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It was Sunday morning and, unsurprisingly, we all slept in quite late following last night’s activity. When we eventually did emerge, Margaret prepared a sort of brunch and we talked about what we should do for Jill’s last evening with us. Jill was Margaret’s sister who had been staying with us for a few days.

It was amazing to think that she had only been here for three days and yet she had brought a spark back to our lives that had not been there for many years. Now that her house redecoration was complete she would be setting out in the morning to return home. Since she lived at the other end of the country, we had no idea when we would see her next so we wanted to make her final evening memorable.

As we chatted around the breakfast room table, Margaret was idly flicking through a free local paper that had been delivered a few days before.
“I don’t believe it!” she exclaimed. “Look at this Jill. The Cult are playing here tonight at the University.”

“Really?” said Jill as she moved around the table to look at the paper herself, “I can’t believe they’re still around!”

I had certainly heard of The Cult, they had been quite well known post-punk rock band in the mid to late-eighties, but they had never featured anywhere on my list of favourites. It seemed however that they were big news at the time in the girls’ household. Margaret and Jill were reminiscing about the singles and albums they had bought, having seen the band make an appearance on a TV program called The Tube some thirty years or so ago.

“The fire in your eyes, keeps me alive,” sang Jill.

“And the fire in your eyes, keeps me alive,” responded Margaret.

“I’m sure in her you’ll find… the sanctuary,” they sang together, but not even in the same key, before bursting into a fit of giggles like teenagers.

“Ian Astbury was my first ever crush,” admitted Jill, “I used to imagine meeting him and him giving me my first real kiss.”

“My imagination went further than yours,” Jill retorted. “He was the focal point of my first forays into masturbation. He was responsible for my first ever orgasm!”

Jill and I both stared straight at Margaret and she blushed a deep crimson. “I’m not going any further with that!” she said and buried her face back in the paper.

“Well that’s decided,” I said. “We’ll go and see them tonight.”

“But we’ll be twice the age of anyone else there,” said Margaret.

“Who cares? It’ll be fun!” Jill replied.

I fired up the laptop and within 10 minutes I had secured three tickets that we could pick up at the door when we arrived. Then I went on to book us a table for dinner at a restaurant about ten minutes’ walk from the University campus and made a call to arrange a cab for the evening, so that I didn’t have to drive.

All arrangements made, I repaired to the lounge to watch a recording of last night’s Match of the Day and doze a little. The girls spent the whole afternoon reminiscing about music and boys, which seemed to be the two main interests of their teenage years, and deciding what they were going to be wearing for the evening.

Five minutes before the cab was due, Margaret and her younger sister came downstairs. Their time working on their outfits had been well spent. They had done their very best to approximate eighties fashion from within their existing wardrobe.

Margaret was wearing a gold and black lace dress. It was off-the shoulder and sleeveless, so basically being held up by her boobs. I guessed she was also wearing a black sleeveless bra. Under her breasts, the dress narrowed to a v-shaped waist that was quite flattering, before flaring out to a short ra-ra shape. The skirt part was actually very short, but underneath she was wearing some lacy black leggings that came to just above her ankles. She was wearing a pair of black shoes with quite a high heel and was carrying a black, fake feather boa in case she needed to cover her shoulders.

Jill was wearing a plain black cocktail dress with quite a high, halter-style neck that I recognised as one of Margaret’s that she hadn’t worn for many years. She had referred to it at the time as her “bodycon” dress. It was really close fitting, particularly as Jill was a little curvier than her sister and it was immediately apparent that Jill had dispensed with a bra for the evening. When she twirled around to show off the outfit, I realised the reason for this was that the dress was virtually backless. This dress was quite short too, but Jill’s legs were bare and she was wearing a pair of black ankle high boots. She carried a light shawl in case the temperature dropped too far later in the evening.

We climbed into the taxi around six fifteen and within twenty minutes we arrived at the restaurant I had booked. It was just a small Italian that was convenient for the University. We had not eaten there before but, despite it being quite early, it was bustling and most tables were occupied, which I took to be a good sign.

