Step Sons SurpriseHi, my name’s George and I’m 26 now. Until recently, if I had to describe mysexuality I would have said that I was predominantly straight. My dabblingswith my own sex had only ever been few and far between, but recently someevents have unfolded which have made me question my view of my sexualpreferences.About a year and a half ago now I met a young widow, Clair, (8 years mysenior) and we hit it off straight away. We got on so well that I soonmoved in with her and her two sons (Thomas 11 and Rory 7). I loved theinstant family life and settled in very quickly. After we had been togetherabout a year we married.I have a small landscaping business so I work outside most of the time, itkeeps me trim at least. When I come home from a hard days work though, whatI need most is a long soak in a hot bath. So immediately after tea with thefamily, my evening routine starts that way. After my long relaxing bath Itend to stay in just my dressing gown for the evening. I suppose, if I’mhonest, I am a frustrated naturist and I’d rather be naked than wear clothesand wearing my lightweight gown, whilst preserving my modesty, makes me feelrather more free than being dressed. Neither my wife or I are bashful withour bodies and we are pretty comfortable with casual nudity, I don’t thinkwe’d feel uncomfortable on a nude beach. Neither of us would grab somethingto cover ourselves up if one of the boys walk in on us naked, which theyoften seem to do. Indeed, most evenings one of the boys will bring me a hotdrink when I’m in the bath. If I’m honest, I suppose that I like beinglooked at when I’m naked and the boys certainly don’t avert their eyes.Normally, after I am finished in the bathroom, the boys will take a bathtogether and then get into their pyjamas.My wife teaches at a further education college and as an extra also teachesa couple of evening classes every Wednesday and Friday evening. This leavesme with the boys for those evenings and I love being in their company. Roryis a tactile and affectionate boy, Thomas although friendly is less touchyand more physically remote. Rory loves his cuddles and I have to say that Ilove them too. When his mother is out for the evening he always comes ontomy lap for a cuddle. Thomas watches, I do worry that he might be a bitjealous and make sure that I am affectionate toward him too.I soon discovered that having Rory on my lap could be quite a sensual thingand I often found myself caressing him gently. I know he loves it becausehe almost coos with comfort whilst in my arms. What I didn’t expect thoughwas that it would give me a partial hard-on. I’ve never been attracted toboys before but the bodily contact with this lad seems to be getting throughto me. Fortunately my arousal is always hidden from view by his brother asthere is a seven year old boy sitting on it.I’d really like to cuddle Thomas the same way, but I haven’t wanted to pushit. Sometimes he’ll sit next to me on the sofa though and I’ll put my armaround him, he seems comfortable with that.One evening recently, while cuddling Rory I let my hand slip inside hispyjama jacket, I can honestly say that it was a subconscious action. (Thusfar my caresses had always been through a layer of material.) But heobviously liked the skin to skin contact as he murmured a long “mmmmm” andit felt like he sank even further into me wrapping his arm around me, insidemy gown. As my stroking continued my cock got harder than usual.I shifted my left arm and laid it across Rory’s lap. Against the inside ofmy forearm I felt a definite hardness, Rory was hard too. So as not to betoo overt, I gently massaged his hardness with the inside of my arm. Thiswent on for some time, until I realised that if I carried on I might come.It was also well past his bed-time. I kissed his forehead and told himsoftly that it was time for bed and he nodded in agreement. He lent up andkissed me gently on the lips. That was the first time he’d ever done thatand I was very touched. As he got off my lap my gown tugged to one side andmy cock sprang out. I covered it over again quickly, but not beforenoticing that Tom had got an eyeful. It sort of excited me that he had seenit though.It took a while for my erection to subside, during which time I noticed thatTom kept sneaking a look at the lump in my gown. About an hour later it wasTom’s bed-time and I suggested that he went upstairs. I got up at the sametime with the intention of making myself a drink and unusually for Tom hecame to me for a hug. I hugged him tight and kissed the top of his head. Isaid “Good night young man”. He responded and trotted up the stairs. As Imade my drink I mused over the events of the evening. I acknowledged tomyself that I was being drawn more physically to the boys than I would haveever expected and indeed that the closeness was a turn on for me. Iwondered what would happen canlı bahis next, I was