Something Old Somethiing NewOne thing that frequently comes up since we moved into our new home was our neighbor’s obsession with a gay or bisexual man sucking him off. He thought any man with long hair, IE-me, was bi or gay & sucked cock. I guess he & his wife figured something was going on, the way we went out on weekends with an overnight bag? Or perhaps they heard something? His wife would just roll her eyes every time he brought it up during our frequent get-togethers. I wondered about what Marie thought of all this, having had our 1st experience with Joe & Peggy? She mentioned the large bulge in his pants, saying to me, “ it was huge!” in our marriage bed one night. Besides, she also loves soft pussy fur and jacking off a lot while we fuck, or when she’s on all fours sucking my cock. So we began discussing the possibility of getting together with them for some hot sex.  So I think she feels the same way I do about them? Finally understanding there is an in-between …bisexuality, namely, seemed to make her warm up to the idea of a foursome as couples. Thinking as free spirits seemed to make it easier to like as an idea for moment. Anyway, he said this so many times for so long, I finally got up the nerve to discuss it with Marie. Being in mutual agreement, we accepted an offer to go next door for a few beers & fellowship with this older couple, old enough to be our parents. Marie put some condoms, lube and a couple toys in her purse to take with us. Sitting in the den Ernie had built in the basement, a crackling fire going in the old fireplace in the front corner. A long bar built along the wall to the right of the stairs.  At length, Ernie brought it up again. I assume he was once again testing the waters, so to speak. Okay, I thought to myself, I’ll surprise him and see what happens? I undo my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, slowly. Pulling down my zipper, and sticking my hand in my pants to fondle myself. He got up off the couch he and his wife Penny were sitting on, undoing his belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.“ You want to?” he said excitedly. I continue fondling myself to a big, thick hard-on. “ Yeah, but only if the ladies strip totally nude! I wanna suck and lick all three of you in turn! Then maybe you and me can suck each other’s cocks hard & double-dick the ladies? I they deserve it for taking care of us all these years!” I say matter-of-factly. They were already unbuttoning their blouses as I undid my pants, rubbing and jerking my cock inside my shorts. So as I took off my shoes, then my shirt as they also started stripping, staring at me wide-eyed! Pulling down my jeans, then sitting down to take them off. Rubbing my big, thick cock through my shorts until they’re down to just their panties, then taking my shorts off, tossing them aside, pulling up my big balls for all to see, legs spread open. My nearly stiff cock lying up against my left thigh/lower belly. “ You’ve been fucking Marie with that? Woof! I’d like to get fucked with that handsome cock of yours!” Penny says, enthused at the sight of my big cock.Ernie was sitting there, legs spread, his huge cock and balls in plain site. He seems fixated on my package, staring at it.“ Damn, that cock of yours really is huge! Penny were right! I’d like to try sucking your huge dick!” I exclaim at the sight his huge cock. “ So you’re gay, Mel?” Ernie replies curiously. “ No, just bi-curious. I’ve only sucked one other grown man’s cock. You’ll be my second” I replied, rather shyly.with that, I walk over in front of him and get down on my knees. Marie & Penny watched intently. I spread his legs a bit more, taking his semi-erect cock in my hand, to hold it up. Pulling back the foreskin, taking the smallish head in my mouth, sucking and licking it wet, his cock begins to grow. Sucking about half of it down my throat for a couple quick humps, pulling out to the head, gagging a little at the sheer size of it! That thing was a thick, yet average size limp. But hard, it was nearly a foot long & thick!“ Damn, that thing is massive! I can’t deep-throat all of it. So I’ll just suck it the best I can, Ernie! That’s a really big, handsome cock you’ve got there! I hope I can get you to fuck me with that big fat dick of yours?”“ Meh, I don’t know…I don’t like the thought of getting that stuff all over my dick!” Ernie shot back with finality. “ We have condoms for that. They’ll keep it clean so we can suck each other off when we’re done fucking and ready to cum” I explained.“ And ladies, spread your legs so we can all get a look at your cute pussy’s! We wanna see those furry little pussy’s spread wide!” I insist to them both. I have to admit, they both look good.Doing as I asked, two nicely trimmed pussy’s spread open for us to finally see in detail!“ Penny, that’s a nice furry pussy you have! You & Marie look great together!” I was compelled to admit aloud.I’d been sucking Ernie’s huge cock for a bit, asking the girls if they’d suck each other’s tits, maybe jack each other off, while I continued sucking Ernie’s massive manhood. I really wanted them to try it together, since Marie enjoyed bakırköy escort it so much with Peggy.