Chapter 6 Embryo Delivery

The following morning, AMI laid out the most logical course to the stable Confederation planets on the way back to Eden. Even using the shortcuts Allen had discovered, it would take too long to go to the furthest Confederation planets and get back home before the women were supposed to deliver. The population on Earth was still pushing the resources of the planet, even though food and other needed materials were being supplied from colony worlds. There would be no embryos reserved for Earth until the planet’s population fell below the number of people the planet could reasonably support. Isabella was scheduled to deliver the embryos to the rest of the stable planets. By the time the ship arrived at the first planet to receive embryos, Gia, Ana and Gabby were closer than they had ever been before. The joy of their impending motherhood had created a powerful bond between them that would never fade. They were closer too to their husbands. There was something special about making love with the woman who was carrying your babies. There was still partner swapping, of course, but both Brad and Rob enjoyed it more now. When Brad made love to Ana, he thought of her unborn child as his sister. When he made love to his aunt, he knew that her daughter would be his new niece. He finally had a complete family. Rob felt the same way about making love to Gabby, the mother of his grandchildren.

Every Confederation planet they visited was a very similar experience. There was usually an official welcoming ceremony where the crew of Isabella was awarded several medals and honorary titles. After the ceremony, they were taken to the locations that had been set aside for new Utopian communes. The locations offered to Utopians for this purpose were usually located well away from the existing settlements, but were in warmer areas of the planet, suitable for nude living. These locations always had ample fresh water and fertile land. On most planets they could sense that the current population wasn’t 100% approving of the Utopian lifestyle, mainly because they didn’t understand it. Allen had hoped that once the more resistant planets interacted with the Utopians, they would be converted. They usually left right after the tour, trying to get to the next planet as soon as possible.

When they arrived in New California, they got a call from Fred and Emily who invited them to their home for dinner and to stay the night. Having eaten only synthesizer food since they left Earth, they happily accepted. Rob was interested in how Emily and Fred were doing after they retired from working at the mines. After delivering the embryos and the usual awards and tour of the new colony, they flew to the coordinates Fred had given them. They realized that the Utopian colony was located adjacent to the coordinates that Fred had given them for their vineyard. It only took a few minutes to find Emily and Fred’s place once they got to the Utopian reserve. Fred and Emily met them outside the ship, wearing nothing at all. The Maxwells all took off their flimsy before they went outside to greet their friends. Fred and Emily gave them all Utopian hugs and kisses. Now that Emily wasn’t a working girl, she felt free to show her emotions to the men she chose to interact with.

Once they went into the very nice house, they were met by Emily’s parents, Ruth and Norman. Once inside, Rob and Brad sampled the wine that had been made on the property and Fred made the ladies mocktails after discovering that all of them were expecting children.

“I’m scheduled to receive my embryo in three months, now that you’ve brought them to New California,” Emily beamed as she kissed Rob and Brad again.

They all sat around, catching up with what had been going on with their lives. When they bought their land several years ago, Fred and Emily had chosen a remote location with some of the poorer soil on the planet. Unlike many farmers, Fred knew that this land would be perfect for growing grapes. Land prices were very low for this land, so they bought nearly the entire valley and surrounding hills. Originally, they only planted and tended a small area, perfect for their needs. The rest, they leased to like minded growers. Within months, there were a dozen families living in the valley and starting their own vineyards, all of them Utopian.

When the planet’s government announced that they were required to set aside land for Utopians, Fred and Emily came forward and mentioned that the land they owned was in a great location for the colony. Nobody else advocated building the colony on their property and the government was not eager to devote much of it’s planetary land, so the Utopian colony was set right there in the valley. Wine grapes grew well on the slopes but the bottom land was fertile and Utopian farmers of other field crops and grazing land for ranchers were offered those parts of the valley.

