Cassie had come downstairs in the middle of the night, unable to sleep for any decent amount of time. It was a warm summer night so she just sported a light pajama set: a grey tank top and matching female boxer bottoms, both made of cotton. Though she knew very well that she would have to pay for her afternoon catnaps, she did it anyway. She didn’t mind being up so late as long as she had food to forage for in the kitchen. She fumbled around through a few cabinets until she settled for a bag of chips.

Opening up her snack, Cassie leaned back against the counter as she gazed around the kitchen and family room. She could only see faint images that were showered with bits of golden rays from the stove light. Cassie crunched noisily into the deadness of the night.

Just then, moments after she had started eating, she heard some fumbling at the front door and her heart beat faster. Cassie looked at the time on the microwave. It read 2:30 a.m. and she, then, calmed down. It could only be one person.

The front door opened softly and then closed back quickly, just as noiseless. Cassie kept eating on her snack and stared to the corridor off of the kitchen. A figure soon appeared, being touched by the golden light.

Becky lazed at the threshold, leaning against the entrance with a giddy look on her face. Her dyed black hair was a bit tussled but still showed all her even streaks of red. Becky’s short ‘do’ had been accentuated by the fact that the hair around her ears grew nice pointed strands of hair over them that reached down to the middle of her neck; the rest of her hair was cropped and arched to frame the outline of her face, leaving the top of the hair layered and fringed. Becky’s make-up, or what was left of it, was always the same: black eyeliner and clear lip-gloss…nothing else. She had on a black tight-fitting tee and some old blue jeans.

“Oh come on, Becky. What have you gotten into tonight?” Cassie sat her chips down on the counter before walking towards her older sister. They had actually become step-sisters by marriage but were so close that they never used the title.

“Nothing, babe. Just me and Tony were having some fun. Nothing to worry about.”

As Cassie neared her sister, she could smell the heavy scent of beer enshrouding Becky. She shook her head wondering why Becky was always getting into things that mom and dad wouldn’t approve of.

“Come on, let’s go to the sink.” Cassie grabbed her sister’s hand, pulling her off the wall and bringing her fully into the kitchen. Becky followed behind, giggling quietly from her drunken stupor.

“Ah, Cass…I’m fine. You don’t have to take care of me.” Becky continued following her younger sibling, however, to the sink. Cassie turned on the water and then grabbed a glass out of the dishwasher. She filled the glass and gave it to her sister.

“Drink up, Becky.” Becky grabbed the glass and slowly drank down the water. She plopped the empty cup on the counter.

“Thanks little sis. You’re the best. You always look out for me.” She grabbed her sister’s hands and smiled.

“Yeah, well you better be more careful before you get caught sneaking out at night. You know mom and dad don’t care how old you are. Their rules are no boys in the house and in by 12.” Cassie frowned at her sister.

“Don’t give me that look, Cass. Look I’m sorry, you won’t have to cover for me because I made it back in before anyone noticed.”

“You know as well as I do that I’ll be covering for you soon; for one thing or another.” Cassie rolled her eyes.

“Stop it, Cass.” Becky smiled, still holding her baby sister’s hands. She reached in and kissed Cassie’s forehead. “Come on, smile. You know you want to.” Becky laughed a little. Cassie remained frowning, though. Becky took note of her sister’s bobbed brunette hair with bangs swept across her eyebrows.

“It’s not funny. I worry about you.” Cassie tried to push her sister away. Becky held onto little Cass’ hands and pulled her closer, still laughing a little. She let go of her sister’s hands and put her own hands around the young one’s waist.

“I know, baby sis. I’ll try and be more careful.” She smiled down, affectionately. “You have some potato chip crumbs on your face.” The older sister reached down and kissed around the young girl’s mouth, sticking out her tongue to retrieve the salt tidbits. After kissing up all of the remnants, Becky straightened back up.

Cassie looked a little distant, her mouth freshly cleaned by her sister. “Thanks, I’m going to bed now.” Cassie freed herself of her sister’s grip and turned to walk away. As she got to the foot of the staircase, Becky grabbed her left hand from behind. Cassie allowed her hand to be cradled as her older sister took the lead up the steps. Once they got to the top of the landing, Becky stopped the procession.

“Go to your room and grab your pillow. Come sleep in my room tonight; I don’t want to be alone.” Becky whispered out the instructions, giving Cassie a pat on the backside before the gizli çekim porno younger girl headed to her room.


