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Sophie & her 11 inch friendA few years ago me and Chloe lived two doors down from our good friends, they’d recently moved into the area which was great news. Our friends were Sophie and Harry, we’d known them both separately for over 10 years but they’d been partners for 3 and this was their first home.We used to go round for food and drinks all the time or help them with their renovation project.Sophie and Harry went on holiday one day and left their key with us so that we could feed the cat. The first day I popped round to feed the cat I heard a beeping sound and discovered they’d put a wash on before they left, I unloaded their clothes to hand them up, I filled the basket and walked around the house to place each item on the radiator. Most of the clothes were normal but there was some sexy lingerie in their, I remember coming across a red laces see through garter dress, I imagined Sophie wearing it. She was a petite girl, very similar to chloe. Sophie was really timid and didn’t really show off her assets, which was why finding a hot bit of sexy lingerie made me think that maybe she was a little minx.I decided that I’d have a look around the house and see if Stacey had any naughty items lying around, I found a few more items of lingerie and a cock ring which was really disappointing. I took a second thought of it all and then left all their belongings alone, years ago I would’ve left a huge cum filled pair of pants stuffed in her drawers but I thought best of it.Harry and Sophie returned from holiday and unfortunately their relationship was on the rocks, a couple of months later they decided to split up and Sophie kept the house. We were gutted for them both and supported them as best we could, around about 6 months later Chloe and Stacey booked a holiday together. Whilst I was watching tv Chloe’s phone flashed, it was Sophie, I checked the messages out and it said ‘Chloe, I haven’t had sex in over 6 months, I’m can’t wait to go away and get us some cock, I bought a suitcase full of toys when Harry left but they’re not quite the same’. I couldn’t believe that she was suggesting that Chloe would be using someone else’s dick whilst she was away, I confronted Chloe and she laughed saying that it was just girl chat. I trust chloe and didn’t pursue the matter. Chloe and Sophie went on holiday, I was left on cat duty again and this time I made it my mission to see what new toys Chloe had bought, as soon as the girls left I rushed over to the house. It took me 5 minutes to find a small hold-all suitcase, I opened it up. The first thing I noticed was a 11 inch black dildo, the length was impressive but the girth was a joke, I’d just couldn’t believe that Sophie could even use it, it looked and smelled brand new, I doubt she’d even used it, there was also vibrating cock rings, life sized dildos, vibrators, hand cuffs and lots of different types and flavoured lubricants.I decided to squirt a bit of lube on my hand and cock and start to masterbate, I laid Sophie’s s naughtiest underwear on her bed, sniffing them all and wrapping them around my cock. I placed a cock ring around my hard cock and balls and then placed a little bullet in my ass and masterbated hard, I cum quickly, all over my stomach, some cum had gone onto Sophie’s s black underwear, I didn’t mind, I smiled and put them back in their drawer.All of a sudden I heard the front door open, I panicked and I quietly but quickly started to pack the underwear and dildos back away, I heard foot steps coming up the stairs, I was naked, my cock was on show, I had cum all over my stomach, I froze, my heart pounded out of my chest. I made one last effort to hide and stepped inside the cupboard. The cupboard was ventilated with moveable slats, I moved the slats so I could see in the room. It was Sophie, she stepped in her room, I’d left the light on and her underwear drawer was half open, she walked straight over to it and picked a handful of underwear and placed them in her bag, she realised there illegal bahis was something on a pair of her knickers, she’d squeezed her hand around the cum filled knickers, she lift them out and opened them up and seen the white cum that had been absorbed in the material. She looked around the bedroom, she looked directly at me, I couldn’t tell if she could see me, I prayed she couldn’t. She walked over to the cupboard, her hands stretched out and grasped the cupboard handles ‘Sophie, hurry up, we’re running late’ chloe shouted, ‘sorry, just coming’ she turned around and threw her dirty knickers in the wash basket in the corner, turned the light off, closed the door. I heard her leave the house, I stepped out from the cupboard, I took some deep breaths, walked to the bathroom and jumped in the shower and just prayed they didn’t return.The last text I got from Chloe was that they’d arrived safely and was at the hotel, she sent a photo of her and Sophie by the pool revealing both of their cleavage and their blonde hair, they looked so similar.I spent the next week feeding Sophie’s s cat and every time I went round I tried out a new toy, each time I had a different experience, it got to the day that chloe and Sophie were returning and all that was left was the huge black cock, I measured it, 11 inches in length and 7 inches girth.I wasn’t interested in using it but I really wanted to use it with someone else. I went round to Sophie’s s and fed the cat, moments later Sophie came through the door and this time I was not naked in her cupboard, I hugged her and asked how her holiday was. She politely said ‘it was amazing, she fell in love with a Greek guy who managed the hotel’. ‘Is chloe Home?’