of her bikini top floating a few feet away being carried ashore by the light wind driven ripples. “Nice titties sis,” he said as his gaze returned to his half naked sibling.

Amy looked down quickly to find herself exposed. “You’re an asshole,” she yelled as her hands flew up to her breasts covering them from her brother’s stare.

“I compliment my sister and get called names,” he said.

“You’re illegal bahis siteleri an asshole, you did that on purpose.”

“Yeah, okay I planned it all out just to get a look at your tits.”

“I bet you did you fuckin’ dickhead,” Amy grumbled as she sank below the waves, trying to escape any eyes that might be about.

“Trust me your tits aren’t that great.”


“First you accuse me of wanting to see them and when I say I didn’t that makes you mad … little psycho,” he teased her.

The siblings remained quiet for a moment in an awkward silence watching each other, until Amy broke the quiet. “You do like my tits,” she said.

“Umm no … sorry.”

“You’re a liar,” Amy grinned at him with a devilish smirk.


“I can see your dick jerk … you’re hard,” Amy said quietly as she looked around to see if anyone was nearby.

“No,” Will said as he quickly turned away from her in an attempt to cover the erection he was suddenly very aware of.

“Are too I saw it plain as day,” she snickered. “My tits made my brother hard, my tits made my brother hard,” she chanted.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yep I do,” Amy giggled as he tried to hide is problem. “You lie … it doesn’t.”

Amy took a deep breath and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. With a devilish grin she began to slowly walk out of the water. Will stared at his sister as she emerged from the lake; beads of water ran over her smooth skin, the lake waters revealing her body inch by inch as she stared intently at him.

Will stood silently with his mouth agape as his sister approached him, topless. “Amy,” he squeaked out as he struggled to find words.

Amy stood in front of him, her firm ample breasts on display in the dimming evening light, her nipples erect, hands on her hips. “Be a good brother for once and get my top will ya.”



“No,” he stammered as he turned away from her.

Suddenly Amy sprang again, with a quick step and jump she landed on Will’s back wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He stumbled forward as she twisted her body about in an effort to topple him. A bolt of excitement went through both siblings as their flesh came together, her bare breasts pressed to the skin of his bare back. In their struggles he reached back in an attempt to remove his sister only to find a handful of her ass.

“Ahh,” Amy squealed when she felt her brother give her ass a squeeze. “That’s my butt.”

“Get off you freak,” he said stumbling toward the dock that jutted out into the water from the boardwalk that lead up to the lake house. Unable to get his balance with Amy thrashing around on his back as she gave her best effort into dropping her brother to the water, his feet reached the water’s edge and he stumbled backward, sending them both into the water with a loud splash.

“Hah, I win,” Amy said softly as the two sat in the water, her arms still wrapped around him, her bare breasts against his back. Before she thought about what she was doing, her lips planted a kiss on his neck. She couldn’t explain it but she had gotten aroused wrestling with her brother, with him seeing her body.

“What was that for?”

“I dunno,” Amy shrugged. “I don’t really think you’re an asshole,” she whispered in his ear.

“Sorry about that,” Will said turning to look at her. “I didn’t expect your top to come off.”

“That makes two of us. I wasn’t planning on showing my brother my tits today.”

“I should hope not,” he joked.

“Do you … do you like them?”

“I don’t think I should answer that,” Will said as Amy relaxed her grip and slid down into the water next to him.

“Oh come on,” Amy pressed him. “It’s just us here, tell me.”

“Well … “

“Please,” Amy urged. “I’ll never tell.”

“You have great tits sis,” he said. “Great … everything. I’m not exactly sure when it happened but you went and got yourself a sexy little body, a perfect … amazing body.”

“Thanks bro,” she said as she leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. “I like hearing that from you, feel free to tell me again sometime.”

“What’s with all the kissing today Amy?”

“Kissing is good,” she said.

Will turned toward her, their eyes meeting as the ripples lapped about their waists. The sun had set and the light was fading. The faint sounds of the lake house drifted toward them. “Amy,” he said in a whisper.

“Hmm,” she mumbled her eyes not leaving his.

“Don’t freak out,” Will said as he leaned forward. “I really need to do this.” Suddenly he leaned toward her. Their lips came together in their first kiss. To his surprise Amy responded by kissing him back, their mouths opened as their kiss deepened.

“Wow,” Amy said as they parted.

“Sorry,” he said. “You just looked too cute sitting there, too hot to not kiss.”

“Oh yeah, wet, sandy, and with my naked boobies,” she mocked. “Bet I look real great.”

