SLUTWIFE SECRETARY – CHAPTER 2: THE FIRST WEEKdeletedCHAPTER 2: THE FIRST WEEKThe next morning, I had set my alarm earlier than necessary just to provide a little more time to prepare myself for my first day as secretary. Jerry had informed me that I was being paid for yesterday even though it wasn’t really a first day. He assured me I had done wonders for the office. I had given Bill an accounting of what happened in the interview. He said he wasn’t surprised I was well used the first chance they all had. He was curious about the IT guy, though. He thought it was supposed to be restricted to the men employed by Mortensen Sales. I told him Jerry pointed out that IT was on a retainer so he was technically an employee. Bill conceded the point and took delight in my discomfort and embarrassment.I arrived at the office park quite early and found a good parking spot, took the elevator to the ninth floor, and discovered I was the first one to arrive. I opened the outside door and took a moment to verify the interior was relatively obscure by the frosted glass panels covering about 75 percent of the hallway windows. I turned on the lights, my computer, the copier/printer, and proceeded to the small breakroom to start the first pot of coffee.I sat at my desk confused. I dug out the cheat sheet the IT guy gave me for logging into the system and remembered I needed to create new passwords. I finished that, then began looking over the documents and notes the guys had left for me. I could see this was a pretty intense place just from the little they had already dropped on me to help them with.“Well, good morning!”I looked up with a smile at recognizing Jerry’s voice and manner. “Good morning, sir. Did you have a good evening?”“Do you have a moment, Carol?”I thought, ‘Oh my God! It starts so early?’, but I said, “Of course, Sir. Can I bring you some coffee?” He said, yes, and went to his office down the short hall. I followed him in a few moment later with a mug, placing it on his desk. “What can I do for you, sir?”He chuckled, “Not that, Carol. Though, after yesterday I can understand why you might think so.” He indicated for me to sit. “I want to be very honest, I don’t really know how this whole secretary/slut thing is going to work or what, if anything, you can expect as a routine. There may not be a routine at all but totally impulsive as the guys feel the desire. But, one thing I do know is we all have very time-critical work to accomplish. I had a meeting yesterday afternoon after you left to reinforce the need for getting the work done.”I sat with a straight back without my back resting against the back of the chair. My legs were crossed, though I wondered about that because Bill likes to see my cunt with parted legs, but he suggested letting them dictate their preference. My hands were folded comfortably in my lap.“I understand, sir.”He chuckled, “I am not concerned with you, my dear. It is the others, especially Brian and Kevin. It might take a week or so for this to find a comfortable attitude in the office.” I nodded my agreement. “Oh, yes … do I need to apologize for what happened with the IT guy? I couldn’t help myself.”I laughed, “Wesley? A nice young man. I think the poor guy was close to a heart attack. It was amazing he got anything accomplished with me sitting alongside him naked. And, I’m probably only a few years younger than his mother. But, no, sir, once I was over the shock of being out there with him, it was okay. Bill is into exhibiting me, too.”He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a card, sliding it over the top of his clean desk. I leaned forward and saw his hand stop. Then I realized where his eyes were focused. I had worn another button-up blouse and left several of the top button unfastened. I was sure he had a good view of my deep cleavage. I leaned further to retrieve the car. He apologized, again, but I reassured him that if touching was okay, looking certainly was.He recovered and explained, “That is a company credit card for you to use. Use it for deliveries requiring payment, supplies for the office, items the guys might need, etc. Also, since you couldn’t find your panties yesterday, I thought it might be good for you to also use that card for some shopping. I noticed the clothes you wore last Friday were more conservative and I am guessing that might be what your wardrobe really looks like.” I nodded. Bill and I talked about changing out my wardrobe, but we couldn’t afford to it all at once. “We’re going to be the beneficiaries of how you dress, so splurge on whatever you need. My wife was curious about how it went with you and she suggested it might be a good idea if you had a complete change of clothes at the office. You will likely get cum on your clothes at some point.”I blushed, “Are you certain, sir? I mean about using the card … I am pretty sure you are correct about someone wanting to shoot cum onto me eventually.”