My phone, vibrating on my nightstand woke me up. I was naked with Derick spooning me and didn’t want to move to stop the phone. From the lack of light in my room, I could tell it was rather early. I had a good idea of who it was, but let the caller go to voicemail anyway. The phone vibrated again, signaling a message as I snuggled back into Derick. My ass found his cock as I pressed into him. It was unmistakably erect. Probably morning wood because he hadn’t stirred even with the phone vibrating. I enjoyed the sensation of his body against mine. The large, hard shaft pressed between us. I knew if I got up, I would have to deal with the problems at hand. I wasn’t ready, not yet anyway.

The stupid phone vibrated quickly twice. Text message now. I was sure it was Jessica. I knew what she wanted, because I never sent her the video she requested yesterday. I’m sure her text and message was another threat. The noise cause Derick to stir and he rolled away from me onto his back. I knew the damn phone would keep vibrating until I stopped it so I reluctantly climbed out of bed, away from the naked man, and grabbed the phone. The text simply said: “I’m waiting.” I listened to the voicemail next. Just as I thought. Jessica left a message telling me she hasn’t yet received a video of Derick’s awesome cock and if I didn’t send it soon she was going to text my mother and tell her what I was doing.

I cursed after listening to the message and might have said “Fuck” a bit loud. I was standing naked next to my desk with the glow of the phone on my face and the room getting lighter as the morning progressed.

“Let me guess, Jessica?” I heard Derick say from the bed.

I looked up from my phone but couldn’t see him very well because I was light blind from the phone.

“Yep, she’s going to text Mom if I don’t send a video.”

“Tell her you have something better in mind and to come over tonight for the real thing,” Derick said.

“Seriously? I don’t want to do that,” I said.

“Just do it. That will give us time to think of something else.”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” I said.

“I am,” Derick replied.

I texted back exactly what he told me to and Jessica’s reply came quickly: “You better save me some for tonight… don’t wear him out. I want that big cock as hard as possible.”

I gritted my teeth, wanting to scream at my phone. I hoped Derick and I could come up with a plan before tonight because I didn’t want to share a single inch with her. My supposedly best friend was turning out to be just the opposite. I texted her back not to worry, that Derick would be more than ready for her, having no intentions on really sharing him. I locked my phone, turning the screen off and looked up to find Derick staring at me from the bed. He had a grin on his face as I was standing naked by my desk. Putting my phone back on the desk, I walked over to the side of the bed where he was now sitting. He reached up and put his arms around my small waist and kissed my stomach just below my breasts. He kept kissing me, all over my midsection and lower to just above my shaved mound.

Small kisses trailed up my center from there and his hands found my small breasts as he kissed me. Pleasure surged through me and my nipples tightened, jutting out from my perky orbs. His palms brushed both and my sex tingled from the pleasure. I wanted to ask him what he had in mind for Jessica, but worry soon washed away as his small kisses and tongue bathed my body and his hands fondled my breasts. I could see his erect cock jutting upward between his legs, the head glistening with pre-cum in the soft light of morning. I cooed as his left hand brushed my sex, up and down, awakening my clit hidden in the folds. With a bit more pressure he spread me from the bottom up and used my newly formed juices to stimulate my growing nub.

My legs began to tremble slightly as his fingers worked a circle on my now erect nub with his other hand still alternating between both breasts. I wanted him so badly, my pussy felt hot and wet, just begging to be filled. I let him play for a bit longer before pushing him over onto my bed with my hands to his chest. Biting my lip, I crawled on top of him, admiring the throbbing cock hovering over his stomach. He looked good enough to eat. I grabbed the middle of his shaft, bending him backwards and up. Finding his head with my aroused sex, I fed his massive cock into my body and practically screamed with pleasure as I sat down on the whole of it. The sensation of fullness and phenomenal depth widened my eyes and made me call out. I held still, adjusting to his size looking down at his face in the growing light.

His hands found my breasts again, and I rose a few inches only before falling back down, taking him deep once again. I swear he was in my chest he felt so deep.

“Gawd, I love your cock!” I screamed, not worried about anyone hearing me.