“ Besides, making love to each other is a good thing, if done with love & caring!” I stated calmly.That said, I went back to sucking Ernie’s magnificently huge cock. I must’ve sucked him for quite some time, as my jaws hurt a little from sucking such a big, thick cock. He finally moans louder & starts shooting long loads of thick cum in my mouth! It nearly gagged me, spewing out of that huge man meat. Squirting out from between my lips as I swallow as quick as I can. What a long, warm load of cum from his nearly foot-long cock he gave me! When he finally finishes cumming, I jerk & suck it a few more times to get it all.“ Okay big guy, your turn to suck mine!” I say, excited at the thought of getting Ernie to suck me off.“ Nah, I just wanted you to suck me off, so I could see what it felt like!” he replies with finality. But boy, did Penny get hacked.“ Ernie, our neighbor was thoughtful enough to strip naked and please you with a nice blow job! He even let you cum in his mouth! Now get on your knees and suck his big, thick cock. I wanna see you suck him off. Swallow all his thick cum, honey! I know you want to, so don’t be shy.” Penny flatly insisted.“ But people will think I’m a fag, & look down on me!” Ernie complains, dejectedly.“ That’s not true! Besides, it’s none of their business anyway. And we’re not gonna say anything, so give it a shot. Show my big dick some love. Suck me off, Ernie?” I asked, trying to be sympathetic about it.I guess we finally manage to talk him into it, since he got on his knees in front of me, spreading my legs wide. Marie started sucking Penny’s huge tits, which are really big and full, sliding a hand down between Penny’s legs to start stroking her furry pussy while sucking those beautiful, huge full tits. Thick nipples too. Ernie takes the head of my cock in his mouth, sheepishly sucking on it.“ Aw, C’mon, Ernie, you know you wanna suck his cock better than that! Now suck it for real! I wanna watch you swallow a load of Mel’s sweet cum!” Penny derided him, insisting that he suck my dick as he seemed to want to. “ OK Penny, but please don’t tell anybody I wanted to try sucking another man’s dick!” Ernie begs of his wife.“ So you’ve been bi-curious all your life, & never tried doing anything about it? You poor guy, that’s awful to live with & not enjoy it while your young!” I say, now pitying him.I lowered my face to his, raising his up with my hand, kissing him quickly, but lovingly.“ There now, Ernie, is that so bad? I’m sorry, I didn’t know! You should’ve said something sooner!?” I say, attempting to sooth him.That makes him feel a bit better, ’cause he once again takes my cock head in his mouth, licking and sucking it wet, making it hard surprisingly fast.“ Wow! did I do that?” he exclaims.“ Yes Ernie, you did! You’re a better cock sucker than you think!” I reply in praise of his new-found abilities.With that, he sucks my big cock deep into his mouth, and down his throat to my balls! Then sucking it really hard back out to the rim of my now wet cock head. Slowly, gently sucking my thick, hard cock with more passion than before. As he really starts enjoying my big, hard dick in his mouth, I look over to see Marie going down on Penny, licking and sucking Penny’s clit! It looks a bit bigger than Marie’s. I wouldn’t mind sucking that clit myself. “ Wow, Penny…I’ve never seen a clit that big! suck it baby, you’re doing great! Eat that pretty pussy!” I happily reply to my little love’s efforts.“ Hey, I thought if you can suck Ernie’s cock, I can at least try sucking & licking her pussy!” Marie replies proudly.“ Good for you, babe! Enjoy!” I reply in kind.Ernie now has my cock so hard, it’s oozing my love juice for him. “ Mm, that’s not so bad! You’re pre-cum tastes kinda sweet, Mel!” Ernie says, looking up at me between sucks.“ I call it, love juice. Tastes good to me too!” I admit, thinking of how his tasted.He sucks me a bit harder & faster, deep throating it a couple more times as he continues sucking me.“ Ooohhh oh oh oh oh oohhhuuuhhnn! You’re gonna……cum…!” I groan in pleasure.Soon after, I groan and shoot a couple long loads of warm, thick cum into his virgin mouth! He swallows quickly, but gagging a little at first with the volume and saltiness. Then swallowing the rest like a starving man! Finishing me off, he licks up what he missed, swallowing all that too.“ Well, how’d I do, Mel? Did you like the way it felt? Swallowing all that cum was tough! You sure cum a lot, boy!” Ernie exclaims, satisfied with his performance thus far. “ But did you enjoy it?” I just had to know.“ Yeah, after I got the hang of it. It’s not such a big deal as I thought? Thanks for talking me into it. I guess I was just scared?” He admits, relieved of that old burdening question languishing in his mind for so long.“ That’s Okay, Ernie. I’m just glad you admitted to yourself that you’re bi-curious and finally tried it!” I say with a smile. He really did suck me off wonderfully.Then, beşiktaş escort we both go down on the girls. I licked Penny’s pussy while Ernie licked Marie’s cute little wet fur patch. After a short time, I switch with him and get to lick my little love’s pussy once more. I think we made them cum a couple times, switching off like that? I wonder?