“Yes, I consider it a treat for us as much as for you. Please let Bill know he doesn’t have to worry about that expense, anyway.”This was turning out better and better all the time. Not only were two of our primary fantasies being realized, but I was being well paid AND I was getting new clothes to boot.I had just sat down at my desk when Wesley came through the door. I smiled at him, “Wesley, what a nice surprise. Did we forget something yesterday?”He was a shy, young man and showed nervousness as he approached my desk. “No, ma’am.”I smiled sweetly at him, “Now … Wesley … I think we should be past you call me ‘ma’am’ and using my name, don’t you?” I looked around the open area and whispered, “Afterall, working next to me while I was naked should have been enough, but …” I looked around, again, “but, taking you into the restroom and giving you that blowjob really should have you more comfortable with me.”He choked on his own breath and looked around himself, “Yes, ma’am … I mean, Carol.” He smiled, “No, I was passing by and thought … well … just that I would stop in and see if everything was working okay.”Just then the door opened bringing Brian and Kevin. I looked back at Wesley, “How sweet, thank you. But everything is working just fine. I will give you a call, though, if I do have any trouble.” He smiled and left, keeping his eyes from connecting with the two salesmen also standing at my desk.As the door closed behind Wesley, Brian offered with a chuckle, “I have a feeling our tech support just got a lot more attentive.” Kevin laughed with him and they parted for their own offices.Only a moment later, Brian poked his head out his door, “Carol, I need you.” He just as quickly disappeared back into his office. I rolled my eyes, need me or want me?I stood and moved to his open office. I entered and he motioned for me to close the door. “Yes, sir, how can I help you?”He was moving some paper around on his desktop and, without looking up, said, “You can strip, kneel on that chair, and bend over it.”Without hesitation I did just that, unbuttoning my blouse as I pulled the bottom out from my skirt, sliding it off my shoulders, down my arms, and dropped onto the other chair. I then unfastened my skirt at the side, unzipped it and pushed it down over my hips to fall at my feet leaving me in matching sheer, lace bra and panties, dark thigh high stockings, and heels. I reached back to open the clasps of my bra, shrugged my shoulders forward for the straps to slide down my arms and my tits to be released. After pushing my panties to my feet, as instructed, I knelt on the chair seat, spread my knees as far as allowed by the arm rests, and leaned forward over the back. And then I waited.I was given no other instructions so I remained where I was. I heard some papers being shuffled, then it became quiet. I assumed he was sitting back looking at me, exposed as I was in front of him. Then, finally, I heard his chair being pushed back and his steps coming to me softly on the carpet. I was surprised by the sudden contact of a finger at my cunt lips.“Has anyone even touched you this morning?”“No, sir, you are the first. Is there a problem, sir?”“Problem? No … but … are you always wet, slut?”I blushed at the image in my mind: kneeling away from him on the chair, naked, and discussing the condition of my cunt. “It seems so, sir. I noticed I was wet this morning just thinking about coming to work.”I heard him unzip as he added another comment, “Yes, slut … with you here, we all look forward to coming to work … to cum.” With that I felt his hard cock press against my cunt hole, then be thrust deep into me in one forceful stroke. I gasped at the suddenness, just the same as he did. After that first hard thrust, he continued canlı bahis to pound into my cunt, pulling his cock nearly out before driving it back in to the hilt. The position was awkward for me. I found myself partially concentrating on bracing my body on the back of the chair so the edge didn’t jam into my stomach and he was alternating between pulling my hips back against him and pushing me forward against the chair causing it to wobble from the action. When I felt his cock jerk, and his thrust held me tight against him, I knew he was about to cum and my own orgasm was only just forming.I felt him cum, then almost immediately pull out. I moaned at the aborted pleasure I had, but remembered Bill’s direction for me: any pleasure I might receive will be through giving pleasure. I guess this would fit: I was pleased to have proved pleasure, though I received no satisfaction.I turned around off the chair and went to my knees to immediately begin sucking and licking his cock clean. He seemed to have little interest in this, too. He pulled his cock from my mouth by stepping back, pulling up his shorts and pants, then taking his place behind his desk. I remained where I was, a bit uncertain if I should just leave or wait to be directed. He looked up from his desk with a look that told me he didn’t know why I was still there.I gathered up my clothes and walked to his door, leaving it open, which seemed to be the general practice unless they were meeting with someone or on a conference call, that being a consideration for others if they were using the speaker function.I dropped my clothes onto my chair and sorted through them for my panties when the outer door opened. I turned to the door in surprise and embarrassment, clutching the small, insignificant garment to my chest as if it might provide any covering for my large tits or the rest of my naked body. I saw it was Ethan who closed the door with a big smile on his face.