[It might help for readers to have read Sleepwalker! and Sleepwalker! Ch2, before reading this story. Though I am sure read by itself, it too could prove an engaging read.]


I stood frozen at the bottom of the stairs. I was petrified. My Mom had just seen me fuck Aunt Susan, her sister!

Aunt Susan brushed past me as she bolted up the stairs after Mom. I Walked up on shaky legs and stood just outside the door to Moms bedroom.

I could hear Mom remonstrating with her sister and my Aunt was replying in a weepy tone. Their voices rose and fell as the mood shifted up and down. Mainly my Mom was still trying to understand what she had seen and blaming her Sister for what happened.

Suddenly Aunt Susan broke down and while taking blame for it all, sobbed that she had needed sex so much. She had been without for over a year since she and her Husband had barely been on talking terms.

This desperate revelation and her sobbing calmed my Mother and their tone ebbed to a more conciliatory one. I shifted slightly so I could look in on them through the door that was not fully shut. They were both weeping. Mom was hugging her sister as they both sobbed quietly. The tension seemed to ooze out of them. I was still tense as I would still have to face some music from Mom, I was sure. It was a gut wrenching event for me. I did not want to lose Mom and her love. Mom sat on the edge of the bed and Aunt Susan sat in her lap. Disconsolate. Still sobbing.

Mom was murmuring to my Aunt to calm her down and kissed her cheeks a few times as they hugged. Once just as Mom was about to kiss her Aunt Susan turned to her to kiss her too and they kissed one another – on the lips. Time froze for a second as Mom tensed. Aunt Susan slowly kissed her again – deliberately – on the lips.

“I know, just like me, you’ve been without sex too for long. You must know what it is like, not to be made love to”.

Aunt Susan slid an arm around Moms shoulder and kissed her again, this time, deeper. Although Mom had tensed initially, she slowly seemed to melt under the small kisses from her sister. Aunt Susan kept up a gentle pressure until my Mom was laid back in the bed with her feet still on the floor and Aunt Susan was sprawled over her. They were kissing deeply now, passionately. Mom was kissing back. I was mesmerised.

The two most sensual women in my life were kissing one another and I had a ringside seat!

Aunt Susan was kissing my mom and at the same time caressing her neck and breasts and soon her hand slid into my Moms thighs. Mom backed up into the center of the bed and Aunt Susan followed. Aunt Susan was soon caressing Mom between her thighs and was slowly sliding down her showering kisses all over her now writhing body. I was transfixed at the door. I had a hard on, again!

It did not take Aunt Susan long to be kissing my Moms thighs and urging them apart. By then Mom did not need much urging either since by then she was far gone. türbanlı porno She was moaning and caressing her lovely full breasts. Her hands were pinching and rolling her nipples as her knees rose and parted. She let off a big deep throated moan as Aunt Susan kissed her pussy. Aunt Susan started eating Mom softly. Her head was slowly bobbing in Moms thighs as Mom kept caressing and squeezing her own breasts. Soon enough Mom was arching fiercely thrusting her pelvis up for Aunt Susan to burrow into. Her moans were now very deep and sent shivers down my spine.

This was a scene so titillating that I felt I’d explode just watching.

Aunt Susan was lapping fast at my Moms pussy as Mom was very wet now and all that licking was making her wetter. Within minutes Mom was almost screaming for release. Aunt Susan had her rear pointed towards the door as she pushed her head deep into my Moms thighs. Then Aunt Susan reached back between her own thighs and started massaging and fingering her own pussy lips. Her fingers were soon wet as her own pre-cum was flowing out of her. Her fingers sped up as her licking drove my Mom off the edge and into the luscious abyss of an orgasm. Almost immediately my Aunt started bucking on her own fingers without breaking a stride in her licking and suddenly I could see her fingers become totally slick with her cum as she had her own orgasm.

They were, however, just warming up. Time was moving very slowly indeed and pent up needs were peaking.

Mom sat up and drew Aunt Susan up so they could kiss and as they did Aunt Susan stuck her still wet fingers between their kissing lips. Mom licked them off and then slowly shrugged off her wrap. Aunt Susan stripped too and then they started kissing one another kneeling in the bed. Mom then rolled Aunt Susan over and was licking into her damp thighs while letting her own hips crouch over Aunt Susan’s face. Aunt Susan wrapped her hands on Moms ass as she raised her face to lick up into Moms drippy pussy lips. Mom slowly settled her hips lower on Aunt Susan’s face. My favourite ladies were doing a 69 right in front of my eyes!

Mom’ lovely hips were pointed towards the door where I stood. Her lips were tender from the licking they had just received. Now I could see Aunt Susan lick and rub Moms pussy and she was doing a great job given the way Mom was moaning and bucking again. Suddenly Aunt Susan rolled her eyes up and saw me standing in the doorway and smiled as she fingered Moms pussy. She then curled a finger at me and motioned me in with a twitchy finger.

It was all I could take. I stepped into the room and Aunt Susan started licking at Moms pussy again. This time as she did that she reached back with her other hand and invited me to place my throbbing cock in her hand. All this time Mom was eating Aunt Susan at the other end not knowing what else happening.

Aunt Susan slowly pumped my cock and tugged me closer and closer. My eyes were fascinated at türk porno the scene of Aunt Susan licking Mom while holding and caressing my cock. As you can imagine, I had a bigger hard-on than ever before.