His hands squeezed my breasts in response and I rose higher for the next withdrawal and descent. Hitting his body illegal bahis hard as I dropped back down on him. The base of his cock spread me so wide I felt my clit being pulled by the folds as I plunged down. He suddenly sat up and took my left breast into his warm, wet mouth and sucked on my nipple adding a little nibble with his teeth as well. His hands wrapped around my back, holding me as he sucked and caressed me. I gyrated, swiveling my hips and rising only a few inches as he held me, bending his massive cock in circles, grinding my sex on the wide base.

His arms were so long and his hands so big, it seemed he could wrap them around me twice, I was so small in his embrace. My entire body was electric, pleasure radiated through me and I never wanted it to end. I sure as hell didn’t want to share him with anyone let alone Jessica. The passion and pleasure was addicting and the more I received from him the more I wanted and the more selfish I became. My motions fed my lust, I grinded and rose and fell over and over onto his cock, loving the deep and wide sensations from his length and girth. It was perfection and I basked in the glory, knowing I was going to climax in his arms with his glorious cock deep inside of me and his mouth alternating between my breasts.

Sometimes you just know the climax is going to be good. The buildup is just too perfect not to be spectacular. This was one of those times. I felt it coming and knew and delighted in the anticipation as the wave built and built before cresting in a massive orgasm that flooded my body with mind numbing and senses overload pleasure. I couldn’t even hear myself screaming the ringing in my ears from the orgasm was so loud. My head had fallen back, my mouth wide open in a scream of utter pleasure. My body felt like it might explode into a million pieces from the sheer rapture of the moment.

By the time I was aware of my surroundings again, I found myself on my back. Derick must have spun me around and laid me down during my orgasm. He was slowly thrusting his cock into me as my orgasm trailed off, leaving me weak and trembling as his shaft moved gently in and out. My eyes focused on his face and he grinned down at me as he realized I was looking at him again.

“Another good one,” he said.

“Oh… very… amazing.”

He smiled again and sped up his thrusts. I was so wet, even his massive cock glided effortlessly in and out of me. My arms felt heavy, I could hardly move them up to his chest to caress him as he thrust repeatedly into me. His little nipples where slightly hard as I brushed them with my hands and ran my fingers over them. He was holding himself up with his arms and looking down at me intently, driving every inch in deep with each thrust. Trying something new, I pinched his nipples between thumb and index finger and swear I felt his cock lurch inside of me when I did.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s going to make me cum,” he said, as I pinched gently again.

I was suddenly intrigued and wanted him to cum so I pinched more and rubbed his nipples harder. His cock got really big inside of me and I could tell he was really close. His breathing increased and the look on his face was one of surprise. I think the nipple play and the result was unexpected.

“Here it comes!” he grunted, holding himself deep and letting loose inside of me.

I pinched and twisted his nipples as his body began to convulse and his cock unleashed his load way down deep inside of my body. He was freaking out, more so then I’d ever seen from the nipple induced climax. I guess it really added to his orgasm. I was suddenly very wet and warm. His semen started to ooze out from the sides and under his cock, down over my ass to the bed as his cock continued to contract and ejaculate inside of me. From the feeling of it, he really unloaded a lot. As his cock eased, I dropped my hands from his chest. His nipples were hard and red but he had really cum. I was a mess down there and it only got worse when he pulled his shrinking cock from my body. It felt like a river was running out of me and just kept coming. The sheets had to be washed for sure.


I stood in front of the washing machine, listening to the water fill up around my bed sheets. I added the detergent and closed the lid. I turned around to find Derick watching me from around the corner. All I had on was some panties, my second pair of the day since I was still draining from his massive load. He was grinning again and I shook my head at him.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked.

“You, doing laundry in just your underwear. What would your mother say?” he teased.

“She’d be livid, especially with you watching me.”

“Good thing she’s not home then,” he chuckled. “You hungry?” he asked.


“I made breakfast,” he said, turning around to disappear into the kitchen.

Before I joined him I grabbed a clean sports bra from the dryer and pulled it on. Breakfast smelled wonderful and when illegal bahis siteleri I walked into the kitchen he already had my plate full of pancakes and eggs. I sat down, he didn’t say anything about the sports bra, just joined me at the table and we started to eat.

