Start with the end in mind? (part one)Start with the end in mind? (part one)I was just about to abort my reconnaissance of a swingers club when the whole situation changed? The reason I was about to cut short the reconnaissance was? It was either a bad idea altogether which is why I was feeling uncomfortable? Or it was just a slow night in the club giving me a poor impression? However I then met Stella and Hazel. Hazel and Stella walked into the sauna / steam room as I was leaving and playfully said “surely your not leaving we’ve just arrived”. Wearing the house white towels this comment encouragement to stay even more when Stella and Hazel both took their towels off and went into the steam room.How do I best describe these two hot women in their late forties to you? Hazel, looked like a cross between Carol Vorderman and porno queen Kay Parker. A very smiley faced brunette with flecks of blonde hair making her look younger. She had a very good figure and more than a handful of breast. Her breasts were pendulously suspended from her well proportioned body making them a key distinguishing characteristic. Stella, was not a natural blonde, but blonde hair suited her dark skin colouring. She was smaller and slimmer than Hazel, same age, and looked like an older Helen Skelton. Again, Stella had an unbelievable body with unusual breasts and an agreement with her husband which took me by surprise?More to come on these ladies after I set the scene?The reason I was alone at a swingers club in the East Midlands (UK) was. I decided to check the place out before summoning up the courage to ask my wife to visit this club with me. My whole sexual fantasy centres around me being a cucklold husband. My master plan was to persuade my wife to visit a swingers club. The logic, assuming I can get her there in the first place was. Hopefully she’d be overwhelmed and sexually stimulated and on impulse would agree to have sex with another guy and I’d watch, cunning I know but simple! Traveling around the UK I often stay away from home so the wife would not be suspicious of me being away. I chose a swingers club in a neighbouring county and decided to stay in a hotel near my chosen venue. The hotel was not far from the club so I took a taxi and walked the rest of the way. I paid my entrance cost for that evening and optimistically purchased a joint annual membership for myself and wife. This way, if we came together, I would not have to go through the stress of filling in forms giving my wife a reason to back out. With it being a Thursday the place was sparse of members. Bear in mind this was my first ever visit so I had no idea where to go or what to do. Initially, I went to the bar fully clothed and spoke with eyüpsultan escort the bar staff. There were a few male members in so I took time to ask them about the place and what to do. A Thursday night was hit and miss members wise, but the weekends were their prime times, especially Saturday night which was couples evening. Hearing and understanding my plan they suggested I put my clothes in a locker and venture into the steam room / sauna, or hot tub and definitely checked out the “play rooms”. Strangely, I was conscious of getting a hard on so I kept my towel firmly wrapped around me. My instinct was to check out the play rooms first. Having never been in a sex club before It was weird coming across (pardon the pun) two couples having sex with three other guys watching and wanking. I thought I’d find it awkward even “grubby” but the experience was very enlightening. It’s hard to describe watching people having sex. Visually it’s thrilling, add the noise and the aroma it’s easy to see why the Romans loved orgies and how even the most modest of persons could lose their inhibitions and enjoy this lifestyle? A good omen bode well for my “wifey” master plan!From the groans of pleasure and fruity language the two ladies were clearly enjoying themselves. It was hard to identify who, was with whom? Was it husband and wifes or just five guys and two independant women. One of the guys was twentysomething he was athletic and good looking. I later found out his name was Josh who was a minor celebrity in the club because he was known as a big cummer. Josh was often requested by mainly middle aged women to cum all over them. As I stood watching I witnessed a live demonstration of Josh’s talents as he shot a massive load of what looked like wallpaper paste all over both women’s bodies and faces. What me astounded me apart from the volume of cum he produced was when he came it was as if he was having a pee. The initial ejackulation was a long blast which showered the ladies in cum followed by several small, but just just as significant short bursts of spunk.The Bukkake bitches loved it rubbing Josh’s thick paste into their tits licking the cum off each others breasts and faces and swallowing it. The other guys continued to toss themselves off and one by one ejackulated their modest loads all over the ladies. Josh later told me that he drank almost exclusively of Pineapple juice. Apparently, this affects the taste of a man’s sperm by replacing the bitter taste (so I’m told) into a sweet tasting goo – which the ladies seemed to like along with the (freaky volume of cum) Josh is able to produce. What impressed me most about Josh was his recovery sultanbeyli escort time between eruptions. In fairness the ladies worked his cock well between them, sucking, licking and pulling it every which way. Josh did not