Story Time Chapter 3

Author’s note:

I’d like to thank Steelersfan for the wonderful help editing this story. I know how much time, thought and effort you put in, and I truly appreciate it. You made it better, babe.


Morning light is streaming in through the window.

Kate feels so warm and wonderful with James lying naked in her bed, her arm and leg wrapped around him, her body pressed up against his. She can’t remember when she has slept so well or felt so content upon waking. With one arm folded under her head, her free hand is lazily gliding over the planes of his body. She loves feeling his warm skin, enjoys sliding her hand over the contours of his arm muscles, up his back, down over his shoulders and chest, reveling in the delicious contrast between the smooth skin of his shoulders and the coarse smattering of chest hair. So masculine, so strong, so sexy.

She watches her pale hand glide over the warm light brown skin of his chest and her gaze glides upward to take in his beautiful face. She examines his adam’s apple and the bit of stubble showing along his strong jaw. She reaches her hand up to caress his jaw and cheek and looks at his full sensual lips that she loves to kiss. Her tongue snakes out of her mouth and wets her own lips in anticipation. She notices how his eyes follow her tongue and the sexy grin that alights his face. That sultry grin of his makes her heart flutter every time she sees it.

She looks into the deep dark liquid pools of his eyes and sighs contentedly, thinking about all that has transpired in the last twelve hours. She can barely believe it. After months of wanting him, of fantasizing about him, of writing abut him… Just yesterday morning she couldn’t have imagined or hoped that they would be like this here now.


James lies on his side, gazing into Kate’s eyes. His hand is also gliding lazily over Kate’s curves, along her side, into the dip of her waist and over the swell of her hip. He’s enjoying the feeling of being warm and entangled with her naked body. He remembers how several times last night he had awoken and just gazed at her sleeping form. He had watched the rise and fall of her chest, the way her golden hair cascaded on the pillow, the veins that were visible through the pale skin of her breasts, the fluttering of her eyelids as she slept. He had wondered what she was dreaming about as he watched her.

Looking into her bright green eyes, he can’t help but admire how beautiful she is. So sexy, and so naughty, in ways he would never have imagined. He can’t believe how lucky he is.

His hand continues its slow caresses as he alternately kisses her and just gazes at her face with a happy, silly, sultry grin.

“You didn’t answer my question,” James whispers.

James watches as Kate moves her face closer to his and kisses him again. She mumbles into his mouth, “Mmmm? What question….?”

This again? he thinks. James smiles and rolls his eyes. “You know very well what question,” he says and tries to feign a look of disapproval but ends up smiling anyway.

“Mmmm?” Kate murmurs as she presses her lips against his again. Trying to shut me up with kisses, he thinks, and he’s about to pull away until her lips part and her tongue meets his. His heart rate speeds up and a tingle runs through him. He responds, kissing her deeply for a few moments, then he pulls away from the kiss. He tries to give her a reproachful look, but ends up smiling again.

“When are you going to let me read another one of your stories?” He asks again. Kate crinkles her forehead and James adds, “come on…you did like the way I responded to the story last night, didn’t you?”

Images from last night zip through his mind. His heart had been beating so loud in his chest as he had knocked on the apartment door that he could swear the sound reverberated off the hallway walls. She’d looked so amazing as she opened the door to invite him in, with that sexy smile on her face and her hard nipples poking through her t-shirt. The building sexual tension as they chatted in her room. Her reaction when he saw the story. He smiles to himself remembering her embarrassment. That first kiss. It wasn’t exactly how he would have planned it, but it became so passionate and so hungry, so quickly. Their first time. “Doggy style” she’d blurted when he’d asked what her favourite position was. God that was so hot! He gets instantly hard again just thinking about her saying those words. Then when she let him read the story she’d written about him. Wow! Again he realizes how lucky he is.


Kate smiles broadly remembering everything that transpired the night before. What a night it was! And yes he did respond very nicely to the story. It was terrifying and exhilarating letting him read it. Her stories are so full of her personal feelings and secret desires, especially that one. These are not things she would normally share with someone so early in a relationship, if ever. But it was so escort ataşehir exciting letting him read it. She was on edge the whole time. It was like that feeling of anxiety and excitement just as you crest the top of the first big hill on a rollercoaster. You can see the drop below you and you know you are about to plunge down quickly into the unknown and your heart is in your throat. What an amazing feeling it was. And yes, it had made them both so hot. Yes. It was amazing acting out her fantasy with James, in almost every detail. She can’t believe her ‘James’ stories are coming true, or the obvious effect they have on him.