“So, what’s the plan this evening? Have you been working on it?” I asked, between bites.

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“And?” I asked, hoping he had a plan.

“Nothing yet. Well, besides just having a threesome.”

“Yeah, that’s not an option. I’ll be dammed to share you with Jessica. Some best friend she turned out to be.”

“Yeah, I was going to mention that. Why is she doing this to you?” he asked.

“Well, she’s always been the girl that can never be out done. Always had the best car, clothes, boys, you name it. So I guess she’s jealous of me, ’cause of you. I think it’s your dick. She’s jealous of the size, can’t let herself be outdone even in that department,” I explained.

“Wow, that’s really sad.”

“Yeah, well, it is spectacular, Derick. I don’t blame her there. But I’m still not sharing it. We need to figure out something and fast.”

“Short of killing her?” he asked.

“Umm…, yeah,” I said, surprised he said that.

“Just kidding,” he chuckled.

I looked at him strangely before going back for another bite. About a minute later of silence, he finally said something else.

“What about money? Would she keep quiet for money?” he asked.

“Doubtful in this situation. She’s never lacked money and now that she’s seen your cock and has it in her head what she wants, I don’t know what’s going to change her mind.”

“Well, then that’s easy enough,” he began. I looked up from my plate in anticipation. “We just need to find a guy with a bigger dick than mine.”

“Right… easy… find a guy willing to fuck Jessica with a dick bigger than yours by tonight. No problem.”

“Exactly,” he said grinning.

“Are you serious? Do you know someone?” I asked.

“I may.”

“Really? Who?”

“Don’t you worry about it. I’ve got this all under control,” he said, leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head.


After breakfast, Derick left for about two hours. He said he was working on the Jessica problem and I had decided to just trust him because I had no clue how to solve it. I wondered if he was really seriously going to try and find a man with a larger dick then his and how does one go about that anyway? I showered while he was gone, and tried to put the Jessica problem out of my mind but I kept coming back to it and thinking I was just going to have to send her the videos or worst case, let Derick fuck her. That was really worst case. Getting out of the shower, I went to my room and made sure I had the videos still. Sharing the videos seemed like the least problematic solution but knowing Jessica she’d share them and next thing I knew all my friends, possibly the entire Internet would see my stepfather fucking my mother.

Unless… I had a thought. What if I edited the videos? What if I made sure she only got what she wanted to see? What if I only gave her clips of Derick’s cock and left out faces all together. I quickly loaded the first video I had of the two of them into a movie making program and started watching it. It was from his vantage point the whole time, the first one from the motel, so every time Derick panned up to my mother’s face I cut it out until it was just Derick’s cock. I left all the sound in, it was just the two of them moaning. Once I had what I wanted, I merged the clips together into one file and watched it myself. Damn, it was fucking hot. Everything I wanted to see and no one would know who the two people were unless they were already intimate with either. I saved the clip, watched it one more time to make sure it played fine and sat back in my desk chair thinking I had solved the problem if Derick didn’t manage to find someone willing and able to help.

The video made me hot, especially the part where he pulled out and sprayed his massive load onto my mother’s stomach and breasts. Good thing he didn’t pan too far up to her face or I would have had to cut off the climax. I kind of felt like a movie editor and was pleased with the work that I did. All the parts I wanted to see all in one clip. After watching it a third time, I opened the second video and got to work doing the same thing. I was excited to show Derick what I had done, especially since I didn’t think it was possible for him to do what he thought he could.


I had just finished the second video and was watching it when I heard Derick return from wherever he had gone. I got up from my desk as the second video was saving to my computer and walked out of my room to find him. My sex was wet and squishy as I walked, the editing had really gotten me aroused. I turned into the kitchen, knowing he’d come in through the garage and we met there.

“I need your cock right now!” I said reaching canlı bahis siteleri out for his pants.

“Really? What have you been doing while I’ve been gone?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you later,” I said, finishing with his belt and tugging his pants down as I dropped to my knees.