We fake hospital hastane were seated at a small round table and ordered some drinks while we studied the menu. Margaret had her usual gin and tonic, Jill ordered a vodka tonic and I started with a Peroni beer. I also ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio so that it would be well chilled when we needed it.

The meal itself was pretty good and the wine was going down pretty fast. We had almost finished our second bottle by eight pm and I ordered a third, which I knew we would need to finish quickly.

We had been talking about the concert we were going to and realised we really did not know what to expect. There was a fear that it could be a big disappointment. Jill suggested that we should find a way to make sure the evening was kept interesting.

“As we’re stepping back in time, let’s play a game of Dare like we used to when we were young, Margaret,” she said.

“Ooh yes!” squealed Margaret, causing several heads in the restaurant to turn our way.

“I really don’t fancy playing some kids’ game,” I said, wondering if this evening was going to turn into a total waste.

“Oh, I think you’ll enjoy this game. It’s definitely for adults,” Jill replied. She explained that we would be taking it in turns to give one another a dare. The person completing a dare would get to set the next one.

“And to add some real spice,” she continued “the first person to fail to complete a dare has to sleep on their own tonight and leave the other two to enjoy themselves.”

This sent Margaret into a fit of giggles that indicated to me that she had probably had enough to drink already.

“But if you’re scared of us girls winning…..” Jill challenged. My reply was simply to ask how we would decide who should give the first dare. Jill picked up a knife and spun it fast in the middle of the table. It came to rest with the blade, more or less, pointing at me. “Lucky Sod!” She grumbled, but with a big grin.

The waitress arrived with our wine. I poured three glasses and dared Jill to hand me her panties. Margaret let out another giggle at the thought. Jill fixed her with a stare and told her that she would comply, but that she was setting the next dare for Margaret to remove her panties too, plus her leggings.

Margaret began to protest that her dress was far too short, but Jill stood up, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the ladies room. Margaret downed her glass of wine in one and went off with Jill.

Within a few minutes they were back. Jill leaned over my shoulder and packed two pairs of panties and a pair of black lace leggings into my jacket pocket.

I refilled our glasses, draining the bottle, and called for the bill. The waitress brought it over and ran my card though her machine. After I entered my pin code, she gave me the receipt and we left to walk to the University. As we left the waitress called out for us to have a good evening. I suspected that one way or another, we would.

We had about a ten minute walk to the campus site. About two hundred yards from the restaurant Margaret looked at me and said, “My turn to set the dare. I want you to get your dick and balls out and leave them hanging from your trousers for two minutes.”

We had just turned a corner and this street looked pretty quiet, so I unzipped my flies and pulled my tackle out from my underpants. Margaret and Jill immediately dropped a few places behind me so that I would be fully exposed to the view of anyone who might be around. Thanks Ladies!

I kept striding forward and started counting off the seconds in my head. I had got to forty when I heard a car engine. Fortunately it came up behind us. The headlights swept over me but the car sped past with little chance of the occupants seeing anything untoward. I kept striding and counting. I was at eighty seven when I saw a car at the corner ahead indicating to turn towards us. It made the turn and was less than fifty yards away. I was only at ninety six and realised I was buggered. I had no option but to brazen it out. I just kept walking ahead and as the car passed I stared at the car’s windscreen. There was a man of about thirty driving and a similarly aged woman in the passenger seat. I smiled at the female passenger. She started to smile back, but then the expression suddenly dropped from her face. She turned and said something to the driver, who immediately turned his head toward me. But by the time he did this, the car was level with me and they drove on up the road. I often wonder how the conversation in that car went.

My count reached a hundred and twenty and I tucked my crown jewels back into my trousers. Margaret and Jill caught me up. Each of them took one of my arms as we walked on. In another five minutes or so we reached the Student Union hall at the campus. I collected our tickets from the office and we made our way into the building.

We came into a large bar area, which was almost fake taxi porno empty as we were running a little late and the band was about to come on stage.

