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Sniffing Her Dirty KnickersLast night i went out to meet my friends for a few drinks and spend a night getting drunk. When i got to the pub to meet them they were alreay drunk and i was still sober.My friend was dressed casualy and wanted a pair of jeans and shoes but as he was drunk he couldnt drive his car back. He gave me his keys and told me to drive to his house and pic his jeans and shoes up and not to worry as his parents were away for the weekend.I turned up at his house kurtköy escort and walked into his room to get his jeans and shoes after looking round i noticed and overnight bag & a pair of jeans that were far too small to be his. As i picked the jeans up i noticed there was a pair of pink knickers with black bows at the sides inside them belonging to his girlfriend.I put them back on the floor and got his things. . . . But on my way out of the room i stopped maltepe escort and thought. . . my friends girlfriendive often thought about sleeping with when we’ve met her and i thought this is an opportunity i wont get again.I put his things on the floor and walked back over to the jeans and picked out the knickers. As i looked inside to the crotch there was a stain and it looked like she’d only taken them off earlier on. I lifted the crotch up to kartal escort my nose and took a big sniff, it smelt great and my cock began to get hard straight away.I dropped my jeans and grabbed the knickers with my left hand and covered my face with them and grabbed my cock with my right hand and began to wank. After literally 1 min i felt myself throbbing and about to cum, i took one big sniff and i came all over his floor.After cleaning the “mess” off the floor i put the knickers back and grabbed his things and left. it felt so great. I would never look at my friends girl again without imaganing the smell of her lovely pussy.Later on she met up with us and everytime i looked at her i was just thinking back to what i had done a few hours earlier.



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