Sister Serena Sex-Teen Show on video-1SASSY SISTER SERENA’S EROTIC EDUCATION AND ABUSE BY ‘BIG BRO’ PROF POET- PETERSister Serena seeks Love Lessons as Sex Student Submission & Slavery at Big Bro Professor Poet-PeeSweet sister Serena is a yearning yummy young seductive starlet seeking sexual satisfaction in seducing ‘mighty men’ with her husky voice to come for her on the phone, while she has her left hand between her lustful love lips fingering fanatically ‘fanny’ for ‘family fantasy’: ‘fucking father’ – as long as mother is out. As elder big brother I also have the hots for her – but she can not make even a dime at me – so she plays

‘hard to get’. Always denies me any free views of her beautiful body, budding boobies and awesome ass. So she deserves her fate. Let me explain how I set her up. Firstly I misinform her that our mother will be out for many hours – while in fact she is only to the small supermarket at the corner for an errand or two. Secondly, I have hacked her cell phone. ataşehir escort Hence it is simple to dial her ‘professional ’69’ number, for some free ‘cam-chat’, getting her to show off her beautiful boobies of AA-size titties, never needing any bra, her bald ‘belly’ with shaven love-lips – and finally her randy round beautiful ‘bell bottom’ with its secret tightest hole of her last left virginity – the sphincter she soon will have to offer me, in my blackmail set-up trap I set, in order to make her mine to have whenever I want, when our folks are off. Which is often, luckily for me, so I will have almost daily access to my freshly found ‘sex slave’ bodily goodies’ of her three open orifices of throat, vulva and ‘anal canal’ to painfully ‘penistrate’ and abuse for my sexual satisfaction two to three times a day – and all weekend, when our folks are out ‘swinging’ with other ‘Christian couples’ in ‘Church’. Yummy young sexy sweet sister Serena is a ‘M.A.’ in ‘Manual Masturbation’- escort ataşehir she can give ‘Master-Classes’in ‘Master-Bating’, but technically still secretly very virgin in intercourse, while she is only pretending ‘pussy-penetration’ for her ‘curious cumming clients’ on the pay-phone private 69-line! ================================================================================So ‘Sister Serana’ still seeks ‘Sex-Master’ to teach the teasing teen ‘new numbers in intercourse’ each day’Sister Serena’ submits to her bold ‘big bro’ in a secret society we will call ‘Mormon Mission’ hence her new name of ‘Sister Serena’ – as a ‘Sex Student’ ‘fresh-woman’ in our first ever semester ‘Sexual Submission & Slavery’ for ‘Verified Virgins’ from famous families of superior social standing. ‘Intimate Inspection & Interrogation’ is ‘Entrance Exam’ for all Applicant ‘Sex Students’ seeking admission.’Inspection’ of ‘Private Parts’ to take a photo of her ‘Holy Hymen’ for her portfolio ataşehir escort bayan as ‘Sex Students first file.’Interrogation’ of ‘Past Private Erotic Education & Experiences’ including fantasies, not barring any fancies nor family members in roles of ‘dreamt-off potential penetrative partner’s in ‘peach-eating’, ‘cherry-picking’ her ‘female flower’ for first time ever.’Sister Serena’ agrees to share her hot first ‘private parts photo’ and a video of hottest & ‘most embarrassing erotic moment’ in her horny tough teen times for erotic education for free – here in internet of sex students of her hot beloved ‘Big Brother’ Prof Poet-Peter, who teaches all Virgins at ‘A’dams “Amour” Academy’ . Prof PoPee deftly deflorates daily one of them for all eyes in class to watch live, while their hands should rest at their desks, as Prof Po-Pee demands their full concentration from them for his hot ‘Acts of Love’, often captured on video for future ‘Sex Students’ “Slavery and Sexual Submission Surveys”.==========================================================================================================================================================================COPYRIGHT CLAIM by PROFESSOR POET-PETER at ‘AMSTERDAM “AMOUR”ACADEMY’ – 4 July ’20



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