Slave to my WifeMy wife and I have been married for many years and have a beautiful loving and very sexual relationship with each other. We have shared our fantasies with each other over the years but have never acted on them. Lately our fantasies have been becoming extremely lustful and kinky.On night my wife came home extremely horny as she has for the past five years and we make love almost immediately as we walk into the house. She loves sucking my cock. Even before the front door to the house is closed she has my cock out and she is on her knees and the head of my cock is in the back of her throat. She knows how to please me and what turns me on. She is completely dressed and on her knees looking up at me with my cock in her hand and says “you know I will give you what you want right now but I want you to promise me you will fulfill my fantasy this weekend with no questions asked”. I course I said yes. That made her so happy and she said ok then now I will give you what I know you love. She undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles and turned me around. She bent me over and with her on her knees just spread my ass cheeks apart and stuck her tongue up my ass. She licked me so good even after a hard day at work and I could hear her moaning and slurping up and down my ass. Then she turned my around and said “now fuck my face hard”. So I put my hard cock into her mouth and fuck it hard and deep. She pulls it out once and awhile so she can spit all over my cock. She looks so sexy down there with her face all wet and the spit is running down her chin and all over her nice blouse. Then she told me “go ahead squirt that big load of cum all over my pretty face and hair”. She knows exactly how to turn me on and her face and hair is so gorgeous and she loves to please me and my cum can go everywhere and it will drip down onto her clothes too. So I just let it go and I start cumming and huge streams of cum shoot out of my cock covering her face. It shoots all over her hair and into her open mouth and runs down the front of her blouse and between her beautiful natural breasts. When I am finial down shooting my load I kneel down with her and she says “are you happy with the mess you made of me” and I say yes. Then she proceeds to kiss me and makes me lick the cum off her face. She opens up her blouse and makes me lick up the cum that pooled in between her tits.When she finial got up she had this devilish look on her face like she knew something I didn’t and apparently she did. I remember promising her that I would fulfill her fantasy this weekend. When the weekend finally arrived she was so excited. Every night when she came home her pussy was the wettest I have ever seen it and she made me lick her and she exploded bakırköy escort so hard. She still didn’t tell me and was keeping me in suspense. So Saturday night arrived and said “are you ready”? I was actually nervous but she knows I would do anything for her because I am a slave to my beautiful wife. She said we have a date to go to a gay and lesbian sex night club and I want you to dress up for me and be my cross dresser lover. I could not believe what she just said. We have talked about a few things like this but never this far and to actually do it was unreal. So she led me to the bathroom where she had everything laid out for me. She undressed me and told me to get in the tub and shave my legs and arms. I did what I was told. I shaved all my body hair off. She then helped my put cream all over my body and had the sexiest outfit for me to wear and a beautiful long brunet wig. She painted my finger nails and toes, made up my face with eye liner, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. My wife is actually bisexual and she was getting so turned on just looking at me and thinking how attractive of a woman I was transforming into and thought how nice it would be to have me lick here pussy as a sexy woman for her. I then got dressed into a really tight short skirt with high heels. I had panties on with a bra with implants that gave me really nice tits.When I was completely done and stepped out of the bathroom my wife could not believe her eyes. She was so turned on by me that I looked so attractive as a women her pussy started to drip and pulsate. She said “I have to have you right now”. She pulled her pants off laid on the couch and told me to come over to her and eat her pussy. I walked over in my high heels and dress and my perfume was driving her crazy. I got on my knees and with my pretty and smooth face proceeded to lick her pussy. She was so wet on horny it did not take long before waves of her pulsating orgasm was flooding my face with your lovely juice. I licked up what I could but a lot went all down my chine and chest and face. She got up and said don’t clean up you are going to come out with me like that with my pussy smell all over you to let everybody know that you are my bitch.So we drove to the gay and lesbian sex club and I was so nervous but extremely horny not knowing what she was going to do with me. So we walked in and the place was packed and there was every walk of live and ever alternative life style you could imagine. I got so many looks when I walked in and I actually think I was making my wife proud that she had a hot chick on her arm that she was parading around the club that she created. So we got our first drink and then my wife started kissing me in the beşiktaş escort club and it made her pussy throb thinking that everybody thought she was making out with a chick. So after a