Step Mom Comforts Me When it ThundersI have always been scared of thunder and lightening since I can remember, wakening up to the banging and clashing of thunder and running in to my parents bedroom.Mom just knew after that first clap she heard, I would be joining her in their bed and she would have the bedclothes lifted for me to climb in next to her. She would cuddle us together, kissing the top of my head to pacify me as the noise continued. Dad never batted an eyelid and continued snoring, unaware I was in their bed. As I hit puberty, I became aware of the softness of my mother’s body as she held me, my face against her cotton covered breast, and my body being pressed tightly against hers.Then one night it happened as she kissed and rubbed my head, I started to get a weird sensation in my groin and my cock started to harden. It hardened that much it pushed its way through the slit of my pyjamas and against her thigh. Mom just continued kissing my head, unfazed to what my cock was doing.I started to breathe a little heavier, breathing in to the softness of her ample round tit under her nightie and trying not to think what was happening to my cock. Mom seemed to hug us tighter together until my face was pressed hard in to her tit and I could sense the warm air I was now breathing going through her nightie and on to her soft breast.That wasn’t all that was happening as I felt the throbbing of my cock against her thigh, beating in time with my pulse, making my mother more aware of my arousal. She didn’t move or say anything, and then I realized that her nipple had hardened against my cheek.Neither of us moved for some time, but I was thinking a lot about her nipple next to my cheek while my cock throbbed. Mom eventually eased her body away from mine a little and I was somewhat disheartened as I was enjoying the feel of my cock pressing against her thigh. I was so not prepared for what she did next as she gathered her nightie in her hand, causing it to rub against my cock as she pulled the front up to her waist. Mom then moved our bodies back together, making my cock point up her now naked thigh.I didn’t know what to do, or if I should do anything, so I just lay there with my hard cock throbbing and pointing towards mom’s pussy. She moved her body down the bed slightly and my cock came in contact with her hairy pussy.Now my cock was throbbing all the more and she just held us together. She moved a little more, raising her leg slightly and I felt my cock nudge against something wet and slippery and warm.Mom’s hand went on to my arse and pulled me against her tighter, while my cock pushing against her lips. It was too much for a young virgin to take and I breathed in sharply and ejaculated against her pussy. Neither of us moved, but I could hear mom’s heavy breathing above mine and the heave of her tit in my face. Eventually mom released the pressure of her hand on my arse and I became aware of my now limp cock and wetness around it.Mom whispered softly in my ear, “I think the storm has ended love, time to go back to your bed”I rolled out from mom’s bed and by good look; my cock had shrunk back inside my pyjamas as I walked back to my bedroom.Next morning was a struggle with having to face mom all alone in the kitchen. Dad was already away to work and mom was still in her dressing gown sorting the cereal out. Mom always wore her dressing gown over her underwear while having breakfast so not to spill anything on her work suits. “Morning love” she said as if nothing had happened, “Did you sleep after the storm?”“Like düzce escort a log”“I knew you would” mom said, “Men always do after what happened” Now I was feeling a little embarrassed“Sorry mom, I couldn’t stop what happened”“I know love, Did it feel nice” mom askedI nodded slowly, knowing I had the feeling of another erection coming “I could tell from the quantity of cum you left, you were very excited” she said, “Was that your first time”I nodded again“I though so, you were very quick, sort of left me hanging! A woman needs to cum too you know!” Mom didn’t seem embarrassed at all, talking about what happened last night.