‘She is but she’s had to stay in London for two nights for Work, she said she’ll call you later today’In that moment I started to panick, not about Chloe but because I’d left the huge dildo out on Chloe’s bed, she will know I’ve had it out, I didn’t know what to do so I awkwardly hung around, hoping to get a chance to quickly hide it away. ‘Can I quickly use your bathroom?’‘Yeah sure’I walked upstairs and Sophie followed me, she had her suitcase with her.‘You unpacking already? Pass it here, I’ll carry it upstairs, saves you the walk’‘Thanks, I need to start sorting my work clothes out, I’m starting tonight, so gutted’My heart pounded, her work clothes were in her dressing room, I still had a chance that she wouldn’t go in her bedroom, I carried the suitcase upstairs and placed it in her dressing room, she closed the door behind me.‘Just going to get changed, wait for me downstairs, I’ve got a present for you for looking after the cat for me’‘Yes no problem’I pretended to go to the toilet but detoured towards her bedroom, I entered, there it was, lying on the pillow as if it was just chilling out having a nap, I walked over to it, picked it up.‘What the fuck are you doing?’I looked over, Sophie stood there angrily, she walked over to me, snatched the huge cock from my hands. I couldn’t help but notice how small her hands looked around it.‘How dare you go through my shit, oh my god, you dirty dick, it was you who cum in my knickers the night I left, was you here?’‘No, I wasn’t, I’m sorry, I went toilet and looked in your room and seen this lying here, I’ve never seen one before’‘Fuck off, I know you’re a dirty little boy kenny, you’ve probably been using it on yourself, what else have you been using?’She opened her cupboard and lifted out her suitcase of toys. She opened it.‘Wow, you’ve literally used a whole tub of lube, you can buy me a new one’I just stood there, my cock was withdrawn in my body, I just wanted to jump out of the window.‘Please don’t tell chloe, I’ll do anything’She laughed ‘don’t you think she should know you fancy her best mate’‘I don’t fancy you, I just wanted to see what toys you had, it’s totally different’‘So you fancy my toys, do you want to use my toys? They’re all girls toys, surely you don’t like putting these in your ass? Oh my illegal bahis siteleri god, tell me you haven’t, I’m throwing them all out. You’re disgusting’‘I’m sorry, I didn’t use them all, I’ll pay for the ones I did use and I’ll be honest about it, as long as you don’t tell anyone’‘Ok, what did you use?’‘I didn’t use the big black dildo, I used everything else but that, no way I could or would ever want to’She laughed again ‘why couldn’t you use it? Too big for you?’I froze, I didn’t respond, I didn’t think it was a serious question.‘Well, I think you should use it’ Sophie confidently said.‘I think you should put that big thing in your ass, I think you should do it right now,’‘That’s my condition, if you can fit that in your ass then I will keep the secret between us’I looked at her and squint my eyes‘There’s no way that will fit, there’s no point in me even trying’‘Do you want a helping hand?’My heart was pounding, I couldn’t believe she was suggesting to put this huge thing in my ass but I was interested in having some form of sexual contact with Sophie. She was hot, how she went 6 months without sex was beyond me. I relaxed a little bit, I thought, if I can’t fit it in then at least sophie will have been involved, she’d have to touch me so therefore I could use that against her.‘Ok, let’s try, how do we start’‘Wow you really are a desperate little boy. Take your clothes off and make sure you lube every part of your ass and that dildo’I took my clothes off slowly, I revealed my shrivelled dick, I seen her look at it uninterested.I laid on the bed, I spread my legs open and lubricated my ass, I started to finger my ass hole. There was no way I was just ramming that thing inside of me.The fingering started to turn me on, my dick started to come alive again and return to a normal size. Sophie stood there watching me, I thought she might have joined in by now but she hadn’t.‘ you’ve definitely done this before, 3 fingers in your ass without batting an eyelid. I think it’s time for the big guy don’t you? I haven’t got all night’I didn’t say anything, I took hold of the huge black cock and squirted lube all over it, I re-lubed my ass and placed the big dick between my legs, I pressed it against my ass, there was no movement. It wasn’t going to enter.‘Come here, I’ll help’Sophie walked over and grabbed the huge dick, both hands held it, she made it look heavy, she pressed against my ass.‘Relax, it won’t hurt as much’She pushed harder, I could feel the pain but there was no movement.Sophie grabbed my cock with her hand.‘You need to relax, every time you feel your prostate contract I will press this harder, your ass will slowly let it in’She jacked me off and pushed this huge cock again and again but the only thing that was happening was my cock was really hard and seeping pre cum.