Aunt Susan withdrew a finger from Moms wet pussy and gently circled the wet tip over Moms anus, wetting it. Mom seemed to pause for a moment and then dived back into Aunt Susan’s pussy. Taking her cue, Aunt Susan started sliding the fingertip into Moms ass in time with her darting tongue as it went up the pussy. I was standing there gently pumping my huge cock with droplets of pre-cum dripping off in a glittering string. Aunt Susan caught that on her fingertip and inserted it into Moms ass. This was such a shocking sight that I almost came! I was watching the finger, fascinated, as it slid in and out. Mom groaned out aloud as her excitement and arousal were again reaching highs.

I was in a trance state then as Aunt Susan withdrew her wet finger and curled it around my balls and then she drew me closer and I knew what she wanted me to do!!! She wanted me to fuck Mom in the ass as she ate her pussy. I was blinded by lust and past the point of thinking. With a deep growl I took Moms ass in my hands and plunged my throbbing cock into her ass in a slow steady thrust as her sphincter first resisted and then let me in. She reared up with a howl and looked back at me as my hands clamped on her waist as I held her in place for my thrusts.

“Ohh Bobbyyyy”!

There was a flare of something in her eyes which was replaced by pure lust as she thrust her hips back at me, her ass swallowing my huge cock until it was all stuffed up into her.

“Oh God. Fuck me. Yes”.

Mom almost immediately exploded in Aunt Susan’s mouth even before I had done more than bury my cock in her ass. Aunt Susan almost drowned as she lapped it all up and then she started sucking on my balls and her hands curled over my ass and her nails urged me to start fucking instead of just gasping. I knelt on the bed and started thrusting my cock deep into Moms ass as Aunt Susan alternately sucked my balls or Moms pussy. Mom was eating Aunt Susan fast and rapidly and brought her to a shuddering screaming orgasm again. Both women were now screaming for more. Aunt Susan wanted more of Moms tongue and Mom wanted more of my cock! I simply wanted more of these amazing women.

As I ached for release, I withdrew and plunged right up forward into Moms already hot wet pussy. The move drew a howl of pleasure from Mom. I just rammed up into her as I knelt behind her. Pure hot boiling lust flowed through my veins. Aunt Susan arched and bucked under us as Mom licked and sucked her mercilessly into a continuous wave of orgasm after orgasm.

Then in a few strokes I exploded! I was blinded and dizzy from the ferocity of my orgasm. I was buried so deep and my fingers were clasped over Moms hips hard enough to leave welts. I just gaped and shuddered as I came deep within her. türkçe alt yazı porno Mom was speechless too and so was Aunt Susan. Each blown in our own ecstasy.

We lay in a quivering heaving heap for a few minutes. The smell of our musk was thick in the air. I lay sprawled over my Mom who in turn had tumbled onto Aunt Susan. After what must have been 10 minutes spent heaving, we slowly started untangling ourselves.

The way it was, it was very difficult if not impossible to untangle.

I was tempted into kissing Mom and she responded hungrily sucking on my tongue and letting it slide into her mouth. As I lay there doing that, Aunt Susan slowly started licking me back to hardness. It was not long before I was fully erect again and buried in Aunt Susan’s hot mouth. My Mom watched fascinated as I was swallowed fully by Aunt Susan. She was swirling her tongue along the shaft as she pumped her mouth over it. Her hands were cupping and squeezing my balls as they ached for more release.

I leaned into Aunt Susan’s thighs and she quickly wrapped them around my head as I started licking and fingering her pussy. I slid two moist fingers deep into her and swished them about her silken insides as my lips started sucking near her clit. I probed with my tongue and at the first touch of my tongue over her clit she let out a gurgling yelp despite my cock stuffed in her throat. She started bucking fast as I sucked her clit letting the edge of my teeth rake over the tender flesh from time to time. Mom was leaning against the pillows and fingering her pussy as she watched me and Aunt Susan do a hot 69 in her bed. She reached into the drawer of a dresser next to her bed and pulled out a dark blue vib! It was shaped in detail like a real cock and was b-i-g! She switched it on and slowly slid it between her wet lips and licked her lips as her eyes stayed fastened to the action in front of her. Her hand drove the vibrator deep up her pussy as she leaned against the pillows. As I sucked on Aunt Susan’s clit, I watched the vib disappear into Moms pussy. This was a scene hot enough to give me a heart attack!

I started fingering Aunt Susan faster as I pumped my swollen cock down into her throat. My lips fastened to her clit and I sucked it in pulsating moments letting my tongue rasp over it too. Mom’s hips were doing a jig over the vibrator and suddenly all three of us were climaxing! Mom let out a loud groan as she came and I erupted in Aunt Susan’s throat and she poured her guts out for my mouth! She was swallowing cum as fast as I pumped it out and I was licking up her cum as it welled up in her pussy. The bed sheets were wet under Moms pussy.

This was the mother of all orgasms, literally.

All three of us were left so blown after this round of orgasms, we just lay there and panted. I gazed at the two women in bed with me. Mom, a busty tall woman, still in her prime. Her mane of glossy hair tousled and tossed about her lovely face. Aunt Susan, shorter but no less curvy. She had a sexy pinch to her waist flaring into a perfect ass. Both had breasts that girls would pay to have! I knew life could not have got better. We were all looking at one another with a new awareness and admiration and no inhibition.



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