It was June, the best month said to have a wedding; and I was at my friend’s wedding I would rather not say where. Although, I can tell you that it was a beautiful place, it was at the ocean side on a lush green garden with all white decorations and red roses as decoration and I was in my best suit with a sleek white pocket collar and thin black tie. There was nothing fancy and not very many people, I knew mostly everyone as there was just the families of the bride and groom and our friends.

The ceremony was short and simple and there isn’t a lot to tell of that; but what happened after is the reason I just had to write it all down. When the dance started a small kid came and ask me to the floor, she was wearing a cute little party gown and looked overall pretty, I went with her to the floor and as she was so very small she stood on my shoes as I performed the tiny amount of steps I knew. While I was dancing with her, I noticed this girl watching me and smiling and I just knew that something was going to happen.

I don’t know whether weddings turn women on in general, there was something special at this one, whether I was looking particularly attractive or this girl had a little too much of wine.

She came over on the dance floor and asked the little girl with a beaming smile “mind if I take your man?”

I did not know what to do, she was extremely gorgeous and I had never been approached like this before. She was wearing this white backless party gown, that went a long way down in the front just as it did in the back, did not even go long down the legs, was just about the knees. She had a red lipstick on and her hair straight hair stretching below her shoulder blades.

I was nervous but I left the little girls hand, thanked her for the dance as she bowed down a little, and took the other girl’s hand. I was worried that my hands would have been sweaty but I realised they weren’t and got a little relieved.

I wanted to blurt out all the questions bubbling in my head “who are you?”, “do I know you?”, “do you know me?”, “why did you come to dance with me?”

“You are really gorgeous!” was all I could manage in-spite of my many thoughts.

“Thank You!” she said so slowly and lightly, giving clear hints that she was either blushing or beaming.

But all I could think of was, “Is this just some kind of a prank!”

I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that why would a beautiful girl like her come to me on her own accord. But then my olfactory senses took over whatever consciousness I had left, she had this amazing smell, as that of a sweet flower and vanilla mixed up in a concoction of love.

I could touch her only from the top of her dress but I just knew that she must had had the softest of skins humanly possible, I did realise that I was correct as just then her cheek brushed against mine. What a delight canlı bahis I thought, but just then her lips brushed past my ears and I was again in thoughts of what the hell was going on here!

Her hands were on my shoulders and mine were exactly mid-way between her boobs and ass on her waist. Somehow I just knew she had a devilish smile, as she took away one of her hand and shifted my hands down near her ass. My mind took on a different train of thoughts and suddenly I was ripping her of out of her clothes with my eyes, somehow I thought that she knew what I was thinking.

As the song changed she got closer to me and I could literally feel her humping me ever so lightly that I was afraid someone might see us.

She put her lips against my ear and said “What you have your hands on is the only thing between you and me.”

I had no clue what she wanted me to do now, my trousers were ready to give away to my cock hardening ever so fast at that one sentence she said and she was still the same distance away from me and I am sure she felt it. I slid my hands a little down and it felt that she was actually not wearing any panties.

“What a girl!” I thought, I probably didn’t but at-least I thought that I was sweating like a pig, my temperature must have literally risen, she was making me too damn hot.

The song ended and we took to an empty table. The chairs were not too closely placed, but she brought one to me and sat down. After a while I could feel her hand on my pants, reaching towards my cock. I was choking on thin air and had to loosen my tie, at the same moment she placed her hand right on my cock and rubbed it hard.

Enough I thought to myself, I am no noob at this game, if she was evil then I was the devil. I gently took my hands up her dress which was unsurprisingly lifted to her thighs now and kept it directly on her pussy, she was clean shaven and wet. If she had worn panties they would have been soaked by now. She gasped and tried to grab my cock but it was not easy to do from over the pants.

A waiter came our way, and she quickly withdrew her hand but I pressed mine more into her pussy.

A waiter came and asked “do you need anything sir?”

I inserted a finger in the girl’s vagina and asked her “do you need anything honey?”

Obviously she was speechless and couldn’t even look at the waiter.

I told him “No, thanks I think she has had enough for now!”

As soon as he turned around she bit my ear and moaned into it, I was getting even more hard now as if it was possible, and I thought that she was going to leave a wet spot on the seat if she stood up just now. I fingered her very lightly and asked her if she wanted to go anywhere more private, obviously a rhetorical question as I was taking her anyway.

I stood up and asked for her hand, she stood up adjusted her dress a little and put bahis siteleri her arm around mine.

