Sara is packing her bag for her annual trip home to New York for the holidays. Every year her family gets together for Christmas and New Year’s, a tradition that they have kept since they all wound up in different parts of the country. Sara resides down south in North Carolina, where she went to school. She has two sisters, Lisa and Kelly, who live in Colorado and Texas respectively. Sara is the youngest, followed by Lisa, and then Kelly. Sara is currently single as she just broke up with her boyfriend of nearly two years, which is making this trip even more necessary because her sisters have always been her best friends, especially Kelly, even though there is great distance between them. She is looking forward to seeing her sisters and catching up with them as they haven’t seen each other since last Christmas. Although they talk on the phone, it’s just not the same as in person.

(Telephone rings)

Sara sees that it’s her sister and picks up the phone: hey Kelly!

Kelly: Hey Sara! How’s it going?

Sara: ugh, you know how much I enjoy packing, but I get to see you guys so it’s definitely worth it.

Kelly: Haha, well that’s sweet. I can’t wait either. Your flight is all set and on schedule? Don’t forget that you’ll arrive first, so just wait for us by the baggage claim.

Sara: Yup. All good to go. I’m leaving for the airport in about an hour. Have you spoken with Lisa yet?

Kelly: Cool. Yes, I spoke with her last night and she should be all set. Looks like I will see you in a little while!

Sara: Sounds good! Can’t wait!

Sara finishes up packing and heads out to the airport. As planned she is the first to arrive, and she waits with excitement for her sisters to arrive. “Kelly should be due to arrive in about thirty minutes or so, and Lisa wont be here for another hour or so after that, so I’ll wait for Kelly and then grab a snack” Sara thinks to herself. A short while later, Sara hears Kelly’s voice.

Kelly: Sara!

Sara: Kelly! Oh my god, I’m so happy to see you! (As they run and hug each other) You look great! Looks like crossfit has been treating you well.

Kelly is the oldest sister at the age of 34. She is married, and has recently started doing crossfit with her husband in an effort to be in better shape. She was never “out of shape”, as she has always had a slender figure, with a rather large DD chest for her frame, shoulder length red hair. Sara was actually her inspiration to get in better shape because she has always played sports and has always had a very athletic build. Sara is built a bit bigger than Kelly, along the lines of broader shoulders and wider hips, but again a very athletic. She too has the gene for a chest equally as large as Kelly’s, and she has longer dark brown hair that she almost always wears in a ponytail or bun.

Kelly: Why thank you! It’s been tough but I have to admit it is pretty fun.

Sara: You hungry? I want to grab a snack while we wait for Lisa. I figure we’ll all have dinner together when we get to Mom and dads.

Kelly: Sounds good to me.

The two head over to the shops to grab a snack. They sit down by the baggage claim and catch up while waiting for Lisa to arrive.

Kelly: Heads up, here she comes. Hey Lisa! Over here!

Lisa looks around and sees her sisters, Kelly waving emphatically and calling her name. Lisa shares similar appearance to her sisters, but is by far the skinniest. She’s not anorexic by any means, but she is slender without any of the athletic or muscular structure. She had the palest complexion of the three with dark brown hair, and also shared the main trait of freckles. They all had freckles. She still carried the large breasts, but not as large as her sisters. Lisa had more along the lines of D cups.

Lisa: Hey you two! (All three run and hug each other) I hope you guys weren’t waiting around too long.

Kelly: No, just for a bit. It gave us a chance to catch up.

Sara: Let’s get going. I want to get to Mom and dads.

All agreed and the three headed off to grab a cab and head to their parents.

The girls arrived at their parents and unloaded their bags. They go inside to find the house empty.

Kelly: Mom? Dad? Anyone home?

The girls look around the house, but don’t see anyone. They figured they must not be back outdoor sex porno yet as they were on a cruise and were supposed to get back today, but traffic this time of year is always an issue. They all go to their rooms, unpack, and get comfortable. Kelly comes downstairs and tells Sara and Lisa that Mom just called her. Apparently the boat they were on had to stay docked in the Bahamas because of a serious storm that was coming through the area. They wouldn’t be back for two more days.

Sara: Well I guess that means we get girls night! (All of them laugh)

They decided to order some food as none of them felt like cooking, and by this time they were starving. The food came and they got settled, chatting and catching up on each other’s lives.

Lisa: So Sara, how have things been since you and Rich broke up?

Kelly: Yeah, you been OK?

Sara: Yeah, it’s been a little rough, but that’s why I was looking forward to talking about if with you guys. We were doing well, but there was a clear loss of affection that began unraveling our relationship. We still care about each other but we realized that we were headed in different directions. Not in our professional lives, or even our personal lives, but in who we were. What we valued was just too different, and it would have eventually led us to become bitter. We didn’t want it to end like that, so we left on mutual good terms. It’s still hard though. You lose a part of yourself with a lost love, but you have a piece of him that will live on in its place.

Kelly: That’s very insightful Sara. I’m really glad that you’ve been able to handle it well

Believe me I understand how difficult it is to find someone like him.

