Group Sex

The water felt good this morning. I released a sigh of contentment as I enjoyed the sharp sting of the pulsing jets across my scalp. I reached for the soap, poured a generous amount into a washcloth, and began the rest of my morning ritual. The steam from the hot water felt especially relaxing, and my mind began to wander to my previous night’s encounter backstage with TJ. The image of her standing naked before me on the main stage made me smile. The memory of her hands caressing my body caused my cock to stir slightly, and my soapy hands made their way towards it, almost with minds of their own. I stroked my cock slowly, the slippery soap making it easy to get a good rhythm going.

My memory jumped to our position on the king’s throne, and I increased the speed of my stroke with my left, as my right reached under and gently squeezed my sac. I switched hands as I switch memories, letting the sight of TJ’s mouth on my cock, and her hand in her pussy, fill my mind’s eye. A few more quick strokes and I let out a low moan as we all came together, my hands now covered in cum which was being slowly washed away by the shower.

Strangely, I began to feel a little self-conscious about getting off. Sure, I’ve masturbated before, but not with images of someone from one of my plays filling my fantasies. As I toweled off, I began to wonder if she might cry “Foul,” claiming I had seduced her. My wonderfully relaxed morning had now given way to thoughts of courtrooms and harassment charges. I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind as I got dressed — and remembered that we had made plans to meet today, “…to make sure we had our lines down,” as TJ had put it.

“I’m being paranoid,” I said, to no one in particular. “She was willing. She came to me, not the other way around.” I finished getting dressed and headed downstairs for some much needed caffeine. “Everything’s fine.” I continued to convince myself as I poured a mug from the coffee maker. I sat down and opened up the paper to the theater section, hoping the arts director had remembered to submit our ad in time. A few sips of coffee later, the phone rang.


“Michael! I’m so glad you’re still home!” TJ’s sweet voice came from the receiver. “How did you sleep?” she giggled.

“Good morning, TJ,” I replied. “What are you doing up so early? I thought only stage directors weren’t allowed to sleep in the few days before opening night.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to sleep when the night’s memories keep you…up.” Her slight emphasis on the last word sent shivers down my spine. “Besides,” she continued, “I wanted to make sure I was awake and ready for our rendezvous this afternoon.” Her voice suddenly changed timber, and I swear I could see her pouting. “You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“TJ,” I answered, “last night’s…escapade…, and our meeting today, were the only things I could think about. I was awake several hours thinking about them; I woke up early thinking about them…” I decided to take a chance…”and thought about them while I was in the shower.” There. It was out. I waited to see how she would respond.

TJ was silent for only a few seconds. “Me, too,” she whispered. I was genuinely stunned. Since high school, I’ve known that guys fantasized about girls while jerking off. However, I had never had a girl friend, let alone a girlfriend, admit that the opposite was also true.

“Really,” I tried to hide my surprise. “You really thought about me this morning in the shower?”

“Are you kidding me?” She sounded put out. “Of course I did. Last night was amazing! I haven’t had an orgasm like that in months.” Her voice turned husky. “It was all I could do to get out of the shower. I’ll be using those images to get off for a long time, babe.”

We were both silent for a few moments. TJ started up the conversation first. “So, where and when are we meeting to, um, discuss our lines?”

I couldn’t reply fast enough. “Well, I’ve got one last thing to do for the show first. How about I cook you lunch at my place this afternoon, and we can go to the theater from here?”

She practically purred into the phone. “That sounds truly delicious. I’ll be there about, what, 1 o’clock?”

“That sounds great. That’ll give me time to get some fresh produce from the store and get things started before you get here.” I gave her some easy directions to my house, and we said our goodbyes.

It was clear from the next sip that the coffee had grown stone cold. And I finally noticed that my cock was stone hard. I fought the urge to give it another rubdown, and began to clean up the kitchen before heading out. I still had to get back to the theater to ‘straighten up’ from last night, before I could get to the store…and I definitely didn’t want to be late. TJ’s phone call, and our conversation, had certainly put any thoughts of impropriety out of my mind: seems like my little courtesan was a more than willing partner.

