SPURTERWhile in the US Air Force stationed in what was then a west Germany in 1967 on my three day break I was with seven others from my security policeman flight celebrating Joe Roberts twenty first birthday at a bar in a Trier. Unbeknownst to Joe one of our colleagues had managed to arrange a girl to do a strip for him and somehow we,d managed to keep,it secret from Joe. A couple German girl friends were also present at the party and we were all feeling fairly merry when the girl arrived, Helmut Schoenberg, the guy who had asked her to strip for Joe spoke fluent German though he was born in midwestern America as that was his family,s first language. Once he introduced the woman to Joe she smiled, gave him a passionate kiss and wished him happy birthday in German and English then began to bakırköy escort sexily remove her clothing to taped music till she wore just nipple tassels, shiny gee string and heels, her tits quite large the nipples almost too large for the tassels. Before Joe could react she began to remove his clothing. He might have thought she,d stop when he was down to just his underpants, but No way as she peeled them off to expose his rather large uncut prick standing out proudly before him. Chuckling she began to work him even stiffer with her delicate fingers, then plucked her tassels away and used her ample titties on his cock. Eventually to much encouragement from his colleagues , their girlfriends and other people she removed her gee string to reveal a large bald beşiktaş escort pussy(unusual for 1967) and bent over to urge Joe to slide his big trouser snake up her treasure slit which he had no hesitation to do. Soon from where I was sitting with my girl friends hand rubbing my cock as I fingered her through her soaked panties even we could hear Joe,s cock slurping against the Young Fraulein,s cunt walls, loud sucking sounds as their second organs worked together. Before he could shoot his heavy load she pulled away from Joe, took hold of his cock and began to frantically fist him till he groaned and a large heavy blob of sperm shot from the tip of his cock and streaked its way a full ten feet across the floor to the wild cheers and dirty remarks of the observers. beylikdüzü escort It was quite amazing how much and how many spurts his cock made before it simply dribbled down onto her hand at which time she kissed it and then squeezed and licked the excess cum away with her cat,s tongue as cheers and laughter and calls of “eat it baby! Swallow it fraulein! You can eat mine too honey!” Rang out from the passionate audience. A couple of us noticed Helmut had disappeared and things began to quieten as the woman had gone into the ladies toilet to clean up and get dressed. Eventually the woman left the toilet and was joined by Helmut. “Who,s the woman Helmut.s with any way?” I asked. “Oh that,s his girlfriend Uschi.” One of my work,s colleagues replied. “Doubt we,ll see them again tonight as he,ll stay at her place and drive to base later in the day to join us for duty at four! Don,t know how he does it as she must wear him out!” “She,s welcome to wear me out any time!” I added and my sentiments were seconded by a few others.”Wish my birthday Wasn,t so many months away!”TBC



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