Lisa: Yes. It’s great that you are taking it well.

Sara: Thanks guys. How about you Lisa? We haven’t heard much in the way of exploits from you recently. You are usually the free spirit, and always have some great experiences to tell us about.

Lisa: Well, I actually do have something that I wanted to talk to you guys about. I haven’t mentioned it yet because I wanted to talk to you about it in person.

Kelly: OK, well now you certainly have our attention.

Lisa: You guys remember Leanne from high school?

Kelly and Sara nod.

Lisa: Remember how I was rooming with her for a few months while she was on her traveling nurse contract in Denver?

Again, Sara and Kelly nod.

Lisa: Well… When she moved in with me, I was still seeing Justin. The night he broke up with me I was a total train wreck. I couldn’t even talk to you two about it yet, I was so distraught. I just went home and cried. Leanne came home to find me crying and a mess, so she came over and hugged me and asked me what was wrong. I told her what happened, and she stayed there with me, just holding me and consoling me the best she could. After a while I started to calm down a bit, and I turned my head to face her, and I thanked her for being there for me. She laid her head against mine and said she’d always be there for me when I needed her…then she kissed me.

Sara & Kelly: What? Seriously?

Lisa: Yeah. She kissed me ever so softly on the lips, and I was a bit startled and confused, but I didn’t want to pull away. She looked at me and could tell that I was unsure, and she looked me in the eyes and said “it’s OK. Everything is going to be OK”. Then she kissed me again, and this time I began to embrace it and kiss her back. It was amazing. I’ve never felt a kiss quite so passionate before. I’ll spare you the details, but that was my first and only time with a girl.

Sara & Kelly’s jaws are both on the floor at this point.

Sara: holy shit…

Kelly: Are you serious? Wait. I have sooo many questions right now. I want the details. Don’t spare us.

Sara: Damn right. You can’t drop a bomb like that on us and then skip out on all the specifics. I want a play by play.

Lisa: Seriously? I knew you guys weren’t going to be judgmental, but I wasn’t expecting you to want all the dirty details.

Kelly: Well you certainly thought wrong sis. So let’s hear it. Spare no detail.

Lisa: (Now rather excited to get back into the memory) So as I was saying, I’ve never felt a kiss so passionate before. I felt as though there was a fire inside me and I was about to public agent porno explode into flames. Leanne could totally feel my energy as I she began to kiss me harder and harder until we were operating at a feverish pace. We knew where this was going and we just couldn’t get there fast enough. She put her tongue in my mouth and I attacked it with mine. Our hands were wandering up and down each other, exploring every inch of our bodies. I kept running my hands over her tits, they were huge and amazing, and I couldn’t help but fixate on them. She pulled back and pulled off her shirt. Before she could even get it all the way over her head, I had pulled her bra down to expose her gorgeous tits. I latched on to them with my mouth, and she moaned and groaned with excitement. She told me to “suck it harder” and bite her nipples. I was so turned on, every word she said was just an audio orgasm. She pushed me back, leaned over me, and kissed me deeply. She grabbed my sweats and pulled them down. She spread my legs and ran her hands up my thighs, running her hand over my practically dripping wet pussy. She looked at me and smiled. She said “someone’s excited… Show me that cunt”. I was enthralled by her words, and I did exactly as she said. I pulled my underwear off and spread my lips. I wanted her so bad. She put her head between my legs, and teased me for a moment, which was all I could handle. I grabbed her head and shoved it into my pussy. She was surprised but excited and she drove her tongue deep inside me. Leanne really knew how to work it as I have only had a couple of guys come anywhere close to what she was doing. Granted this was all new to me, and I was on a level of excitement I could only dream about. She kept her head buried deep between my legs, and I was on the edge. She lifted her head for just a moment, looked me straight in the eyes, and said “I want you to cum in my fucking mouth”…I lost it. I practically came just hearing her say it, but no sooner than she put her mouth back on my pussy, I was cumming. I could hear the slurping noises from her mouth as she continued to lick my pussy while I was cumming. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much, or so hard. It was unreal, and the fact that she was just taking every last bit of it in her mouth was even more of a turn on. When I finished, she looked up at me and I immediately grabbed her face, pulled it towards mine, and kissed her deeply and intensely, tasting myself and feeling all of my own juices on her lips and tongue.

Leanne: My God. You are such a nasty little bitch.

