Step Sibling Sex (SSS PART 1)I never really got to know my dad growing up… He was married to another woman while with my mother. He had 3 k**s with my white mom, and 3 k**s with his black wife. All girls, I was his only son… One summer we finally got to go visit my dad in Dallas, Texas. I met him before but only a few times staying at hotels with my mom. This time mother dropped us k**s off to stay with him for a whole month. It was my first time going to his house, it was a big house with a pool and jacuzzi in the back. I was super excited and didn’t know what to expect. We pulled into the driveway where his wife and 3 daughters greeted us. They were all older than us and very outspoken. A bit more “ghetto” than what I was used to. They all cheered and laughed saying “Heyy!!” and “Look at my little sisters and brother!!” “Hes so cute!” With a bunch of Ooos and Awws…. and hugs! I was always quiet, and never really spoke unless questioned. I just kept smiling and said hey. My older sister was 16, and my younger sister was 11. I was 13 at the time when i first met my step sisters. They were 25, 21, and 17. All of them which were very pretty and made me blush with all their compliments, stares and giggles. I always looked so innocent yet was always a bad boy on the inside. I seriously masturbated every single time I sat on the toilet. We went to put our bags in the house and make ourselves at home. I couldn’t wait to jump in the pool, so I grabbed my swim trunks and made my way back outside. Nobody wanted to swim with me so I went in the pool by myself. I swam around enjoying the cool water and hot sun on my body and practiced some floating techniques I learned the summer before. 30mins or so passed and that’s when the youngest of my step sisters Kasey came outside wearing a 2 piece red swim suit with a towel around her waste. I stayed afloat on my back long enough to try and show of my skills, but couldn’t hear what she was saying because my ears were underwater. She dropped her towel and I immediately sunk under getting water all in my eyes. When I came back up I was too nervous to even look at her. I knew she was my half sister, but she was the prettiest of them all and I couldn’t help scanning her sexy 17 year old body with my eyes up and down as fast as i could to make sure she didn’t catch me looking at her. She smiled and sat down on the pool deck putting her feet in the water. “Are you coming in?” I asked. “No, I’m just getting my feet wet and watching you.” “Cmon.” I said with a smirk. Already plotting to dunk her underwater as soon as she got in. (Dunking people was one of my favorite things to do in pools.) ” I just got my hair done and can’t get it wet.” she said. “Oh.” I replied, really thinking in my head… “Damn!” I just wanted an excuse to grab her, but I resisted the urge and splashed some water on her instead. “Hey don’t splash me motha fucka!” She said with her soft southern voice. I was instantly intimidated and apologized to her. I didn’t know she cursed so openly. I only cursed secretly so she made me feel alot younger than her and I left her alone swimming off. I climbed up the ladder to walk over the diving board, and when i looked down i noticed my dick bulging from my swim trunks. I wasn’t hard but had big balls and freshly getting out the water my swim trunks just clung to my lower region. When I stood up on the diving board I heard “Oh hell nahh.. you better not splash me again!” When i looked down at her i noticed she was staring at my cock while she said that. “Don’t worry I won’t!” I said, quickly doing a pencil dive to minimize my splash. When i surfaced the water she continued to say “You maybe my little brother, but I’ll beat your ass!” We both kinda smiled but mine was more of a nervous smile. She scared me! I stopped swimming and sat on the stairs in the water. She stood up and walked over to the stairs. “Now that you done kickin and splashin around i can cool off real fast.” she said walking slowly down the stairs into the pool. While her back was turned to me, I stared at her plump black booty in that red bikini until the water got deep enough to obscure my view. Her dark skin complimented the red bikini so nicely, I never seen such a big and nice ass on such a thin girl. I couldn’t believe she was my half sister, and I was checking her out. I could feel my dick getting really hard, really fast. “I’m hungry!” I exclaimed in an excuse to leave suddenly. I hurried up and grabbed my towel, wrapped it around my waist not even bothering to dry off, and walked into the house. “Boy you still wet you better dry the fuck off!” My oldest step sister Janae said. I continued walking fast to the upstairs bathroom to dry off and change clothes. “Tracking all that damn chlorine water through the house!” The second oldest of my step sisters Tana yelled at me. The next few weeks were horrible! My dad was never around, there was nothing to do, and I was constantly bullied by my step sisters and their mother. They got on my case about anything they could. Eating too