I walked to my friend with her, congratulated him and his wife once again, so did she and I thought, “wow I don’t even know who she is.” And we left the venue.

I knew there was a hotel right at the end of the street so I took her there, I quickly entered my name in the register took a key and led her to our room.

As soon as we were one foot into the room, I pinned her to the door, and locked it while pinning her hands above her head as she tried to bite me on my neck.I ran my hand pressing into her body from her neck to her thighs as she tried again to bite me, only biting in thin air and growling. I placed my lips on hers with the hunger that she had created over the entire dance and rest of the time and instead of kissing, bit her. She moaned into my mouth and tried to free her hands to feel my body.

I kept her pinned with one hand and spread her legs with other, lifting her dress till I could see her glistening pussy, and then I placed my leg between hers letting her feel the fabric of my pants by the lips of her dripping pussy as I kissed her on her neck. She continued to moan as I rubbed my hand around her belly and her boobs, her nipples rising outwards and pressing against my suit.

I left her hands and she took down my jacket, while I placed her hands at the bottom of her dress lifting slowly, touching and rubbing all over her body. By the time I got it up to her breasts she had already undone my shirt and as soon as I took of her dress she pushed me against the side wall and got down to unbuckle my belt as she tried to bite from over my pants; she took down my pants with my boxers, making my cock jump out. She did not waste a single moment and took her down her throat as she grabbed my balls and took one hand behind me to push me into her.

I placed my hands on her head and made her go deep throat, as she worked it herself and caressed my balls in her hand. I held her by her shoulders and lifted her up, then I took her to the bed, laid down and made her sit on my face, she started grinding her pussy in my face while she took my cock in her mouth once again, I placed my tongue on her wet cunt, as she pushed it back and forth fucking herself on my face and moaning with my cock in her mouth.

She started dripping out and I licked slowly and teasingly first around the lips of her pussy and then licked along the length of her slit, she couldn’t take it, she left my cock out of he mouth and moaned out loud as she started stroking it with her hands. I could feel her pussy twitching above my tongue, leaking more and more juices as if she had an orgasm, she was squeezing my cock, she needed something to hold onto.

Then when she started stroking it, I lifted her in the air and threw her down on the bed, I got on top bahis şirketleri of her and kissed her with all the juices that she had just ejaculated on me. Whilst she took her hands down to grab my throbbing cock and I squeezed her boobs.

I started kissing her neck and shoulder blades as she moaned into my ear and stroked my cock, I pulled her nipples, tugged on them, pinched them and twisted them and her moans were bordering on screaming as she started rubbing my cock on her dripping pussy with her own hands.

I took it from her hands, and inserted my throbbing cock slowly in her vagina, coating it in her juices little by little and inserting more and more, she wasn’t breathing as she was trying to take it all in and I continued to bite on her neck.

Then as soon as she regained her breath I took out the entire length of my cock leaving just the head in, I took her hands to either side pinning them, rising above her, letting her watch where our bodies met in the most intimate places of all and she gasped at the sight, she took her head up, eyes closed and I drilled my cock in her with force, she screamed and moaned at a deafening volume.

Then as I continued going in and out, I rested my chest on her breasts feeling her nipples against me, hard like diamond heads and I inserted my thumb in her mouth letting her suck on it. Her hands got behind me, grabbing me by my ass and pushing me down at each thrust, enjoying the raw sexuality and power of each thrust as she continued to moan with my thumb in her mouth.

The orgasm had been bubbling inside us from the entire day and was not a long way down the road. As I thrusted her with more and more intensity, I could feel her pussy milking my cock which itself was throbbing due to the build-up of cum in its entire length just waiting to explode into her hot and tight little pussy.

She was moaning harder and harder and sucking at my thumb like she did my cock, as she pressed my hips into her more and more; Her body began shaking below me, her legs trembling, she wrapped her legs around me and started pushing me in her with both her legs and hands while she let go of my thumb and started screaming, the sensations inside her pussy combined with her loud moans did not leave me with any choice. I came hard inside her pussy, my cum hitting the walls of her vagina as she started orgasming and releasing her own juices. I just lied there on top of her as our bodies continued to cum into one another.

Then I rolled over, and she kept her head on my chest as I wrapped my hands around her body, no need for blankets, we were too hot for them and we slowly felt asleep. With the room full of smell of love and her pussy full of our love juices, dripping out slowly.


This is my first story, please vote for it if you like it, the storyline for strangers would involve different girls every-time and explicit details as this one or more. Please comment if you can help improve it, do not just leave negative comments; If you found something wrong please inform me rather than writing hateful comments



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