sucking a sweaty grandpas dickThere was a 68 year old grandpa that wanted to fuck me but he couldn’t because his family was always around. I was 22 at the time. He knew about me letting other grandpas fuck me and he told me that he wants to fuck me when he gets the chance. He would often work out in the field or he would take the sheep out to graze. He would pee and shit behind the barn and then I would be able to see his dick sometimes but I would have to leave because there was way too many people around. His balls were gigantic and his dick was flaccid but it was very thick, the head of his cock was nice and round, it was huge. He moved his cock for me and it seemed very soft and squishy, it was also very wrinkled. He had a nice amount of white and brown hairs around his genitals. I had to lay on the ground and hide so that I nobody sees me, I was really nervous.He shared his house with his family members so I couldn’t go to his house for sex. He couldn’t go to my house because his family would find out, he wanted to keep it a secret. I told him to come over during the night and he said that his family would find out, fuck his family! His sexuality shouldn’t bother anyone… One day after working in the field he went to my house and osmaniye escort knocked on my bedroom window, he told me to suck him off really quick. I told him to get inside the window, he got inside my bedroom through the window because he didn’t wanna be seen going inside my house. My house was pretty far away from other houses, it was isolated and had a lot of trees around it so nobody would even see him. He was really sweaty as he came to my house, his face and his whole body were covered in sweat. Drops of sweat kept running down his face, he has been working outside all day.The old grandpa was breathing really heavy as he unzipped his pants, he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He proceeded to take down his pants and underwear, the belt rattled as his pants and underwear hit the floor. His black underwear had many white cum stains on them, they were completely wet, soaked in sweat. He told me to hurry up and suck him as fast as possible. His dick and balls were all wet from sweat, they were so moist and humid. Hot humid air hit my face as I went besides them, they smelled like sweat, piss, and cum. All his hairs had droplets of sweat on them, sweat droplets were running drown his niğde escort balls and they dropped on the floor and some went down his legs. I started touching his sweaty stinky genitals, they were very hot and wet. I put grandpas cock inside my mouth and started to suck it, it tasted really salty, it sort of tasted like really salty bacon and rotten cheese. His cock was very soft, it was like a sponge.I was massaging his dick with my tongue, it started getting a lot harder and bigger, the grandpa then put his hands down my pants and was putting his fingers inside my ass. He was breathing really heavy. His cock was now huge and it was really thick, it was still slightly soft but it was gigantic. I started licking and sucking his balls while stroking his dick, then I put his dick back inside my mouth. His balls smelled horrible and they tastes awful, his sweat was all inside my mouth now, and so were his white curly pubes. He took my pants down and started moaning, he then put his cock inside my anus, my ass made wet splashing sounds as he started to thrust against me. His cock was now fully erect and it was huge, he squeezed my ass as he fucked me. His thick cock felt so good inside my tight asshole, he edirne escort made liquid come out of my anus as he fucked me. After a couple of minutes he took his dick out of my anus and told me to suck it, he told me to do it fast because he has to leave and be home. I put his cock in my mouth and with both hand I started stroking him, then I held his huge balls in my hands and I massaged them as I’m sucking his dick. His balls were so big that they could barely fit into my hands, they were huge. I then took my hands off his balls and started stroking him as fast as I can as I put his dick down my throat. He started to cum and he was moaning really loud, hot sperm flew down my throat, I squeezed my lips on his cock and I sucked him really hard. He started thrusting his dick against my mouth, he held my head really tight and continued to fuck my mouth as his sperm went down my throat. I then took his cock out and rubbed it some more, I was stroking it really fast, more sperm flew out of his dick and it went all over my face, grandpa continued moaning, I seen a huge smile on his face. My mouth, throat, and face were all filled with his thick hot cum. He didn’t even wipe his dick off, he just put his pants back on and jumped out the window and went back home. He told me not to tell this to anyone and that he will be back when he has the time, he told me that I suck cock really good and that he will cum inside my tight asshole next time.We also met another time when his family was away on a vacation, he was alone in his house.



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