Slippery Susie – Part ThreeSlippery Susie – Part 3 – Back at Work (Susie, Kerry & Jake) MFMFrom: *Michael St.Croix* ( Tue 3/04/08 1:00 PMTo: hubby_of_a_loving_wife@hotmail.comOnly 15 minutes had passed for Susie before her sister walked in thefront door. Shane had spent the time away from the living room. Susiewas not sure if it was guilt or he did not think he could stop himselffrom having another quickie with his sister-in-law. Either way, it leftthe two sisters alone when Liz finally arrived. Liz was surprised buthappy to see her sister. She immediately asked if something was wrongand Susie assured her that everything was fine and that she just neededto get out of the house for a little. Susie helped Liz carry some bagsinto the kitchen and mentioned that she would be going out with herfriend Amanda tomorrow night and she thought Liz might want to join themin a girls night out. Liz went and found Shane and asked if he was okaywith that. Liz returned smiling and let Susie know that she would LOVEto get out of the house for a night. The two sisters made plans to meetat Susie’s house at 8:00 p.m. the next night. Susie gave her sister ahug and a peck on the cheek before heading to the front door.She heard her sister head upstairs as she reached the front door. As sheturned the knob on the front door, she sensed someone behind her. Shepaused with her hand on the door as she felt two masculine arms wraparound her and pull her close. Susie fell back into Shane’s arms andwiggled her ass against his crotch, pleased to feel a very hard erectionrubbing in his shorts. His lips found her neck and he began to kiss andsuck softly as he pushed his hips forward, grinding into her round ass.“Damn you are sexy,” he whispered as his lips nibbled on her ear.“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she moaned in reply. Turning, she pressed herlips against his and pushed her tongue into his waiting mouth. Her handsmoved over his muscular back as his hands rubbed and caressed her ass.She broke off the kiss and licked her way down his neck. Shane was verysurprised when she continued to kiss his chest through his t-shirt asshe dropped to her knees in front of him. Before he could protest, sheundid his shorts and pulled the zipper down.“Liz is upstairs,” he tried to protest as Susie pulled his hardeningcock out of his boxers.“Then you better be quiet, silly,” she responded. “I need another tasteof you before I go,” she finished as she slipped the head of his cockinto her mouth. Susie pushed her head forward, taking his cock deep intoher mouth and partially down her throat. She was still frustrated thatshe could not take it all, but she was simply glad to have thiswonderful tool back in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and downquickly, swabbing the underside of his cock with her tongue with eachthrust. After already having two orgasms, she was not sure he could cumagain, but she also knew they did not have that much time. So instead,she simply sucked on his cock for the sake of sucking. She loved thefeel of his smooth skin sliding up and down over her tongue. A few moredeep thrusts and she slowly backed off and let him flop out of hermouth. She was proud to see that it was fully erect and ready for more.“You better run up and stick that thing in my sister before it goes towaste,” she said with a smile as she stood back up. “Let me know whenyou have some more alone time, love.”A huge smile was plastered on Susie’s face as she made her way to hercar. She knew she was going to be seeing more of Shane in the nearfuture and the thought of his magnificent cock caused her pussy to spasmin excitement.The remainder of the day was uneventful for Susie. She returned home,and fell back to sleep for a few hours at which point she woke uprefreshed. She spent some time talking to her daughter Nikki and thenmade dinner which she had ready when her husband returned from work.Shortly after dinner Nikki left to meet up with some friends which leftSusie home alone with her husband, Mike, for the first time since shehad cheated on him with three guys now. There was no guilt however, justa realization that this was just the beginning and eventually she wouldhave to share this new side with her husband. She was not afraid hewould be upset, she was just not sure what role she wanted him to playin her new escapades.The two cuddled on the couch with Mike occasionally letting his fingersfind her sensitive nipples. Susie enjoyed the stimulation and it helpedto build her excitement for what was to come later that night. It wassoon time for her to get ready for work as she extracted herself fromthe insistent arms of her