much, or not eating enough. sleeping too much, or staying up too late. I was walking on egg shells while they did and said whatever they wanted to. The only fun I had was playing on my gameboy advanced, and with myself in the bathroom! One day I’m jacking off in the bathroom theres a hard knock on the door. “It’s Kasey! Open up the door!” she yelled. “But I’m still using it!” I said, with my hard dick still in my hand because it felt so good. “I don’t care I’m yo sister open up!” I tried my best to push my cock between my thighs covering the rest of it up with my hand as I hesitantly unlocked the bathroom door. She burst in with nothing but a towel on and opens the shower curtain. “I need to take a shower now, you take too long… I don’t care we family.” She says as she turns on the shower, drops her towel and hops in. “Finish what you doing and just close the door behind you.” She said calmly while she began showering. I was so shocked, a part of me wanted to run out, the other part wanted me to jump in with her. The shower curtain was a clear thick plastic, so I could see her, just not very clearly. I just sat there and watched her shower and made sure she didn’t peak at me while i finished masturbating. It didn’t take but a minute before I cummed more than I ever did at the age of 13. It just kept squirting out all over my cock and hand. I gaped my mouth open wide exhaling and inhaling deeply and flushed the toilet to cover up my low moans. She screamed as the shower water turned scalding hot. I was still jerking the cum out of my dick when i heard her scream and It made me cum even more. It dripped down my hand and all over my balls, to the toilet seat down to the floor. “You asshole!…” She cried. “Ahhh…” I moaned. “…I’m sorry, you said to finish!” I said chuckling nervously. I wrapped a handful of tissue around my sticky dick and pulled my pants up quickly, wiping my hands and toilet seat down. Taking a quick peek behind the shower curtain before I exited the bathroom. After that day I felt as if I had a crush on Kasey. I looked at my other 2 step sisters normally as if they were just my regular sisters, no attraction at all. But for Kasey I couldn’t help but to feel a powerful attraction. Whenever our eyes made contact I felt a rush of lust, and couldn’t look away. One night I was going upstairs to my room when I saw her sitting on the stairs sucking on a fudge sickle. “Oo… I want some!” I said mischievously with a wide grin. She put the whole thing in her mouth sucking it slowly sliding her lips all over it. “Hm.” She said, with her lips puckered out. I didn’t hesitate kissing her on the lips and licking the fudge off her lips from the kiss. She laughed looking surprised at how bad I wanted that fudge. I smiled innocently still licking my lips not knowing what to say. “Here.” she said, holding the fudge sickle in front of me in a teasing way so that i knew not to grab it from her. Instead I leaned forward to put it halfway in my mouth sucking on it slightly then looking up into her eyes as i leaned back. “Now gone, that’s all you gon get cause it’s da last one!” She said with a smirk looking away. “Thanks!” I replied quickly, using my hands and feet to run up the stairs. The next week I was tired of being bullied and was feeling extra bold because I knew we were leaving soon. Also, I really wanted to fuck my step sister… I just couldn’t get it off my mind. Whenever she tried to get buck with me saying something smart, I said something even smarter back. It completely threw her off guard and she tried to continue her tough role act but I got tough right with her. It eventually began to work and she started laughing a lot. “Yeah…. you just like our daddy foreal boy!” She kept saying. “Don’t get hurt, girl!” bahis şirketleri I kept replying, trying my best not to come off in a flirting way to my other sister that was there in the room. I started talking some shit, and we all started play fighting on the bed. Even though I was only kicking and karate chopping my real sister, I was body slamming and stomach squeezing my step sister, trying to get the most contact. My dick started getting hard and I made a run for it before it became too obvious. They started watching a movie and I came back in the room after 30 mins into it and hopped in the bed next to Kasey. We layed there casually watching the movie until everyone but me fell asleep. I got closer and closer to Kasey until I was basically spooning her. I was under the impression she was still awake and was okay with what i was doing, so i layed my arm around her waist putting my hand on her soft and skinny stomach. My cock was super hard and I was sure she felt it because she was wearing some tight grey sweat shorts and I was pressed up against her. Thats when I noticed she wasn’t fake sleeping, unlike me. She was really sleep. I layed there horny as hell hoping she’d just wake up and just have sex with me. I pulled out my cock and layed it up against her back while i started feeling on her soft ass. At first I was afraid she’d wake up