“You have no idea how good you look,” he said.

Amy leaned in to kiss canlı bahis siteleri him again. The kiss quickly escalated as the siblings grew bolder and began to explore each other. Her hands ran across his bare chest as he cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs across her erect nipples. “Ohh, Will,” she moaned as a bolt of excitement shot through her.

Approaching voices from the boardwalk broke their taboo make out session. “Shit,” Will grumbled. “I was having fun.”

“Me too,” she replied softly. “That shed or whatever it is right over there under the dock, they won’t see us there.”

“I think that’s a boat house,” he said. “Where they keep those little plastic kayaks they rent out.”

“Kinda small for boats isn’t it?”

“Kayaks are little boats,” he smiled at her. “I think it was dad saying how it’s a small storage building that was added under the pier … dock … whatever it is.”

“Seems odd.”

“Guess someone thought it was a good way to save space,” Will shrugged. “Keep an ugly old shed from cluttering up the view they like to overcharge people for.”

“Well,” Amy said, “are we going to check it out or do you want to stop the fun we were having?”

“Let’s go,” he said as the voices grew louder on the dock above them. He walked quickly through the knee deep water toward the dock as Amy followed, her hand and arm covering her breasts.

The siblings moved as quietly as they could along the water’s edge until they reached the shadows of the dock and small dilapidated boat house. Will found the door was unlocked, with a quick look inside he saw it was nearly empty. The building was small, just large enough for most people to stand upright, with just one tiny dusty window facing the lake. Not much was being stored inside. A couple of smashed plastic kayaks. A pile of musty and stained life jackets were stacked in the far corner. A small half sunken sail boat hull, lay in the open floor where it had once floated inside and been tied off. The dock and boat house were old, the floorboards of the boat house creaked when they walked on them, as did the boards of the dock as vacationers walked overhead. It was dusty, but it appeared to be rarely visited and it was away from prying eyes, a perfect hiding place. Will shut the door behind them and moved a pail of something he didn’t recognize the name of in front of it as a precaution.

“This will be nice,” he said.

“Well … kinda dusty and a bit creepy if I’m honest,” Amy whispered as she stood next to Will in the gloom of the building.

“Well it’s a lot more private than staying out in the open.”

“True,” she said softly looking around. She looked up to the creaking boards overhead, “the ceiling is just the underside of the dock isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Will whispered. “They built the dock and then just enclosed the space under it from the looks of it.”

“I can see slivers of daylight through some of the gaps between the boards,” she said.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Not much, just enough to tell when someone walks by and they block the light.”

“I can hear their voices,” she said while looking over the forgotten sailboat.


“You think its okay here?”

“I think so,” Will said looking around the interior of the building. “Maybe they just use it for off season storage or something?”

“Could be, less hassle than pulling things out of here every day.”

The siblings stood in nervous silence for a few moments.

“Everyone would freak out if they saw us like this,” Will said.

“What hiding together in a creaky old shed, me topless, after we were kissing?” Amy asked. “Sounds normal to me.”

“Not for a brother and sister.”

“Who cares?” Amy shrugged her voice a whisper. “I liked it.”

“Yeah,” Will agreed. “It was pretty hot.”

“Wanna do it some more?” Her hand moved to his arm, her fingers caressing his upper arm.

Will responded by leaning down and cupping her face in his hands as he pressed his lips to hers. The siblings were lost in their own world was they enjoyed their new found lust, their lips and tongues explored, the naked flesh of their bodies pressed against each other as they stood in the gloomy light of the old boathouse.

“I wanna do something really crazy Will,” Amy said after several minutes of kissing.

“Oh yeah?”


“How crazy?”

Amy’s hand quickly found where Will’s hard cock laid trapped in his shorts as it strained to get free. She grasped his shaft in her fingers and began to stroke her hand along his length. Her pussy becoming wetter by the second as she felt his hard cock in her hand. The thought of holding her brother’s dick as they continued to make out was driving her crazy with lust.

“Oh shit Amy,” Will moaned.

“Shhh,” she quieted him with a finger pressed to his lips as she sped up the stroking. “Gotta be quiet, this would be kinda hard to explain away.”

“You’re touching my cock.”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Pretty cool huh?”


“No that’s not epic,” Amy corrected him as she pulled out the waist band of his shorts, she paused for a second knowing she was about to change their relationship. With a deep breath she slipped her soft hand inside, wrapping her fingers around her brother’s thick hard shaft. Her pussy soaked itself as she felt the skin of his cock.



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