“I am definitely going to be looking forward to work if you are greeting us like that every morning.”I laughed, my hands dropping to my sides. “Not intentionally, sir. I think Jerry is okay with me being incidentally naked in the office, but not consistently.”He nodded, “And a true shame. But it is fun to watch you undress. Ummm … I have a conference call in ten minutes with one of the production companies and a customer. After my introduction to get it going, I shouldn’t be too involved. Do you remember our conversation yesterday?”I smiled, “Yes, I do, sir.” I dropped my panties onto the pile of clothes. “I don’t guess it is worth getting dressed, then.” He only smiled as he headed for his office. I called after him, “Sir, could I get you some coffee.” He accepted.In the breakroom, I took a clean mug from the cabinet, filled it, then stopped to adjust my stockings that had become twisted during the fuck Brian gave me. I took the coffee into Ethan’s office. He thanked me and indicated a chair in front of his desk until the call began. He clicked through some files on his computer until he had what he apparently needed for the call. He then leaned back and looked into my eyes, giving me a few moments of his time. My, what a difference compared to Brian. “How was your evening, Carol?”“Lonely. Oh … I’m used to Bill being gone every other week, but … this week it feels different. I guess I would have liked to share this with him at the start. I called him and we talked. Can I be honest?” He nodded. Of course. “Well … he said he masturbated as I described what happened here, but … you know … it would have been better if I was riding him as I told him.” I blushed. “Sorry, you probably didn’t need to hear that.”“No, please, I feel honored that you can be open with me.” I smiled at him and relaxed.Then his phone rang. He held up a finger and he pressed the speaker button. He took over the beginning of the call, verifying who was on and making the introductions. Then he covered the issue the customer had with the product they had been testing. He was both a sales representative for the production company and the go-between for the customer. He explained the customer’s position that a few small modifications for their use and they would be ready to submit a large order. He then turned it over to the customer’s lead person.I watched as he pressed another button on the desk phone. “Okay, it’s on mute.” He didn’t really say it was time, but he rolled his chair back from the desk. I got up, walked around to his side of the desk, he placed a hand on my ass, sliding it up my back as I knelt and crawled under the desk where his legs would go. He then rolled his chair forward after undoing his pants and pushing them and his short to his ankles. He leaned back and looked at me with a big smile. “This is stranger than I envisioned it. Are you okay there?” I nodded as I took his large cock in my hands and began stroking it. “Carol?” I looked up. “If I touch your cheek, I will be taking the phone off mute.”I smiled as I began licking his cock from the base to the head. As I licked his cock and balls, the shaft steadily grew and hardened. He was leaned back in this chair and when I licked his balls, I was low enough to see him. He would glance down at me, but I could see his concentration on the voices coming from the phone. His powers of concentration were good, but by the reaction from his cock I could see the phone call didn’t have his complete attention.The call had been going for a while, his cock was rigid and deep in my mouth and into my throat. I was working to take him fully into my throat, again. He gasped and tensed as I pushed further into my throat. Then, between gasps and moans, I heard from above, “Oh, my God … damn you are good.” I heard his name from the phone and his fingers reached down to touch my cheek, but I didn’t relent. He wanted me to suck him while on the phone … we’ll see what control he has. Nasty, but fun. I heard him answer a question after an awkward pause, then, “Oh shit … I’m going to cum.”I pulled his cock out of my throat until just the head was in my mouth. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, jerk, then a thick rope of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed as quick as it filled my mouth, expecting more to follow. And, it did. Three large eruptions from his cock. He was gasping, then his fingers touched me, again. I chuckled as I swallowed the last of his cum and licked, sucked the head of the last drops that escaped my mouth. I licked his cock more. Assuming I was here for the duration, I began sucking his cock with intention of not letting it go soft. He clarified some point made by the production company in a different way and the customer seemed to be helped to understanding it better. The conversation resumed and Ethan’s fingers came under the desk and stroked my hair.He chuckled, “Damn, I haven’t been sucked like that in … whew … a long time.” He looked under at me, “I love the way you suck. Hell, I love the way you fuck.”I blushed, though I don’t think he could tell. “It’s only the first few times, sir.”His fingers combed through my long hair. It felt good, caring, considerate. “The first few of many more, I hope.”“It would be my pleasure, sir.” And, with him I really meant it. He asked if I was trying to make him cum, again. “Yes, sir. Just go back to your call and let me do my job.” He laughed.The call went on longer than either of us expected, but it seemed to be very productive. My jaw was getting sore, but I had managed to bring him to another climax even if it was much smaller in volume. Then the office door opened.“Is that the Collins call?” Ethan must have nodded to Jerry’s query. “How’s it going? Is the customer going to get what they need?”Ethan replied as he put his fingers on my cheek. I knew if he was talking to Jerry, he hadn’t taken the phone off mute so he must just be keeping me hidden. Ethan explained how things were going and he was very hopeful. I heard Jerry rise and move across the office, turn the door handle, but then, “By the way, I was trying to find Carol. Any idea where … Well, if you see her, let her know I would like some of her time. No rush, though. Whenever she is available.”I heard the door open and close. I pulled my mouth off the cock, “Damn, he knew, didn’t he?”Ethan chuckled, “I didn’t do anything, honest. I think he guessed, though. Heck, even if you swallow the cum directly, doesn’t there have to be some residual scent?” He rolled his chair back and assisted me out from under the desk. He kissed my cum-coated mouth and patted my ass toward the door. “Rinse out your mouth and see what the boss wants you for.”I laughed. “I think I can guess, at least I know what I want him to want me for.” bahis siteleri I stood at the open door and faced him. “I’ve been naked and servicing two of you guys and I haven’t had one orgasm, yet.” I walked back to him as he finished getting his pants back up. I kissed him, again. “I enjoyed that, sir. Next time, though, this slut would like to be fucked … if it pleases you to do so, sir.” I winked at him and left.I went straight into the restroom to gargle some water. Not sure that did much, I checked the refrigerator. Found some orange juice and drank a glass. I considered Jerry’s office door. If I was wrong, this could be embarrassing. On the other hand, he was the first to have me undress to my panties yesterday. I needed to be fucked. Maybe walking in like this will get that done even if it wasn’t what he intended.I stepped down the short hallway and stopped at his door, rapped on the open door, and waited.“Come in, Ca …” He had looked up to see me naked, hair a mess, and my skin blotchy with arousal. He smiled, “I was going to ask how your first day was starting, but I can see how it has started.” He indicated the chair in front of his desk, too, like Ethan. It was still very strange to be sitting naked in someone’s office carrying on what otherwise might be a normal conversation. And, the second of the morning. There was a silence that seemed to drag on awkwardly. Finally, I brought it up, “Sir, I feel there is something else you want to ask of me. If I am wrong, I apologize for being forward. I am here to serve you, sir.”“I guess it is my old ways of thinking about women, despite the fantasy I helped promote for the office. I can see you have been … used … quite a bit, already. But … okay … you’re right. Carol, this sounds rather perverse to me, but would you please d**** your knees over the arms of the chair?”“Of course, sir.” A smile spread over my face as I quickly complied, separating my crossed legs and adjusting my position to accomplish what he asked. Suddenly, sitting just naked didn’t seem as embarrassing as how I was now sitting … still naked but now spread wide before his gaze. Though it gave me a strong sense of embarrassment at being so blatantly exposed, it also reinforced how thrilling the idea of exhibitionism truly was.He smiled and for moments his gaze never left my body from my cunt to my tits. Finally, he made eye contact with mine and his eyes were sparkling with enjoyment. He began talking about his day coming up. He would be meeting with a possible new client for the firm to represent. He had in mind some modifications to a Power Point presentation and hoping I could help. I assured him I was very familiar with Power Point from past employment. “Great! I’ll finish up my notes on the changes and we’ll get together later, maybe just after lunch.” He hesitated, “No, let’s plan on over lunch. There is a great spot I want to take you.”