Ruth prepared them a delicious illegal bahis dinner, using only fresh veggies and fruit that she’d grown in her own garden. The main dish was a Chinese vegetable stew, Buddhists Delight, they called it. The stew was accompanied by a variety of side dishes. “Have you heard about Agnes and Tim?” Emily asked Brad. Brad shook his head and asked what had happened. “There was a leak of a toxic chemical at the mine right after we left. They ended up closing the mine, and thankfully there were no fatalities. Both Agnes and Tim were affected, however and received some permanent damage. They received a generous compensation package and a nice pension for life,” Emily explained. “Agnes had to have a full hysterectomy. She’ll never be able to bear children,” Emily said. “Tim has some neurological damage, and he’ll never be able to farm, but they moved to New Texas anyway.”

“That’s a shame,” Brad said, Agnes really wanted to have babies, children to help run the farm.”

“We can look them up when we get to New Texas,” Rob told Brad. Ana and Gabby knew about the two sex workers that rode to Kento with their husbands and felt sorry for Agnes.

“You won’t have any problem finding their spread either. After talking to Tim and Agnes, they did the same thing we did. With the settlement Stellardyne paid them they bought a huge piece of land. With the money he gets from the leases from Utopian farmers and their Stellardyne pensions, they are doing well financially and Tim is slowly recovering. He’s well enough to operate an anti-grav farm truck and can manage a ranch. He hires cowboys from all over the place to run his cattle. You’d be surprised how many people had always dreamed about being cowboys. Tim and the other ranchers have no problem finding dedicated workers.”

After chatting for another hour while sipping the homegrown wine and grapejuice, Ruth got up from the couch and took Brad’s big cock in her mouth.

“I need to have this big cock in my ass,” Emily’s mother told Gabby. “Gabby, do you mind?” Gabby nodded her approval and walked over to Fred. Gabby took the large bottle of lube and handed it to Fred, who greased Gabby’s asshole as well.

Fred laid down next to his wife, where Gabby mounted his short, fat cock, while Brad slid his stiff pole into Ruth’s rear entry. Fred was a little wider than Brad, but not as long. It felt good to Gabby when Fred stretched out her asshole. Gia offered her ass to Norman, who began to lube her ass as well. Ana licked Norman’s asshole while Gia sucked his cock to get it nice and hard. Everyone enjoyed their little orgy immensely. After the men all rested, round 2 began with little fanfare, with everyone switching partners. Fred was happy to finally fuck the wife of the man that his wife had brought such pleasure to for all these yeras.

All full of cum for the second time, the women laid together and cleaned each other’s slutty sperm filled orifices. After resting and recuperating, Rob laid down by Emily and kissed her deeply, with lots of passion. “You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to do that to you,” he told his escort of their many trips to Kento.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you too, but at the time it wouldn’t have been appropriate. You understand, don’t you,” Emily asked. Rob said that he did.

It was getting late and the crew of the Isabella was very tired, always being on their way to the next destination, arriving as early as they possibly could. An early night and sleeping late into the next morning was just what the Maxwell family needed. After a breakfast consisting mostly of fresh fruit and artisanal pastries, the ship lifted off for the next planet on their list. Their reception on the next three planets they visited was about the same as before. There was a presentation, a tour of the new Utopian property and then they were on their way again.

As they approached New Texas, Brad got in touch with Tim and got an invitation to spend the night with them. When Brad told Agnes how sorry he was to hear about their misfortune, Agnes told him not to worry, that they were both doing fine. After the obligatory ceremony, Rob told the welcoming committee that they were willing to skip the tour of the Utopian lands. Brad knew exactly where it would be, adjacent to Tim and Agnes’ holdings. When they landed, Tim was outside waiting for them. “Where’s Agnes?” Brad asked. Tim just smiled and motioned for them to follow him into the house.

Supported by anti-grav suspenders, Tim led them inside the house. When they walked in, they heard a baby cry, then another baby crying. Two babies? When they finally saw Agnes, she had an infant suckling on each of her breasts. Brad bent down to kiss Agnes, something that she’d never allowed before, and she even kissed him back. Everyone was confused. “What? Haven’t you ever seen a woman nursing her twins?” Agnes asked, a twinkle in her eye. “It’s like a miracle,” she told everyone. One day I was illegal bahis siteleri told that I’d never be able to have a baby, and now I have two.”

