This story is partially fact and fiction, some has happened and some is a great imagination and fantasy combined. I hope you enjoy the story.

These is one of my most recent stories and have tried to work on my writing. I welcome any and all comments.


The day started out like any other day, it was nice, sunny and just like any other fall day. My wife and I headed down the road making the trip to visit her family for the afternoon. We hadn’t made a visit lately due to our hectic schedules.

After we had lunch with my in-laws, we stopped to visit my wife’s sister, Tess and her husband. When we arrived I found out that Tom was out fishing. We all went into the living room and started catching up on things.

Amie, my wife was talking about her job and social clubs etc so I kind of drifted out of the conversation and starting flipping channels on their Satellite TV. I found a show that was kind of sexual in nature and stopped my search, loving the view before me.

I was shocked when Tess started discussing her sex life, or should I say the lack of it. Tom and Tess were working different shifts and only really seen each other on weekends, Tom was always off fishing, hunting and guy stuff with her friends. meet suck and fuck

I started to think about my wife and our sex life and that seemed like it was a little deprived too. I was brought back to the TV set as the screen flashed to a new couple intertwined in some exotic sexual position and moaning loud like animals.

I looked over and noticed that Tess was rubbing herself through her flannel pajama bottoms while watching the TV. All of a sudden I realized how hot I was getting and though of what it would be like to have her.

We continued to watch the show and I was watching Tess. My wife had never been much into shows like this and dosed off. Tess must have caught on to my glances, but continued to rub herself and just smiled when I would glance over in her direction.

The show was coming to an end with all the different characters having some kind of orgy and when I looked back to Tess I found she had her eyes closed and her bottoms pulled down, her fingers in her wet hole.

My cock stiffened instantly and I was mesmerized by the view before me. I was temporarily frozen, and then I couldn’t resist and moved in front of her. She smiled, and I started to lick her glistening mobil porno mound. She slightly moaned as the heat from my tongue touched her clit.

We looked over and my wife was still asleep. We quietly walked into the bedroom and I dropped my pants, pulled Tess to the edge of the bed and drove my hard cock into her wet and wanting pussy. It was hot and moist and tighter than my wife’s’. Tess was more petite in size and her pussy felt wonderful.

I was amazed at how much control she had over her muscles within her pussy and it didn’t take long for my cock to loose its control. I drove hard and deep into her wanting cunt and felt the tingling sensation as my load exploded deep inside her.

We caught our breath and then reality caught up with us. What had we just done? My first thought was that of not using any protection. I know that Tom had a vasectomy, as he never wanted to have kids. I on the other hand am still shooting live loads.

We kissed and I held her for a few minutes. As we were close, the warmth and touching made us both feel the desires stirring again. Without any words said, Tess straddled me and I felt my cock get swallowed up by the warmth of Tess’s pussy. The juices of our first mofos porno romp started to run down the length of my manhood and onto the sheets.

Tess had magic in the way she could move her hips and the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt. My wife was more old fashioned about sex and was not into trying a lot of new things.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations that my body was taking in. I felt Tess shift her position, and then she moaned. It was a soft moan and I felt her body tense. Her riding motion on my cock stopped and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing before me.

My wife, Amie was naked and was behind Tess, her tongue was lapping at her pussy. As Tess moved again I raised my hips to gain deeper penetration and I felt my cock releasing another load.

My wife lapped at the juices dripping down, Tess and I laid there tired and spent. Amie kept up her work on Tess and after a short time, Tess changed position and I found myself gifted with a show of two beautiful women, sisters in fact, sixy-nining each other.

After they both had climaxed, we all cleaned up and Amie and I headed home. I now look forward to those “family visits”, especially with Tess.

Since that time, Tom and Tess split up and the three of us have had a few more group sessions. Oh, and when I have had the chances, Tess and I have hooked up just the two of us. I look forward to all of our visits. Maybe I will write again to share our loving experiences.



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