husband. She knew what he wanted, but she wasdetermined to save herself for her new lovers despite the wantonfeelings she was already feeling. She made her way upstairs and climbedback into her new summer outfit, smiling to herself as she could alreadysee her nipples poking out through the material. It was going to be agood night!She kissed her husband good bye and let him play with her nipples alittle more before heading for the door. She wiggled her ass in hisdirection which earned her a sharp slap and a laugh from her husband. “Ilove you,” she said honestly as she left the house.Thoughts of what was to come helped speed the drive to work. Her nipplesnever softened and she could feel her overheated pussy already leakinglubrication in anticipation. She tried to calm herself as she enteredher work and tried to avoid those employees that were on their way out.Sitting herself at her cubicle, one of her hands slid between her legsand began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She was so excited sheknew she could probably make herself cum without much trouble. However,she held back, and contented herself with just rubbing to keep herselfat a sexual high.Her two overnight co-workers, Jake and Kerry, arrived shortly after shedid. They both said hi, on their way to the employee lounge, neither onementioning the events of last night which left Susie somewhat confused.Ten minutes later, the last of the second-shift employees left and Susiequickly locked up the facility. She walked back to her desk and tried tothink if there was something wrong with Jake and Kerry. ‘There is onlyone way to find out,’ she thought to herself as she stripped herselfnaked. She ran her hands over her erect nipples and slide two fingersinto her wet pussy in preparation before walking naked into theemployee’s lounge.As usual, the two men were kicked back on the couch, watching somesporting event, baseball this time. Kerry was the first to notice her asshe walked into the room, “I do so love the new outfit.”“What the fuck guys?” she blurted out. “You fuck me last night and can’tdo more than say ‘Hi’ today?”In response to her angry questions, Kerry stood and crossed the room tostand in front of her. “Hey, sexy,” he began tenderly, “We didn’t wantanyone to know about last night.” The two stared into each bursa escort other’s eyesfor a minute as Susie tried to figure out if he was telling the truth.What she saw in his eyes, convinced her that he was in fact beinghonest, and they did want to keep their fun a secret.Susie laughed at how absurd she had been acting and said, “Sorry, boys,I’m a bit worked up.”Kerry grabbed her hand and led her to one of the oversized chairs. Susiesat on the chair as Kerry lowered himself to his knees in front of her.He reached under and pulled her forward until her ass was on the veryedge of the seat. Hands caressed her sides and back as Kerry movedforward to press his lips against hers. Susie moaned as she eagerlyopened her mouth and let his tongue slide inside of her mouth. The feelof his strong body pressed against her naked skin added to the thrilland excitement of the kiss. She melted into his arms and she gave herbody to her new lover once again.His hands reached the front of her body and began to lightly massage herbreasts, making sure to pinch and pull her nipples which caused her tomoan again in pleasure. Kerry pulled away from Susie’s lips and kissedhis way down her chest and stomach. He positioned himself with his mouthinches away from her bald mound. Sticking his tongue out, Kerry swipedthe tongue up and down her wet slit a few times to taste her juices.“Damn, you are wet, baby,” he said softly as he lowered his mouth backto her moist lips.Kerry pushed his tongue between her wet folds, letting it slide into heras far as it would go. Once inside, he wiggled it from side to side,licking the walls of her pussy. He pulled back slightly and began to usehis tongue like a miniature cock, pushing it in and out of heroverheated pussy. Susie was having trouble controlling herself as thefeel of Kerry’s tongue was bringing her already over stimulated bodytowards eruption. The tongue slipped from between her lips and found itsway up to her erect clit where it began to lash it with broad swipes.Involuntary spasms rocked her body as she tried to lift off the chairand push her pussy harder against Kerry’s face.There was little doubt that she was already close to an orgasm so Kerrysucked the clit into his mouth, flicked it with his tongue and pinchedharder on her nipples. He felt her body tense and suddenly her legs weretrying to crush him as her orgasm hit her. The v******e of the orgasmmade it