Dedicated to retired04

This is my tribute to retired04’s incest classic, this time told from the son’s point of view.

Don’t know if there’ll be a Part III yet. Perhaps that’s a tale for someone else to tell…


“Well dear, no hot dogs. Looks like it’s one of those breakfast-all-day diners…that OK with you guys?” Dad asked as he pulled the car into the dusty, roadside truck stop.

“That’s fine honey, breakfast is good… any time of day… right, Mike?” Mom said, faking a yawn and smiling as she looked up at me, trying to hide the risky, panting lilt in her voice.

She was still sitting on my lap, grinding her plump, meaty ass on my crotch while I had my hands on her hips, hitching her skirt a little as I thrust back at her.

“Ugh…yeah, mom…” I grunted. I hoped Dad understood that as an affirmative to her question and not the moan of pleasure it really was.

Her thin, summer dress and panties and my shorts and boxers were the only barriers right now as we continued our dry humping, and I was enjoying the ride for as long as I could before we had to stop soon.

Ten miles ago, it was a whole different story I chuckled to myself.

The day had started innocently enough.

It was a hot, late August morning (nearing noon) when Dad, Mom and I finally finished filling our car to the brim with all my stuff that I’d be taking to college, five hours away. I thought we had everything packed, then realized last minute my big, flat screen TV had been left out and insisted we make room for it. Little did I know that my immature insistence on taking that hunk of electronics would be my ticket to a fun, all-day ride with my sexy, mature Mom.

She had borne me (her only child) when she was only 19 and now eighteen years later, she was still in the prime of her life and looked it. Mom was petite; maybe just over 5 feet tall, with wavy, shoulder-length, dark brown hair and big, brown eyes that had naturally long lashes. She looks a lot like that actress Mary-Louise Parker from the show “Weeds”, but about ten years younger and in my opinion much prettier and with a cuter face. Of course, a few hours ago I wasn’t thinking about any of this as we already were starting off late for our trip and I was a little ticked off at Mom for delaying our departure by making us all shower again before leaving. I didn’t see any point in it and just wanted to get going, but it was a hot day and we were all sweaty from hauling and packing all my stuff.

Finally, we were ready to go and it was then the full realization hit me that with my big 42″ TV taking up most of the middle of the front seat, there was really hardly any room for Mom and me to fit. Dad and I hopped in first. He took a look at me and asked if Mom and I were going to be alright, barely able to see over the TV (it was turned sideways with the screen facing my side of the car). Mom squeezed in and plopped on my lap and said she was fine, mentioning she was more worried if Dad could even be able to drive.

We hit the road at last and I gazed absentmindedly in the side-view mirror, bidding farewell as we drove along: to my house, my neighborhood and all the familiar places I had know the past 18 years. Mom hardly weighed anything at all, and it was only when we hit the highway maybe twenty minutes later that I noticed here she was, sitting on my crotch, her smooth bare legs touching mine. My last thoughts just before this had been about my ex-girlfriend, with whom I had just broken up a week ago (she was going to a different college and claimed a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work and we should just part amicably). The mixed feelings of maybe never seeing her again and the frustration of not having had any pussy the last week were on my mind when I suddenly realized here was my Mom– her warm, sexy butt pressed firmly on my cock and pent-up balls, with only a few layers of fabric in between. To my horror, my repressed lust was getting the better of me and I was getting a boner! Mom surely would have to have now felt the sprouting log of my erection as it responded to the unintended female stimulation her ass had caused. She had switched the radio on and I tried to focus on the music to take my mind off the awkward situation, but it wasn’t working.

I got a little light-headed and, having nothing else to steady myself with, inadvertently brushed against Mom’s bare thighs with my hands. Mom began squirming a little and it was then that I noticed her dress and skirt had ridden up. She made some small-talk with me, asking if I felt OK, but I could sense from her steadily more rhythmic writhing atop me that Mom was beginning to enjoy this. She grasped my hands and placed them back on her thighs. Her sly grin and the glazed look in her eyes as she fluttered her lashes up at me (her lustful, silent message for me to go on?) was all the implicit permission I needed, and before long we were both giving in to nature’s urges and there was no sham between us. We were dry humping!