“That would be lovely, sir.” Though I had the sense the conversation was over, I didn’t change my position. I did become aware, though, that somehow, at some time, my hand had begun fondling my tit. I glanced down at it, then up at him. His smiled had turned bigger.He stood up and moved to my side of the desk. He stepped directly in front of me. Without changing position on the chair, I leaned forward to loosen his belt, pants and zipper. I reached inside his shorts and pulled out his hardening cock. I stroked it several times before I leaned forward more to capture the head in my mouth. I sucked, used my tongue, and sucked him deeper. It was an awkward position but I had the feeling my continued exposure assisted in his increased arousal.He stepped back, his cock slipping from my mouth. He took my hands and encouraged me from the chair. “I truly enjoyed your mouth, yesterday. Today, I want your pussy.”“My pleasure, sir.”He guided me to the edge of the desk and leaned me back onto the papers spread there. He dropped his pants to his feet and moved the short distance between my open legs. He raised my legs into the air and reached to take hold of them, holding them up and apart. He moved the head of his cock to the entrance to my cunt, stroking it up and down my slit, before repositioning it at the hole and pressing gently inside. With just the head of his cock inside, he stopped and looked into my eyes, then down at our joining. I raised my head to look at the same thing. Only then did he begin to press his cock into me. With short in and out movements, his cock slowly disappeared further and further into my body until our bodies came into contact. We sighed and groaned together and I squeezed his cock with my cunt and he moaned, again.He fucked me like this long, gentle, and caring. It was wonderful. And, I was so needy of a cum by this point that I found myself needing to resist the building orgasm. I wanted to encourage his climax, too. He leaned toward me and I released my legs to wrap them around his hips, my hands shifting to his shoulders.“Ohhhhhh … God … yessssss … you feel so gooooooooood … sirrrrrrrrr …” I looked him in the eyes and saw his breathing coming in gasps, though he had been silent. “I want … you … ooooooooo … you to cum … inside … meeeeee … sir.”Maybe it was just lucking timing, but he jerked his body against mine, drove his cock deeply into me and tensed. I felt his cock jerk and at that moment I released my own orgasm, my cunt washing his cock with juices as he shot his seed into me, both of us at the same time, mixing our orgasmic fluids in wondrous and needed release.I let my legs hang off the desk, my arms flopped to the sides across the papers.Upon leaving Jerry’s office, I retrieved my purse from my desk and detoured to the restroom where I cleaned up some, cleaning the leaking from my cunt, wiping my lips and face of any stray cum, brushed my hair and checked my make-up. Only then did I return to the front of the office where my clothes were still piled on my chair. Only the first real workday and the morning was spent mostly naked from office to office. Somehow, standing naked at my desk directly in front of the door leading to the hallway outside as I sorted out my clothes to finally get dressed didn’t seem quite as intimidating as it had earlier. This was a hell-of-a-job! I wondered if Bill could realize how quickly I was becoming the slutwife he had envisioned with our decision to do this?I relayed all that happened to me during the day. It was our agreement. Whether he was home or on the road, I would tell him about my day. It was up to him how much detail he was interested in my telling. He asked detailed questions about certain situations and events rather than details about everything. I could already see he was interested in things like embarrassing or humiliating situations of exposure. There was the time of being in the office area naked as the guys had me one after the other or when I gave Brian a blowjob at my desk while knowing someone could come into the office from outside. Our office wasn’t one that had much walk-in traffic, but it was always possible. Or, the time Kevin had me naked on my hands and knees on his desk as he worked on his computer, every now and then sliding a finger over my cunt lips and dipping it into my hole. In just a few days, the guys found other ways to use me than just to suck or fuck them. All through it, I was still managing to keep up with the work they gave me with a minimal amount of overtime.If I had any question about Bill understanding how slutty I was so easily becoming, he dispelled it during out conversation Wednesday night. He asked me how I was holding up with everything