“Thanks to the Fleet and Isabella,” Tim told them. These are the babies of pirate mothers. Some of the pirates were Breeders, just like everywhere. These children were put up for adoption by their mothers because their mates had been killed and they were going to a penal colony,” Tim explained. “As soon as we found out that these babies would be available for adoption, we put in our applications and Agnes started taking hormones. She doesn’t produce enough milk yet for both boys, but there are several new mothers in the colony that come over to wet nurse them on a regular basis. In fact, two will be here in a little more than an hour to give them their next feeding,” Tim told them.

When the babies were barely satiated, Tim took one of the babies and burped him while Agnes burped the other.

“This is Clay,” Agnes said, and Tim is holding Virgil.”

“Two strong Western names for two healthy baby boys,” Ana said.

Ana took one of the babies and Gia took the other. Agnes excused herself and took the opportunity to freshen up. Taking care of two infants was very taxing on Agnes. Eventually, Gia and Ana gave the babies to Brad and Rob and helped Agnes around the house, taking care of everyday necessities.

“Do you have anything to cook for dinner, Gabby is an excellent cook. She can make a delicious meal of about anything,” Ana volunteered as she poked around in the pantry.

“There’s no need to cook anything,” Agnes told them. “The community will be here this evening to bring food. There should be enough for everybody,” Agnas said. “We have a regular pot luck supper every night.”

By time Agnes had showered and freshened up, an AntiGrav pickup truck settled down in front of the house. Two young mothers stepped down and carried their own babies into the house. After meeting everybody, they joined Agnes in the rocking chairs set out for them and each took one of Agnes’ sons. Gabby, Ana, Gia and Rob played with the women’s babies as the two new mothers nursed Clay and Virgil. The mothers, Parul and Darsha had both relocated to the Utopian colony from the same village in India. They, as well as their husbands, had gone to the same school and had slept with each other. Neither of them could decide on which boy they wanted to marry, so they decided to share their husbands. All of them chose to come to the Utopian colony on New Texas to live together in the same house with both men. It was strange to see Agnes’ friends nurse the babies. Virgil and Clay seemed to look more like Parul and Darsha than they looked like Agnes. Parul’s and Darsha’s girls were ethnic Desi’s just like their parents. Everyone in their household were Breeders.

Tim took Rob and Brad on a tour of the place in his truck while the women played with babies. Tim was rightly proud of his ranch, a herd of 500 Black Angus cattle grazed on several hectares of verdant grass pastures. Occasionally, they would stop and visit with a cowboy. When they shook hands and touched wrists, Brad, Rob and the cowboy learned a lot about each other. Most had a similar story, they had lived on Earth and all worked for years in dead-end office jobs. Their wives wanted children, but were non-Breeders. They were dissatisfied with their fate. Most of the men had dreamed about being a cowboy and their wives wanted to be mothers and homemakers. When they learned that they could live in a Utopian colony for work, but no money, they’d jumped at the chance. Some of them had been a little hesitant to jump right into the Utopian lifestyle, but they all loved it now.

When the tour was over, the sound of a caravan of six farm trucks could be heard coming down the driveway. The Maxwells looked at each other approvingly. Of course there was no need for Tim and Agnes to worry about food, or anything else for that matter, Tim and Agnes lived in a Utopian community. Soon the house was full of laughter and good fellowship, along with lots of food. Adults talked and laughed, while children played out in the yard until Dark. After everyone had eaten their fill, enough food for the following day was stored in the cooler.

As everyone said goodbye and thanked them for their fellowship, the Maxwell family watched while the babies nursed from their mothers again. When they were finished, Agnes showed Gabby how to burp the babies and change their diapers. Brad could see the look in Gabby’s eyes as she kissed and cuddled the two infants. Brad knew instinctively that Gabby would be an excellent mother.

After a wonderful night’s sleep in the cool fresh air of the country, Tim cooked them a tasty breakfast of eggs and sausage. He was proud to tell everyone how he had raised the swine and Agnes had collected the eggs. The butter was from several dairy cattle on a neighboring farm, and the fresh bread had been made from canlı bahis siteleri the wheat growing on the colony. Agnes had carefully grown and prepared the herbs that were used to make the excellent tea. Before the sun got too high in the sky, Tim loaded the crew up on the truck and brought them back to the ship. All of the women couldn’t wait to have their own babies after their meeting with Tim and Agnes.