both excited and troubled at the sametime.The next occasion I was alone with the boys I was soaking in the bath andthinking about Rory sitting on my lap, I got aroused and stroked my cock. Iwas fully erect and worked up for a wank when Tom walked in with a cup oftea. I let go of my cock initially looking for a flannel to cover myself up,but then thought, ‘what the heck’. Tom’s eyes nearly popped out of his headand I basked in his attention. He put the tea down, not taking his eyes offmy cock and I then caught his eye. He blushed. I said “don’t beembarrassed Tom, its only a hard-on, all men get them and no doubt at yourage you’re getting them all the time too.” He muttered something and leftthe bathroom, still glowing beet red. I wanked myself imagining that Tom waswatching and splattered a big load over my chest and stomach.A little later that evening when the boys had bathed and were in the loungewith me Rory came to me for a cuddle. As I caressed him I felt his littlearm slide inside my gown and I felt his hand on my skin. It felt wonderfuland my cock responded by pumping up. He mimicked the movements of my handon him and I was feeling so turned on I was fearful of inadvertentlyblasting out another load of pent up come. I’m not sure if Thomas realisedwhat was happening but he was sneaking glances our way quite frequently.Soon it was Rory’s time for bed and I softly told him so. He lookedsaddened and said “but I feel so nice”, to which I responded “So do I, butyour mother wouldn’t be pleased.” He nodded and started to shift. I readiedmyself to grab the front of my gown as my cock was still stiff. As he slidoff I felt it bounce free and Tom’s eyes were on it before I could cover itagain. Rory seemed oblivious, he turned and kissed my lips and said “GoodNight”. I said “Good Night love.”I was a little anxious about Tom, who looked a bit pensive, and said “Areyou OK Tom?” He nodded saying that he was. After a few minutes when mycock had subsided to the state of a semi I got up and moved to the sofa,next to Tom. I put my arm around his shoulder and brought him to me andsaid “I love you too, you know” and kissed his head. After an initialstiffness he relaxed into me and we watched some tv. A while later I said,”why don’t you come to me for a cuddle sometimes, we’re never too old foraffection.” He said, in a faltering voice, “Coz I know my thingy will getstiff.” I kissed his head and said “but that’s ok, its nothing to beembarrassed about. As you’ve seen, I get a stiffy when Rory is on my lap.”He said “why do you cover it up then”. He’d made a valid point and Ithought a second or two before answering, I said, “I’m not sure that Rory isold enough to see a man’s erection, I don’t know how he would react.”Tom surprised me with his response, he said “I think he’d be fascinated, heloves it when we’re in the bath and mine gets stiff, his is always hardstraight away too.” I was intrigued and wondered how far things had gonebetween them, but I didn’t ask. I returned to my initial question and said”How about a cuddle before you go to bed?” He nodded and shuffled onto mylap, I could feel that my gown had almost totally separated under him and itfelt good. He lent into my chest and wrapped his arms around me, one insidemy gown. My cock started to stiffen again straight away. I gently caressedhim through the material of his pyjamas and said “How do you feel?” Hesaid, “good”. I moved my left arm across his lap, like I did with hisbrother and felt his hard cock against the inside of my fore arm, I saidnothing. We cuddled for about half an hour, until his bed time. I stayedhard throughout and I could feel the wetness of pre-come around my cock.Tom got off my lap and my hard-on bounced free. He stared at it andstuttered, “Its so big”. I chuckled and said “Not really Tom, its justaverage for an adult man.”The tent in his pyjamas was plain to see and he didn’t try to hide it. Helent forward and kissed my lips softly. I said “that was nice, thank you.”Looking at my cock again he said “Good Night” and left the room.I was so turned on I had to masturbate immediately, it took only secondsbefore I unloaded four volleys of spunk.On the next occasion that we were alone, I was very keyed up withanticipation, I had no idea how things might develop, but I couldn’t resistthe thought of encouraging a sexual connection with Tom. Things started asnormal and I was hard as soon as I got into my bath. I stroked myself to afull state of arousal and awaited my visitor. As I pondered I decided thatif it was Rory, I would not cover up. As it happened it was Tom, as he putdown my tea he studied my stiff cock. I stroked it gently.I then took a leap into dangerous territory and said “do you want to touchit?”