Things steadily progressed from there. Though every once rip her up porno in a while we both took a peek at Dad above the TV as he drove, checking to make sure he couldn’t see what we were up to, we became more brazen in our forbidden fun. I was floored when Mom actually slipped her panties to her knees and invited me to finger her snatch! She engaged my Dad in some seemingly empty chitchat about the length of the drive and how she was doing. I concurred to him that we were doing fine, smiling as all the while I was unbuttoning Mom’s dress, fondling her perky tits and having my way with her body.

We still had maybe another hour to go before we were probably going to stop and hit a place to eat, but I knew I just had to stick my raging cock in Mom and fuck her. Who knew if I would ever get this chance again? I could tell Mom was really getting turned on (so was I) by her naughty, double-sided talk with Dad just a few feet away and I played along, hoping to turn things up a notch so we could both get each other off, hopefully by fucking. As soon as she allowed me to make a good excuse to shift myself, that gave me all the chance I needed to slide my shorts off and free my throbbing cock. She in turn raised her ass up high just enough and her panties fell from her knees to the floor. JACKPOT!

Mom’s hot, splayed snatch looked warm and inviting as I eagerly lowered her back down. It took a few more adjustments before I was finally able to stick my raging dick into her welcoming tightness. In one quick thrust my cockhead and veiny shaft slipped easily into Mom’s wet, slick cunt as I buried myself to the hilt in her. Mom let out a cute, horny moan (drowned out by the radio) when I bottomed out and I grinned while she continued to chat with my clueless Dad. Mom seemed to be a master in hiding her words with double meaning, and she even got ME into it as we engaged in a torrid, frantic, forbidden fuck.

Finally, her words were just too much for the both of us and she creamed (trying her best not to scream) all over my dick, while not long after I buried myself to the balls in her, ramming my cock home to the hilt as I blasted her pussy full of cum. Both my legs locked straight out from the intensity of my climactic ejaculation. All the tension and frustration of the past week (and the past day) seemed to leave me as my legs shook spasmodically, with each spasm rope after rope of hot, healthy sperm spurted into her, filling up her womb.

Mom sat quietly still as I emptied a week’s worth of pent-up spunk deep into her—her hot ass squashing my churning nuts. Her twinging twat seemed to coax every last drop of jizz out of me. I could feel her cervix lapping directly on my cocktip as it kept on shooting. Thick white wads of my potent, teenage goo—filled with my energetic genetic messengers—were depositing straight into her most forbidden place, the place where babies are made. At that very moment I suddenly realized my Mom was still only 37 and could probably still get pregnant (especially by her son’s horny, 18-year old cock), but right now I honestly didn’t give a fuck. Having a condom handy had been the least of my worries while packing my stuff today. Hopefully Mom was on the pill. If not oh well… I would still fuck her again first chance I got. A wicked part of me was even hoping I had knocked her up. Just the thought of it— one of my tiny, little swimmers meeting her egg, our DNA mixing and Mom conceiving our kid, her boobs and belly getting bigger and bloating heavily; then her giving birth why I was away at college and making Dad help her raise my child, thinking it was his— it was all so naughty, perverse and obscene! As Mom collapsed contentedly backwards onto my chest, I kneaded her firm, clammy tits hungrily in my hands, wondering just how big they would get. I chuckled at the thought that my cockmilk could be the direct cause of her jugs making milk.

Mom and I were both spent as we finally got down from our post-orgasmic bliss. Meekly, we got our clothes back on and thankfully hadn’t gotten to the rest area where Dad had mentioned we’d stop to eat. It was still a few miles away and this allowed Mom and I to get a little more fun in. My hard-on had rapidly returned and I wanted to enjoy as much time as possible rubbing it against Mom’s hot ass before we stopped.

Dad’s blurting question about the breakfast diner put an end to our romping reverie.

We pulled in front of the diner and Mom and I reluctantly had to stop our fun. She propped herself up a little and quickly straightened out her skirt before gently sitting back down on me, I think so Dad wouldn’t notice. As for me, somehow I had to get rid of the renewed hard-on in my shorts before we got down out of the car. Mom sensed my predicament (in more ways than one) and gave me a wink.

“Uh…honey? Why don’t you give Mike here the keys so he can go back there and check on his stuff… see if anything’s shifted you know?”

“Sure thing sport.” Dad said as he shut off the engine, then tossed me the keys.

Both he and Mom got out rus porno and I took a few seconds admiring the view of her ass that had been riding me (and I’d been pounding) the last couple hours. Getting rid of this hard on wasn’t going to be an easy task, and I sure was glad Mom thought up of this idea to compose myself.