number of drinks she leaned into me and said “now that I got you here I want you to do what ever I tell you”. She said “remember what I did for you that you like so much from me”? Well I want you to do that for me with that guy over there in the corner. There in the corner was a good looking guy and you could tell he had a big cock with what he was wearing. So she waked over to him and introduced herself and said to him “this is my lover and I want you to fuck his mouth and cum all over his face”. He said no problem and didn’t even realize she said he. So he took me to the center of the club and got me on my knees and he took out his huge cock. My wife walked up behind him and started whispering in his ear about what to do to me. She grabbed his cock because she wanted to feel it and how hard it was. She told me to open my mouth and she shoved his hard cock right into my mouth. We started to draw a crowed and everybody gathered around us to watch the pubic sex display. He started to really fuck my mouth hard and slapped my face with his huge cock. I took it with both hands and was giving him a really good blow job and people were cheering me on. I took the head of his cock and squeezed the pre-cum out and my wife came down next to me and kissed me and tasted his pre-cum but also smelled your pussy on my face too. Now we both took turns sucking his cock and then I tried to deep throat him while I looked right at her. She was so fucking turned on by this submissive sex act she could actually feel her pussy juices running down her thighs. So she got up and another girl came over to here and said do need any help with your pussy. My wife said yes I need to explode right now while I watch my lover suck this guys cock. So my wife took her pants off and leaned back onto a table and this other good looking girl, which turned out to be a transvestite, was licking her pussy. My wife came within thirty seconds because I could tell by her sounds and the tranny was gasping with all the juices cumming out of her pussy. He told everybody in the room that this girl was the wettest pussy he/she ever had. My wife was not satisfied by a long shoot and told the tranny “does your cock still work” the tranny said absolutely its harder then the guy fucking your lover face over there. With that my wife said then fuck me with that cock of yours. So now she was lying down on the table getting fucked hard by the pretty tranny and my face and mouth was full of cock. She side to the guy fucking my face “I want you to cum all beylikdüzü escort over my lovers face”. With that the guy took three more hard thrust to the back of my throat and then pulled out and shoot the biggest load my wife and I have ever seen but this time it was going all over my face. It went everywhere, in my mouth, my hair, up my nose and in my eyes, dripping down onto my pretty dress. I thought he would never stop. So now there I was kneeling on the floor looking at you with a face full of cum and she started to explode again while she was getting fucked. Then she told me to come over to her and watch the cock go in and out of her wet puusy. Then she told the tranny to cum in her pussy. My wife leaned op and pulled the tranny’s tits out and started lick the nipples and play with them. They were really nice tits. Then before long the tranny reached out to expose my wife’s tits and played with her nipples to and the set off a huge fucking load of cum deep into my wife’s cunt. After the tranny was done cumming she pulled out and my wife told my to suck his cock. I did what I was told. I took it into my mouth and licked my wife’s juices off his cock. Then I squeezed the head of his cock so I could suck out the last drop of cum. Then my wife told me to lick her cunt clean. So I crawled over between her legs and started to kiss and lick her swollen gaping fucked pussy hole. I put my tongue as far up my wife’s love hole and scoped out as much tranny cum as I could onto my tongue and showed my wife and then swallowed it. My wife was in ecstasy looking at the other guys cum still dripping off my face. I licked my wife until she had another orgasm. The she told me to come up to her so she could kiss me and taste both of the guys cum that was still on my face. She said she loved me so much for making this fantasy come true and said now its your turn. Take out your cock and show everybody in here what you are and take me. Fuck me hard the cover me with your cum. So I did. I took my cock out and I heard everybody’s amazement and got in between my wife’s legs and started to fuck her long and hard. It did not take long and I could feel a huge orgasm was ready to erupt. She could tell to and said come on baby show me what you got and cover me in your cum. I pulled out and I was standing up fucking her on this table and from her pussy I shot the biggest load ever. It went all the way up to my wife’s face and landed in her hair and the second shot went into her mouth. She licked her lips and savored the taste of my cum. I kept cumming and it went everywhere more on her face, her exposed tits, all over her clothes and her pussy. When I was finally done she sat up and took my face and gave me the longest softest kiss I have ever gotten form my wife. At that moment I know she loved me more then anything. We got a standing ovation from the crowed and we got up and walked out of the club with all the cum and sex all over our bodies and drove home and made the most passionate love her and I have ever had.



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