. He nodded and silently and slowly he knelt bahis siteleri by the side of the bath,his eyes not leaving my crotch. As though he was about to touch somethingvery fragile he slowly extended his hand toward my cock. When his handrested on it I felt myself throb. His fingers very delicately travelled tothe head (my foreskin was already fully retracted) and his fingers caressedme gently. He noticed the pre-come oozing out and his fingers played withit. After a couple of minutes I said “grasp it firmly and slide your handup and down slowly.” He did so and it felt fantastic.He continued for a while and my cock was oozing loads of pre-come. He said,”is this pee” to which I responded “No Tom its a lubricant that is releasedwhen a man is aroused.” I dipped my finger in my pre-come and brought it tomy mouth and then said “And it tastes great, much better than pee or come”.He said “What’s come” I said, “That what guys call the stuff that comes outwhen a man ejaculates semen, some guys call it spunk.” He dabbed his fingerinto my pool of pre-come and brought it to his lips. Hesitantly he suckedit off and looked at me and said, “it really does taste nice, much betterthan pee.” I was surprised by what he had said and asked when he had tastedpee. He blushed a little and said, “Oh, when Rory and I are messing aboutin the bath. We sometimes have a pee fight and it goes everywhere. We’veboth tasted each others, only accidentally though.”I was very turned on and said, “for me tasting pee was never accidental, Ido it deliberately and I really like it, actually I can’t get enough. I’veloved pissing on myself ever since I was a c***d. I love to lie here in thebath and pee over myself. I spray it all over myself and into my mouth. AsI do it I often imagine that its someone else that’s pissing on me and I getvery turned on by it.” He looked a little shocked and I said to him,”That’s one of my most private secrets and I’ve never told anyone before.”He nodded and said “I’ll keep it secret, I promise, but it sounds like fun.”Throughout he had continued his massage of my organ and I was in totalecstasy, it was getting too much for me though and finally I said, “Tom, I’mgoing to come soon, so don’t be surprised when it happens.” He nodded andhis hand continued to stroke my ever-hardening cock. I felt the surgerising and said, ” I’m gonna come, don’t stop, go a bit faster if you can.”His hand speeded up and then I erupted. My first shot of spunk hit my faceand I managed to open my mouth just in time to receive most of it. Thefollowing shots splattered my chest and the residue dribbled over Tom’shand. I cannot recall ever having come so powerfully.He said “Wow, that was awesome, it went in your mouth too.” I nodded andsaid “I like the taste, why don’t you try tasting what’s on your hand andsee what you think.” He brought his hand to his mouth, tentatively lickedit and said, “It tastes weird, but ok I guess” he then licked off the rest.I said, you’ll get to like it more and more and once you start making ityou’ll be gobbling down your own spunk as fast as you can produce it.”I said “You had better go, Rory will be coming to look for you soon and youtwo need to get in the bath.” He stood and I saw that his pyjama trouserswere seriously tented. He noticed me looking and I said, “I think yourbrother is going to be in for a treat in the bath tonight.” He giggled andsaid, “I’m always stiff when we’re in the bath, so is he, but I think Imight play with it a bit more tonight.” I responded by saying, “Maybe he’llplay with it for you.” Tom giggled. To my surprise he lent forward andkissed my lips before departing. As I relaxed I finished my routine byletting my pee out and bathed my chest with it. I rinsed off and got out,dried myself and slipped on my gown.After the boys had bathed they came back down to the lounge and Rory gotstraight on my lap. We cuddled while Tom watched on with a knowing look. Asusual I got aroused, but this time I was more aroused because I knew thatTom knew and he was openly staring at my lap. After a while Rory shiftedposition and I felt my cock spring free from under him. He was not awarebut Tom stared at my exposed cock with open interest. I caught his eye andwinked.It was not long before it was time for Rory to go to bed and as he got offmy lap I had to cover myself quickly. This time he looked at the tent in mygown before he kissed me good night. When he had gone, I said to Tom “Didyou have a nice time in the bath?”