have a big penis it was about five inches long with a good girth but by no means was it a big dick. However, within five minutes he was unloading another hot steamy load of paste, which the ladies just lapped up again. I felt like a pervert just watching. Don’t get me wrong I had a massive hard on and wanted to wank my cock and join in. But, I’ve never masterbated in front of other men before (often in front of the wife who enjoys watching) but I felt very self conscious so I moved on.As I walked further into the club and came across a couple seriously shagging in a side room. I stopped in the doorway to watch them. She was in her early thirties had a nice figure, pierced nipples and ample breasts. He was slightly older with a thin athletic body and was doing her doggy style. As I watched they both seemed to look me straight in the eye, which at first felt uncomfortable. I could see her breast swinging, swaying and banging together as breasts do when the owner is being taken from behind. This was very errotic I love breasts and having only viewed another woman’s tits on porn sites, seeing a pair in the flesh swaying feet away from me made my cock rock hard again now with pre-cum oozing from it. The thirtysomething spoke to me, “take your towel off and wank”. What do I do, walk away, or do as I’m told? luckily instinct kicked in and I lowered my towel to the floor and started masterbating myself in front of them.I never looked at him, but she smiled and somehow knew I was nervous and inexperienced which seemed to heighten her arousal. The more I watched the more vigorously I wanked my cock looking her straight in the eye. Somehow it felt like I was shagging her and by now I’d lost all my initial inhibitions and a little self control? Her partner sensed her arousal and began to quicken his strokes. He pulled her arms behind her back and held her there making the position look aggressive. As her back arched and her chest pushed forward this made her tits even more prominent. As he stood further back in his stance he was now seriously ramming his cock into her from behind. But whilst it looked aggressive she was undoubtedly enjoying the experience.I later spoke to this couple their names were Sue and Paul, married, but not to each other. They worked for the same company in sales and met at the club on average once a month. Their preference was the club to a hotel more fun and occasionally they swap partners aksaray escort mainly for oral sex (you can’t cheat on your lover I thought). They liked Thursday nights because it was not so busy.I could hear Paul’s pelvis hitting and slapping Sue’s arse cheeks, Paul was really going for it now as he quickened his pace further. That skin on skin noise was so primate Sue looked contorted with her arms being held behind her body. Sweat was rolling down her face and dripping down her firm aroused breasts and nipples. She cried out at the top of her voice fu*k me several times. As she started to cum her legs were buckling under the tension of a massive orgasum. I could see and hear a wave pleasure wash over her body as her pussy quiffed and farted several times, her legs were shaking like bambi her eyes rolling with pleasure. I kept eye contact with Sue throughout her expression seemed to be willing me to rub myself harder, even cum, which I was on the verge of doing. It was then I realised I was enacting my own fantasy, but not with my wife! This was exactly what I wanted to visit a club to do witnessing my wife being taken by another man with me wanking myself off. Slowly, Paul let go of Sue’s arms and she literally seemed to slide off Paul’s cock and crash face first onto the mattress, gasping for air. Paul stood upright stretching his arms in the air and for the first time I saw his cock. This was an impressive tool, it was not thick, but very long at least eight or nine inches in length which accounted for Sue’s cosmic orgasum. Paul’s cock was still hard and covered in Sue’s juices her body fluids were mingled with his thick white cum. As he stood back showing his impressive firm abdomen his cock spasmed and squirted two uncontrolled small jets of thick white cum. Sue rolled on her side and positioned herself to take Paul’s cock in her mouth. She relished washing all the juices off with her tongue as Paul’s cock seemed to come to life again. With Paul’s cock in her mouth Sue pulled it out to speak to me and still licking Paul’s cock she asked me if I’d cum, which I replied I hadn’t. “Would you like to” she said, “cum on my tits”, she suggested. Sue positioned her body with her head hanging over the mattress her mouth wide open, without any hesitation I dropped my cock down her throat. The last time a female (other than my wife) had sucked my cock I was a teenager. Sue was good at sucking cock, as I looked down on this pretty thirtysomething face, her firm pierced tits, shaved pussy I savoured the moment. I then shot my load in her mouth all over her lips, neck and cheeks. My wife is not keen on taste of cum (need to try Josh’s formula) so this was a real treat for me.How surreal I thought. As I thanked them both even kissing Sue on the cheek and shaking hands as if we’d just had a business meeting. But, in reality I’d just witnessed them having sex and I’d just spunked all over Sue’s face!I grabbed my towel and went looking for the shower and steam room to clean myself up – it was then I met Hazel & Stella!To be continued…………



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