As soon as the last batch of embryos had been delivered to the Confederation planets, they set out to deliver embryos to the dozen, formerly secret, Utopian planets in Eden’s local cluster. Unlike the cool reception they’d gotten on the Confederation planets, there was a genuine heartfelt celebration of Allen’s life at every Utopian planet they’d visited. Parties and orgys after the children were taken care of was the order of the day. They all stayed several days with their fellow Utopians, promising to return to see their new friends again. By the time they all reached Eden, the pattern had been set.

When Isabella landed on Eden, the entire population was there to greet them. There was a brief memorial service followed by a huge party. The party after the ceremony was much more meaningful to Gia, Ana and Gabby, because most of the people there had known Allen as a friend and a community member. Ed, Dawn and Sopie were there along with the rest of the community. They had not only experienced the love and acceptance of the community, but were also experiencing the grief as deeply as everyone who’d known Allen was feeling. No one was surprised when Gia announced her marriage to Rob and Gia, throuples were not uncommon on Eden, and there were many examples of three people in a committed loving relationship throughout the Utopian worlds. Everyone celebrated Gia, Ana and Rob’s marriage, with a toast and celebratory orgy, which was held after all of the children were in bed.

Life returned to normal for the Maxwell clan, Brad returned to his smokehouse, now able to obtain a good source of Angus beef and sausage from New Texas. Ana and Rob worked full time keeping an eye on Stellardyne, making sure that all of Allen’s plans were coming along properly. Gia helped Gabby with the garden, delighted to see that the plants were all in good health and that the fruits and vegetables they’d produced had been properly stored.

Several new projects were started in the following weeks. Nearly a thousand Hawaiians and other Polynesians had been working to set up cultural centers in the Western Islands and several of the boys and girls, including Sophia were enrolled in dance classes. Thousands more were scheduled to come later, joining their families that were there setting up the infrastructure. Hokulani and Kai’s parents were there, lending a measure of authenticity to the colony. Hokulan’s parents had been botanists specializing in polynesian flora at the University at the time of the evacuation. Kai’s father had been a Hawaiian builder, specializing in traditional designs. Kai’s mother wove authentic fabrics and authentic clothing. There wasn’t any demand for day-to-day activities, but these costumes were a vital part of the demonstrations and entertainment.

Tengoku, was a planet that had been originally settled by Utopians who appreciated much of the traditional Japanese culture. They had introduced the family to Japanese group bathing practices. The citizens of Tengoku bathed each other outside of the bathtub, scrubbing each other down with soapy sponges until they were squeaky clean. Even the children took part in the bathing ritual. After everyone had been scrubbed and rinsed with warm clear water, everyone stepped into the communal onsen. Entire families and their friends relaxed together in the warm, constantly flowing water. Ana, Gia and Gabby couldn’t get into the steaming onsen because of their pregnancies, but had enjoyed being bathed by their husbands and soaking in a warm bath, designed for pregnant women and small children, rather than the hot water of the adult onsen. It was quite an experience to soak in a warm bath with a few pregnant women and mothers with small children. Gia, Ana and Gabby bonded with the other women, who were all proud of their swollen bellies, dark areolas and stretch marks. The Maxwell women felt beautiful with their changing bodies.

The Maxwell family started building a new home in the family section. After the babies were born, there were no more orgies at the Maxwell house. In the meantime, when they arrived back home from their jobs, the men spent the evenings pampering their wives and rubbing lotion on their bodies. Brad worshipped each line on Gabby’s belly and breasts as they appeared. It was a sign of life, he and Gabby’s baby’s life. Friends neighbors and community members still came over to the house daily and had organized to take care of every household need. Rob and Brad’s wives insisted that their husbands have sex in front of them several times a day with the neighbors for them to watch and enjoy. Their friends and neighbors readily agreed to share their wives and daughters with Rob and Brad. They even planned to continue the practice after the women had delivered their babies and could enjoy sex again.



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