SSBBW – part 5, the set upIt had been well over a week since our first meeting. No phone call, no contact, big disappointment! The sex had been so good that I had hoped he might want to schedule a repeat performance. Oh well, I had advertised for no strings attached and here I was, silly me, throwing out strings with nooses on the ends. I tried to put it out of my mind except, there it was. Just that nagging desire for more, planted in the back of my mind. I lay in my bed that night and just couldn’t turn down the noise in my brain. Maybe he didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought? I replayed the scenes over and over in my mind, getting more worked up with every thought. I rubbed my hand casually over my body, thinking of his touch. With every pull and tug on my nipple, I thought of his mouth at my breasts, suckling and lapping at them. I made a few passes at my pussy. It was hot and not just a little wet. My finger softly canlı bahis stroked around my clit, moving the plump flesh that encased my hot, wet hole. I thought of how it felt when he felt between my legs, spreading me open, my heavy thighs quivering, waiting for his touch. I slowly spread the puffy lips for his imaginary tongue, thinking of the delicious sounds that it made as he licked and sucked my pussy. I felt nothing but the cool air hit my hot flesh. I slowly ran my fingers up and down my wet slit, thinking of his hands, his fingers plunging into my pussy, feeling him stretch me and probe so deeply. I wondered how much of his hand could I take? I had never been fisted before though I had seen it before on video. I didn’t see how I could take so much inside of me, but the thought excited me more. My fingers continued their exploration, stroking my clit then dipping back into that sweet honey hole for more nectar. bahis siteleri I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste. The smell of my own juices were intoxicating. My mouth gaped open and I sucked on my fingers, tasting the sweetness from my own wet pussy, smelling it. I quickly moved my hand back to the shaft of my clit, finding that sweet spot, rhythmically rubbing back and forth as my fantasies became more diffuse, Just hands touching me; hot hard cock near me, waiting to fuck me, seeing my flesh shake as my fingers rubbed faster and faster. I heard imaginary words of encouragement, egging me on, “don’t stop, that’s a good girl, feels so good baby” My other hand began to pull at my nipples harder and harder, “Rub that pussy, babe. Fuck yea,” my hand worked harder and harder and I moved my legs further apart for better access. My huge tits shaking with every stroke of my arm. I dipped my hand deeper this time, my güvenilir bahis pussy was slippery and soaking wet. It made a sloppy sound as I rubbed harder and harder. I grabbed handfuls of my enormous breasts, squeezing them harder and harder, thinking of the explosive sounds as he had slapped them, the intense pressure bringing pain and pleasure all at once. My whole body was shaking now from the pounding on my clit as I furiously rubbed. Waves rolled across my flesh, sending my breasts flapping like flags in the wind. My thoughts became jumbled visions, hands touching, pulling; cocks stretching me, stuffing my mouth; my flesh for a fuck toy, every nerve electrified as I built to a climax, feeling as if my insides were squeezing every cell towards my gaping pussy as I started to cum. I screamed out, my body shuddering, hips bucking to be fucked as I kept up the furious rubbing, my legs waving helplessly in the air as I came over and over, wave after wave crashing into me, my ears ringing and ringing…no wait, the telephone? Gasping for a breath, I tried to compose myself and picked it up, “Hello?” I heard his voice ask, “Whattcha doing?”



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