Stripper Confessions: I got caught cheating and paHey!!! So here’s another story, this one is pretty fucked up but it’s all true.As some of you know, I’m a dancer here in Las Vegas, well recently I had been dating this black guy name TJ. I met him in a bar and we hooked up, I took him back to my place and when I undid his pants I saw one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen, and from then on, almost every chance we got, he would fuck the shit out of me, even eventually fitting his giant black dong in my ass and making that a daily ritual. TJ loved the fact that I was a dancer and loved it when I dressed up for him in heels, thigh highs and vinyl minis and corsets. He used to hang out in this really shitty bar in north Vegas that had mostly all black guys as regulars. I was almost always the only white girl in there. Sometimes he would take me over to the corner booth and force me to suck his giant black cock in the dark while on my knees under the table until he came in my mouth. I think a few of the other guys knew what was going on cause I would get “that look”.Anyway, one night I went in to pick him up cause he dosen’t have a car but he wasn’t there. I was super late and I had just finished my shift dancing and I was really fucking horny. The bartender knew me and gave me a few drinks that seemed really strong.Shortly after that two black guys pulled their stools up next to me and started hitting on me. this went on and on and TJ still didn’t show up. They were making me do shots and before I knew it I was too messed up to drive. One of the guys said he would give me a ride and the next thing I knew I was in the back seat with one guy and the other guy was driving. I don’t remember what happened next, I just remember a hard cock in my hand and I knew I wanted it so I started sucking the guys big black pole while he felt me up. I was really fucked up but I do remember bakırköy escort saying “I want both of you”.Well, the guy driving took us all to his place which was an apt. and we all went inside. As soon as the door was closed. One of the guys pulled of my jeans an started licking my pussy while the other guy took his cock out and started fucking my mouth. I was like a bitch in heat and couldn’t wait to feel a cock in my dripping wet pussy.Soon the guy who went down on me took out his cock and started fucking me really hard while the other guy fed his cock into my mouth. We were on the couch and they started taking turns in my mouth and pussy, flipping me over and feeding me from both ends. I arched my back and took in as much cock as I could. This went on for awhile before I finally collapsed and basically passed out, but not before they both came all over my face.The next morning I just called a cab and got out of there quick, I was so hung over. I went back to my house and slept all day.I was pretty sure that TJ didn’t find out. He sent me a text a few days later to meet him at his friends house which was a relief because I was worried about running into the guys I fucked at the bar.So I finished work and went to his friends house, TJ told me to keep my work clothes on so I had clear 5″ heels, thigh highs, a black vinyl mini and a vinyl corset that TJ always liked. I looked really hot and was looking forward to getting fucked good by my man.I rang the doorbell and it cracked open but I didn’t see anyone inside. I pushed the door open and went in and thats when I saw about eight black guys in the room, but no TJ. Someone closed the door and locked it. I was totally freaking out. Then TJ walked in from the next room with 3 other guys, he looked pissed.”You fucking little whore” he said “If you gonna be a whore, we’re gonna treat you like beşiktaş escort one” He grabbed my arms and held them together as one of the other guys got some rope and tied them together.”No” I said “I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise””Too late bitch” he said and spit on my face. Someone else wrapped a rope around my neck like a dog collar and then I was pushed down onto my knees. What came next was just a blur of big, hard black cocks. They started fucking my face for all it was worth, some were fucking huge and choked my throat. This went on for a bit and then someone pulled the rope around my neck and the next thing I knew I was being bent over the couch with my ass up in the air. A big cock immediately got stuffed into my mouth while I felt fingers in my pussy which were quickly replaced by a hard cock. Then TJ got in front of me with his massive dong and grabbed my hair “Youre gonna pay for this bitch” he said and slid his 10″ cock as far down my throat as it would go. I was about to pass out. One by on they took turns fucking my pussy as TJ watched, his cock in my mouth the whole time. Then he pulled out and said “gentlemen, this bitch’s ass is open for business” and I felt him spit on my little asshole before sliding his cock into my ass. Another guy started fucking my face as TJ rammed his giant cock deep into my ass. Soon I felt his thrust even harder as his cum exploded deep in my tight little butt.He pulled out and grabbed my hair again and made my lick the dripping cum off his cock as another cock entered my ass. This went on and on, guys taking turns in my holes and fucking my ass. A few minutes later I felt another load of cum pumped into my ass then another and another.The whole time I had my hands tied but I begged them to untie me “Tell me youre a filthy whore and I’ll untie you” TJ said.”I’m a filthy whore” I begged and beylikdüzü escort he finally untied my hands.I was able to stand up for a minute and TJ layed down on the couch. “ride my cock” he said and I got on top of him and slid his cock into my pussy.Guys were lining up on the other side of the couch and my head was pushed down on yet another cock as I grabbed a cock in each hand. I figured the best thing to do was cooperate and give them what they want.I had TJs cock in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in each hand as I felt another one push its way into my asshole from behind. As fucked up as it was, it felt fucking amazing. I came like that and as soon as TJ realized I was coming he got up from under me and switched positions, holding my arms down. “Everybody cum in this bitches ass” he said and pushed my head down into the couch. I arched my back, sticking my ass up in the air to take my punishment like the slut I am.Cock after cock unloaded into my ass. I heard the front door open and close at least ten times. More guys came, some finished and left, I lost track of time and how many guy came in my ass but I know it was more than twenty. Cum was running down the sides of my legs and pooling between my toes.Finally it was over, they let me up and as I stood up, a huge load of cum came flowing out of my gaped ass and soaked the couch. “Fucking lick it up bitch” TJ commanded. I got on my hands and knees and sucked and licked as much of the cum as I could from the filthy couch.”now get the fuck out” he said and threw my clothes out the door and pushed me out naked.It was now light out and I quickly scrambled to put on my vinyl mini, corset and thong before anyone saw me. It was a long distance to my car so I had to put my heels on too but I could barely walk, much less stand.I could feel more cum running down my legs from my stretched out asshole asI made my way through the parking lot.It was difficult to drive even and my cloth seat is totally ruined now. I got home and ran a bath and fell asleep in the tub. That was the last time I saw TJ. I learned my lesson though, that’s for fucking sure!!!Finally, it winded down, i was totally numb with pain.



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