Finally I got out after what seemed like forever, but was actually just a few seconds. I pretended to tie my shoelaces then reached back and pretended to check on my flat screen TV to kill a little of the time and allow my boner to subside.

“Aww, is my little baby’s precious TV okay?” Mom teased me as I stepped out.

“Yes, Mother…” I guffawed back at her, rolling my eyes.

She was fixing her hair and Dad was next to her stretching his legs.

“Oh, good idea honey!” Mom said, then bent over and reached for toes.

“Gotta stretch while I can before the next two-hour ride on top of our son!” she giggled, then looked over at me and smiled sexily, batting her eyelashes.

She slowly bounced her plump little rump a few times like she was doing squats. I quickly realized this wasn’t helping my condition down below, so I reluctantly had to turn away. I went to the back of the car and popped the hatch, rearranging a few things on purpose and stalling for time. I fished out a pair of my basketball shorts from one of my bags and flung it over my shoulder. It was one my old high school ones (I was on a team that made state) and I knew the breathable, mesh fabric would help cool me down. Maybe it would help with a couple other things later, I wickedly thought.

“I gotta take a piss. Don’t take too long sport, still got about two, maybe three hours’ drive ahead of us.” Dad gruffly said, then stomped into the diner.

Mom checked to see he was gone before slowly walking up to me.

“Making plans for round two are we?” she purred sexily at me, noticing my basketball shorts as she grabbed her purse from the trunk.

“Sort of…” I sheepishly admitted, “But really Mom, it is fucking hot out here. I just wanted something, you know… cooler.”

“Something easier to get off more like it!” she retorted, slapping my butt as she giggled.

“Michael Stephen Lacey, you’re a very naughty boy!”

Normally when Mom used my full given name, I had fucked up somehow, but sensing the playful tone in her voice as she laughed put me at ease.

Making sure we were well hidden behind the car and upturned hatch, Mom got up next to me and rising up on her tippiest tiptoe, brought her sultry mouth to my ear.

“…very naughty for fucking your Mother like that… but Mommy loved it!” she cooed, and then gave me a quick nibble on my lobe and a peck on the cheek.

I pulled her to me lustfully and she squealed, her dainty hand grasping my muscular chest as she fell in my arms.

“Uh-uh-unnnh…not out here young man!” she teasingly admonished, waving a mocking finger at me.

“Hurry along now, Michael and get your britches changed. Like your father said, we’ve still got a long…ways…to go”

She reached down and caressed my rising bulge, emphasizing the word “looooong” as she lightly brushed the length of my shaft.

“Mom, I’ll never get settled if you stay out here flustering me! Go on ahead and order without me, I’ll be right in there…”

Two could play at this game as I reached down beneath her skirt and fondled her moist puss, emphasizing “I’ll be right in there…” as I did.

Mom twisted away swiftly when I tried to further finger her slit, playfully slapping my hand away.

“You incorrigible young man! What would you like Mommy to order for you?” she asked.

“I don’t know…I’ll have whatever Dad’s having…” I grabbed Mom by the waist and pulled her to me one last time, “…like maybe his wife!”

I squeezed a tight cheek from her plenteous ass through her skirt, then with a final pinch of her rump sent her away.

Both of us smiled lecherously at each other as we parted.

After I changed over to my basketball shorts (which were much cooler, and more importantly less restrictive) I made my way to the diner.

Mom and Dad sat opposite each other as was their custom, and were already almost halfway through their “breakfast for dinner”, chatting away as they ate.

“Finally! Hurry up Michael and dive right in. We got you a plate of pancakes just like your Dad, but we weren’t sure if you wanted anything else. Come on and plop alongside next to me!”

Mom patted the seat to her and I sat next to her. She had a frugal plate, just some toast, a small salad and fruit with some juice.

Dad had a big pile of pancakes, greasy bacon and old wrinkly looking sausages with a cup of coffee. For an old dude approaching past 40, with a receding hairline and out of shape, my old man really should start watching what he ate.

“This’ll be fine Mom. I can’t really have all that greasy stuff. I got to stay in basketball shape for tryouts with coach next month.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that sport. Besides, sert porno a young needs all those carbs, right honey? Young man’s gotta haul all that stuff of his later!” Dad busted out an annoying cackle, slapping his leg.

