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Standing at the window watching the summer storm, I catch the scent of rain on the breeze that blows in through the screen. The clouds are dark, rolling across the sky. The deep rumble of distant thunder sends low level vibrations through the house. I can feel them on the bare wood of the window sill. As they fade, I hear your footsteps on the hard wood floor of the dining room. I sense you coming up behind me. The citrusy scent of your masculine cologne lightly teases my senses. As another flash of lightning pierces the sky, I lean back against you. Your chin rests in my hair, your breath quietly brushes my ear, warm and soft. I feel a growing heaviness in my eyelids and the thought of snuggling and dozing with you blossoms in my mind. I close my eyes as the rain drops begin to beat a steady rhythm on the roof.

Just as I open my mouth to suggest a nice nap, you grab my hand and steer me out the front door onto the porch. The protection of the porch does not stop me from catching my breath in a gasp as a cool storm gust grazes my middle where my short shirt has left my belly bare. Propelling me to the railing, you position yourself behind me once again to watch the wonder of the weather. The warmth of your arms around me, your breath on my neck is soothing yet stimulating at the same time. A bright flash of lightning, this one closer than the others, assaults my eyes. I brace myself for the thunder, and it comes quickly, a loud clap. I can feel your chest, your hips pressed against me as I seek the imagined protection of your strong, escort bostancı lean body. Your hands rest on my shoulders.

The next flash and clap make my heart skip erratically in my chest as your soothing warm breath envelops my ear. I feel your full lips tugging on the fleshy lobe, then the gentle pressure and sharp bite of your teeth. I sigh and close my eyes once again.

The next flash flickers through my closed lids, and it is followed immediately by a crack so loud it makes me tremble. You pull even closer to me, your hands dropping from my shoulders. I feel the brush of your large palms on my breasts, then the dig of your strong fingertips in the fleshy hollows just past my pelvic bones. Your cock grows bone hard and begins to press against me. That familiar urgency, a warm rush radiates from my core. The rush of blood to my head all but blocks out the next roll of thunder.

You begin to sway with the thunder, and we continue like that, dancing to unheard rhythms of nature. I turn my head and look into your eyes, their summer blue clearly visible with the next lightning strike, revealing varying shades of sky and shrinking pupils.

I reach for your head, burying my fingers in your dirty blond hair, gripping you and pulling you to me for a lingering kiss. Your lips press down on mine. I shiver with the electric touch of your tongue on my own lips as it purposefully slides over them. You gently suck my lower lip and then release me. I feel the heat of our passion burning in those stormy blue ümraniye escort eyes.

“Fuck me, please,” I whisper, barely able to pronounce the words. I lean my head back against your shoulder and reach behind to clasp my hands around your waist. Your hands deftly undo the button and zipper of my jeans. One hand slides up into my tiny tee shirt while the other pushes the pants down, slides them over the curve of my hips. I flinch from the chilly splash of raindrops on my stomach. Shivering slightly, I lift my feet, one at a time, and step out of the denim puddle of fabric. I feel your hands working now on your own pants, knuckles pressing into my ass as you release your cock.

I feel the warm head of your manhood dancing on my backside as your hand pushes my shirt up. I lift my arms and you scrunch the tee over my head. Now your hands roam over my bare back, over my buttocks, down the backs of my legs. My knees involuntarily move apart, willing one of your hands to travel to my nether regions, to dip into my wetness and make me melt. With the slam of thunder, I feel one powerful hand on my shoulder pushing me down, bending me over the railing, the other hand pulling my hips backward toward you.

I lift my face and feel the rain on my forehead, my cheeks. My tongue licks raindrops from my lips. You grab a handful of hair and pull my head back, your lips planting a hard kiss on my shoulder, then your teeth following with an urgent nip… I whimper as I feel my wetness grow…

I try to reach back to pull you toward kartal escort bayan me when I hear you command me to hold the railing. I obey, my knees shaking. I only want to feel you inside me. Instead I feel the head of your cock tracing my crack, teasing my wet slit, then sliding up and down my dark valley. I lift onto tiptoes, push back in a desperate attempt to get you inside. You begin to press the tip into me, and I freeze in anticipation.

Each bolt of lightning illuminates the porch and shadows flicker across my naked body bent over in front of you. I feel you press into me, excruciatingly slow. I’m gasping now, begging you with my mind, my body. With the next flash, you push in hard, deep, taking me by sweet surprise. I feel myself contract around you and flood you with juices. I can’t stop myself now and I begin to slam back against you. Your balls smack my inner thighs as we build up a rhythm, a quickening pace. The rain is dripping down my face; my wet hair is plastered in auburn curls on my forehead and cheeks. A rivulet runs down my neck and back. I feel your fingers trace its path in reverse as you grab my hair again, planting one hand on my shoulder to pull me back even harder onto you.

With the next lightning and thunder spectacular, I rock my hips downward, bucking against you as I cum. You keep pumping until I am scarcely able to stand, one hand roaming across my tits, down to my clit, and stroking me mercilessly as my knees shake and I feel a weakness spreading from my core. When you are satisfied with my orgasm, you withdraw and begin stroking yourself, your mind racing with images of our coupling. I hear you begin to lose control, one hand grasping my hip as you cum, your hot semen mixing with the rain water streaming down my back…God, I love summer storms…



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