When I came back the following Wednesday, Ellen was ready for me at 4:30. Again, she had prepared the inflatable mattress on the floor of her counseling office. The building was deserted except for us. She motioned me into the office and began to remove her clothing as she had the last two times I had come to session.

Ellen was helping to me to learn to feel comfortable with my desire to eat out women’s anuses. This would be our third session designed to remove any feelings of shame over this very natural and beautifully intimate act.

Ellen and I removed our clothing completely and Ellen’s beautiful large breasts bounced free.

“Bill, since you did so well with our session last week, I thought we would start today the same way. I have something additional I want to work on. But for now, why don’t you just relax and eat my ass while I take you in my mouth?” Ellen said.

I lay on the matress and rested my head on a large pillow Ellen had provided for me. She straddled me backwards and took me into her warm mouth and began the happy magic of devouring my penis while she began to slowly lower her bottom to my face. As I had done the last time, I savored the stink of her ass as her cheeks parted in front of my nose. As she ate me, I used my hands to open her cheeks wide and slipped my tongue into her asshole, making circles as I kissed her deeply. It was very hot and pleasant in her bottom and the sharp taste of her anus I think tastes a lot like a good blue cheese. erotik film izle There is also a pleasant similarity to the odor of a sexy woman’s anus and a very good blue cheese such as Roquefort.

I knew she wanted to reinforce the idea that rimming a woman’s ass is a natural and acceptable act. I knew she was hoping I would find being in her mouth a very strong positive stimulus that would un-learn the shameful ideas I had about the taboo of eating anus. By going down on me and by teaching me to come in her mouth while sucking on her bottom, she was giving me a wholesome, positive message about ass rimming.

“Bill, I want you to know that what you are doing feels to my bottom feels really good!” Ellen said. “I want you to know that I am very thirsty for your semen today and I am really hoping you will come in my mouth and give me a big drink. Do you think you can do that? Give me a big drink of you?”

I stuck my tongue all the way up inside her hot little hole and let my dick come in her mouth. Ellen continued to suck and drink from the end of my dick until there wasn’t any more left. Finally, when I had stopped eating her, she turned her pretty head around and asked “Hey, are you all done back there? I don’t want to rush you but I have something else that I wanted to do today.”

I smiled.

“I’m fine,” I said almost paralyzed with how good I felt.

Ellen lifted herself up and I felt as little wave of disappointment as her sweet ass pulled up away film izle from me.

“I’ll be just a second,” said Ellen as she went behind her desk for a moment. I closed my eyes and felt completely blissful. When I opened them, Ellen was standing in front of me with a funny little smile on her face.

“Bill, I have been thinking a lot about your issue with anal sex. I have been thinking that some of the shame you are feeling is actually shame of your own anus. We need to work on that component of the issue now. I want you to turn over and put the pillow under your hips.” I did as I was told. Ellen had me move my knees apart and then rotate my knees toward one another. She knew what she was doing. My ass cheeks opened and then I felt her hands pushing them apart. I felt her warm breath in the crack of my ass.

“Mmm. Bill, your ass smells fantastic. Very sexy. Very sexy indeed!”

I felt something wet and warm slip into my asshole and then out again.

“Mmm. Bill, you taste so sexy!” said Ellen, behind me. “OK, Bill, I am going to eat you out for a change. I want you to remember that I love eating you and that your bottom is a very sexy place and that I love the smell and taste of your ass.”

I felt the warmth of her face bury itself in the space between my cheeks. I felt her warm tongue go up into me. She made huge circles and then lightly tongue-fucked me. I relaxed completely and let her fuck me deeper with her tongue.

“That’s it, Bill, that’s the seks filmi izle way to relax your bottom!” Ellen encouraged.

Suddenly, I felt some gas shift in my belly and I realized I was about to fart. I involunarily tightened my sphincter.

“Bill, is everything OK? You were so relaxed and now you are tight. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m OK,” I said. “I just am afraid I am going to fart. Why don’t you turn your head and let me fart?”

“Bill. I know you are kind of sensitive about things like farting, but I can’t help you unless you are able to trust me completely. I am going to put my tongue inside again and this time I want you to relax and let the fart come out. You can give me your fart as a gift. Let me eat you and eat your little fart, too.”

There was nothing more to be said at that point. I had to concentrate, but I remembered Ellen’s words and I was finally able to relax enough to let her have my fart. It came out quickly aound her tongue and she took advantage of my sudden relaxation to push her tongue higher still.

“Mmmm,” Ellen hummed happily. I could smell the fart and it didn’t smell that great, but Ellen seemed to really enjoy it. She ate me for about 15 more minutes before sitting up and wiping her mouth on a moist washcloth.

“Well, I hope you are begining to see that your bottom is nothing to be ashamed of. If it were anything dirty, I wouldn’t be eating it, would I?” asked Ellen.

We got dressed and Ellen scheduled me for another appointment next week.

“I think we are really making good progress,” said Ellen. “I think we have a ways to go, but we are definitely getting somewhere. I’ll see you next week!”

“OK,” I said. “See you next week.”



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