difficult for him to keep her clit in his mouth, but he wasdetermined to extend the orgasm for as long as he could.The lights in the lounge seemed to disappear for Susie as her eyesrolled back into her head. Her entire body contracted in pure pleasureas the release she so needed finally arrived. Her clit served as alightening rod for the erotic sensations as wave after wave of pleasureseemed to emanate from her pussy. She could no longer control her bodyas it bounced and twisted in glorious agony. The idea of experiencingtoo much pleasure had never crossed her mind until that moment.Short gasps for breath and moans were the only things coming out of hermouth as Kerry pulled away from her pussy. He looked down and couldclearly see juices coating the entrance to her deliciously bald pussy.He worked as fast as possible to get his pants and boxers down beforeplacing the head of his cock at the drenched entrance to her slickpussy. The orgasm was slowly fading as he pushed his cock forward,burying the entire length into her pussy in one strong thrust.The sound of the television was the first thing Susie became aware of asshe finally began to come down from her orgasm. She was just about toopen her eyes when she felt the entire length of Kerry’s cock slidedeeply into her pussy. Instantly the orgasm returned and her body shookagain as Kerry rapidly forced his cock in and out of her pussy. Shecould feel the walls of her pussy gripping his cock tight as a secondmini orgasm swept through her pussy.The velvety lips of her pussy caressed and milked his cock as he slammedinto her over and over. The walls finally stopped spasming on his cockand he slowed his pace, letting Susie recover and making sure that hecould enjoy the ride as long as possible. She opened her eyes and lookedat him with pure lust as he maintained a steady pace and filled herrepeatedly with his hard member.Wet squishing sounds filled the room as the two continued to stare intoeach other’s eyes. There was no need to hurry, just the need to prolongthe erotic sensations. Kerry’s hands found her breasts again and herolled her nipples between her fingers as he felt his balls slap againsther butt cheeks again. The force of his thrusts caused Susie to grunteach time he bottomed out inside of her which added to his excitement.Despite the slow pace and her extremely slick pussy, his orgasm began tobuild. She was just such an amazing sexual a****l, and her pussy seemedto know how to suck the cum right out of his body. Her uninhibitedsexual appetite was something he had never seen in a woman before, andhe was just glad he was along for the ride.Susie felt him speed up his thrusts and he started to breath heavier.She knew he was getting close to cumming. Between her grunts of pleasureshe gasped, “Cum, uh, in my, uh, mouth!”There was no way he could speak at that point as he was too close to hisown orgasm. The words that came out of her mouth almost caused him toshoot off right then. Instead, he let go of her breasts and reluctantlypulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy. As he climbed to his feet,Susie sat up and immediately sucked his cock into her mouth and directlydown her throat. “Oh Fuck!” he cried as his hands grabbed her head andhe fucked her mouth hard and fast. It only took a few strokes before hiscum burst from his cock directly into her mouth. She greedily sucked hiscock and swallowed his cum, determined not to miss a drop. She made sureto suck gently as he came because she knew how sensitive it could be fora man.Kerry pulled his cock out of her talented mouth and she reached up tosqueeze it softly. One last drop of cum appeared on the tip of his cockwhich she licked off before swallowing it as well. He waddled his way tothe couch, not bothering to pull up his pants and collapsed on the couchin exhaustion.Susie was savoring the taste of his cum in her mouth when she suddenlyfelt another rock hard cock brush against her cheek. Precum was alreadyflowing from the cock and it was spread across her cheek. She turned tolook up and almost laughed when she remembered that Jake was there too.His enormous pole was too inviting so she quickly sucked it into hermouth, once again taking him all the way down her throat until her lipswere pressed against his balls.The deep throating lasted for a few minutes but Susie still had a needto be filled with cock. Letting the cock fall from her mouth, sheclimbed up onto the chair while turning around offering Jake a view ofher luscious ass. Jake grabbed her hips and pushed forward, impaling heron bursa escort bayan his 8” cock on the first thrust. The extra inch in length and theextra girth just seemed to