++++++++++ I returned illegal bahis to my house about noon, a clean stage waiting for our cast, and two bags of groceries in hand. I had decided to make a light lunch for the two of us, figuring that the entire cast would be going out tonight, to celebrate our opening night. I hit the kitchen and began to prepare the vinaigrette for the salad first, so the flavors would have a chance to blend before TJ arrived. The bottle of Beringer Chardonnay went into the ‘fridge to chill as well. The salad and wine would pair nicely with the swordfish steaks I had picked up, especially when I grilled them with a little Cajun spice rub I had in the spice rack. They also went into the ‘fridge to let the spices marinate into the fish.

Next, I frantically began straightening up my bachelor pad: clothes from the floor to the hamper, dirty dishes into the dishwasher, clean towels in the bathroom. I went out back and fired up the grill, and made my way back to the kitchen to start working on the salad.

Before I could open the door, I heard a car pull into my driveway. I took one quick look at my reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator, slicked my hair back, and went to open the front door.

I smiled as I watched TJ exit her car. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a dark blue pullover, cut just low enough to be inviting but secretive. Her sandals slapped on the sidewalk as she made her way to my front porch.

“Hi, babe,” she cooed, and placed a quick peck on my cheek. “Let’s get inside. I hope lunch is ready, because I am starved!” She bounced past me, her skirt flipping up slightly, exposing the creamy white thighs I so clearly remembered.

“I’m just about to put things together. Would you like to help?”

“Sure. Just tell me what you need done and my hands are yours.”

I opened the ‘fridge and grabbed the various greens and vegetables for the salad, as well as the swordfish. “Here,” I instructed, as I handed her a cucumber, romaine and butter lettuce, tomatoes, and some Feta cheese. “Why don’t you start chopping the veggies while I put the fish on the grill?”

“Aye, aye, captain!” she said as she saluted. “Where are the knives?”

“Top drawer, left of the sink,” I called out as I headed out to the grill.

The sizzle of swordfish and the scent of spices began to fill the backyard air. TJ came out moments later. “All chopped up and looking for a bowl, Mich…yummmm,” she purred. “What smells so good?”

I turned and smirked. “Sorry, babe. Secret blend of herbs and spices. Old family recipe. Men have died before giving up the ingredients.” I stood defiantly, hands on hips, grilling tools akimbo.

As I rattled off the spiel, her frown turned to a playful pout. “Well…perhaps I can coax it out of you later.” Her finger began twirling her hair, much like last night at the theatre. Memories flooded back, and I had to turn back to the grill to keep from giving away my arousal.

“The bowls are in the cupboard, bottom right by the stove,” I finally answered. “Go ahead and mix the salad with the vinaigrette that’s in the ‘fridge — small glass bowl on the top shelf. Tongs are in the same drawer as the knives.”

She bounded back inside as I finished with the swordfish. The spices had created a nice crusty exterior to balance the soft flesh inside. I turned off the grill, and headed back inside.

I let the fish rest briefly while I opened the wine and poured two glasses. We set the table together, and then I returned to the kitchen to plate the lunch. TJ had done a great job on the salad, and it looked quite tasty resting next to the fish. I brought the plates to the table, and we tucked in.

“Ummmm,” she moaned between bites. “I can see why you need to keep this spice recipe a secret. If it got out, women would be beating a path to your door.”

I smiled in reply. “Thanks. My mom taught me how to cook before I left home after high school. She said it would come in handy some day.”

TJ smiled seductively. “Your mom was a smart lady.” She resumed eating, keeping a playful look on her face. Suddenly, I felt something touching my leg under the table, and I jumped slightly. TJ began to laugh, and I realized she had caressed me with her bare foot. I chuckled, smiled, and relaxed as the foot returned to its ministrations.

“So,” I stammered, “did you get a chance to check your lines over one more time today?”

“Well, I did listen to the dialogue on the CD while driving around today,” she said, putting the last of her fish into her mouth. “Will that do?”

I finished my salad and replied, “I think so. You did an excellent job yesterday, I can see where you’d have any problems at this late date.” We both stood at the same time and carried our now empty plates to the sink. “Are there any spots you’d like to go over?”

I turned from the sink and there was that smile again. “Well, there are just a few spots that I think need some attention.” illegal bahis siteleri She came closer, entwined me with her arms and leaned up for a kiss. I placed my hands on the small of her back and pressed her into me, returning the kiss. Her mouth gently parted and her tongue began to graze across my lips, urging them to open. Our hands caressed each other as our tongues did the same. After a few nibbles on my lips, TJ took my tongue into her mouth and began sucking on it, sliding it in and out rhythmically, much like she had done to my cock the night before. I let out a low moan, and moved my hands from her back down to her ass. I reached under her denim skirt, placed my hands on her bare (?!) cheeks, and squeezed firmly.