“Tonight,” she whispers. James smiles and raises his eyebrows hopefully. “I’ll show you another one tonight.” She smiles, but inside she is terrified again.

“Why not now?” James asks raising an eyebrow.

“I have to go to work soon,” she says.

Kate reluctantly pulls her face away from his, looks at the clock, and deflates.

“Shit, I have to be at work in an hour and ten minutes,” she laments.

She watches his brow furrow and then he pulls her closer and kisses her again. Kate would like nothing more than to stay like this all day. She falls into the kiss, allowing herself to be carried away by him again. Her heartbeat speeds up, as does her breathing. His tongue finds hers. She invites him in and swirls her tongue around his. As their tongues dance, his hand starts gliding over her soft curves, more insistently now. She feels his hand travel down along her side, over her hip, across her ass, up her back, over her shoulders. Goosebumps rise on her skin. Her nipples harden. The kiss deepens. It becomes hungry. Needful.

Kate’s hand is traveling too. Her hand slides all over his naked form. She glides it up across his chest, once again reveling in the contrast between his course chest hair and the smooth skin of his shoulder. Such a sexy part of a man’s body.

She allows her hand to drift down through his chest hair again, feeling it softly scratch against her palm, and then glides it up over his shoulder. Then she slips her hand back down again and across his nipple. She pinches it slightly. He growls into her mouth. While still kissing her, he takes the cue. She feels rather than sees his mouth curve into a smile within the kiss.

She feels his hand glide over her shoulder and down over the swell of her soft breast. He slides the palm of his hand over her hard nipple, rolling it under his palm, and then cups her breast, taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. A shiver runs through her, emanating from her nipple and culminating between her thighs. Kate moans. She writhes her hips closer to him and arches her back, pressing her pelvis against him, discovering how hard he is.

She sighs as he breaks away from kissing her mouth, but gasps when James quickly reaches his head down and sucks her nipple into his mouth. The sensations rush through her again, like lightening from her nipple to her groin. She can feel hot wetness pooling between her legs. Kate gasps and arches her back more, presenting her chest to him. The action causes her pelvis to press closer against him. Oh, he’s so hard, she grins to herself.


Again, James is enjoying how sensitive her nipples are. He sucks one while pinching and rolling the other between his thumb and forefinger, knowing what it will do to her. The reactions of her body are so sensual, so encouraging. Her writhing and moans and gasps are making him so hot. As he sucks her nipple she arches her back, pressing her pelvis against his hard cock. He can feel the moist heat emanating from between her legs. He presses against her and feels hot slickness coat part of his shaft.

“Mmmmmm”, he growls with his mouth still firmly latched on to her nipple. The rumbling vibration causes her to squeal. He smiles with her nipple between his teeth and she squeals again and shudders.

He lets go of her nipple and moves his mouth to the other one, eliciting another sexy little squeal. He slithers his leg upward along hers while allowing his hand to drift downward. He slides his knee between her legs, parting her warm core to his exploring hand. He glides his hand down across her torso, over her belly, over her mound and slips a finger easily between her lips, finding hot slickness eagerly awaiting his exploring fingers. As he slides his finger in, he is rewarded with a hissing gasp and shudder, so he slides another finger in. He loves how her body moves and writhes in response, opening up to him, inviting him in deeper.

Oh, she’s so wet, he smiles to himself.

James growls, finding her so hot, slippery, and ready for him. Kate moans as his fingers enter her. He feels her sliding her hand down across his taught belly to find him fully hard again. He gasps as she wraps her small hand around his hot hard shaft. The blood flowing throughout his body seems to change directions, moving now towards the tip of his cock, making it throb involuntarily. She starts kadıköy escort bayan to stroke him gently and slowly, matching the slow movements of his fingers within her.

