Female Ejaculation

step mummys son helps auntieAunties pee problemLook after your auntie my mum had requested as I left the house. I picked her up and took her on the shopping trip that she had arranged with my mum for me to do. As she came out of the house I noticed that she had got noticeably bigger in the month since I’d last seen her. She was 8 months pregnant and as she walked down the drive she walked as if she’d shit herself. Her big fat round belly and huge pendulous tits made her dress look skin tight. Her legs had put on weight and I could hear her tights rub against her fat thighs as she approached the car. She eased herself into the car and said let’s go shopping. We arrived at the car park and I ran round to the car door and opened it for her. As she leaned forward my plan worked I got a full view of her massive tits squeezed into a too small bra. The lacey material showed the dark brown aureoles and huge nipples of a heavily pregnant feeding machine. We went up the multi storey stairs to the shops. Suddenly she stopped and started to rub her thighs together oh oh she said I need to visit the ladies, junior is pressing on aunties bladder. I blushed at such language. We went up another flight of stairs, suddenly her hand went to her crotch and she bit her lips sucking her breath in. Can you turn around for a second she said I need some privacy. I obliged but caught her reflection in a window. She pulled up her dress and pulled down her white skimpy knickers. I caught a glimpse of the hairiest ginger cunt I had ever seen. It went from her belly button all the way under and vanished into her arse region.Her pink lips protruded and pouted at the world. She removed canlı bahis a yellow soaked tampon from her underwear and discarded it on the stairs. I would have paid money to suck and sniff that I thought and wondered if I could recover it later when she had gone. I controlled my erection and took a deep breath. As she looked up she caught my eye in the window and she looked cross for a second and then she smiled. Okay you can turn around now you naughty boy I saw you peeping and it looks like you are a man now, as she directed her gaze at my erect manhood. Is it the first time you have seen a woman’s vagina. I mumbled yes and looked at the floor. Well pregnant ladies have real trouble with their bladders, the baby pushes against them and they push against ladies pelvic floors and sometimes wee comes out she explained. Now auntie needs a piss as soon as possible or else there will be a puddle and wet knickers involved. I know where they are auntie I said follow me. We went to the next floor. Oh Oh I said there’s an out of order sign on the ladies. My auntie looked lke she was going to cry. I need the toilet now she hissed or else like I said there will be a puddle. Look the men’s are okay I’ll stand guard while you go in I offered. Okay you stand to attention while auntie has a wee she said pointedly looking at my groin. We went in and she made a bee line for the toilet. I immediatlely put a discarded mop across the door handle and frame to prevent any unwelcome intruders. We were then essentialty alone.She never even shut the door before her knickers hit the floor and the sound of piss under high pressure was heard. Come here boy she ordered. What is bahis siteleri it auntie I said. I went over and she grabbed my hand she held it over her cunt and hot piss hit my hand and splashed over the floor. That’s what you get for spying on auntie she said. I looked down at her fat distended belly and the saggy huge tits resting on her pregnant bump and gulped. I could see all her stretch marks and her fat thighs. Suddenly the pissing stopped I looked down, auntie had calculating look on her face. She stood up and said right put the back of your head on the toilet seat I’m going to let you see a woman’s cunt close up. I did as I was ordered my curiosity getting the better of me. She squatted over me. I could see her ginger hairy cunt the remnents of piss clinging to the hairs. Her lips were wet and there was a slight gap in her cunt where her clitoris was starting to protrude. She lowered her self till her fanny was over my face. Then she started to piss again. I reached out with my tongue and it slipped into her cunt and by luck I closed my mouth over her piss hole. It tasted salty and strange. It was hot like tea and forced itself down the back of my throat I swallowed as quickly as I could gulping down the hot piss as fast as I could. Good boy she said when she had finished. As a reward you can suck aunties tits. She lifted her dress up and eased each of her tits out of their restraints. I noticed she already had small square of tissue over each nipple. She certainly was leaky I thought. She offered a large round nipple to my mouth and she squeezed. A hot spurt of milk hit my open mouth. I could stand it no longer I unzipped myself and took my güvenilir bahis cock in my hands and started to wank myself. The milk increased in flow and she took both nipples and forced them into my mouth. Her breathing was ragged and her face and neck red from arousal. I swallowed as fast as I could but some of the milk dribbled down my chin. She noticed this. So aunties milk isn’t good enough for you you wasteful boy. You will now be punished. She again sat on my face. This time though her anus was placed firmly against my lips and I tasted the acrid shit and sweat with a hint of cotton knickers. I could feel myself coming so I stopped the wank and concentrated on licking her smelly shit hole. Auntie squirmed and her fingers frigged her clitoris. She started to come and as she lost all control a little piece of shit popped into my mouth. I tried to spit it back up her anus but it wouldn’t go so I smeared it over her arse hole with my tongue hoping she wouldn’t notice. A hot rush of come over my face told me auntie had squirted her orgasm onto me.. Her fat legs smothered me and I could feel her fat tits swinging in front of me rubbing on my chest leaking breast milk over my tee shirt. She seemed to gain control of herself and got off my face. Oh dear auntie has shit on your face she said. Now it’s time for you to punish auntie. I grinned as I got my cock in my hand and aimed it at her tits and face. A couple of good tugs and my spunk exploded over her tits and face it went on for ages she seemed to be covered in it dripped down onto her nipples and I rubbed it in tweaking and pulling till my spunk went sticky and was absorbed by her skin. She pulled up her knickers and sucked the excess spunk of my cock and as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened said come on I’ll buy you a burger as you’ve looked after auntie so well. Yes auntie I said as I smiled to myself.



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