fill her pussy entirely. She felt alive whenshe had that wonderful cock in her pussy, she felt like all was rightwith the world. There was no slow pace with Jake, it was fast and it wasfurious.She knew he so wanted to be in charge and she was content to let himhave his way with her this time, she simply needed to be fucked andhandled like the slut she was becoming. He kept up a running commentarywhile he slammed into her, telling her to “take that” and “ride it” overand over. She could not explain it, but the combination of his cockhitting every inch of her insides and his talk was driving her wild. Hersecond orgasm was approaching and she began to thrust her ass back witheach thrust, trying to force more of his cock inside of her.Her orgasm was within reach, she could feel it coming and she knew itwas going to be very powerful. Suddenly she felt him grab her ponytailand use it to pull her back against him as he increased his speed. Thesubmissive inside of her burst and that dominant move by Jake sent herspiraling out of control. Once again she completely lost herself inorgasmic pleasure as her body shook and her pussy spasmed on theinvading cock.Jake could not believe what was happening. He had never seen a woman soout of control, so lost in lust. It felt like someone was using a vacuumcleaner on his cock as her pussy walls rippled over his cock. The gripon her ponytail tightened as he tried to keep her convulsing body undercontrol and keep his cock buried in that wonderful pussy. Most womencomplained about the size of his cock, but not Susie, she just wantedmore and he was more than happy to give it to her.Throughout her orgasm, Jake continued to pound into her wet slit,pulling almost all the way out before slamming back inside. He loved thefeel of her ponytail in his hand and she seemed to be enjoying it aswell. When she was finally able to speak again, she turned her headslightly so she could see Jake. The look in her eyes was something hehad never seen before, but it sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine. Itseemed that no matter how much they gave her, she just wanted more andmore and more.“Fuck me,” she growled, “Fuck me.” Over and over she told him to fuck her.Jake did as she begged and he continued to impale her on his cock. Itdid not take long before he too felt the beginnings of his own orgasmapproaching. He never slowed or eased up on her, he just kept forcinghimself into her hard and fast while holding her hair in his hand.The thrust were coming almost too hard and fast for Susie to handle, butthe feelings were just so intense that she was willing to take it justto keep the pleasure going. He became louder and more vocal which meanthe was close to cumming. While she loved the feel of cum shooting intoher pussy, she was determined to take all of the cum that night into hermouth.“Mouth,” was all she was able to get out due to the violent pounding shewas receiving. She was not sure if he heard her or not because he didnot seem to be slowing down at all. Suddenly the cock disappeared fromher pussy and she opened her eyes just in time before it was forced pasther lips and directly down her throat. The cock started to pull back fora second thrust when she felt the first load of cum pump into her mouth.She swallowed quickly as more jets of cum followed the first. Sheswallowed the first few spurts of cum and then let the rest fill hermouth. Her hand found his cock and she used it to help milk his cock anddeposit the cum into her waiting and willing mouth.When Susie finally released the cock, it was completely empty and clean.Susie swished the cum around in her mouth, content to let it coat hermouth before finally swallowing the last of his cum. Jake joined Kerryon the couch and he too seemed spent. Susie sighed, she had two orgasms,fucked both of her lovers and yet she was ready for more. She was hopingthat she would have a longer experience than last night, but it seemedthat they were not going to be ready for more any time soon.