We walked into the concert hall though some huge double doors. The hall was packed. Two things immediately struck me. First, for some reason I had expected the room to have banked seating like a theatre. But there was no seating. Everyone was standing, looking at a well-lit stage at the front of the hall. I should have noticed that I had not been allocated seat numbers when I booked.

Secondly, the room was full of boys and girls. Since we were going to see an eighties band, I had just assumed that at least some of the audience would be our age. But this was a University gig. Just about everyone, except us, was between nineteen and twenty five years old. I suddenly felt my age. And it seemed that Jill and Margaret had been the only two to have made an effort to dress appropriately for the era of the band’s original hits. Everyone was in standard student garb.

Fortunately it was quite gloomy in the hall. We made our way through the crowd until we found a spot where we had a decent view of the stage, without being so close to one of the huge banks of speakers that we would be risking our long term hearing. Soon the band made its entrance. They started off by playing several of the songs that Margaret and Jill remembered from their teenage years. The two girls were really enjoying themselves, singing along and dancing – at least to the extent that the crowd allowed. I was happy to move around with them, but it really wasn’t the sort of music I would choose.

The dare in the street had demonstrated to me that the girls were going to take this game seriously. Jill was dancing and singing something about “Here comes the rain.” On stage there was a large screen onto which the shadow of a naked lady dancing was being projected. Jill was swaying around, mimicking her dance moves. So, after a while, I whispered into her ear that the next dare was for her to go up to a stranger and, without saying a word, snog him for at least thirty seconds.

She didn’t seem fazed at all. She looked me straight in the face and winked. Then she scanned the people around us and her eyes settled on a guy about ten feet away. He was tall and thin, probably about 20 years old and seemed to be on his own. He too was dancing away to the track being performed. Within seconds she had danced her way over so she was directly in front of him. She spun around and beckoned him with one finger. As he bent forward, she put her hands behind his head, pulled him down towards her and clamped her lips over his. For a few seconds the poor guy was completely thrown but suddenly he seemed to catch on and started kissing Jill back.

They had their lips locked together for at least a two minutes. Jill’s dress was riding up her body as she stretched to maintain the kiss and we could now see the bottom of the cheeks of her ass. After about thirty seconds, the gangly guy must have realised what an opportunity he was missing. His hands started to wander over Jill’s bare back and down to her backside. One hand gripped a buttock and he must have discovered that Jill was wearing no underwear. His hand immediately came down further until it was massaging bare flesh. He ran his other hand up to her breasts and started to caress her tit.

Jill eventually broke the kiss, having gone way past the 30 seconds and way past just a snog. She adjusted her dress back down, turned without a word and sidled back to us. She didn’t look back at the guy at all, but I could see him staring at her, wondering what he should do next. Then, seeing that Jill was now ignoring him completely, he went back to enjoying the music.

Jill was now feeling more than a little randy and pretty piqued at me for the last dare. She leaned up and put her mouth close to my ear so that I could hear and told me that, as I had her knickers in my pocket, I had to get a bra from one of the girls there before the end of the show, and stipulated it could not be from Margaret.

I looked at her pleadingly and said that would be virtually impossible. She just smiled and reminded me of the rule that would exclude me from the bedroom tonight if I failed.

I looked around me at the girls I could see. Most of them looked to me as if they were still teenagers. I guessed that half of them would not be wearing a bra in any case. It seemed hopeless. I started walking through the hall wondering how on earth I could complete the task.

Before long I ended up back at the bar area. There were few people here as most were still enjoying the band. I ordered a bottle of beer and leaned on the bar, more or less resigned to a lonely night.

After a few minutes someone else came to the bar and stood beside me. I glanced at them and saw that it was another guy who, surprisingly, even if not quite my age, at least fell into the same bracket.

He too family stroke porno ordered a bottle from the barman before turning to me. “Not enjoying the band?” he asked. I said they were OK even if it would not be my first choice for music. He assumed somehow that I was a lecturer or on the staff of the University, which told me that he probably wasn’t on the staff either. I put him right by introducing myself and explaining that I was there with my wife and her sister because they really liked The Cult, and in particular the singer.

