Sorry taken me so long to continue this series had a lot going on in my life.


Jenna and Brian watched as their mother Sarah marched passed them then slammed the door.

“You two remember your sister Emily? These two are Lily, who’s 9 and Stephen who’s 7, which are your niece and nephew.” Their father, David said.

“Your sister is moving back home to live and your mother is moving back to the old house where she keeps her office and we’re getting a divorce. Let’s finish this conversation inside out of the cold.” He finished.

“Jenna, would you take Lily and Stephen upstairs so they can pick out a room?” Her father asked. “Sure Dad, come on kids let me show you around. Taking them upstairs and to the other end of the hall from her room.

Both kids picked out a room with a bathroom connecting them. Across the hall she showed them a big room. “This would make a great playroom huh, y’all?” “Yes!” They both said excitedly.

She showed them around a little bit then met back up with the family in the kitchen. “The kids picked out the bedrooms with the connecting bathroom and I told them the big room across the hall would make a great playroom.” Jenna told her Dad.

“I must say I agree.” Her Dad said.

Just then czech first video porno the front door slammed and they could hear Sarah screaming and cussing. She threw some stuff into her vehicle and left.

“The locksmith is on his way he’s changing every lock as well as the garage password. He’ll leave keys with each of you and drop mine off at the hotel. We’re going to stay there for a few days until we get the kid’s rooms ready and the furniture set up. Plus we promised the kids they could swim in the hotel pool.” He said with a laugh.

“I don’t trust your mother not to show back up and take shit that don’t belong to her. So under no circumstances let her in this house until I come back home.” He said ushering Emily, Lily and Stephen out the door.

“By the way happy birthday Jenna!” Her dad said. “Thanks Daddy, I love you!” “I love you too baby!” He said kissing her cheek.

As soon as they got out of sight Brian pulled Jenna to him and kissed her passionately. Just then they heard a vehicle and saw the locksmith coming.

Jenna laughed, “I’m going to make some lasagna for lunch.” She said.

Cooking always relaxed Jenna and she needed it right now. Wow, who would have guessed that Emily czech gangbang porno would come back after 10 years.

While she cooked Brian followed the locksmith around until he finished his job. The locksmith gave them each a set of keys then left.

They sat the table and Brian poured them each a glass of wine. They ate quietly then cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.

She followed him to the basement where he kissed her as he slowly undressed her then quickly undressed himself.

He made love to her with his hands, mouth and body. They fell into an exhausted sleep for several hours. Waking only to the doorbell ringing and banging on the door.

Brian quickly dressed and went upstairs to the door. There on the other side stood his mother. “Let me in I need to get a few things.” She demanded. “Sorry Mother, Dad said not to let you in, you have to wait until he comes back.” Brian said.

“Call him if you want in because I promised to keep you out. I’m not going against his wishes ” Brian told her.

Jenna was in the kitchen making soup and sandwiches. “I bet you just pissed her off beyond the universe.” She said with a laugh.

“Yeah I know, right?” He laughed in return. Before brazzers porno they sat down to eat Brian called his father with an update.

“That was weird, Dad sounded out of breath like he’d been running.” Brian told his sister. She laughed, “Maybe he was on the treadmill.”

“I know I have to go back to school tomorrow because I have finals this week but I’ll be back home this weekend.” He said holding her in his arms.

“I have my own exams and graduate in 2 weeks.” She said. “Then I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to go directly to college after the summer but I don’t know if Dad will let me take a year off.”

They crashed on the couch watching a movie when Brian heard his Dad’s truck. Raising up he could hear Jenna in the kitchen making what smelled like pancakes.

He took quick shower then met his Dad and Jenna in the kitchen. Their Dad told them that after their Mom had thrown Emily out he’d gotten her an apartment while she went to college online while working and taking care of her daughter.

“Now she’s going to be my partner in my business. She’ll never have to leave her home again. Don’t let your Mother inside this house.”

The next two weeks went by quickly for Jenna. The night she walked across the stage to get her diploma was surreal.

He father took the family out to eat. Brian had graduated the week before from graduate school.

It was 6 am when Jenna drove 2 counties away to buy a pregnancy test. As she sat here, tears rolling down her face as a plus sign showed up very fast. Now what in the hell was she going to do?



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