from the very touch, but after awhile I was rubbing all over her nice ass without worry. I slid my dick down her back and the tip of my penis began going down her shorts I rubbed it there and my pre cum came out making it slimy as i slid in between the top of her plump ass cheeks. My dick continued to get harder and harder and I knew either she was going to wake up soon, or I was going to cum. So i stopped, and started rubbing on one of her breasts. She had no bra on and I could feel her nipple through the shirt. It felt like a small water balloon, and I wanted to suck it so bad. I had to stop before i lost complete control. I got up, went to the bathroom to jerk off cumming multiple times and went to sleep in my room. That was all that happened that summer. I continued to fantasize occasionally about my step sister Kasey. But just thought it was a weird faze I went through and didn’t think much about it….after all… i never saw her again. Until….<<<<5 YEARS LATER>>>>I’m 18 years old now and wake up on the floor of my friends house with a slight hang over. “Welp, I know how to cure that.” I say to myself still slurring as I open the mini fridge in his room and grab a cold beer. I crack it open, and take a sip. “I just woke up too b*o” my friend says sounding tired as ever. He gives me a double eyebrow raised look and glances at his glass jar of pot and instantly I know what hes thinking. Wake and bake. I roll one up and smoke half of it with him. “I’m high as fk b*o” I say. As he nods in agreement. “Lemme take the rest of this to go” I say. “Thats cool b*o ima make some breakfast, cya later man.” He says. “Yup.” I reply, walking out the front door with half a blunt in my ear and half a beer in my hand. I walk a few blocks down the street to get to my house. I notice some bags sitting on the front porch. My bags… I stand there sipping my beer and my grandma steps outside sparking her cigarette up. “Your moms kicking you out.” She says calmly exhaling her smoke. “Hmm, I see…” I say still sipping my beer. “Shes dropping you off to stay with your dad in Dallas, to let him deal with you!” “Oh great..” I say sarcastically. “Yup your leaving tonight. Your mother says this area is too bad for you and your gonna end up dead or in jail if you keep it up!” “I know grandma…” I reply calmly. Me and my grandma talk for awhile before we say our goodbyes. My mom comes home from work and just gives me that look. “Put your bags in the car.” She says sternly. I put my bags in the back of the car and go out back to smoke the rest of my blunt while she uses the restroom in the house before driving me to the airport. She lectures me all the way there, but tells me she loves me before driving away. I’m on my flight in less than 20 mins and still high. I fall asleep on the plane, and when I wake up again I’m in Texas. I stand outside with my bags and my dad drives by and picks me up in his car. I’m happy to see him again but don’t know what to say, after all… I hardly know the man. “I’m surprised to see how much you’ve grown son, you look just like me!” “Yup.” I reply, thinking in my head “Well what’d you expect?” He catches my vibe and begins to apologize about not being there in my life and I accept his apology. “Lets get some food!” He shouts. “Sweet…” I reply… We apparently have a lot in common dispite not being around each other much, not only do we agree on most things. We both love food, and we both love pussy. We order our food to go, and get to his house around midnight. We are the only ones there so we eat, and he shows me upstairs to my room. “Get some sleep, we got alot of work to do in the morning.” He says. “Ok.” The bed was big and comfortable. I wake up to his voice about 8 in the morning. “You still sleep? Get up!” He shouts. “Ok, ok.” I get up feeling jet lagged. “Get dressed and make your bed you got 5 mins, we gotta go!” “We get in his car and do a whole lot more driving around than working. I’m only wondering about 2 things. How I’m gonna get some more money, and who I’m gonna fuck next. Just moving to a new area makes my nuts tingle for some new pussy. We finish going everywhere we had to go and come home. In the driveway is my 2 step sisters Kasey and Janae, and their mom. It’s like dajavoo all over again… They get to saying the same things they said last time only adding “Wow you got so big little b*o!” and “Looking like a light skinned version of yo dad!” My dad walks into the house saying he’ll be back leaving me in the driveway with them. “Mmm…mm mm… If I was only 20 years younger!” my step sisters mom says to me… I blushed again being put on the spot. They asked how my mom and sisters were doing and stuff and I asked How they were doing. “Do y’all still live here?” I asked. “Me and yo dad got divorced years ago sweetie.” Their mom said. “I stay in my own apartment and your more than welcome to come over ANY time you’d like…” she says with a wink. We all laughed and they told me that my other step sister moved to Florida. And Janae was living with her boyfriend in a apartment, and