“ Okay Penny, which of us do you want in your pussy? We’re going to double-dick both of you!” I asked upon hearing them beginning to moan as we ate those sweet little pussy’s.“ C’mon & lay down Ernie honey, I want your big cock in my pussy!” Penny said, looking at him with love & passion in her eyes. She straddled his massive erection, Slowly taking every inch of that huge dick of his. That left me to fuck Penny in her in her big curvy butt. Marie sucks me hard and puts a condom on me, lubing her asshole and my cock. Having gotten that nearly one foot of big, thick cock in her pussy finally, I push until every inch of my thick cock went up her ass. Marie has us all sucking her big tits in turn while she fingered her hot little pussy feverishly. We get a rhythm going and Penny’s already moaning with two big cocks inside her. Fucking her a bit faster, she moans even more. It must feel really good the way she reacts to two big cocks fucking her like that? We keep fucking her at that steady pace as she moans & bucks. She finally moans in a wild orgasm, squirting on our cocks as she cums.“ Oh god, those cocks are huge! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmiiing!” Penny moans loud and breathily.As we pulled out of her, she lays back on the couch, trembling and panting. “ Marie, honey, you have to let them fuck you like that! It feels incredible! They really made me cum baby!” Penny insists to Marie.“ Oh yeah! You wanna fuck my pretty little ass, Ernie? It’s nice and tight for your huge cock back there? Please, fuck me in the ass, Ernie?” she said in an impish, little girl tone. She always did have a singy voice. I put a clean rubber on him, removing mine. Then lube him and her little asshole.“ Get on my big dick baby. Then bend over and keep your legs spread for that huge cock!” I instruct Marie. She was definitely going to get a serious fucking now.She does so, sliding every inch of my big fat dick in her little pussy. Bending her over, Ernie pushes the head of that big cock in her tight, pretty ass. He has to let it stay all the way in for a bit to allow her ass to loosen up after shoving that giant cock inside her fully. Then…we start fucking my little sweetheart of a wife. Marie taking two big dicks inside her at once. Both of us loving her holes as she moans low and steady at being fucked like that! Then faster & steadier as we get our rhythm right. Damn, she can take a lot of cock! She starts fucking us back! Moaning & groaning as she takes all that cock pounding her little pussy and asshole hard. Feeling Ernie’s cock and balls rubbing and slapping against mine as they slam into her just make me harder yet.“ Oh my god, there getting bigger! Damn, those things are huge! Oh god, they’re fucking me so hard!! Fuck my holes you big-dicked studs! Fuck meee! Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oohhuuugnnn! Hunnn hnnnngghhuuuuhhh!”she moans and groans as she finally cums, our big dicks pounding her hard & fast, but not too hard!“ Oh oh oh ohooohhhhhnggggghhhhnnnn! No more, oh please, I can’t take anymore! Their so fucking huuuuge! Oooh oooh oohooo hoooohuuuuhhhhhh…” Marie begs, groaning and moaning as she did so.we pulled out as tears started running down her cheeks. Her pussy running with lady cum and pussy juice, down both her pretty thighs. We make her suck and jerk our big cocks, making us shoot several spurts of cum in her mouth and all over her face, dripping on her big tits! Penny licked her face and tits clean of all our thick cum while I lapped up her lady cum and pussy juice from her legs and pussy. Kissing her wide open ass tenderly. Ernie sucked and licked my dripping cock. “ Are you alright, honey? Did they hurt you with those big dicks of theirs?” Penny inquired concernedly.“ Yeah, I’m Okay Penny. I just couldn’t take anymore of their huge cocks fucking me so hard and long! I’ve never been fucked like that in my life! Thank you baby. Thank you Ernie. You guys really gave my ass & pussy a serious fucking! I need a beer & a rest!” Marie says with finality.“ Oh, poor baby girl! Let me lick your little pussy all better. I’ll be gentle and make you feel better, I promise!” Penny insists lovingly.So she goes down on Marie’s soaked pussy, placing little butterfly kisses on her firm pussy lips, then ever so gently flicking her tongue on Marie’s clit. Licking and flicking her magical tongue on that cute little pussy!“ Ooooh…Penny, that feels so uuuhhmmmmm good! Please don’t stop, eat my pussy baby! That’s so good,…mmmmm!” she coos as Penny shows us how a woman eats pussy.“ Baby, you gotta lick Penny’s pussy like that! She really knows how to lick pussy!” I exclaim, getting a chubby just watching.