I tried hard not to roll my eyes, or “accidentally” kicking him in the shins then and there.

“Pay no heed to your father, Michael. But he is right, you will need all that energy for later…” she reached down beneath the table and surreptitiously squeezed my nuts through my shorts as she said this, unbeknownst to anyone else in the diner.

It was hard not to groan as she did this.

“Oh shoot, that reminds me, I frickin’ left my basketballs back home. Think you can bring them over next week Mom?”

“Of course, son. Don’t worry, I’ll just hold on to them till then…” Mom grinned, massaging my balls.

“So, what were you two gabbing about when I got here?” I asked as I dove into my pancakes.

Fucking Mom really had worked up an appetite (digestively speaking), and I was eager to scarf down the meal for another reason: so we could get back on the road and I could give it to her again.

“Oh nothing, just how soon I could come again…” there was a risky pause, “..and visit you! You know, help you get settled in your dorm. How about next weekend?” Mom smiled at me, again batting those luscious brown lashes.

It was like a secret, telegraphic code between us, with Mom blinking me her illicit invitation for more illegal, incestuous sex.

“Next week will be great Mom! You could really help me finish unloading…” I purposely popped a forkful of pancake in my mouth, letting her digest that pregnant pause for a second, while I thought about fucking Mom’s brains out all next weekend and unloading my balls into her. “…unloading all my stuff and getting it all organized, I mean.”

I grinned back at her and returned the unspoken, lustful gaze between us. We were in our own little world.

“Yeah, sport. I really wish I could come along and help you and your Mother and all, but September’s my busiest month and I’m gonna be swamped at the office” Dad rudely interrupted, snapping us back to reality with his jarring voice.

“It’s cool, Dad. Mom and I will be fine” (Fine all alone in my dorm as we fuck!) I sneered to myself.

Mom finished her light meal first and excused herself to the ladies’ room to “freshen up”, whatever that meant. I finished my plate soon after and was antsy to get back on the road, but of course Dad took his sweet ass time.

Finally he finished his greasy plate and was chewing on a toothpick when Mom emerged from the restroom. Something about her was different, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it just then (later pun intended).

“You sure that one plate of pancakes was enough for you, sport? Maybe we ought to order some more stuff for the road? I really don’t want to stop again to eat, it’ll be getting to sunset soon and we’re still only halfway to your school” Dad asked. He stepped outside and lit a smelly cigar.

“Yes, Michael. You’re always getting hungry after a couple hours, don’t lie. Must be all that youthful energy and metabolism! Go on ahead with your Dad, I’ll order some more food from the waitress.” Mom fished her wallet out of her small purse then quickly snapped it shut.

I shrugged a “whatever” and turned for the door.

“Oh, and Michael?” I quickly twirled around and walked back to her.

“Be a dear and put Mommy’s purse back in the trunk.” I turned to go, she yanked me back.

“I think you’ll find a nice little surprise in there if you take a look…” she whispered.

My interest was piqued.

With a final tug, she looked up at my eyes, then suggestively down to my crotch.

“And make sure you’re all “settled in” before I get back…” she mewed, one of her fingers just barely grazing the waistband of my shorts, pulling at it a little, as I got her message.

I quickly rushed outside to our car, more to get the hell out the place before I popped a boner right in the middle of that diner for all to see.

When I got to the trunk to put away Mom’s purse, I immediately snapped it open to see what the “surprise” was she had for me.

My jaw dropped at what I saw. There inside her purse were her white cotton panties! She was completely nude right now underneath her thin summer dress. Looking closely at the fabric, I could see a moist spot staining the crotch: our combined juices—her cream and my seed—had seeped obscenely out of her cunt.

It was instant hardon.

I chuckled to myself as it dawned on me what that subtle change that had come over Mom was a few minutes ago…I’d be putting more than my fingers on THAT pretty soon. More like my fat cock IN that!

Impatiently, I got back to my front seat and waited for Dad to finish his smelly cigar and Mom to get back. Even the cigar might be a blessing in disguise, I thought, maybe it’ll cover up some scents…

Remembering Mom’s other request to “settle” myself in, I anxiously slipped my thumbs in my waistband and slid my basketball shorts down to my ankles. Thankfully our car’s side windows are tinted so no one outside could see this horny 18-year old sitting in the front seat with a lewd erection tenting proud and tall from his crotch!



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