“I was left very frustrated you know” mom said, “Would you like to put that right?” I was a little unsure to what she was asking and just nodded again “I want you to give me an orgasm with that nice hard young cock of yours!” she saidI’d never heard mom talk like this before, but it was having such an affect on my cock with an instant stiffy, it made my trousers, tented at the front. She smiled at me, seeing and knowing what I was thinking then undid the tie around her waist and opened her dressing gown fully. I was left flabbergasted looking at mom, yes she had on her underwear, the same underwear I see hanging around the house and sometimes when I look in her knicker drawer, but this time she was actually wearing it and it looked so different, really sexy.I knew she wore black stockings for work but never a suspender belt, everything she had on was matching and lacy and all in a pale purple. Her knickers were high cut, stretched across her motherly tummy and covering her suspender belt with thin straps going down to lacy stocking tops. Her bush was natural, untrimmed and sticking out the sides of her knickers. Her bra just covered her nipple, but her nipples were easy noticeable through the sheer material of her 36 c cups. I stood there speechless and motionless until mom took my hand and led me to her bedroom.The bed was in front of us when mom turned and started to undress me. I let her as if I was incapable of undressing myself. She unbuttoned my school shirt and ran her hand over my chest, placing little kisses on me while sliding my shirt off my arms.She undid my trousers and in one swoop, slid my trousers and boxers down in one, exposing a very large lively, painfully erect cock, as hard as iron with fluid seeping from the tip to make the naked head glisten with lust. Mom looked on as it bounced up and down and I watched the expression on her face. She hurriedly slipped her dressing gown off and sank to her knees. I looked down to see a grown woman, my mom on her knees only inches from my big young cock. She held me in one hand and fondled my balls with the other before lifting my cock up and kissing the underside.Her eyes looked up and lock with mine while planting little kissed all the way down my shaft to my balls. My mind raced at the thought of my mom kissing my cock, so much, so I could feel pressure building up where she was now kissing.My cock throbbed in her hand and she must have sensed what was about to happen. In a flash my cock was in her mouth and she was bobbing back and forth like there was no tomorrow.There was an involuntary twitching of my shaft before I cried out “Mom” She knew what was about to happen and clamped her hand over my arse and held us together while my cock let go in spectacular fashion in her mouth.She kept bobbing back and forth with her lips going all the way up to her hand, milking the cum from her son. She sucked edirne escort and swallowed as fast as she could; taking every new pump, I had to give.Mom looked up and slipped from my semi hard cock, wiped her lips and stood up. Mom didn’t seem like mom when she took my head and pulled me on to her mouth, her tongue broke through my lips and she kissed with wildness and passion.She broke free and backed on to the bed, shuffling her arse up the bed until her head could reached the pillow easily. Mom raised and parted her legs at the same time, with me seeing the full extent of her hairy pussy and lips through her lacy knickers.She held a hand out for me to join her on the bed while her other hand slipped her knickers to one side and exposing her big meaty pussy lips.“Suck on them”I hardly ever do as mom says now a days, but this time was different as she held her panties to one side. I was well practised at watching internet porn, but this was totally new, there was the warmth, radiation from her pussy, then the smell and finally the wetness. I did as I had watched, with big long licks up her slit to her clit, lapping at her wetness.Mom had her hands on my head, encouraging virgin boy between her legs to keep lick like I had been. She moaned then moaned some more“AArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” she moaned with every lick.Her body started to heave with the deeper and heavier breathing she was now encountering.I could feel her pussy lifting on to my tongue while she pulled my head further in to her body. “OH Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt”Her legs shut like a giant venus flytrap while her hands pushed me down on to her pussy.I lay there not knowing what to do next when I felt new warmth coming from her insides, I had made her orgasm and it was so wet. Her legs parted again and I now realise why it is called a honey trap, it was so thick and sticky around my face when I lifted up.