“ She sure does, her and her girlfriends used to lick each other’s beylikdüzü escort pussy’s and cute asses. They all loved sucking her huge tits too!” Ernie reminisces to me.Penny started to tell Marie and I that one once, but she caught herself. Dang. In a short time, Penny made Marie cum so sweetly, it brought a tear to my eye. I’ve never made her cum like that…“ Ernie, wanna do a 69? I’m ready to get sucked off again? Wanna swallow more of my cum?” I ask longingly. I just love how he sucks my big cock. “ If you swallow more of mine, Mel. I really wanna feel you sucking me again! You really suck cock good!” He says, smiling with his huge dick growing once more.“ Thanks Ernie! I just enjoy making love to you guys, making you all happy, that’s all!” I stated matter-of-factly.We get in position on the floor, where the ladies can watch us sucking our big fat dicks again. They sit back on the couch, fondling each other’s tits and pussy’s, watching us each sucking a big cock. I try again to deep throat his massive manhood. But only got a little over half of it down my throat. So I throat hump it, sucking & slurping it as best I can. What a big, handsome cock he has for me to suck, I think as I make some serious love to it. I look to see him really getting into sucking my fat cock passionately. All of it disappearing down his throat as he sucked me so damned well for a beginner!“ That’s it baby, deep throat his big cock! Make him gush a big load in your mouth, Ernie! Suck him harder!” Penny cheers on her man. “ Make sure you two swallow all that cum! We wanna watch you both swallow those big loads of hot cum!” Marie cheers us on further.They seem to love a man that loves sucking dick. We finally got to the point, some time later, where we both moan with a mouthful of cock, shooting long hard squirts of cum in each other’s mouths. Swallowing repeatedly, we just keep shooting cum and swallowing! Oh, how I love the taste of his man cum! Finishing sucking him dry, and he me, we lick our faces clean…then he surprises me by holding my face to kiss me, hard! So I kissed him hard, right back.“ You’re a good kisser, Ernie! Thanks for sucking me off again.” “ Thank you, Mel Damn, that makes me hard again!” < passionate kiss> “ Me too Ernie!” “ Isn’t that so sweet? they love each other so much, they’re kissing too!” Penny gleefully exclaims.Marie says to Penny, “ So, you like my full lips, baby?” “ You know I do, honey.” .“ Wanna suck off the boys, baby? I want a mouthful of cum!” Marie says in the heat of the moment.“ You need some more cum in your mouth, sweety? Lets swallow some hot cum together< smooch, smack, smooch>, okay?” Penny reiterates passionately.After we all kiss seriously for a bit, the girls saw our kissing has made us hard again.“ Okay boys, you two can stop kissing for now! Sit back, relax. We’re going to suck your cocks! We didn’t get to swallow any of your sweet cum yet! Penny and I want some cum too!” Marie insists lustfully. We sit together, our legs spread across each other. Penny sucks Ernie’s cock, while my beloved little wife sucks mine. Just watching both of them sucking our cocks was a huge turn-on.“ Ernie, Penny sure is a wonderful fuck, and a great little cock sucker! And cum swallower too! Just like Marie.” I was compelled to admit.“ She always did suck a mean cock, Mel! Marie is pretty good herself. She’s really cute too!”< kiss smack smooch>“Mm, that was nice Ernie. < smooch smack smooch> oooh ooooh lord, that’s good…ooohhoohoohuuhhhhnnnn, suck me baby! suck me off!…” < smooch smooch smack smooch> I moaned between kisses.Ernie just couldn’t get enough of kissing me? “ Damn, that’s keeping my cock hard!” I exclaim.“ I know. That’s why I’m kissing you, Mel. You sucked me so damn good, I love you for that!< smack smooch> Besides, it’ll keep you hard longer. That way, Marie can spend more time with your big, fat dick in her mouth!” < kiss smack smooch>“ Thanks Ernie, I love you too! I love the way you sucked me off too! < smack smooch smack deep kiss>We both start cumming right then, the girls so expertly sucking our big fat dicks to completion. They kiss each other passionately with a nice load of our thick cum all over their sweet faces. I kissed both of them, getting some more tasty cum for myself.We all kissed some more, then went to look for a beer and some food to nibble on. Naked, of course. It’s a turn-on seeing all of us nude. Jiggling cocks, balls, tits. Curvy wiggling butts, all great sights!“ That was damn good everybody! What a wonderful love making session that was!” I exclaim to all.“ You two were great, honey! We all love the taste of a big load of thick cum from those big cocks of yours!” Penny says happily.“ And you two sharing cum and pussy juice! That was so pretty, so hot, watching you two lick and suck each other like that!” Ernie adds with a smile.“ Yeah, I love licking pussy, getting double-dicked and sucking your big cocks! So do you, my hot cocksucker!” Marie teased me playfully.After some food, beers and relaxing, we both took turns on the floor in front of the other couple. Sucking, licking, fondling and fucking each other while the others watched. What a wonderful love making session. Our neighbors turned out to be such a great fuck! We’ll have to get together more often…



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