Cassie was back in her sister’s room sitting on the bed and looking at all the weird posters on the wall. It wasn’t the first time that she viewed these strange images. She had been in her sister’s room many times before, especially at night. Becky liked for Cassie to sleep in her room with her ever since they first started to live together. They would stay up late talking about all the things that Becky had gotten into that week, or that night, and Cassie would admonish her sister for such things. She always made room to say, “Dad and mom wouldn’t approve…” which seemed to make Becky smile more.

Cassie didn’t mind sleeping in her sister’s room, either; there, she could keep an eye on her sister and keep out that rogue “friend” of hers, Tony.

Becky turned on her little clock/radio to some punk station. She wasn’t one for sleeping in total silence which meant that either the TV was going to be on, or the radio would be making noise. She struggled with her tight tee for a bit before yanking it off. As expected, Cassie thought, she had worn no bra. Becky’s little jeans came off in the same fashion, the only “panties” being the thin landing strip that she left on her pubic area.

“Are you going to keep on your clothes, sis?” Becky was re-applying her lip-gloss to the smeared layer.

“Of course, they’re sleeping jammies.” Cassie scooted back to the head of the bed and flipped back the comforter, settling in her usual spot on the right side of the bed and closest to the window. “What need is there to put more make-up on and you’re about to go to bed?”

“Simple. To keep my lips moist so that they don’t become dry and cracked by morning.” Becky went to the room door and shut it quietly. Smiling mischievously at her younger sister, she took off running from the door and “flew” into the bed bouncing poor Cassie. The younger girl laughed and held onto the covers so that she didn’t topple off of the bed.

Becky snaked up to her sister, reaching her hands at Cassie’s tummy and tickling her mercilessly. Little Cassie just laughed incessantly until she could hardly breathe.

“I give, I give…” Cassie was trying to regain her breath.

“And besides, it keeps my little puckers soft. Wanna feel?” Becky had crawled her way up her sister’s torso, her face level with Cassie’s.

“What do you mean?” Cassie looked at her sister’s shiny lips.

Becky reached forward and slowly placed her lips on her sister’s. She pressed forward some more, letting her lip-gloss smear itself into Cassie’s lips. She broke the kiss and pulled back.

“How was that? Was it soft?” Becky kindly stared at her sister waiting on an answer.

“Oh, I see. That was soft.” Cassie rubbed her lips together to spread the lubricant.

“Tell me, Cass, have you had your first kiss, yet? You’re an eighteen year-old senior in high school. Surely, with your cute body and killer wit, you’ve had some boys.” Becky had rolled off of Cassie and they both had gotten under the covers and were facing each other.

“I mean, well…I stay focused too much on school to really get into anything. I guess I haven’t had my ‘first’ kiss.” Cassie had her right hand propped under her cheek as she sheepishly looked at her older sister.

“Aww, poor baby. Well, at least you receive kisses from me.” Becky reached across, under the covers to find Cassie’s belly and tickle it again. Cassie giggled and tried to turn away but her more powerful sister just turned her back around and continued the assault. She finally stopped, her arm wrapped over the younger one’s stomach, sitting in a half-propped position with her face laughing and hanging over Cassie’s.

“Yes, Becky. I do get my little kissy treats from you.” Cassie’s laughter was dying down as she stared up at her sister.

“Well, Cass, as much as I would like to keep tickling and playing with my little girl, we have to get some sleep now. Gimme a good night kiss.” Becky reached down, pressing her lips over her sister’s mouth. She puckered her lips forward causing a slight smacking sound as she pecked at the other lips bathed in her lip-gloss. She pulled back, looking at her sister and smiling. Cassie was smiling back at her. “Okay, maybe one more.” She reached down again, pressing harder and tasting at Cassie’s bottom lip, slightly running her tongue across it. Having tasted enough, she pulled back again.

“Becky, that kiss was a bit…different.” Cassie looked up at her sister with an inquisitive look.

“I know, baby. That was a special kiss for my special sis that always takes care of me. Did you like it?” Becky had brought her hand up and was gently stroking the left side of Cassie’s face with the back of her fingers.

“Yeah, I guess. It kind of brought chills to me, though. How come?” Cassie was helping the adoring hand along by rubbing her face against it.

