While I looked down at the moon lighted bed with her shape outlined through the blankets, I slipped my underpants down and stepped out of them before carefully sliding into the side of her bed furthest from her. I waited there until I warmed up from the cool night air, hoping my skin wouldn’t be a shock to her, and silently rubbed my hands together until I was sure they were warmer. I could feel the heat radiating off her body just a few inches away.

She had gone to bed an agonizingly long time before. Maybe over an hour. And I was sure she must be sound asleep. If the silence of the room and the nearly impossible to see rise and fall of her chest was a good measure, then she was deep asleep. Her bare arms were spread to the sides of her head, her long blond hair splayed around it. The sheet and thin blanket just covered the peaks of her breasts but left the white shoulder straps visible.

Holding myself up on one elbow, I looked down where the blanket shaped to her flat stomach, the slight rise below her waist, and her legs spread with one foot against the inside of the other knee.

Since she had been wearing her short white satin robe that was about to the middle of her thighs, I knew the nightgown she was wearing was the one I’d seen as she got up in the morning a couple of times. I wondered why she bothered to wear it since it covered her breasts but didn’t hold them in place like a bra or even a T-shirt and hardly went down to the place between her legs. Those times I’d seen it and some other colored ones that were similar, she hadn’t been wearing panties underneath. Those times I’d seen just a nanosecond flash of the spot between her legs.

When I moved my hand under the covers onto her stomach, I could feel her slow breathing and she didn’t react. But I could see my hand shake through the blanket much easier. Her stomach felt hot against my hand and I decided just to stay like that for a minute to let my hand warm up. Rather than just leaving it still (shaking still), I rubbed her stomach a little and held my breath watching to see if I was waking her up. She showed no sign of waking as I moved my hand on the slippery material over her stomach, working downward little by little until the palm of my hand was on her tummy below her waist.

My little finger touched her bare skin below the bottom of the nightgown. Still moving up and down a little, I felt more skin at the top part of her leg against more fingers. Feeling my head reeling a little from holding escort buca my breath, I took a slow breath but tried not to even breath against her bare arm closest to me. My hand shook again when I felt the hair against my finger tips. Not wanting to brush it the wrong direction with a result something like rubbing a cat the wrong way, I brushed down across it, lifted my hand a little, and brushed down again further.

I could just make out where the hair was not and knew my hand was exactly where I wanted it, just like the guys had shown me that other time. This time it wasn’t wet and I could feel the things that were like rolls of fat at the sides a lot better than the little bump I was looking for. But I knew from what they said that it wasn’t that big most of the time and even the puffy parts at the sides weren’t hardly there most of the time. I did know just exactly what to do to get it bigger and how much she loves that.

My finger traced the line of skin that went between the puffier parts that had some hair close beside. I knew perfectly where the bump should be and moved the puffy part of my fingertip up to it. Trying super hard to be really easy with it, I rubbed softly then made little circles with the loose skin there. Up and down. Side to side. Round and round one direction and then the other direction. Then starting over.

I watched her even breathing as the blanket slowly rose and fell and glanced at her face looking for even the tiniest change. Since there was no real sign of anything at all, I pulled my hand back out carefully, got a couple of fingers really slimy with spit, and more quickly returned them to that spot between her legs just the slightest bit.

The wet helped and after a few more seconds I felt the little bump under my fingertips. That’s when her mouth opened and she took a bigger, sort of shivery, breath. Since it seemed to me that she was really liking what I was doing, I kept up a steady pace, afraid that any changes might wake her up. In fact, I thought she was already awake when her legs moved apart some and was sure she would wake up when her closest leg touched mine. Maybe she did then but, if so, she didn’t stop me or move away. Instead where I was touching started to move up and down and up and down against my fingers.

That’s when I heard a sort of squishy wet noise and smelled a kind of spicy smell. She let out a quiet little moan I was sure meant she was awake. As I continued to rub her, she moaned buca escort bayan like that more and more.