“You lie on your back,” Mom orderedI lay next to her and watched as she lifted a leg over me, then knelt astride my legs. Mom took my cock in her hand and she positioned herself over the top of my now erect cock.She rubbed it along her slit a couple of times then started to feed the mighty weapon between her lips, spearing and separating her meaty lips as mom pushed down on me.Mom looked overwhelmed as she just took the head of my cock inside her, a little bit of repositioning and another inch disappeared. Mom just stopped and looked at me, as to say, that is some cock you have, then placed her hands on my chest. She started to lift off my cock slowly before trying another inch or so more in to her pussy.She was panting and swearing under her breath and with a new determination on her face as she gritted her teeth as she sank down my shaft. Finally, she had my cock inside her pussy and let out a long sigh.Mom took my hands and placed them on her bra-covered tits, her nipples now like swollen thumbs and giving new shape to the thin material. She held my hands on her tits while she started to lift and fall ever so slow on my cock.Mom moans were building each time my cock filled her love hole, then she pulled the cups of her bra down, exposes her naked tits to her son. I rubbed her nipples through finger and thumb, making them even bigger.Mom bent forward and dropped a tit in to my mouth and let out a loud moan, as I sucked her nipple and I could feel her working up and down on my cock once again. Mom had nice round solid tits for being in her 40s and she kept swapping then over to be sucked.By now, I could feel escort bayan mom using more of my cock as her pussy acclimatized to my shaft. She straightened back upright then arched her back, backwards making her tits stick straight out and placed her hand behind her, on my legs.Mom started to ride my cock slowly and I could see every thing happening, how her meaty pussy lips sucked around my shaft and a shiny coating of moms pussy lube coating me.This position suited mom and she let herself go, lifting up and slamming back down. I ran my hands over her body and came to rest on her hips where her suspender belt sat. I started to take in the sexiness of her underwear and how her suspenders pulled and misshaped her stockings.Her belly was nicely rounded, above the bulging pubic mound, and I thought back to last night knowing that was where I had discharged my coming cock, covering my mother pussy hair in sperm from her son. “Let’s swap” Mom moaned as she started to lift off my cock and flopped on to the bed. She parted her legs and raised the furthest away one up, ready for me to come in between them.As I climbed over her, my cock was guided by her hand straight in to her pussy entrance, I instinctively push and spread her lips with my bulbous tip. Mom give a long moan as I slid in to her accommodating love hole, this felt great being in charge as I pulled my cock out and did it again, with the same effect coming from mom.Her other stocking clad leg raised up my side and we made eye contact as I started to fuck my mom for the first time with a little speed.“Arrr yessss baby, fuck me with that young cock”I don’t know if mom was getting off on saying things but it was making me horny all the more“Arrrrr Yeessssssss, Come in me baby”I was fucking my mom with all the desire I could give and knowing it would be over, too soon. Just then, there was a wet sloppy noise started with every thrust as our bodies came together.Then I felt mom’s stocking clad feet on my back and a new look in her eyes“Yes baby, make mommy come”That just pushed me over the edge hearing that, I rammed my cock home in to her vagina and came as it found new length and bottomed out in her cunt. She let out a mighty grunt and her arms wrapped around me, as well as her stocking clad legs. She yelled, “YES!” and her body heaved and twisted under me as she orgasmed on my spurting cock.Mom continued shouting “Yes, Yes” with every squirt of my cock as she held us tight together. Her pussy was doing things to my cock that I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen. The pure sensation of my sperm pulsing into my mother’s vagina as her muscles pulsed in waves along my shaft, milking my cock of its seed.Mom had pulled us that tight together that I was only inches from her face now, I was in heaven and kissed my mom with added determination, sticking my tongue in to her mouth and snogged the life out of her. She responded and clung on tighter and now her tongue was in a merry fight with mine.Minutes past kissing but all good things come to an end, more out of sheer exhaustion than anything else. Moms loosened her tight fast grip and I rolled on to the bed, we lay still, just looking at each other, most likely wondering if that really happened, but it did.“We must get going” mom said as she moved her feet on to the floor then stood up and I watched her pull her knickers across and cover her pussy back up”“Come on get up” mom demanded as she pulled her bra back over her tits.“We won’t do it again if you don’t make a move,” she saidThat was the turning point for me to get up; knowing she wants to do it again and I soon got up and dressed again. As mom dropped me off at the school gate, she said“I’m going to work with a little bit of you inside me today” and blew me a kiss as she drove off to her office. The End



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