Kasey was the only one still living here when she wasn’t spending the night at her boyfriends house. “Oh okay…” I tried to say nonchalantly. One look into Kasey’s eyes again and I was really scared of her this time! I avoided looking directly at her all together and focused mainly on Janae, and their mother to play along with her. “Alright son, lets go.” My dad said as he walked back outside from the house. I hopped back in the car with my dad. “Where y’all fina go?” Kasey said in that sweet southern voice of hers. “We goin handle business!” My dad said all ghetto. My step sisters and their mother all laughed looking at each other. “Sure…. handling business, OK.” They said sarcastically. We drove off and I didn’t ask any questions. “Now lets get something to EAT son, I’m hungry as hell!” We both LOL’d. After we went out for dinner, We went to the grocery store. My dad got a shopping cart and filled it up with beer and wine coolers. He must of gotten a 12 pack of each kind of malt liquor. “Dad….” I said in confusion. “What? We gon need some fuel to keep us working!” “Lol OK…” i said excitedly. We bought a few groceries also to make it seem like we ain’t go out to eat and actually planned to cook. First thing we did when we got home was start drinking. Together we drank a 12 pack in no time. My step sister Kasey came down the stairs. “What we gon eat?” “I got some stuff right there, cook us somethin.” My dad says pointing to the table. She grabs herself a beer and starts cooking something, and puts it in the oven. “Let me know when it’s done. I’m gonna take a shower.” My dad says staggering out the kitchen into his master bedroom with another beer. I feel a sigh of relief being alone with Kasey in the kitchen together. I could finally look at her naturally without worrying about anyone reading my mind as I layed my eyes on her. She immediately got to talking bad about our dad. “This nigga ain’t foolin nobody, I know y’all already went out to eat somewhere… Now he got me cooking this shit all late. He bogus as hell…” She continued on walking back and forth venting in the kitchen while drinking a few beers herself. Every time she turned around I couldn’t help but to check out her ass. She was 22 now almost 23 and her booty was even bigger than before with the same small frame. I felt a sensation of pleasure run through my dick and behind my balls without mobilbahis giriş it even being hard. She continued nagging about our father as I continued drinking as I usually do, not really saying much. I could tell she was upset, but was enjoying my company. “Come upstairs with me.” She said. I followed her upstairs and into her room. She closed the door behind me.”I needa smoke.” She said walking over to the window and opened it up. She sparked up a cigarette and continued talking to me while blowing the smoke outside. “Dad don’t want us smoking in here but fuck that shit, too many damn mosquitos out there I ain’t tryna get bit.” She explained. “Oh okay, I feel ya.” I said, trying to be cool and stay on her good side. She continued on talking but all I could think about was getting caught by our dad in her room together with the door closed. Even though we weren’t doing anything, It just wouldn’t look right. “YO!” I heard my dad shout after a few minutes passed. “Where y’all at!?” He yelled, as i bolted out her room as fast as I could leaving my step sister in mid sentence. “I’m right here dad!” I said, coming down the hall and running down the stairs to him with a calm look on my face. “Was you about to go to sleep? I know it’s getting late, we got work to do in the morning.” “Yeah I’m about to… after we eat.” I replied while smelling good aromas coming from the kitchen. “Whats cooking?” He said. “I’m not sure, whatever Kasey making.” “Kasey!!!” He shouted in his loud voice. “Yes father!?” She yelled back in a sarcastically sweet voice. “What chu cookin?” My dad asked aggressively. (Honestly, I forgot what she baked but I know it was good and was almost done cooking.) So we continued to drink until the food was done and then we ate. “Alright, it’s past midnight… I’m going to bed now.” I said, trying to sound like a good boy. “We always eating late as fuck cause dad don’t bring the food home to cook sooner.” Kasey said in a low voice. “Eh! Watch your fucking mouth young lady!” Our dad said, as he and my step sister began arguing while I left out the kitchen. I’m just laying down for bed when I hear them yelling loudly outside the house. I go downstairs to check if their okay, and when I look out the window I see Kasey waving her hand in our dads face shouting at him, she then takes a swing at him, he dodges it and backhands her across her face. She stands there turning to the side holding her face, and I watch in shock as he ends the argument with a (You grown, if you don’t like it get out my house!) I can’t really quote him on that but it was somewhere along those lines. She didn’t say anything else after that, and as she just stood there he hugged her and told her he was sorry, but she shouldn’t