Suddenly her body lost coordination, bouncing and vibrating against my hand. For a minute, I kept rubbing but then knew I’d wake her the rest of the way if I didn’t stop.

When I did stop, I quickly moved my hand away and her body settled back though she was still breathing pretty hard.

I decided that if I was going to do it, I had better do it right then, before she either woke up the rest of the way or fell back to sleep.


Already naked and very hard, I carefully moved over her nearest leg and was sure I woke her when my penis touched her thigh but, thankfully, she didn’t move. My fingers found where I’d been touching her before and followed down until I felt the hotter, wet place. I knew what went where but I’d never done it and wasn’t sure what I would encounter.

I expected she would wake immediately when I found the hole down there that I was looking for but instead her legs moved apart a little more as I touched the loose skin there. It was hard to do that with one hand and keep myself held up on the other arm but I managed it in spite of my arm vibrating a little with the effort and, probably, my excitement at what I was doing.

Finally, I found the wet opening and guided my penis to it. She didn’t do anything when it went in a little bit and gave me the chance to move my other arm up to support myself better.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard of women being dry at first and I’d heard about things inside them that would stop you like stuff to keep from getting pregnant or even what virgins have. I didn’t think that she was a virgin but I didn’t know for sure at the time.

I pushed my butt further toward her and felt nothing but the heat of her insides around my penis, something I loved a lot. Moving in and out a little more and a little more, I finally felt it all the way into her without touching anything to stop me. She groaned under me when I pushed harder to make sure I was all the way in her. I could feel her hair down there rubbing against my skin. I started moving slowly in and out then, realizing I was really fucking then.

Her legs spread a little more but her feet moved in and touched my legs as her middle started moving up to meet my slow thrusts into her. I looked down and saw the smile on her face in the moonlight, her eyes still closed.

“Oh,” she moaned buca escort as I started to move a little faster. I’d heard about cuming too fast so I had beat off before I went to her bed. The books said that was how to keep from doing it tpo fast.

I could see her tits moving under the thin nightgown she was wearing and thought about touching them but I couldn’t do that while I was holding myself up. All the way against her, her head moved so it was back some. Her mouth came open as I fucked her and her feet lifted up a little onto the back of my knees.

“Oh. Oh god,” she moaned and I knew she was all the way awake so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t go ahead and lay down on her the rest of the way. My head was against her chest and my nose was filled with the smell of a little sweat and from her pussy. “Mmm. Mmm. Oh. Mmm,” she gasped as I fucked into her harder and faster.

“Oh god yes,” she said out loud as her arms moved around me and her heels pressed against the back of my thighs. Her middle pumped hard against me and her squishy sound was much louder than any other time.

I could feel her body clutching around my penis as she squeezed me with her arms and legs. I groaned really loud then as I felt my cum squirting into her. I fucked in again and squirted some more. And again and again until I felt like I couldn’t move and was really drained. Her body seemed to relax under me then too and we just stayed like that, feeling each other breathe.

Maybe I should have somehow just got up and left then but, with her arms and legs still loosely around me, I didn’t think of that and probably couldn’t have anyway.

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but I didn’t do that either.

“Oh wow, mom. That was …” Her whole body went rigid and she squealed. That’s all I can say.

“Oh my god,” she moaned. “Jimmie.” Like I was poison, her legs moved away from me and her arms went out from around. Since my penis was still inside her and I was laying on top of her, it seemed sort of strange that she was moving away from me as much as she could.

Then she was crying and her arms came back around me.

“Oh, honey. What were you thinking?” she said with a sob.

“I was thinking how beautiful you are and how lonely you been,” I said, getting teary too.

“I know you love me, honey. But … oh god. You should never have done this. Never.”

“But mom. I wanted to for you.” For a long time we just stayed there like that.

“Oh. No, honey,” she said and that was really the first I realized that I was hard again.

“Way cool, mom,” I said as I started fucking her again. But this time I could move my hands up so I could check out her tits while I did it.

It wasn’t very long before we both came again.



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