His long limp cock hung between his bare legs and I grabbed ahold of it, lifting the heavy flaccid shaft upward and taking his soft head into my mouth. I had been watching nothing but his cock for about two hours and I was so horny. I looked up at him as I slurped his soft cock deeper and began to feel the blood start to pulse into his dick. He smiled down at me as I stroked and sucked his head until he was fully hard and throbbing. I took him out of my mouth and admired the work I had done. His pulsing cock, vein covered with a shiny, purple and wet head was candy to my eyeballs. Admiring it for a few seconds, I quickly inhaled it once again and sucked as deep as I could manage and stroked the remaining shaft hard and fast.

My pussy was on fire and would have been dripping if it wasn’t for my clothing. I felt both my nipples pressing hard against my bra as I sucked and stroked my favorite thing on the planet at the moment. I kept my eyes trained upward at him as I worked his cock the best I knew how, kneeling on my kitchen floor. He started oozing plentiful pre-cum and I soon had a slippery mess to help stroke his cock with. Giving my mouth a rest, I used both hands, twisting and sliding up and down his extensive shaft and over his rigid head to gather more juice from his slit. Back in my mouth for a few more minutes until my knees started to hurt and he was really big and hard with his balls growing tight and contracting around the base of his massive shaft.

He suddenly grabbed my arms and pulled me up, turned me around and pushed me over the kitchen table. Next thing I knew he had yanked my shorts and panties down. I looked over my shoulder just as he began to saw his cock head up and down my wet sex. I held my breath as suddenly he forced every inch of his cock deep inside of my body. The breath I had held came out in a cry of pure pleasure as his body hit mine and he pressed me into the table, making it move slightly as my upper body lay on top. He pulled out immediately and rammed himself in deep again, this time staying all in as he reached forward and grabbed my arms, pinning them behind my back with just one large hand. His other hand held my ass with his thumb pressed over my anus and he pulled out once again and pounded into me again, making me scream with pleasure.

I was totally at his mercy, pinned down on the table by his cock and his hands. His thumb pressed firmly onto my puckered asshole and I realized that my arousal had worked its way there during my video editing and blowjob. It took no time at all until his thumb was up to his first knuckle in my ass. Fuck me, it was good! His huge cock sliding under his thumb felt amazing and I was so horny, the anal play only made it better. I was already practically panting and on the verge of an orgasm I was so worked up. When his thumb went deeper, and I felt his hand coming to rest on my cheek, I knew he had all of it in my ass and I came a second later. My pussy convulsed on his cock and I felt my little asshole clamp down on his thumb as the involuntary muscle contractions took over. He didn’t slow his thrust, only increasing my pleasure as the rapture burst throughout my body and the ringing in my ears and utter pleasure overwhelmed everything else. I must have really turned him on, or maybe it was the excitement of his thumb in my ass, but he didn’t last all the way through my climax before I felt his cock leave my body and spray up onto my ass and shirt, I had just gotten from the wash. Neither of us were completely naked, we both had our shirts on, but had managed to kick our pants or shorts away. His load soaked my shirt and ran down off my ass to drip to the floor and table. I was still in the grips of my orgasm as his ropes of hot semen soaked into my shirt to meet my quivering flesh below. He unloaded a lot again. And had kept his thumb in my ass the entire time. My muscles were still contracting and pulsing on his digit by the time he finally dribbled the last of his load onto my butt. Another amazing climax.


After we cleaned up and I changed my shirt, it was almost lunch time. He ordered a pizza and we sat around the kitchen table and talked about Jessica as we waited for the delivery guy to show.

“So, did you come up with something?” I asked.

“Sort of… but I don’t think my plans going to fly?” he said.

“Explain,” I said.

“Well, I know a guy from my gym. I’ve seen him in the shower and he’s got a huge dick, probably bigger than mine but the problem is he’s not the best looking guy, so I don’t think Jessica will go for it.”

“Oh… yeah that’s not good. I’m sure it’s not just your cock that she likes. You’re hot and she knows it. Put that together with your awesome cock and you’re a package hard to duplicate,” I said.

“Exactly… I did talk to George… the guy from the gym, but the more I talked with him I don’t see it happening. He’s kind of a dork as well. So, shit… I don’t know what we’re going to do.”



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