‘Well I guess it’s not going in, such a shame, you and Chloe make such a nice couple’‘Please Sophie dont’‘Well what else can you do for me?’‘I know you hadn’t had sex for 6 months, did you have any on holiday?’Sophie’s face changed, shocked, she assumed chloe was telling me all about her life.‘I didn’t so now we’re nearly 7 months’‘Well then, use me. I can fuck You Sophie, I can make you orgasm’‘I would never do that, not with a filthy little boy like you’I sat up, i grabbed Sophie’s face and clenched it, dragged it towards me and kissed her hard. I pushed her onto the bed.‘No more controlling Sophie, now it’s my turn, you’re going to orgasm and you’re going to beg for me to fuck you’Sophie didn’t push back, she laid down and I ripped her clothes off. She was near naked, her t-shirt covered her bra less boobs and she had dark tights on.I licked her pussy through her tights, they got wetter and wetter. I ripped a whole, pushed my finger in there and licked her tight pussy focusing on her clit. Her body quivered.‘You like that don’t you? Now who’s the dirty little girl being fingered by the dirty little boy’‘Don’t stop kenny, I’m close’I carried on, I inserted canlı bahis siteleri more fingers and increased the speed and pressure on her, her body wriggled and clenched and released. Her pussy oozed cum.‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh my god, don’t stop’I stood up and looked down on her, she looked so sexy, her tights still on but her pink pussy on show, her t-shirt was riding high showing the bottoms of her breasts, not enough to reveal her nipples but enough to intrigue me.I jumped on top of her, I thrusted my cock deep inside, she screamed.‘Oh my god, no dont’‘You like my big dick, let it happen’‘Get off, we can’t have sex’I thrusted again, I pinned her arms by her side and bit her ear lobe, I kissed her cheek and then her lips. She turned her head. I stood up, my cock was rock hard, wet from her moist pussy.‘If my cock can’t be inside you then let’s see if you can take this huge dildo’‘No kenny, I can’t, I’ve tried’‘Not with me you havent’I picked it up and lubricated me hand and her pussy. I started to finger her, I kept adding lube so that my fingers kept sliding in and out of her without even feeling her vagina walls, I added four fingers, she moaned even more.‘Kenny, no more, don’t put anymore inside, this is good enough’I stopped moving my hand, her body was doing all the thrusting, I clenched my thumb and fingers together and pressed against her pussy, I let her control the insertion, she slid further and further down my hand. I applied pressure and slowly my hand slid in.‘Omg tell me that’s not your whole hand’‘It is, just relax, you’ll be ready soon’‘I can’t believe it but it feels incredible, I feel like I’m going to cum again’She fucked my hand and her pussy wrapped around it, clenching and squelching, she was dripping down my arm and elbow.I slowly removed my hand, she had cum twice already.My cock was precumming so much, I wanted to fuck her so bad but I obeyed her rules.I Lubricated the big black 11 inch dildo and then her pussy, I pushed the huge cock against her opening. I slowly slid the bulbous head inside‘Omg that feels huge kenny, I don’t think it’ll fit’I applied more pressure and move the head in and out, minutes later it happened, her pussy started gushing.‘I’m cumming again, oh my fucking god, don’t stop’She squirted, 2 little squirts, I pushed harder, maybe too hard, 7 inches sank inside of Sophie.‘Ow, that’s too big get it out’‘Relax, let your pussy adapt’I held it there, just steady, I didn’t move it. She started to move slightly.‘I’m ready’‘Ok, I think you’ll cum again’I moved this huge cock in and out of Sophie, her body was moving rigorously. She held her breasts like she was trying to rip them off. I watched and placed my cock in my hand, I move the huge cock in and out, at some points I forced 9 inches inside of her and some times I just held the head inside.‘I’m cumming, hold it there’I held the huge cock two inches inside her, as soon as she shouted that she was cumming I pushed the whole dildo all the way in to the bottom of the shaft. ‘Oh my god, oh my god’ Sophie cried‘This is incredible’I removed the huge dildo, I licked it, it tasted nice, her pussy was sweet. I looked at her once tight vagina, it gaped wide open, I thought ‘there is no way she’s going to recover from that’Sophie laid there exhausted, I stood beside her whilst she lay on the bed.‘I’m going to cum Sophie’She looked at me and said ‘cum inside me, there’s already too much mess’I grabbed her legs aggressively and spread them, I shoved my cock inside her, she felt wet but really loose, I felt her try to clench her lips around me. I didn’t care how it felt, I was so horny, I erupted after about a minute, my cock contracted uncontrollably, I slowly pulled my dick out and my cum trickled out of her pussy and onto her bed, some of my cum sat there, I pushed my finger inside and dragged the rest of it out.‘I take it this is our secret’‘Of course it is, chloe is my best friend’‘If you want me to fuck you with my cock rather than a ridiculously huge black dildo let me know’‘Oh fuck off, you’ll never do either of them again, get out my house and leave the key behind’I walked down the stairs amazed by what had happened. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time we’d enjoy a sexual experience



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