of disrespected and tried to hit him. After i noticed the fight was over, I ran upstairs before they came back in and layed back in bed. Kasey came upstairs moments later and went into her room. I got out my bed and went to check on her. “Are you okay?” I asked concerned. “Does it look like I’m okay?” She whined, pointing at her bottom lip. It was busted from the ring our dad wore. “Ouch.” I said, looking at the small hole in her lip. “Well, I shouldn’t of tried to hit him..” she said. “But still…that’s not right for him to do that either.” I explained. I put my hand on the side of her face and said. “You’re a woman, and you’re too pretty for all that…” She glanced at me with a smile and looked away. I looked away too, not knowing if that came off too brotherly or not. I was about to go back to my room when she asked me if I smoked. “Not cigarettes…” I replied. “Well what do you smoke?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, green only!” I chuckled. “So you know how to roll right?” She asked holding up a bag of green. “Of course….” I replied confidently, and began eagerly rolling the swisher sweet she had. “Sweet… I didn’t know how or when I was going to smoke again!” I said while breaking the buds into the blunt. “Shit… I always keep a bag here with me!” She said softly. “Cool… I can tell we gon get along already…” I replied, giving her an old familiar look in her eyes. We smoked the pot next to the window and each time she leaned forward to blow the smoke out, my eyes went down her shirt, looking at her small perky breasts. Half of me felt bad for lusting after her again, the other half of me kept saying well she is your HALF sister, and you hardly even know her! I explained I didn’t want our dad coming up the stairs to check on us and catching us awake together this late. So we sat down in the hallway outside the both of our rooms as she continued to talk to me in a whisper. “I’m fked up…” Is all I could say. I wasn’t use to this Texas weed it had me high as a kite with all this liquor I been drinking. As our backs pressed up against the wall behind us, looking down the long hallway I felt as If my back was glued to the ceiling, and at any moment gravity was going to send me falling down the hallway. I was super high, and tired. So I told my step sister I was going to bed, and gave her a brotherly hug and we both went to our rooms to sleep. The next day was hot as hell, and I was stuck doing yard work all day. I wasn’t use to this kind of heat and took my shirt off to finish mowing the lawn. Sweat dripped all the way down my body and I was just begging for a cool breeze to hit me. Kasey eventually came outside to smoke a cigarette and I could feel her eyes on me while I continued to work. I flexed my muscles every chance I got while trying to make it look natural with whatever I was doing. When I glanced over at her, she just smiled and rolled her eyes. I smiled back shrugging and shaking my head from side to side slightly. After doing so many hours of work, my dad finally said the yard was good enough for today, but still had a lot more work to do tomorrow. He wanted me to finish weed eating some areas, trim some bushes and rake. I was exhausted, took a cold shower, got dressed and came downstairs and went in the fridge for a cold whine cooler. I sat at the dinner table as Kasey made dinner and served me and my dads plates. We all ate, and my dad explained he had to go out of town to handle some “business” and wouldn’t be home till tomorrow. “Oh okay.” I said casually. “Since I cooked can you do the dishes?” Kasey asked me. “Sure…” I replied. Thinking to myself, “but my hands are still sore from all that yard work!” My dad left and Kasey went upstairs while I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen real quick. It was dark by now, and I grabbed a few more wine coolers before I turned off the kitchen light and headed upstairs. When I got up there Kasey called me to her room. “brother! Come here..” she said smiling with a blunt already rolled for us to smoke. “Nice…” I said with a sigh of relief. “After all that work I’m ready to smoke!” I exclaimed. “I bet you are…” She said smoothly, lighting up the pot filled cigar. We smoked and talked for a few hours while drinking. Everything seemed pretty mutual, and I was beginning to accept the fact that I was just a perverted little step brother, and nothing was ever going to happen between us. “You wanna watch a movie?” She asked. “Sure, why not what you got” I replied. She pointed to a small stack of movies and told me to choose one I wanted to watch. I put in a fast and furious movie and sat on the side of the bed still drinking and watching the TV. “You can get in the bed you don’t have to sit there.” She said. “Oh.” I said, noticing I was being quite distant all of a sudden. I took my shoes off and kicked my legs up onto the bed getting more comfortable. “Are you comfortable?” She asked a few moments later. “Yeah, I’m comfortable…” I replied in a relaxed voice. “You don’t gotta wear those jeans in the bed