Recently my youngest sister n law came to visit my wife and me for the second time in about a year. This time she brought along my mother and father in law and her two kids. The last time she visited it was just she and my wife’s other two sisters. At least one if not all of my wife’s sisters know that I wear panties. And I imagine they all know that when then come to visit they will leave at least one pair of panties less than when they arrived. This time was not gonna be any exception or so I thought. Everyone left me home alone with my sister in law’s bags. I knew they’d be gone awhile so I wasted no time getting into her luggage to find a pair of panties. I looked and looked but could not find any. I was disappointed until I remembered she had done some laundry. I went to the laundry and there found a nice pair of aqua blue panties. Since I could only find one pair I knew I could not keep them without her knowing.

A little background, my wife and I had been dating for several months and were down in her den sneaking in a quickie when her sister came into the room. I only had time to pull out and try my best to keep my back to her sister so to hide the wet erection stick out the front of my pants. The sister had barely turned 18 and possessed and AWESOME body that from what my wife had told me was still virginal. Her sister must have known we were up to something because she kept working her way around until she was able to get at least a glimpse of my hard dick, which had somehow grown even harder when it knew she was in the room. She did not make it obvious that she had seen my dick, but instead just went and took a seat in a nearby chair and turned to watch TV while I stuff my dick into a pair of panties that I wore under my jeans. Since that day I have made a point I have tried to take advantage of any opportunity to see my wife’s sisters nude and or in their panties. I also made a point to get at least one pair of their panties when ever I visit them or they visit my wife and me. As I said, this visit was no exception. Now, several years later, the sister does not still have that AWESOME body, but she still stirs my dick when I see her pretty face and huge tits straining to get out of her too little bras and tight shirts.

There was only one pair of panties that I could find, so I decided to wear them while they were out and would put them back when I heard them driving up. The plan was going good as I sat down with my wireless keyboard and started reading my favorite thread on . I found a few stories that peeked my interest, sex with inlaws. As I read I of course thought how nice it would be female agent porno to fuck my sister in law like some of the stories. I was drinking some vodka and cranberry juice and stroking my erection through Rena’s (sister in law) panties when I closed my eyes to imagine her riding up and down on my dick with her big tits swinging in my face.

I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke I could hear my wife and Rena talking. They were in the room watching TV and talking. I did not know what to do so I decide to pretend that I was still asleep. I kept my eyes shut and my ears open. Seems they had been home for a while. They were talking about the pictures they had taken and how they had gotten the video camera setup. I knew I was doomed then so I figured I might as well face the music. I opened my eyes and saw the video camera point straight at me. There were two images on the TV screen. Some movie on the main screen and me on the PIP. I could clearly see myself laying on the couch, keyboard in my lap and a clear shot of my crotch covered with Rena’s panties. Seems they both realized I was awake at the same time. It wasn’t until they both stood and started walking over to me that I noticed their outfits. My wife is dressed in black panties that match the black high heel, platform sandals she is wearing. Rena, has borrowed a red pair of the same type of shoes from my wife and is wearing them with a short blue skirt and the VERY SEXY demi cup bra that matches the panties I am wearing. My wife took the remote and switched the picture in the TV so the PIP is the main screen. They both stood in front of me allowing me to look past them into the TV and get a full view of my wife’s LUSCIOUS ass and the gorgeous legs of her sister. They stood in front of me as my wife asked for an explanation. Before I could say a word she kneeled between my legs, bent her head down, and kissed my panty-covered erection. As she planted several kisses and licked through the panties, Rena sat next to me, leaned close to my ear as she whispered that enjoyed finally getting to see me in panties. She said that she was even happier that they were her panties. She then asked if all I wanted was her panties. My wife looked my in the eye and winked as she opened her mouth and covered the head of my panty covered dick.

It made it hard for me to answer Rena and even harder when she licked my ear then stood behind my wife and took off her skirt. When the skirt hit the floor, Rena turned her ass to me as she bent from the waist to slowly reach for her skirt. Once in hand she stayed in that position allowing me a full female fake taxi porno view of her shaved, wet pussy and tight puckered ass. One hand reached for the skirt, as the other reach back, rubbed her tight ass then slowly moved down the back of her thigh all the way down her leg to her ankle. She held that pose as she winked at me. The whole time my wife was sucking and licking my panty covered ass. As Rena turned around my wife pulled my dick from her sister’s panties pointed it straight up in the air, then ran her tongue over the head, around the crown then down the shaft until I could feel her tongue on my balls. She opened her mouth while looking at me and talking both of my balls into her mouth. She sucked hard before she released them with a pop.