Her throaty response preceded the grinding of her hips, pressing herself into my hard cock. Her nipples were hard and stiff now, pushing through material of her pullover. After a moment, we broke our embrace and just looked at each other. I bent down and lifted TJ up, one arm around her back, the other around her legs, and carried her to my bedroom, while she kissed and nibbled at my neck and ear.

The brief respite let me cool off a little — I certainly didn’t want to finish too early today. I gently lowered TJ to the bed and began to slide her skirt down her legs. She lifted them for me, making it easier to remove her clothes, and I was greeted by the sight of her beautiful pussy, just beginning to glisten. She sat up and quickly pulled her top off, followed by her thin, lacy bra. The scent of her musk began to fill the room, causing my cock to stir once again.

“Come here, Michael,” she commanded, and I walked closer to the bed. Her hands started unbuttoning my shirt, but by the third she had had enough. TJ grabbed hold of either side and pulled, ripping the remaining buttons off, exposing my bare chest. Her nails traced lines from my shoulders to my waist as I finished removing my own shirt. As she reached my waistband she licked her lips. One hand began to unbutton my shorts; the other scratched at the material surrounding my straining cock. A low groan escaped my lips as she unbuttoned, unzipped, and undressed me. Before my shorts hit the floor her hands were back at my boxers — which were quickly removed as well.

She licked her lips again, and my cock disappeared into her waiting mouth. She began working my shaft up and down, with both hands matching her mouth stroke for stroke. I closed my eyes, and entwined my fingers in her hair, while she pumped and sucked. Her rhythm was slow at first, and I found myself gradually moving my hips back and forth in time with her mouth. She stopped sucking, but kept her hands on my cock, using the slickness of her saliva to keep her hands moving. “Oh, yeah, Michael,” she moaned, bending back down to flick the head of my cock with her tongue. “Fuck my mouth, babe. Pump that cock in and out of my hot, wet hole.”

Her mouth returned to my cock, and one of her hands reached around to grab my ass, forcing my hips forward. She continued to moan and groan as she worked my cock with her mouth, and helped me fuck her mouth with the other. I could feel my balls begin to tighten, and began moaning myself. “Oh, god, TJ, if you keep this up you’re gonna’ get a mouthful!” She gave a throaty laugh and moved her other hand to my ass, all the while keeping her mouth on my cock. “Yes, yes, keep sucking babe, I’m almost there.”

I thrust a few more times and let out a wail as my hot cum shot from my cock into TJ’s mouth. She moved her mouth back a bit, and her hands moved quickly from my ass back to my cock. She started pumping, aiming the next shots of cum onto her tits and chest, covering both of her nipples in sticky white jizz. She stroked my cock slower, and I could feel myself coming down from my orgasm high. I opened my eyes and watched as TJ bent forward to suck the last few drops of cum from the head of my cock, then she leaned back and scooped up the cum that was covering her tits with her right hand. I stared lustfully as she brought her hand to her mouth, licked it clean, and repeated the gesture until she had almost completely cleaned her tits.

TJ leaned back onto the bed, smiling. I noticed a wet patch on my bed spread where her pussy had been. She looked up at me, raised her knees and spread her legs. “So,” she said as she brought one hand down to stroke her clit, “I need a good licking. I need you to use that lovely tongue of yours to lick my pussy, suck my clit, and get me so fucking wet that your hard cock will just slide right in. Think you can handle that?”

Rather than answer, I crawled onto the bed between her legs, removed her hand, and started French kissing her pussy. “Whoa!” she moaned. “No one’s ever done that before, Michael. Keep it up, babe. You’re hitting all the right spots…” Her voice trailed off and became small whimpers and moans as my lips and tongue continued to kiss her pussy. Her hips began to buck, and canlı bahis siteleri I decided to focus on her clit, moving my tongue in small circles around the hood. Suddenly, she screamed out and covered my face in wetness as her orgasm hit. I kept flicking my tongue on her clit, then moved south to lick her pussy from bottom to top and back again.