. He said “we washed each other’s williesfor ages, we were both really stiff all the time, I got him to rub mine likeI did yours and it felt really good. We had a pee fight also and this timeI tasted my own as well. I told Rory that I liked it and he thought it wasfunny but he said he liked it too.”My cock throbbed its way into the open air again and Tom stared at it, hesaid güvenilir bahis “I really like your willy, specially when its really hard. I said”Well when we are alone you can play with it as much as you want.” I got outof my chair and went over to him my stiff cock bobbing through the openingin my gown. I stood in front of him and he lent forward. He reached outand held my cock. I was oozing pre-com and he dabbed his finger in it andbrought it to his mouth. I smiled at him and said “why don’t you just lickit from the tip”, he lent forward and I felt his tongue slide across thetip of my cock. He lapped up my pre-come in a few licks and looked up atme. He said “I really like this stuff” and I replied “and I really like youlicking it from me”. I sat down next to him and said “I’d like to returnthe favour and lick yours” he said “but I don’t make any stuff” to which Iresponded, “maybe not, but you’ll love how it feels anyway.”Without any more being said he untied his pyjama cord and slipped down thetrousers. His p*****n hard on sprang into view. It was about four inchesand respectably thick for his age. It was beautiful. His foreskin wasalmost fully back and revealed his shiny glans. I shed my gown and got onto my knees in front of him. I said “this must be our secret Tom.” Henodded. I stroked his hairless cock and balls and knew that this would bemore than a lick. I started by tentatively licking the tip of his cock andhe groaned with pleasure. I could not hold back though and took it into mymouth and made love to his beautiful boy cock. From the noises he wasmaking, I knew he was loving it. I moved on to sucking his hairless ballsand tonguing underneath them. I licked all around his pubic area and lovedthe absence of any hair.I returned to his cock and sucked him vigourously for some time. He wasgetting worked up and tense and I knew that he was close to orgasm. Beforelong he shuddered and groaned out loud. I gently took my mouth from him andlooked into his eyes. He said “what happened”. I explained that the hadhad an orgasm, the same as he had witness me do in the bath, but because hewas young no spunk is produced. He nodded in understanding and said “I’venever felt anything like that before, it was amazing”. I lent forward andkissed his lips and lingered there. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth andhis tongue met mine. We broke off and I sat by his side again. He said”can I suck your willy?” I nodded and he lent over and grasped my cock. Hestarted by licking the pre-come from the tip before attempting to take thehead into his mouth. I had to say “Its very sensitive there, be careful ofyour teeth.” Gradually he got more and more adventurous and I felt a jolt ofpleasure when he started to play with my freshly shaved balls. He evenstopped sucking my cock and licked and sucked my balls, copying what I haddone to him. He returned to my cock and I could feel the pressure rising.Unusually for me I realised that I was going to come again, I warned Tomthat it might happen but he just carried on. I reached the point of noreturn and groaned “I’m coming” and felt three squirts fill Tom’s mouth. Hecoughed a bit but his mouth stayed on me and carried on sucking, he’dobviously swallowed my load. I was so sensitive by then that I had to askhim to stop.He looked up at me and there was jizz around his lips. I brought his faceto mine and licked it off before pushing my tongue into his mouth. Wekissed heavily, he had caught on really well. I said, “get rid of the restof your pyjamas and lets have a proper cuddle.” He did and we laid back onthe sofa totally naked, him laying on top of me. We kissed softly and Istroked his back right down to his firm young buttocks. I held them andsqueezed them. We lay there for a while in a blissful embrace. He startedto speak and said, “Rory likes to cuddle like this, sometimes he gets intobed with me and we take of our pyjamas.” I said, “You are lucky to have abrother with whom you can share such things, I wish I’d had one.” He wenton to say, “When we were in the bath earlier he said that he felt that yourwilly was hard when he was on your lap and that he wanted to cuddle nakedwith you feel it properly.”I said, “Do you think he’s mature enough to do stuff like we’ve done andkeep it a secret?” he replied “Yes, he knows how to keep a secret, we’vedone stuff together that he knows he mustn’t tell anyone about.” “Whatlike?” I asked. He was quiet for a moment and said. “I’ve been sucking onhis willy since he was a baby.” I kissed his lips and said “He’s a luckyboy then. Anything else?” he said, “the peeing in the bath isn’t really apee fight now, but it started like that, its just that I’ve gotten to likehim peeing on me and I get him to put his willy in my mouth while he’s doingit.” I kissed him passionately and he responded. I broke away and said “Ithink we are much more alike that we knew.”We kissed, cuddled and caressed a while longer, way past his bed-time andfor as long as we could. It was getting to the time of his mother’s returnand reluctantly I had to send him upstairs.To be continued….



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