Rena has moved closer now. She was right over my wife’s head now. My wife without looking, grabbed my dick, stood it straight up, offering it to her sister. Rena, while locking her eyes on mine, straddled me then lowered her body until her pussy lips contacted my dick head. Maintaining this position she leaned forward and whispered again if all I wanted was her panties? Before I could answer my wife took my balls back into her mouth as Rena lowered her body until I could feel her hot juices on the head of my dick. She lowered her body until just the head of my dick was throbbing inside her hot, juicy pussy. She held that position until I could feel her juices running down my dick. My wife who was sucking my balls, looked at me through her sister’s open thighs as she released my balls then stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it up my shaft to tasting her sister’s juices as the hot lava leaked from Rena’s pussy, covering my throbbing dick head and running down my shaft. As my wife’s tongue came up, Rena slowly lowered her body until her hot pussy completely covered my dick.

As Rena started slowly grinding her pussy down on my dick to get it deeper in her tight pussy, my wife stood behind her, unfastened her bra, then pulled it slowly up and off Rena’s DD tits. Rena’s tits did not move, staying firm, pert, with fully erect half-inch nipples standing straight out as my wife threw the bra on top of my head saying, you have the whole set now, the panties and the bra.

Rena raised up off my dick and leaned forward putting her hard nippled bit tit inches from my lips. She asked me again if all I wanted was her panties. As she lowered her pussy back down my dick, she put her nipple to my lips instructing me to put my teeth on her nipple. I did as she told me as my wife sat next to us. Rena told me to bite hard on her fuck in traffic nipple. I bit and chewed on it as she slowly rode up and down on my dick. I was close to cumming and did not want to miss the chance to get my hands on Rena’s naked big ass and firm, perky DD cup tits. While still biting on her nipple, I put one hand on her other tit and used my other hand to squeeze and caress her ass. Rena told me to spank her. I did as she asked and started spanking her. To my pleasant surprise my wife started spanking Rena on her other cheap. As Rena’s ass was being spanked and her tits squeezed and nipples bit, she started riding my dick faster, rising all the way up till just the head was all that remained in her pussy, then coming down hard until my dick was as deep as it could go into her body through her wet pussy.

Rena was riding my dick hard and as fast when suddenly she sat down hard on my dick and went completely stiff. Then just as suddenly her body began slowly, but increasing in speed, tremor that grew to a shake. As her body shook harder she fell forward covering my face with her big tits. She wrapped her hands around my neck and put her head into my shoulders and neck. When her body stopped shaking she stoke out her tongue to lick and suck on my neck. Then with my dick still inside her tight pussy, she ran her tongue up to my ear to lick around the outside and then the inside before she whispered, if all I wanted was her panties?

Without noticing my wife had moved behind Rena again and was kneeling. She reached up to stroke my balls, then pushed Rena up as she grabbed my dick to pull it from Rena’s soaking, hot, juicy pussy. She then took my dick pointed it straight up and asked me if I was ready for more of Rena. Rena raised her body then looked me in the eye again as my wife held my dick up and Rena lowered her body to putting her tight, puckered asshole on the tip of my dick. She asked me again if all I wanted was her panties she slowly lowered her body until my dick was completely buried inside her tight asshole. Without wasting any time Rena used her tight asshole to ride up and down my hard throbbing until both of our bodies got tossed up into strong and very intense orgasms. Rena’s orgasm was so strong it through her body off of mine and she fell on the floor. When her ass released my dick it was still shooting cum into the air. My wife took this opportunity to catch some of my cum then lowered her mouth until she had my entire dick in her mouth. She sucked the remaining cum from my dick before releasing it with a resounding pop.

With my deflating dick in her hand, my wife told me that her and Rena had decided that Rena would spend the rest of her visit sharing our bed. Before the visit was over I found out that Rena had more panties that she had hidden, hoping that I would put on the pair she left in the laundry. Seems I was set up and easily fell for the trap.



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