“Well, sometimes when you glory hole secrets love someone you can feel the love moving around your body. That’s all.”

“Oh, ok. That was a good feeling, then. I like feeling like that. For some reason I felt closer to you when you did that. So it’s a good thing, then?”

“Yes, little sis. Let’s go to bed now. Would you like to feel our little special feeling for each other as we fall asleep?”

“Sure, of course.”

“Okay.” Becky glided the hand that was stroking her sister’s face down until it was sleeking over the neck and continuing on; it kept traversing the young girl’s body past the cotton tank top until it reached the waistband of the boxers. Once there, the hand slipped under the elastic and down until it rested four of its fingers between Cassie’s thighs.

The whole time, Cassie followed the hand with her eyes. It was mesmerizing that the hand was making her feel as their “special” sister kiss did earlier. When the hand stopped between her legs, she looked up puzzled towards Becky. Becky just smiled back down at her.

“Now just turn on your side as you do all the other times and snuggle back against me.” Becky waited as Cassie turned her body towards the window with the hand still between her and rubbing against her.

Becky pressed herself against the back of her sister, spooning her as she did every night that they slept together. Her hand between her sister’s legs and feeling the smoothness, she placed her mouth near the young girl’s ear.

“Good night, Cass. Are you okay?”

“Yes…” Cassie felt strange. This feeling was more intense than the kiss. She knew that her sister loved her to make her feel like this. She adjusted her legs, feeling the hand in between falling into niches here and there. She closed her eyes softly. “Good night.” She felt her sister kiss her goodnight again, once more, on her neck as she spaced out.


The next day was pretty uneventful and as lazy as a summer’s day should’ve been. Cassie had cleaned a bit around the house and coerced her parents into taking her to the movies. She didn’t hang out too much with friends from school and was equally a mommy’s and daddy’s girl. The divorce that her dad had went through with her mom left her clingy towards any parental figures.

They arrived back home around eight and Cassie bustled in the house to go see what Becky was up to. It was no surprise that Becky hadn’t wanted to go with them. She played her role as the black sheep with perfection. Cassie went running upstairs, her blue jean shorts and green jersey top allowing her limbs all the breeze that they could take. She made it to Becky’s room and knocked lightly.

“Yeah, who is it?” The voice sounded annoyed and frustrated.

“It’s me, Becky. Can I come in?”

“Oh sure, honey. It’s open.” Becky’s voice had lost its edge, being assured that the disturbance wasn’t either of the parents.

Cassie turned the knob and came into the room. Becky had several outfits laid out on the bed and the radio was pumping some fast tempo beat. There was an open can of beer sitting on the dresser whose mirror Becky was using to primp herself, standing there topless in some black boy-short panties with a green cannabis plant in the middle.

“What are you doing?” Cassie had walked over to her sister and was just staring at her through the mirror.

“I’m getting dressed, Cass. Bout to go out.” Becky made sure that the last application of eyeliner was thin perfect.

“Why? How come you just don’t hang out with me tonight?” Cassie put her hand on her sister’s arm to make sure she was being paid attention to. Becky turned to look at her little darling sister.

“We will hang out another time, sis. Tony and I have plans.” Becky put her fingers under Cassie’s chin and tilted her head up. “Don’t look like that. We always hang out.”

Cassie jerked her head away from her sister’s fingers, turning to the side before muttering. “Yeah, sure. After you go have fun with everyone else and get all pissy drunk.” Cassie turned around slowly, ready to just go to her room.

“Cass, come on. Stop, come back.” Cassie kept walking towards the room door. Becky trailed her sister quickly and ran past her and closed the room door before Cassie could get to it. She leaned back against the door waiting for Cassie to reach her. Cassie’s head was still down as she approached her sister, walking like a zombie.

Becky reached her hand out towards Cassie’s left hand and pulled it up. Cassie finally looked up at her sister’s face. Becky took the hand and kissed it softly on the back side.

“I’m sorry, Cass. Is that what you think of me? You think that I just come around once I’ve had all of my fun?” She peered into her sister’s eyes waiting on a response. Cassie had a few tears streaming down her face and her nose was beginning to run a little.

Cassie yanked her hand away and crossed her arms, her head cocked to the right trying to show her disinterest. grup sex Becky stepped closer to her bringing her right hand up to stroke her sister’s hair.