She slowly relaxed from her orgasm, one arm across her face hiding her eyes, her other arm moving her hand in small circles across her abdomen. I looked up at her from between her legs and smiled as she moved her arm from across her eyes and raised it to look at me. “Quit fooling around and fuck me!” she said.

I reached across to my sideboard and grabbed a condom. TJ quickly sat up, took it from me, and tore it open with her teeth. She removed it from the package and slowly rolled it down my hard shaft. TJ lay back down and spread her legs once again. “Start fucking, babe. Pound me with that cock, and don’t stop ’til I come!” It had been a long time since I had been talked to this way, and I have to say it was certainly arousing. I decided to see if she took as well as she gave.

“TJ, I’m going to fill your wet pussy with this hard cock and you’re going to get so well fucked you’ll be begging me to stop.” With that I slid up, placed the head of my cock against her slit, and slowly eased it in. Every inch that entered her produced a guttural moan. “How’s that babe?” I asked. “Do you like this cock so far?”

She smiled and came back with, “Don’t fuck me so slow, Michael. My pussy can’t wait anymore. You need to fuck me hard, you need to fuck me fast, and you need to do it now!” She propped herself up on her elbows for a moment. “I want to see that cock moving in and out of my pussy, babe. Come on, FUCK ME!” Hard to ignore instructions like that, I must say.

However, I decided that I would stay in control a little longer. I slowly sank the rest of my shaft into her pussy, and slowly pulled it back out, leaving just the head inside. Slowly back in, slowly out. After a few strokes like this, TJ leaned back and groaned. “Damn, that’s nice Michael…don’t stop…just fuck me, babe, please…keep going, don’t’ stop…yeah, babe, fill my pussy…”

I wasn’t sure if we should get too fancy during out first fuck, so I kept us in the missionary position as I pumped her pussy. However, I did coax TJ into grabbing her ankles and pulling her knees up to make my thrusts deeper. I waited until she was in position, then began thrusting again. The look on her face was one of pure bliss as my cock went even deeper than before. Her head began moving from side to side, and her moaning increased in volume and intensity. “Oh, shit, Michael…right there, babe, keep fucking…almost there…ummmmm.”

I began to increase my speed, and began feeling my balls tighten up, letting me know that my own orgasm was just as close. “I’m close too, TJ,” I said. “Just keep that pussy right there…you’re so wet and so hot, my cock wants to explode…cum for me babe, cum on my cock.”

“Yesssss, fuck, fuck, NOW!” TJ screamed and I could feel the walls of her pussy grab my cock and squeeze as her orgasm hit her. I kept pumping as she screamed, feeling my own cum getting ready to shoot. Her legs wrapped around my back, encouraging me to keep fucking her while she rode her orgasm on my cock.

Just as TJ was starting to come down from her own explosion, I felt mine starting. “Here it comes, babe…I’m cumming …Yesssss…..” I kept fucking TJ’s pussy as my own cum filled my condom. Each stroke was pure ecstasy, and each pulse sent more cum out of my cock. A few more pumps, and I could tell I was finally spent. Carefully keeping my still-hard cock inside TJ’s pussy, I gently rolled our bodies onto our sides, and held her close. We caressed each other’s sweat-glistened bodies and exchanged quick kisses, enjoying the feelings that intense sex like that can produce.

I am certain that we dozed off briefly. I opened my eyes and noticed that my now-soft cock was still condom-covered and had slid out of TJ’s pussy. TJ opened her eyes as well and smiled into mine. “Wow.”

“Wow, indeed,” I replied. “I can’t remember when I’ve had such an enjoyable afternoon.”

“And such a nice meal, too,” she said playfully.

“And the sex wasn’t bad, either,” I said, giving her bare ass a quick smack.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she replied, moving my hand away from her ass. “If you start that, we’ll have to fuck again, and then we’ll be late for opening night. As it is, I’m going to have to take another shower before going to the theater!” She stretched and removed herself from my arms. I got up and headed to the bathroom where I removed the condom and threw it away. I returned to the bedroom and we began to get dressed together.

After she had returned to a state of modesty, and I had regained my shorts, I walked TJ to the door. We faced each other, embraced, and exchanged a quick kiss. “I’ll see you tonight, babe.” I smiled as TJ opened the door and headed down the walkway to her car. Babe, she said. I guess this means we’re a couple, now. Maybe next time we’ll have a chance to talk instead of just fucking our brains out. That’d be nice.



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