As he moves from sucking one lovely breast to the other, he begins a smooth rhythm where he alternates between sliding two fingers into her slick wetness, and out again to squeeze her clit. He plunges his fingers in again, and out again. He can’t believe the reaction he’s eliciting from Kate. It’s so exciting to watch her and see her responses. Kate’s breathing has quickly become ragged. She’s panting. Her body is writhing and shuddering. She’s oohing and ahhing and gasping. He feels her begin to stroke him much harder and faster, with more urgency.

James’ heartbeat has sped up and soon he is panting as well. His pulse is careening from every corner of his body straight to his cock. A hot tingling sensation begins in his balls. He lifts his head off her breasts and kisses her hard on the mouth. The kiss is so hungry, they are devouring each other, panting and moaning into each other’s mouths. Their movements become nearly frenzied.


Kate cannot hold out any longer. Her heart is beating madly. Her breathing is coming in ragged gasps. Her pelvis is shuddering, convulsing every time he touches her clit. Her pelvic muscles are clenching at his fingers each time he slides them in. She needs to feel him inside her. Now!

She begins to roll on top of him. James gets the idea and rolls onto his back as she quickly straddles him. Smiling and staring into his deep dark eyes, she kneels upright and slides him into her easily. They both moan as he is engulfed so deep in her hot wetness. She sees his eyes flash wide at the sight of her sitting up over him. She allows her body to settle down completely on top of him until he is buried all the way within her. She pauses there for a moment, feeling so gloriously full.

She begins to roll her hips like a belly dancer, creating a sensuous rhythm. They both moan, looking into each other’s eyes. They revel in the sensation of their bodies, in the connection between their eyes. They’re sharing so much more than just physical pleasure.

His hands glide up her torso, over her breasts, and he begins pinching and pulling at her nipples, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her, while she continues to ride him.

“Yesssss,” she breathes, looking at him through heavy lidded eyes, as she is grinding and rolling on top of him. She looks down at his hands on her nipples and moans. “Ohhhh, I love that,” she whispers, “don’t stop.”

He continues to pinch her nipples between his fingers causing electrical jolts of sensation to course though her body right out to her fingers and toes. Deep within she feels incredible heat building. His eyes are wild watching her as she starts to lose herself in the sensations. Tingly heat is emanating out from her pelvis throughout her body. As she begins to give herself over to the sensations, she closes her eyes and allows her head to roll around with her movements.

She feels James slide his right hand down from her breast, across her belly and brush his thumb lightly across her clit. Kate’s eyes pop open wide and she meets his gaze, realizing he’s still watching her intensely. James smiles wickedly and starts to rub his thumb back and forth across her clit. Kate moans and her breathing becomes more ragged, her grinding on him more vigorous. She’s begins lifting herself off him and plunging down with each stroke.


James’ excitement is growing quickly as he gazes at Kate. He watches as her movements become more wild and frenzied. He keeps moving his thumb back and forth over her clit, pressing firmly, and keeps squeezing and rolling her nipple between his fingers. He feels the contractions of her pussy muscles clenching around his cock. She’s moaning and panting, making little mewling noises that are just driving him crazy. The way she moves on him is so erotic, so sensual, so mesmerizing. He has not been with a woman that gives herself this freely. It’s making him so hot. He has to hold his muscles back to keep from cumming.

He gazes at her with fascination as her orgasm builds and begins to overtake her. There’s a far away look in her eyes, yet she continues to meet his gaze with intensity. His eyes go wide as she starts lifting off him with her knees and plunging down hard on each stroke.

Suddenly she leans forward, and presses her chest against his. His hands can’t stay between them in this position, so he grabs her hips with both hands, as she begins a fast rhythm of lifting her ass off his pelvis and plunging back down hard onto him over and over. She’s pounding down onto him, squeezing him and taking him so deep inside with every stroke. It feels so good he doesn’t know if he can hold out much longer.

James starts lifting his pelvis up to meet her thrusts. They’re slamming against each other so hard now, he’s momentarily afraid he’ll hurt her, but she is so into escort bostancı it, and she’s controlling the pace and the depth. She grunts with every thrust, but she just keeps going and going, so his doubt dissipates quickly and he gives himself to the building sensations, knowing he’s going to blow soon.