“How about a special sister kiss to make you feel better?”

No answer from Cassie. She just pursed her lips and sighed what could almost be translated into a, ‘Whatever.’

Becky stroked her sister’s hair one more time before using the hand to slightly turn Cassie’s head back around to face her. She moved forward even closer, her naked breasts pressing against the green material and kissed Cassie on the left cheek. She pecked the cheek again, lower this time. Cassie started backing up trying to get away from her sister’s kisses. She didn’t want her sister’s special kisses just to be abandoned for another night.

Becky wrapped her arms around her sister to hold her into place and continued creating a trail down her sister’s left cheek. Having reached Cassie’s jawbone, Becky skipped down to her sister’s neck and trailed more kisses until she reached her collarbone. Cassie started to feel the goose bumps through her skin again as she did last night.

“No. No, Becky. You’re only doing this because I’m mad at you. Our special kiss is for when you want to spend time with me as my big sister, not as a pity outlet.” Cassie ignored the feelings that she was having long enough to forcefully remove her sister’s smooth arms from around her waist and stumble back over towards the dresser behind Becky. She propped both her hands on the edges of the dresser breathing in heavy gasps as she stared down her sister.

Becky turned around, empathy in her eyes, and walked towards where her sister had escaped to.

“No, don’t come near me. Just get dressed and go hang out with Tony.” Cassie continued to try and back up futilely, having already been bounded by the dresser. Becky got closer to her sister and placed her hand on the younger girl’s tummy while looking down into her eyes. With the other unoccupied hand, she violently swept all of the things off of her dresser leaving them to crash haphazardly on the floor. She then took that same hand and placed it on the small of Cassie’s lower back. With both her hands in place, one on Cassie’s lower back and one on her tummy, she effortlessly lifted Cassie up and back placing her on her back on the dresser.

Cassie looked a little bewildered, surprised at her sister’s strength. She lay on the dresser not moving, just looking up at Becky who was still gazing into her eyes.

“You think I would choose Tony over you?” Now a tear had begun to coalesce in one of Becky’s eyes.

“You always do. You don’t love your baby sister; you just use her.” Cassie’s own tears were coming down faster. She couldn’t take it when she saw tears from her sister. All she wanted was for her sister to be happy.

“Take that back, Cassie.” The tear had finally formed and dropped from Becky’s eye down to Cassie’s green shirt. Becky started moving the hand that was still on Cassie’s tummy up the shirt, slithering lazily across the heated white skin.

“No, sis. You don’t love me, you love only Tony.”

“No!!!” Becky hated hearing these words come from her beloved sister. She hung her head as more tears welled up inside her and dropped down onto her sister. “What about our special kiss and how it makes you feel?” Her hand still moved upwards.

“I guess it means nothing.” Cassie was relentless. It was killing her inside to hurt and torment her sister like this. She wanted to reach out and comfort her but she just couldn’t. She wished she could just hold her sister’s head in her arms and rock her to sleep.

“What?!? How could you?” Becky sniffled a bit. She poised her head right above her sister’s face and began descending down. She could see the faster falling tears coming out of her baby sister’s eyes as they streamed down the corners of her eyes back into her hair. When her lips were but a few inches away from Cassie’s, she whispered, “So this means nothing of my love for you?” With that, she placed her mouth over her sister’s and clamped down. The other hand that had been trailing her sister’s belly had the shirt all the way up exposing the little one’s torso to the cool air.

Cassie couldn’t take it: she wanted to comfort her sister from any tears; she wanted to run away from her sister for always abandoning her; the chills developing in her body put her in disarray. She began sobbing into Becky’s mouth, letting her sister soak up all of her emotion and take care of her for once. She reached her arms up and grabbed both sides of Becky’s face, forcing it down on her more.

Becky sucked on her sister’s mouth, exchanging tasting the top and bottom lip. Cassie returned the movements, holding her sister to her as she continued sobbing and whining. The hand that was under Cassie’s shirt had stopped its movement and had been waiting like a snake in the grass between the two mounds that lay right above it. When Cassie had first took hold of Becky and began kissing her back, the hand reanimated itself and began taking handfuls of the left breast. It was kneading and massaging it, only half paying attention to the nipple that crowned it. Needing to have more of her sister’s mouth, Becky crept her tongue past its own territory and found Cassie’s.



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