When I was 18, I had my first experience of being in a sauna, and it was a steamy experience indeed. It all started with a swim session in a hotel pool, where I was being pushed hard in a male aquafit class by my new found friends. After an hour or two of working out and a killer last set of laps, we all decided to get out of the pool and relax. The instructor made us work really hard, and at this point my arms and legs were like jelly, and I was pretty sure my cock and balls were nowhere to be seen cos the water was fucking freezing! As the majority of the guys left the pool, I tried to jump out, but I was so tired that it didn’t work, and since there was no ladder to be seen, that wasn’t an option. I looked around to see if anyone could help when I felt a pair of big, strong hands on my waist, just above the waistband of my tight black speedos, and turned around to see Justin, one of the guys in the class. “Can I help you up?” he asked kindly. “Sure, that’d be great, thanks!” Without hesitation, he hoisted me up and leapt up onto the pool deck, giving me a view of his body. Compared to the other guys, mostly older men, he was really hot: mid 30s, slim with a bit of muscle, and tanned all over. The only downside was he wore boardshorts, which didn’t suit him at all.

“Let’s go sit in the pendik escort bayan sauna!” he suggested as he wrapped his arm around me, grabbed my swim bag and we walked together. Luckily, there were just some lads from the aquafit there, so we could stretch out and have a good relax to finish the day. We chatted about all sorts of things: work, drinking and sports, until we got to swimwear, by which time only me and Justin were still in the sauna..

“You look so good in your speedos, I bet they feel great as well” Justin said as his eyes hovered around my bulge which was slowly recovering from the tough workout.

“Thanks mate, and yeah they do! I’m sure you’d look great in them too.”

“Maybe, how about you lend me a pair to try on?” At this point my dick was starting to expand quickly and I felt my speedos getting tighter – I had to do something about this.

“Yeah fine! I’ve got a spare pair in my bag here” and I bent over to get my blue pair from my bag. That’s when he placed a hand on my speedo clad arse and squeezed.

“I wanna try the ones you’re wearing now”, and he quickly pulled them off, leaving me naked, with a semi, in the sauna, where anyone could walk in and see us. “Thanks mate” he said as he pulled down his shorts and quickly put my wet speedos maltepe escort on. I got a good look at his dick, it was slowly getting hard, and that made it much harder for him to get the tight speedo on.

Trying not to look creepy, I turned away and put on my blue speedos, giving him a great view of my arse. I could feel his eyes on me, taking in every part of my body, and I loved it. We sat back down and chatted, while we stared at each other and the growing bulges in our speedos, occasionally having a rub down there or sticking a hand down the speedo to readjust, or going outside for a quick shower if we were getting too hot, or hard ??

This carried on for a while, until I decided it was time to go, and made my way out of the sauna. Suddenly, I felt Justin’s hand grab my dick through my speedos, pulling me back to him. “We need to do something about that hardon” he winked at me, and quickly he pulled my speedo down and started sucking my rock hard dick. I was shocked, confused and really horny, but it felt so good that I couldn’t stop moaning. And when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he started licking the head and all the precum that was gushing out. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold it in and I unleashed a huge load of cum down his throat. He swallowed it kartal escort all and kissed me passionately – I could taste my cum in his mouth and that was so hot.

“Looks like we need to do something about your hardon” I winked, so I put my speedos back on and we headed out to the private showers, my arm around his waist, my fingers feeling around his round arse. Once we got in, I turned the water on and I forced him against the wall, pushing his arms up in the air. Instead of going straight for his dick, I started licking from his mouth and going downwards, paying close attention to his nipples and stomach. By this time, he was groaning and begging me to suck him off, but that’d have to wait. I moved down to his feet and slowly went up, until I reached his plump pair of balls. I sucked each one, still in the tight confines of the black speedo, which made him moan even more. Now he had waited long enough, so I moved on to his dick, which was stretching the front of my speedo, also creating a huge wet spot where the precum was leaking out. After pulling his speedos down to his knees, I went straight down on his rock hard 6 incher, until I got to the base of his cock, then I pulled out and repeated a few times. Justin couldn’t keep it in, and after only a minute of sucking his dick, he thrusted deep into my mouth and released his load, which I happily shared with him in another kiss. We washed each other off, dried off and got changed in a relaxed silence. We said our goodbyes, and he left with my tight black speedos in his bag. I never saw him again.



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