He told me his name was Chris. He was visiting his younger sister who was studying at the University and she had dragged him along tonight. He said they really had no idea who the band were, but came along because they were bored and looking for something to do. He asked why I was drinking out here alone and not inside with my wife and her sister.

I thought for a moment before responding. Then, on the off-chance there was even the faintest possibility that he might be able to help me with my task, I explained that we were playing a game setting each other dares all evening, that mine now was to obtain a bra and that I could not possibly allow myself to fail.

“Well I don’t have one on me,” he laughed. “But let’s see if Chloe can help you out. Here she comes now.”

Just then his young sister came up to the bar and stood beside him. She was a very attractive looking young girl with long dark, almost black hair. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans that packaged her ass beautifully and a slightly baggy University sweatshirt. She had on a pair of brown cowboy boots with tooled leather and stacked heels.

Chris indicated to the barman that he required another beer. It arrived and I insisted on paying for it. Chloe looked quizzically at Chris, who introduced me and then went on to explain my dilemma. Chloe gave me a look that told me she thought that was the tackiest pick-up line she had ever heard. I promised her it was true and had to show her the two pairs of panties and the leggings in my jacket pocket before she even half-way believed me.

“Well sorry, I can’t help you anyway,” she said and swung her shoulders from side to side. I could just make out the free swing of her boobs under the sweatshirt that confirmed she was not currently wearing the item I needed.

Just then another fresh-faced young girl arrived at the bar. Chloe introduced her as her friend, Courtney. Courtney flashed me a friendly smile. She had obviously been in the hall and dancing to the music. She was slightly out of breath, had a healthy pink glow to her face and a sheen of sweat on her brow. Chloe handed her the cold beer I had just paid for. She necked the bottle and swallowed nearly half the contents in one go.

Courtney was wearing just the briefest of denim shorts that were frayed around the edges. My eyes traveled from there down her lovely long legs and I noticed she was also wearing cowboy boots that came up to her calves. She had on a pink cropped tee-shirt that enclosed a pair of shapely breasts and then fell loose to her midriff just above the navel. She had a nice tan to her skin and a lot of it was on display. Her hair was a deep brown and she had eyes to match.

“We need your bra,” Chloe announced to Courtney without warning. Courtney seemed to be completely at ease with the request, as if she was used to such odd demands from her friend.

Chloe reached her hands round under Courtney’s shirt, released the clasp on her back and pulled the bra forward off of her boobs. Then putting an arm up each sleeve in turn, she slipped a strap down over Courtney’s elbow. Reaching up into the front again she produced a pretty pink bra with a flourish and handed it to me. As she did so Courtney’s tee-shirt rode up, giving me a nice glimpse of two lovely rounded boobs with pert pink buds. My cock immediately began to spring to life at the sight, while Courtney, unselfconsciously adjusted her top. To be fair, if it wasn’t for her nipples making two distinct little bumps in the material, it would not have been obvious that she was no longer wearing her bra. She downed the rest of her beer and announcing “I’m going back in” hurried back to the music.

“Thanks, so much,” I said to Chloe, “I’ll be right back with this.”

“Oh no,” Chloe replied, “Chris and I are coming with you to make sure this wasn’t some pervy trick or something.”

That sounded fair to me, so the three of us set off in search of Margaret and Jill. The pair were astounded to see me arrive back in the company of a stunning young girl and a good looking, but somewhat older, guy. I briefly introduced everyone and Jill was even more shocked when I showed her Courtney’s bra in my hands. She looked at Chloe, who held up her hands and proclaimed her innocence. “Not mine!” she said, so I had to explain the whole story to the two girls. While I was doing so, I noticed the admiring looks that Margaret was giving Chris.

Having completed the story, I told Jill and Margaret that it was now my turn to give a dare and I intended to get Jill back for the last one but Chloe interrupted me and announced that the price of providing the bra was that she and Chris would be setting the dares for us for the rest of the gig.



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