if you don’t want to. You can get more comfortable, we’re family.” She said. “Oh okay.” I replied, shocked that she said that. I unbuckled my belt and took my heavy jeans off. “Yeah… This IS more comfortable…” I said while smiling. Her legs were already under the blanket, and I leaned back against the headboard of the bed looking at the movie, but my mind was defiantly else where now. I felt a boner coming on and didn’t want her to see it so I quickly pulled the other side of the blanket over my legs too. That didn’t help the situation at all… Now I was really getting hard, and was just covering it up with the blanket. We watched the movie casually for a few minutes and the side of her leg touched mine. My dick was throbbing now, and I was extremely nervous. I didn’t move my leg away instead of moved it slightly closer to hers and our thighs touched. I could feel my pre-cum starting to ooze out of my cock slowly. I was extremely excited now but trying my best to hide it. I chugged the rest of my bottle and mobilbahis güvenilir mi sat it on the floor next to the bed. When I turned back into the same position i was in before, I knew we had gotten closer. I couldn’t help myself anymore my hand reached for her leg and touched the top of her knee. I squeezed it like I didn’t know what it was at first. “Is this your leg?” I asked in an excuse to touch on it. “Yeah.” She replied naturally. “Oh wow, it is?” I squeezed on it in a jokingly way. “You got some strong legs!” I said, small talking while I felt up to her thigh. “Wow, and soft too!” I said awkwardly, unsure of how she’d react. I felt her hand touch the top of my knee, and she felt up my leg too. “Yeah your leg seems…” She paused when she felt my hard ass dick up against my thigh. “…strong, too…” She finishes. We both lock eyes and I bite my lower lip while I continue to rub her luscious thighs. She starts to rub my dick through my boxers and I slide my hand up her thigh sliding her loose shorts to the side to rub her pussy through her panties. When I see shes actually liking it, I pry her panties to the side with my finger tips and slide my middle finger right into her wet tight pussy. All I kept thinking was “I can’t believe I’m fingering my step sister…” As we both just stared at each other in dis-belief. I didn’t know what else to do, so I kissed her… passionately, running my tongue across her slightly busted lip. It tasted like a copper penny and we continued to kiss while I rolled over on top of her, kissing down her neck while pulling off her shorts and panties. I leaned over to grab my pants off the floor, and pulled a condom out of my wallet. I pulled down my boxers because I was too hard to pull my dick through the hole in them. I heard her gasp as my cock sprung up to my belly as soon as my boxers were down low enough and I continued kissing down her neck and in-between her breast while I opened up the condom, rolling it on with one hand… while fingering her with the other. Still in dis-belief, I pulled out my finger, and grabbed my cock with both hands as I pressed the head of my dick up against her soft little pussy. She was really wet and my dick slid right in, but her pussy walls were so tight around me. “MMmmm” I moaned, as soon as I felt that wet pussy around the head of my dick. She let out a loud moan as i went deeper in and slid up the bed as if she was trying to run from my dick. I reached my arms around her shoulder blades, grabbing her shoulders to hold her in place while i went in and out of her deeper with every thrust. ” MMMmmm…” My moans got louder as her moans turned to cries. Somehow she still slid up because now her head was banging up against the head board as the bed rocked loudly back and forth. “Ohhhhh!!!!!” She cried out, as I could feel her pussy getting tighter and wetter. “Oh god…” I said, Knowing I was going to cum a lot sooner than I expected. “AHHhhhh YES, O SHIT I’m cumming!!” She screamed with her legs spread open in the air. I wasn’t even holding her legs up in the air… I still had my arms around her shoulders while her head banged harder against the headboard. My dick was almost all the way inside her when I noticed her pretty face squint in pleasure as her legs shook uncontrollably through my peripherals. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” She screamed out having an orgasm. “Fuck!” I moaned as I did too. My cum rushed into the condom until there was no more room for my cum to go. I pulled my condom off and it was heavy with cum. It hit the floor with a splash as I grabbed my pants to pull out another condom. My step sister laid there with a dreamy look on her face. I ripped open the 2nd condom and rolled it on my still hard cock. “Turn around.” I commanded her. She did it without hesitation, getting on all fours with her big plump booty up in the air. My cock got bigger and harder than the first time i stuck it in. I grabbed her small waist with both hands and my dick pointed straight up to her pussy, sliding right back in tightly snug. I shoved my cock in her as deep as