that was happening. I assured him I was doing fine and enjoying it very much. I confided the only thing was that I missed company in the evening. I meant that I missed him and would like to be sharing this new thing with him intimately. I prayed he wasn’t testing me with any hope that I wanted to stop, that perhaps he was having second thoughts. That wasn’t it, at all.He blurted out, “I’m sorry, honey. I never thought about that. Of course, it would seem lonely at night after the days you are having. When I hang up, I’m going to call Jimmy and have him come over tomorrow night and spend a few hours with you.”My mind couldn’t even register this new development before Bill had disconnected the call and was probably already talking to Jimmy. Not only was I being fucked regularly by four guys I have only known for a few days, but now Bill was sending over a friend ‘so I wouldn’t be lonely’. Jimmy is a nice guy, single … WOW. For real … my husband isn’t having any regrets about what is happening. Clearly, he intends for me to be shared more than just bahis şirketleri at my workplace.How weird is this? How much have I moved to being a slut and how much further was Bill taking me? In addition to everything else that happens to me, I had thoughts all day of Jimmy coming to the house with the clear expectation of fucking me. I could imagine him being nervous and tentative. Afterall, he was one of the first real friends Bill had made after we move in. He knew me as a quiet wife to Bill, someone we both came to be comfortable with as friends and trusting. As if to confirm everything, I got a text from Bill while at work. It was simple and telling: ‘Make Jimmy comfortable. Make Jimmy happy.’At 8:00 PM sharp, there was a knock at the front door. As expected, since he lived in the neighborhood, he walked. I rose from the sofa in the living room where I was waiting for his arrival with a bourbon over ice. I knew Jimmy preferred beer, any kind. As I opened the front door with a cold beer in my other hand, he was stopped with his mouth hanging open. I decided on a blue, sheer baby-doll with matching sheer thong, and dark blue heels.I smiled at him, “You better get in here before that old couple across the street notices me standing in my negligee greeting someone who isn’t my husband.”“Damn, Carol. I thought Bill was pulling some kind of joke on me.” He looked me up and down. “Damn, Carol.”I laughed, again, “You said that, Jimmy. Now get in here.”I had the light turned down, some soft music playing, and I led him to the sofa where we sat next to each other. Once seated, I shimmied a little closer. Jimmy was about 5’ 8” and 200 pounds, a bit blocky but strong as an ox. He was about Bill’s age, early 40’s. His hair was dark, thick and a bit uncontrollable. He had a full-face beard he kept trimmed neatly.He finished his beer pretty quick. I figured it was nerves and I had planned on giving him several beers, if needed. I was sympathetic. His best friend seemed to want him to have sex with his wife. On top of that, he wasn’t even in town.I reached over and placed my hand on his thigh. The poor guy flinched at the touch. What a stark difference from the office. “It’s okay, Jimmy.”He turned a bit toward me, his eyes automatically dropping to my tits clearly showing through the sheer material. “Sorry, Carol.” He looked up to my eyes.I laughed, turned slightly to face him more directly. “It really okay to look. What did Bill tell you? Did he tell you that I have become his submissive and his slut? Did he tell you that he told me to fuck you? Did he tell you I would do anything you wanted? Did he tell you that after all this time of sneaking looks at my tits, you could touch them, expose them, do anything you want with them? I don’t know, Jimmy. He didn’t tell me, but I think he told you something like that.” I leaned into him and kissed him on the mouth. “You see, Jimmy, all of that is true. I have willingly, joyously, and completely given myself to Bill in ways that other wives don’t. I am his submissive who will obey him, allow him to direct me, guide me into situations I might not otherwise be able to do. I am his slut, his dirt slut who will do what he wants, when he wants, and with whomever he wants. Tonight, Jimmy, he wants me to fuck you … not sex or making love … fuck.”He reached his hand out and held my tit through the sheer material. I took his hand and slipped it inside, his hand now on my bare tit. He fondled it tentatively, his eyes moving from watching my tit to checking my reaction. I smiled at him and he emboldened to playing with the nipple. I pulled the garment over my head and leaned back to give him full access, but my hand moved on his thigh to the bulge at his crotch. He seemed satisfied to explore the tits he only fantasized about before. But I wanted this to move faster.I slipped off the couch and knelt before him. I unbuckled his belt, loosened his pants and unzipped them. He was watching mesmerized. Then I took hold of the waist band and tugged his pants. He raised his hips as I tugged them down to his knees. I pulled off his shoes and socks, then completely removed his pants. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it over the back of the sofa. I pushed his legs apart and held his cock. It was average, a little smaller than Bill’s and a lot smaller than the biggest cock I ever had, Ethan’s.His cock was quickly growing before I even got it into my mouth. I sucked him slowly for several minutes listening to his increasing arousal, his moans, groans, and gasps. When he reached underneath me to grasp my hanging tits one at a time, I knew he was accepting what was before him. This wasn’t merely some fantasy, dream, or trick but real and physical … he had license to be with his buddy’s wife.His cock was rigid in my mouth, his breathing rough, and his eyes shut with his mouth slightly hanging open as he took in air. I slipped the cock from my mouth, “Jimmy, do you want to cum in my mouth, on my face or tits, or cum in my cunt the first time?”He turned his head to look at me, “First time?”I smiled while continuing to lick his cock, “Oh, yes, first time.” I remembered Bill’s simple text direction, ‘Make Jimmy happy’. Truly happy means working him through several climaxes if he is able.He wanted to be inside me. I smiled at him, stood up and lowered the miniscule sheer thong down my legs and knelt over him on the sofa. I reached between my legs for his cock, aligned it, and slowly began sinking my wet cunt over it. I leaned forward and kissed him, a passionate kiss like nothing he had ever received from me before. Our relationship would be forever changed from now forward, another man who I knew who had fucked me and likely would again in the future. The realization sent a shiver through me. Bill really did want a slutwife. The excitement and arousal I felt reinforced that I really wanted to be one, too.I was bouncing up and down on his cock, my big tits were bouncing a beat behind my body, flopping, swaying, and a combination of the two. Jimmy looked to be in heaven watching his cock appear and disappear and my tits bouncing in front of his eyes.After we both came, I slipped off his cock, cleaned it, which seemed to surprise him as I licked and sucked our juices from his softening shaft, before rising and moving to the kitchen. I returned with another cold beer for him and a towel for me to sit on. I wasn’t much of a drinker and I certainly didn’t need it to be aroused and willing. I sat next to him, stroking his chest, legs, and flaccid cock as he enjoyed the beer.“Was that good for you, sir?”“Sir?”I chuckled, “I’m Bill’s submissive now, Jimmy. I now rely on Bill to guide me and one way of showing respect is to refer to men he gives me to as ‘sir’.”He was touching my tits with his free hand. “Am I going to be able to do this other times?”I smiled and kissed him on the mouth. His cock was showing life, again. “That, sir, is up to Bill.” I kissed him and stood up, my hand holding his. “But I hope so.” He put the empty bottle down and I pulled on his arm for him to rise. “Come with me, I want you to fuck me this time in Bill’s bed.” I heard him mumble, ‘Damn’, as he followed behind me through the house. I already had the bed turned down and the lighting muted. This time he lasted much longer. We started in the missionary position before rotating through several others like cowgirl, back to missionary, then on hands and knees to flat on my front as he continued to fuck me from behind and we climaxed back in missionary.After cleaning him, yet again, and getting him another beer, I resumed licking and sucking his soft cock. He groaned as it began growing, again. “Damn, woman. I’ve never been hard three times in a night, much less within a few hours.”I giggled. “Well, sir, now you know what you have if Bill allows this more often. How might you imagine fucking me in the future? How do you want to fuck me in the next few minutes?”He grew quickly with my talk and his cock on my tongue. I knew his mind was flooding with ideas and images as his cock grew steadily harder. I also knew he would be giving Bill a good report. I shivered. I physically shivered at the mere thought of how important it was for Bill to know I had fully satisfied his direction, his request for me to fuck his friend without him being present. Within a week I had transitioned from a loving and contented wife with fantasies to a happy, aroused, and dedicated slut for my husband. And he … he had transitioned, without being here, from an extremely loving, attentive and caring husband and blossomed into a man able to be in complete control of me. Since that day last Friday, my language has changed, my dressing has changed, my cunt has been continuously leaking, and my appetite for cock has skyrocketed.I couldn’t wait for Bill to get home!* * CHAPTER 3: BILL’S SURPRISE will follow * * Thanks for reading.



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