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Son Got A Surprise On His Mom’s Birthday“Ufffffff………ahhhhh…….ummmmmm…..dheere karo…ufffff…….ummmmm” muffling sounds were coming from my mom’s room which woke me up.I got up hurriedly and checked my phone, it was 2:20 am and it was my mom’s birthday today. I and my best friend Arjun were planning to surprise her and we were planning it for the past week.It was raining and thundering very heavily outside. There was no power and it was dark. I tried to wake Arjun, “Arjun…..Arjun..abey saale uth. Mom ka birthday he aaj surprise dena hai.” but there was no reply.As it was completely dark, I kept my hands on the bed where he was sleeping. But to my surprise, he was not there. I checked the bathroom but he was not there too. So then I thought that I will wish my mom 1st and later find him.I went into the kitchen to get the cake but the cake was missing and my phone’s battery also went dead. So I was angry with Arjun that he went to wish my mom without me.My parent’s room was exactly above my room on the 1st floor. So I somehow managed to get there in that darkness. There I had sounds which were like moans, “Ouch…..ahhhh…ummm..aaram…ufff…hayyyy.” I was shocked cause my dad was not at home and he would return only after a week or so.As I started to climb the stairs the moans and the sounds of the cot ‘creak….creak..creak’ started to increase and so did my heartbeat. My palms and feet had become cold and I was able to hear my heartbeat. Somehow I reached my mom’s room.The door was not properly locked. There was a dim light and a fragrance of rose and jasmine was coming from the room. I slightly opened the door and what I saw just blew my mind. I was just shocked and my body became cold. I was stoned.I saw that my mom was lying on the bed and Arjun was on bursa escort top of her. Both completely nude, and their entire bodies were stuck with cake. Arjun was sucking the cake by applying it on my mom’s boobs which were shining due to the cream of the cake. The light of the candle which was burning on the table beside their bed which was making the scene even more exotic.He was biting, licking, sucking and pressing her boobs and the facial expressions of my mom would make any man mad. She was in complete pleasure.Mom: Ahhhhh…. Arjun ab bas bhi kar kithna chatoge jaldhi andhar daaldho na varna Ayaan(me) jaag jaayega.Arjun: Ek saal hogaya abhi tak kuch pathaa chala hai kya?Mom: Chal hatt badmash apne dosth ko dhoke dekhe uski mom ke saath koi maze kartha hai kya?I was completely shocked. I could not believe that my mom, who was always conservative and religious, was having sex with my best friend for the past one year. I didn’t even get a hint of it.Arjun: Kya karun meri pyaari Fathu(Fatima-mom’s name).Tum ho hi ithni khubsoorath, kisiki bhi niyyath phisal jaaye.Mom: Aisi baatho se hi tumne mera dil jeeth liya.Arjun: Sirf dil hi nahi aur bhi bahuth kuch jeetha hoon tumhara.Mom: Bahuth badmash hogaye ho tum. (and mom felt shy)Arjun: Hai Fathu tum sharmate hue aur bhi khubsoorath lagti ho.Mom: Sirf taaref hi karoge ya kuch aur bhi karne ka iraadha hai.I was shocked to hear such words from my mom. When anyone sees my mom they feel that there would be no other lady as pious and innocent as my mom. But here she was lying on the bed naked leaving her shame behind and that too with my best friend who I felt as if my brother was over her.As I was thinking all these suddenly I heard a voice, “Ouchhhhhh….. mmmm.” It was my mom.Mom: Aaram…se..baba…uffff bursa escort bayan yahin hoon kahin nahi jaarahi.Arjun: Maine kuch nahi kiya, tumhari chuth hi mere lund ko andar kheench rahi hai.And he was slowly moving his hips to and fro. I was standing behind watching all this and hearing their conversation.Arjun: Kya baath he aaj bina condom ke chudwarahi ho fathu.Mom: Aaj mera birthday ke din tumne jo ye surprise diya toh maine socha ki tumhe bhi khush kardun.Arjun: Maine kucch aur sochaaa.Mom: Kya socha tumne?Arjun: Rehne do Fathu tum gussa hojaaogi.Mom put her one hand behind his head and pulled him towards her and another hand on his lads and began to scratch his back. She kissed him wildly and lifted her two legs. She locked them behind his ass and kiss him for nearly 2-3 mins and released his head.Both their faces had become red and they were both panting and my mom’s white boobs which had become red were moving up and down.Mom: Ab bataao kya baat hai.Arjun: (Started to increase his pace) Woh mujhe ummm laga ki ahh, (panting).Mom: Ahhhh zorse ahhh ummm kyaa lagaahhhh uffff umm zorse. (moaning)Arjun: Ki tum Ayaan(me) ke liye bhai ya behen laana chaahti ho. (increasing his pace.)Though it was raining outside and the climate was cool, they were drenched in complete sweat. The ecstasy of pain and pleasure where they had forgotten every relation.Mom: Sirf bhai aur behen nahi, naye papa bhi miljaayenge Ayaan ko.They both burst out into laughter and Arjun began to hug and kiss my mom and fucking her hard. After listening such words from my mom my brain completely went numb. I no longer wanted to stay there so I began to go back to my room. The moaning sounds were coming The cot was making a lot of noise as well.Mom: Kahin is palang ke awaaz escort bursa se Ayaan na jag jaaye.Arjun: Jaagnedo, kya farak padtha hai, uski mom toh uske naye dad se maze karahi he na.There was a spanking sound and Arjun shouted ‘ouch’ and they both began to laugh. I felt disgusted. I came to my bed and there were mixed emotions going through my head. I was still able to hear the sounds slightly and don’t know when I fell asleep.I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and Arjun was still not on the bed. I heard laughing noises from outside. So I went into the hall. The noises were coming from the kitchen. There were my mom and Arjun laughing, clapping hands and hugging.It was common between them before too. I never doubted them earlier. But after this night, things were different for me. I began to move towards the kitchen and then Arjun saw me.Arjun: Good morning Ayaan,uthgaya finally.Me: Haan, Good morning.Arjun: Kya yaar tu ne tho saara plan bigadiyaa humaare surprise ka.Mom: Koi baath nahi Arjun tumne surprise kiya na mujhko vaisa bhi.Me: Arre yaar uthaana chaahiye tha na mujhko.Arjun: Kitni baar uthaaya tujhko par tu hai ki uththaa hi nahi, isliye mai khud hi chalagaaya mom ko surprise karne.Mom: Ayaan betaa koi baath nahi.Arjun: Vaise humne raat ko bahut maze kiye yaar. Kyun mom kya kehte ho? (with a wicked smile.)Mom: (was blushing) Haa mazzaa kiya.Me: Chalo koi baat nahi,apne enjoy kiya na.I hugged my mom. Her back was sticky as I was able to touch her upper part of the back because she was wearing a saree and her hair smelled of the egg. I observed that Arjun’s lower lip was swollen. There were love bites on his chest just below the neck as his shirt’s first button was open.Me: Mom aapke peeth ithni chikni kyun hai? Apke baalon mein ye smell kya hai? Arjun tere hont ko kya hua aur tere chest pe ye nishaan kaise?As soon as I asked them this their facial expressions were gone and both became numb and Arjun began to stammer. TO BE CONTINUED.Hope you liked the story



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