it was when she orgasm-ed, and started inching it slowly deeper in while she moans loud enough to hear her echo. I slapped her fat ass and started pounding her from the back as she screamed uncontrollably. I had her right where I wanted her and now and was enjoying this so much. I grabbed her hair pulling it hard with my left hand so that her chin pointed to the ceiling and continued slapping her ass with my right. Her sexy voice bounced off the ceiling and im sure you could hear her throughout the entire house. ” AhhhhAHHH OHhhhOHHH OH OH OW AHHhhh fuck…. YES brother!!!” She cried out loud. “I slapped her ass so hard my hand stung. “Ahh yeahhh… just call me daddy!” I told her. “Ohhhhh DADDY!!.. YES Don’t Stop! It feels SO GOOD!! OMG!!”She cried out loud. “Yeahhh you like that huh?” I said, thrusting my cock in her all the way going faster and harder as my big hanging balls clapped loudly against her wet pussy. “Uuughhhhhhhhhh!!!” She screamed as she came again and I felt her warm juices dripping down my balls, making my sac raise and firm up as the juices cooled down. “Ah shit I’m gonna cum again… Who’s your daddy!?”I shouted. She collapsed onto her stomach and I continued to pound her plump ass from the back, dropping all my weight on her. “You are!!!… You are!!!” She screamed into the bed. “Say my fucking name!” I commanded her. She said my name over and over as I cummed again palming her face deep into the bed with my left hand and gripping her waist with my right. “Ahhhhhh… Yeaahhh…” I moaned, sweat dripping off my face onto her back as I sat up pulling my cock out and slipping off the cum filled condom. She turned around gasping for air when i took my hand off of her head and she looked at me with an even more dreamy look on her sexy sweaty face. I stood up next to the bed waving the heavy cum filled condom in front of her like a pendulum with a grin on my face. She got up, grabbed it from me holding it upside down so all the cum oozed out into her mouth. Then she slurped it all up swallowing my cum tossing it on the floor next to the other one, I watched in astonishment as she dropped to her knees and started sucking the shit out of my dick. “Ohh damn!…” I said as she caught me way off guard. My dick was halfway going down, but when she starting sucking me she got my dick all the way back up and then some. I never noticed how big and thick my cock got from continuous sex. Mainly because all the girls i had sex with never lasted this long. It turned me on even more seeing how big I actually got, with my step sister slobbing on my cock unlike anyone before. “Ohhhhhhh YES” I moaned loudly while she sucked me good staring me in my eyes. She started deep throating my cock the most she could and I enjoyed her gagging on my cock until we both couldn’t take it anymore. I put my hands on the sides of her face, and lifted her up off her knees. Turned her around and bent her over. To my surprise she kept her knees straight and touched her toes. I rubbed the head of my big hard dick up against her swollen wet tight pussy. “Mmm… You flexible too? I Like that!… Too bad I’m out of condoms.” I said, still rubbing my head outside her wet pussy and clit. “Fuck it…” She moaned, grabbing me by the balls while still bent over. I stuck the head in and it was so tight and slippery I lost complete control, going deep into my step sisters warm pussy raw. We both moaned and groaned as it felt so much better for both of us. My cock got so hard it hurt, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop for nothing. I slammed in and out of her harder and harder till she cummed loudly, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor, and I didn’t stop there. I just kept going and going and she cummed over and over again all over my dick. I was so hard my dick went all the way in and all the way out of her continuously. Her wet pussy started farting as i fucked the air in and out of her. “I’m gonna have an orgasm again!!” She screamed as she lost all control of her breathing and moans and began literally crying with tears. “Yessssssssssssssssss!!!” She moaned deeply shaking on my cock as her pussy squeezed super tightly on my raw dick. “Ahhhh im cumming again!” I shouted. I couldn’t hold it anymore, but she couldn’t let me go she wrapped her legs around me holding me tightly as I whimpered like a wounded a****l shooting my unrestricted cum load all into my big step sister. She collapsed lying there paralyzed as my cum oozed outside of her pussy with my dick still in her. It dripped down her ass crack where it got stuck between her big black booty cheeks. I pulled out my swollen dick and cum was still dripping out all over her stomach. I helped her back onto her bed, and kissed her on her cheek saying “Goodnight…” “Goodmorning” She replied, with a dazed smile lying lifelessly on her bed. I looked at my watch it was after 5:00AM. I grabbed my clothes and used condoms out the room and went into my room where I washed up and went to sleep.<<<>>>



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