“We bought you a present,” Kerry said as he tossed her a wrapped box.Sweat glistened off her overheated body as she unwrapped the box. Itappeared to be a shoe box when she had the paper off of it. Opening thebox, she gasped as inside of it was a very lifelike dildo. It was black,about 8” long and had a suction cup on the bottom near two lifelikeballs. She laughed and said, “Looks familiar.”Both Kerry and Jake laughed as well. They had picked it out because itwas the one that most looked like Jake’s big cock. “Why don’t you testit out,” Kerry said sweetly, “Before round 2.”The mere mention of a second round of fucking brought a smile to Susie’sface. ‘Maybe this would be a night to remember,’ she thought to herself.She was no strangers to toys, although she had never used a dildo with asuction cup on it. She looked around the lounge for a place to play anddecided that she would set herself up near the television.She crawled to the wall next to the television and pushed the dildoagainst the wall until it was sticking straight out at the perfectheight. Not wasting any time, she turned around and backed up towardsthe dildo. Using her hands, she guided the plastic cock to her entranceand then pushed back, letting the head split her lips apart. She moanedas the new toy slipped further inside of her. Her eyes closed and shecontinued to move backwards until she felt her butt cheeks hit the wall,once again she was entirely stuffed with cock, the only difference beingthis time it was plastic.While the two men tried to relax and recover, Susie began to fuck thenew toy in earnest, grunting and groaning as she rotated her hips. Itwas clear to Kerry and Jake that Susie was simply insatiable, it seemedshe could fuck for hours without a problem. They were just happy to beable to sit back and watch this lovely creature fuck herself silly.A glance at the clock showed that they had already been at work for twohours which meant that Susie had been fucking her new toy non-stop formore than 30 minutes. They were sure that she had at least one moreorgasm during that time. Kerry was ready for more and he took off hisclothes before walking over to where Susie was busy fucking herself. Heknelt in front of her and pressed his cock against her lips. She nevereven opened her eyes, she just opened her mouth and let him slam hiscock into her mouth. He held himself steady as she first slammed backagainst the dildo and then pushed forward until his entire cockdisappeared in her mouth. She repeated this process, getting his cockslick with her saliva.Kerry grabbed her hair and used it to guide her. He pulled her away fromthe wall and she moaned in disappointment as the dildo left her pussy. Agentle tug and she was turning around until she was facing the wall. Aslight push and her lips escort bursa found her new toy now slick with her juices.She did not even hesitate as she sucked the fake cock into her mouth.Kerry moved behind her and admired her sexy ass and bald pussy. Heslipped his cock into her pussy and pushed it deep inside for a fewthrusts, letting her juices soak his cock.Instead of returning his cock to her pussy, he placed it at the entranceto her ass and then pushed forward. She moaned around the plastic cockas he buried his cock into her ass. Her ass was as warm and inviting asher pussy had been earlier and her juices easily made it slick enoughfor him to shove his entire length inside of her. Without pausing, Kerryset a fast pace, holding her hips and forcing his cock in and out of herass while pushing her face onto the dildo. His thrusts became too hardat one point and he saw her face pushed against the wall a few times. Ofcourse this just seemed to turn her on more and she shoved her ass backagainst him harder with each thrust.Kerry hoped that since he had already had one orgasm that night, that hewould be able to last longer this time and really give her ass a goodpounding. Unfortunately, it seemed the combination of her fuckingherself for a half hour and the way her ass seemed to grip his cockextra tight meant that his orgasm was building much too soon. He thoughtabout slowing, but decided that if he was up to it he could fuck Susieagain later. As a result, he just gripped her hips tighter and plungedharder and faster into her ass.The orgasm was approaching and he was about to cum into her ass when athought popped into his head. He knew she wanted him to cum in her mouthearlier, he wondered if she would do it now that he was buried ballsdeep in her ass. Determined to find out, Kerry yanked his cock out ofher ass and quickly buried three fingers into her gaping hole. A gruntof disappointment was met by a moan of pleasure as the fingers enteredher. With his other hand he grabbed the ponytail again and guided hermouth off of the plastic cock. Her lips brushed against the tip of hiscock and without hesitation she once again swallowed his cock whole.Watching his cock disappear into her mouth after it had just been in herass was too much for Kerry and his cock erupted for the second time thatnight. Once again he filled her mouth with his cum which she eagerlyswallowed. He was still pulling his cock out of her mouth when he sawJake kneel behind her. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and Jakequickly replaced them with his own cock. Kerry had apparently stretchedher ass because Jake was able to slide his entire cock into that willingass.Jake grabbed the ponytail from Kerry and forced her mouth back onto theplastic dildo. He then repeated the process that Kerry had done to her,fucking her ass hard and fast while forcing her mouth onto the dildo.Kerry made his way back to the couch spent once again while he watchedthe lovely woman take that huge cock up her ass without a problem. Overand over Jake pounded her ass and she just pushed back wanting more. Itwasn’t long before Jake too pulled out of her ass and forced her mouthonto his cock before emptying his balls into her mouth.Susie swallowed the last of Jake’s cum and without being told turnedback around and once again pushed her pussy onto the plastic cock. Thefeel of the cock in her mouth, the pleasant soreness in her ass and thecum still coating her tongue helped her to reach yet another orgasmwhich did nothing to slow down her pace.Once again Jake and Kerry sat amazed while Susie kept on going like theenergizer bunny. The night was now more than half over and she neverseemed to get enough. They sat and watched in awe as she gave theplastic dildo one hell of a workout.An idea popped into Kerry’s head which he quickly shared with Jake. Jakeliked the idea as well and thought it would be a good way to finish upthe night with their remarkable love toy. The two men sat and watchedthe show for a while, letting themselves recover before putting the planinto motion.Finally Kerry stood up and Jake followed as they approached Susie whohad her eyes closed in pleasure. Kerry grabbed the ponytail while Jakereached behind Susie and pulled the dildo from the wall making sure tokeep it buried in her pussy. Kerry grabbed her head with both hands andpushed his cock against her lips. Without a pause it slipped into herwaiting mouth and he began to slowly fuck her face, pulling her hair tomake sure she took him all into her mouth.Meanwhile, Jake worked the dildo in and out of her pussy while he kneltbehind her. He took his rock hard cock and once again placed it at theentrance to her ass. Leaving the plastic dildo in her pussy, he forcedthe head of his cock into her ass. It was slow going as he tried to fithis huge cock in her ass while she was completely filled with the largedildo. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into her ass until his ballsbounced against the plastic balls of the dildo. Holding onto the dildo,he pulled his cock back while pulling the dildo out of her pussy at thesame time. Once they were both nearly all the way out, he pushed forwardburying both cocks into her together. Susie tried to groan but Kerryjust forced his cock harder into her mouth so she could not protest thedouble fucking she was getting.Susie’s body soon became accustomed to the assault on her holes and thepleasure mounted rapidly. 8 inches of cock in her pussy and ass at thesame time while swallowing another cock brought her to another powerfulorgasm. The intense sensations washed over her as the invading cockscontinued to plunder all of her holes. She had never felt so alive or sofull before, but she knew she was going to have to experience thisfeeling again.Seeing Susie orgasm and keep up with the three cocks was an amazingsight for both Kerry and Jake. This woman continued to amaze her loverswith what she was able to take. Kerry held her head tight as he fuckedher mouth until he unloaded his third and final load into her mouth. Hecould not remember the last time he orgasmed three times in a night, butthere was just something about Susie that brought out the best in him.She milked his cock and licked him clean before his deflating cock fellfrom her lips. She was now free to concentrate on the two cocks in herpussy and ass and she fucked back against them both as hard as shecould. Jake did his best to hold the dildo as she slammed into her twoholes repeatedly. He saw her swallow Kerry’s load again and felt his ownorgasm rising. It did not take too many more strokes before he had topull out of her ass, grab her hair and force her face onto his cock.Once again she sucked him deep as his cum shot into her mouth. Shesucked him deep feeling his balls slap her chin as she let him shoot hiscum straight down her throat.When the last of the cum had been sucked from his cock Jake let herponytail go and she opened her mouth to release him. The two men gotdressed as Susie laid down on the carpet and let her body finally rest.She did not know it, but she had a cock, both real and plastic, insideof her body for more than four hours at that point. She finally seemedcontent.



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