At this point I completely let go of any reservations I may have had. I was just so overwhelmed with excitement that I wanted to just do anything. I looked at Leanne and grabbed her hips, pulling them towards me, as I simultaneously pulled off her pants. I didn’t waste any time teasing her. I pulled her panties to the side, and engulfed her lips with my mouth. I frantically worked my tongue up and down her pussy, parting her lips and rubbing my tongue against her clit. She kept grabbing the back of my head and was pulling me against her. “oh my god, fuck me with your fingers” Leanne said. I pulled my head away from her lips, spat on her wet cunt, and stuck two fingers deep inside her. She let out a cross between a moan and “oh my god”, as she watched me fuck her. “oh fuck. You are driving me crazy” she said. She practically shouted “give me more”! So I put another finger inside her hole. “No, more, please”, she yelled. So I put all four of my fingers into her pussy and started to fuck her again. She gasped, as I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet cunt. She grabbed my arm and said “give it all to me. Put your whole fucking hand in my cunt”. I looked at her with disbelief, but I curled my thumb and began to wedge my fist inside her. I was astonished as her pussy swallowed my fist, stretching around my knuckles until my entire wrist was gone. I was trying to be careful and gentle, but she grabbed my arm and started shoving it back and forth, driving my fist deep inside her, almost like she was jerking off a big dick. She yelled at me “c’mon bitch. Fucking slam my fucking cunt”. I shoved my arm in and out of her hole as hard and fast as I could. “How’s that? You fucking like it like that you nasty bitch?” She began to close her legs as she started cumming; reality kings porno “keep your legs open. Open your fucking legs bitch. Open your fucking legs and let me fuck you”. I could feel her cumming as her pussy was strangling my fist. She was gushing everywhere as I continued to fuck her with my hand. I’ve never seen so much squirt before, as I pulled my hand out of her pussy I stuck my face right on her hole as she covered my face and hair with her cunt juice. “Spit it in my mouth” she said. So I sucked a mouthful of her cum from her pussy and crawled up to her face and spat every last drop into her mouth. She grabbed my hair and said “open your mouth “. I readily opened my mouth as she gave me back what I had given her.

Leanne: I have something for you.

Leanne ran over to her dresser, and grabbed a rather large strapon out of the bottom drawer. She began sliding it on as she came back over to me, and asked me to help her make sure it was nice and tight.

Leanne: I want to make sure it won’t loosen up because I am going to fuck the shit out of you.

I laid back in anticipation, but she said “Get down here and suck my dick”. So I got down and managed to wrap my mouth around her strapon. I went deep until I gagged, then pulled back, and spit on her dick and jacked it off with my hand. “You like when I gag on your cock”? I said. “Oh fuck yeah” she said. “Get back on my dick. Fucking choke on it you nasty bitch”, as she grabbed the back of my head and shoved her cock down my throat. I gagged on her dick as it hit the back of my throat, but I loved every second of it. I grabbed her hips and forced her cock as deep as I could down my throat. “Oh fuck yes you nasty fucking whore. Fucking choke on that fucking dick” she yelled as I slobbered all over her dick. I pulled her dick out of my mouth, stood up, grabbed her face as she opened her mouth knowing exactly what I wanted, and I spit my mouthful of gag into her mouth. She pressed her lips firmly against mine as we swapped spit back and forth. She pushed me back to floor and shoved her dick back in my mouth. She feverishly fucked my face as I gagged repeatedly on her cock. She pulled back, and threw me onto my back. “You ready for my cock?” she asked. I spread my legs, spit on my hand, and rubbed my pussy. She grasped her strapon as she guided it into my hole. I squirmed a little as her fat dick stretched my cunt. I felt so full, it was amazing. As I became comfortable with her dildo in my pussy she began pushing a little harder and a little deeper with each thrust. I couldn’t help but let out these deep guttural moans as my hole was completely stuffed with her dick. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her deep inside me. “Fuck me Leanne. Fuck my cunt” I said. She looked at my wildly as I clearly sent a surge of excitement through her with my words. She began to slam herself against me, driving every inch of the strapon into my pussy. “Take my cock bitch. You are such a nasty fucking whore. I love watching that dick go in and out of your fucking cunt. Fuck me back bitch. C’mon! Fuck me back!” she yelled. I met her every thrust with a thrust of my own, slamming our bodies together like wild animals. We were fucking so frantically we were dripping in sweat. I could feel it, I was about to cum, as I felt like I was going to explode. “Don’t fucking stop” I screamed. “You want me to stop?, she said teasingly. “Don’t you fucking stop you bitch. I’m going to cum. Keep fucking my cunt”. She grabbed my neck with both hands, choking me, just to slam my hole harder. “Cum bitch! Cum on my fucking dick!” she yelled. As I started cumming, I grabbed her hips and pulled her cock all the way inside me. “Don’t pull it out! I’m fucking cumming! Don’t fucking pull it out!” I shouted at her as I could feel my pussy juices gushing from between my legs. I had never cum so hard before. I could feel my cum all over her and I. We were soaked in a puddle of cum. She collapsed on top of me, worn out from my demanding fuck. “Oh my god. You are just incredible” she said as she caught her breath. “I have never cum like that ever. You had me so beyond excited. ” I replied. We just laid there for a few minutes, looking at each other. She kissed me and helped me up, and we went to go clean off.

Unfortunately that was the first, last, and only time she and I were together. She found out the next day that the traveling nurse program she was part of, was sending her to New Orleans to help with the relief efforts. She left by the end of the week.

Kelly & Sara are literally on the edge of their seats with completely befuddled, yet intrigued faces…



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