Squirt Fantasy*this is just a fantasy of mine which i hope one day can be fullfilled*Not sure how it would start or where it would be. all I know is that Im in a room full of beautiful sexy women. the kind you see in the squirt bukkake videos on here. and yes bakırköy escort thats what this is about. the women all are wearing different kinds of clothes, from bikinis to lingere to even tank tops and jeans. some of them are beşiktaş escort even rubbing their breasts or crotches. and me im getting hard seeing all this. they see me and smile and walk over to me. they order me to strip. beylikdüzü escort i get completely naked infront of all these women. my cock is rock hard. they push me down onto the floor. i watch them as they take their clothes off. man what an amazing sight. all these gorgeous women getting naked and rubbing themselves. One of the women starts to rub her pussy right over me. and within minutes i feel the first squirt hit my face. soon after one by one the women are squirting on me. not just my face but also my cock. even had one woman sucking my cock.



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