Kate’s face is beside James’ head. She bites the pillow he’s lying on and cries out loudly into the pillow as the first wave of her orgasm hits her. Fascinated, he turns his head to look at her face as she comes, but her face is pressed into the pillow. The contracting muscles of her pussy squeeze him so tight, so many times. Her orgasm seems to go on and on, as she continues to ride him hard. She screams into the pillow. The release of her voice seems to correspond with the release in her body, and he feels warm liquid gush out of her and onto his pelvis while her pussy clamps down even harder around him.

James grips her hips and ass firmly with both hands, pulling her down onto him and thrusting up into her, as she starts to loose control of her movements in the middle of her orgasm. Keeping the pace going, he feels himself filling her hot, tight pussy, the pressure building in and around his hard pulsing shaft. She continues to spasm and contract around him. The sight of how much she gives herself over to it, and how long her orgasm seems to last is driving him crazy.

As she spasms a few more times, James finally lets go and explodes within her, with a long growling groan that rumbles in his chest. He pulses and shoots into her, and she collapses on top of him like a rag doll. Her body melts into his as his cock pulses and spurts a few more times inside her. Her face is still buried in the pillow, and she turns her head toward him, gasping for breath. He wraps his arms around her back. They both pant heavily for several moments.


Laying on top of him, Kate’s head fits so nicely in the space where his neck meets his shoulder. She kisses there and enjoys the salty taste of his sweat. She is reveling in the masculine sent of him, the mixture of their sweat and juices between them, the feel of his skin touching so much of hers, his strong arms wrapped around her.

She stays there for a long while, with him still inside her, while their breathing slows.

“Mmmm, I could happily wake up like this every day,” she mumbles her thought out loud into his neck, and immediately wonders if she should have voiced it. She senses his smile by the way his neck and cheek muscles move, and it makes her smile too.

“Mmmm hmmm,” he concurs and wraps his arms tighter around her. “I wish you didn’t have to go to work right now. I could just lie here with you all day,” James says softly.

“Yeahhhh,” she breathes, and presses her lips again into the dip between his neck and shoulder.

“How long is your shift?”

“Eight hours,” she sighs.

“Damn,” he says, “that’s a long time to wait to see you naked again.” Kate chuckles and lifts her head to look into his eyes. She smiles a loving affectionate post-coital bliss kind of smile into his deep dark eyes. The look in James’ eyes mirrors hers. She loves looking into his eyes. They’re beautiful and soulful and deep, and she feels like she could just stare into them forever.

James presses gently against her smiling lips and her mouth opens instantly, her tongue searching for his. They kiss slowly and languidly for several long moments, enjoying the taste of each other.

Reluctantly, she pulls away from the kiss and lifts her head to look over at the clock. She lets out a deep sigh.

“50 minutes,” she says ruefully, and pulls herself up off of him. She feels empty as he slides out of her. She sits up on the side of the bed and grabs a bottle of water from the bedside table, taking a long drink from it. She offers it to him and he sits up and takes a long drink as well, smiling at her with his eyes.

“I’ll walk you to work,” he says.

Kate is delighted. She smiles brightly at him. The popular café where she works is only a few blocks from her apartment, but she’s glad that he seems to want to prolong his time with her for as long as he can.

“Let’s go shower,” she says, smiling.

She stands and she swears she can feel his eyes roaming over her as she walks over to the back of her bedroom door to grab two robes. He follows her and she hands him the long blue robe, as she starts putting on the short emerald green one. He smiles knowingly at the robe she’s wearing. She wonders what he’s thinking. She wonders if he realize this is the robe from her story.

Looking down at her green robe, she says, “I didn’t think this one would cover much of you,” she chuckles. “Although, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing,” she adds.

He laughs, and wraps the longer blue robe around him. She opens her closet door and grabs a couple of towels, and then leads him by the hand out the bedroom door into the hallway.

She walks quickly toward the bathroom, hoping not to see Tina or Mike. She knows she screamed pretty loud a few minutes ago, and despite the fact that she screamed into her pillow, there was no way anyone in the apartment didn’t hear that. Hell, people in the next apartment probably heard it. She blushes thinking about it.



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