Female Ejaculation

So not a camper… but I might be warming up to itHow the heck did I let her convince me to go camping, I hate being outdoors! The things we do for love, I kept reminding myself… oh well.”This camp site is lame, there’s nobody around for miles, my cell phone reception sucks, and I forgot my pillow,” I complained to my girlfriend. She wasn’t listening, she was too busy giggling with her girl friends as they left me and the “gay” friend James (he wasn’t gay, he confessed that he got laid way more often pretending to be gay than when he acts straight, so he just preferred it) to setup the tent and sleeping areas. This tent was huge, you could easily fit 20 people in there, but there were only 5 of us. That tent was a nightmare, I was looking for every excuse in the book to go home, but that was a 4 hour drive and I was already tired. My girlfriend came and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I pouted and handed me a red solo cup full of what I can only describe as every alcohol I can name on one hand mixed with some sweet berry juice, the drink may not have been professionally mixed, but damn did it pack a punch. Half way through the drink the tent started to droop and I was just laughing at the amount of effort being put into it… The girls were already on their 2 or 3 cup each and James was already on his 2nd asking for a refill.Oh well, I thought. At least everyone is going to pass out in a while and I’ll get some quiet time to play on my laptop canlı bahis til the battery dies. As the sun went down, the alcohol stopped flowing (that seems to happen when you run out), and the drunk ladies, gf included, were stumbling about trying to get out of their tiny shorts and tops into their pj’s. I couldn’t help but enjoy the view, my gf was a stunner, barely over 5 ft tall with larger than DD breasts (I say larger because they don’t fit in any of her bras, but she’s stubborn and refuses to buy new ones since she doesn’t want to acknowledge they’ve gotten bigger), thick legs and a little extra in all the right places. She hated her giant tits, and watching her struggle getting into her pj’s made me giggle as she wrangled them in there… it seemed like the moment the pj’s went on, someone hit a switch and they were all out like bulbs. I set my seat up in the cordoned off part of the tent, made into a makeshift eating area, broke out the laptop and got to playing the sims. Enthralled in the game, catching the house on fire and deleting all the doors, I failed to notice someone come in. I practically died when I felt a hand on my lap, it took everything I had to not scream like a little girl and go running, as my heart rate settled I looked down to notice my gf’s friend Jenny looking up at me from under the table. No idea how she got there, I asked her what’s up. She looked at me and said “Mary (my gf) is snoring, it sounds like bahis siteleri James and Sam are fucking and between them and the alcohol, I’m super horny. At this point, so many ideas are running through my head. Do I fuck her to satisfaction? Do I tell her to go away? Do I tell her to take care of herself on this side of the tent while I go back to the other side? Before I get a chance to ask I feel her small hand inside the leg of my shorts, slowly stroking my cock. Faster than I could react he was at full attention and she took notice, grasping my cock firmly and not letting me pull away. “Shhh…. if anything, we’ll blame it on the alcohol” she said as she stroked my cock. My sim was burning alive but I couldn’t take my eyes off Jenny as she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes begging me to help her out. Without anymore though I slowly pulled my shorts off, As soon as my cock sprung free from it’s confines, she took it all in her mouth. I don’t have a big cock, it’s pretty much average at 6″ long, and a bit thick but nothing special. The way she was treating it was like someone had just presented her with the holy grail of penises. Bobbing her head up and down she worked her way to the base and back up, all while massaging my balls in one had and stroking with the other… he saliva running down my shaft and onto my balls as she kneaded them. I was not going to last, and she could tell… she was picking up the pace, taking my cock güvenilir bahis all the way into her mouth and trying to lick my balls while there. The sensation was too much, I tried pulling away but she pulled me closer, licking my balls with my cock pressing her throat and her hand kneading my balls. My balls tensed up and began to shoot my cum right into her throat. Stream after stream for what seemed to last forever shot out as she massaged my balls and finally came up for air.”Wow,” was all I managed to say before she started to pull her pj bottoms off and began to grind on my knee. Pulling her tits out she offered me them and I hungrily accepted them into my mouth. They weren’t huge, but the nipples were erect and I was able to take both nipples into my mouth as I massaged and caressed her breasts. She began to moan as I sucked on her nipples and could feel her gyrating her hips as her pussy juices began to soak my knee. “My turn!” I said to her and I pushed he off my knee, turning her around and making her kneel on the chair in front of me. He pussy was glistening against the light from my laptop screen, death just came by to collect my sim, as I began to finger her pussy. It was so juicy, it willingly accepted two of my fingers. Perfect opportunity to explore her pussy and taste it. I let my tongue start to explore her pussy lips, to flick across her clit. My two fingers exploring her insides when they found something that made her body writhe in pleasure. Every time I rubbed the spot and licked her clit she would cover her mouth and let out a muffled moan, her pussy would get even wetter and her hips would press back against me, begging for more.



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