Sissy boy cuckoldSitting upstairs in the bedroom, I grabbed my laptop and sent my husband an email. It read simply “go upstairs, clothes on the bed”. I knew he wanted me to take control in the bedroom and although I wasnt entirely confident I could do this as well as he would like I had decided to give it a try. Tony was still at work and wasnt due to arrive home for another thirty minutes or so leaving me time to get my last minute preparations ready.Arriving home to a dark and quiet house Tony went straight upstairs to the bedroom and found the clothes that I had laid on the bed. With them was a note that read time to get dressed. I had laid out for him an outfit of sexy black lingerie and stockings, heels, little black dress and to complete the look a long wig.I sat in the bathroom very quietly growing steadily more nervous and wondering whether he would actually put the outfit on or would he still be sat looking at it when I got in there and ask me to explain myself? If I couldnt start this thing in the role I’d created for myself I would probably fall to bits and not start at all. About ten minutes after I had heard him enter the bedroom I realised the only way I was going to find out was to go in and check.I walked into the bedroom and discovered he had indeed put the clothes on and was sat on the end of the bed waiting to see what was coming next. I had dressed in a new outfit of pvc mini dress and pvc thigh high boots and could see from the now very obvious erection Tony had that it was a look he approved of.”I always wanted to have my very own bitch” I told him “think we will have to try you out and see if you deserve the job, do you think you deserve the job?” Tonys reply was instant “too fucking right I do” he smiled, one hand reaching for me while the other moved to his very swollen cock.In my hand was a riding crop that very quickly thrashed through the air startling Tony as I snapped “wrong answer!!, Yes mistress is the words your looking for and if you dont take your hand away from that pathetic little cock of yours its going to get a beating with this whip, do you understand?” He looked shocked but did as he was told, placing both hands at his sides on the bed and replying “yes mistress”.Gaining confidence with Tonys obedience I carried on, “Good now get on this bed on your hands and knees” I instructed. “Yes mistress” he replied seeming to understand the way this was going to work. Once he was on the bed on all fours I began to pace the room, looking at him in his outfit. Although two minutes isnt a long time it was long enough for him to feel a little uncomfortable which was exactly what I wanted so he would understand that I was completely in charge canlı bahis here.I walked to the edge of the bed and stopped so I was behind him, then I brought down the paddle across his buttocks that were encased in his tight little dress. Reflexes meant he automatically pulled away from me, further up the bed “Get back here now!” I commanded, “You dont move until I say you can move, understand” “Yes mistress” was his reply. Again I brought the paddle down, this power was turning me on more than I had imagined. “What do you look like?” I asked watching the long hair skimming the bed and imagining having a woman in the same position on the bed beside him. “I dont know mistress””Yes you do, ,you look like a sissy because you are a sissy arent you?””Yes mistress””So what do you look like?””like a sissy mistress””thats right you look like a sissy and you look like a sissy because you are sissy isnt that right?””yes mistress””good” I tell him as i reach down into our box of toys “Im glad that you agree because if there is something sissys have to be good at its sucking cocks so you need to practice, Turn around” Tony manouvered round on the bed and found himself face to face or rather face to cock with the strap on I was now wearing.”Start sucking sissy” I tell him as i thrust out my hips forcing the plastic cock closer to his mouth. Slowly and cautiously he took the cock in his mouth and began to gently suck, I watched him for several moments before grabbing a handful of his hair and forcing him to take more of the cock, roughly I moved his head forward and back whilst thrusting my hips making him gag on the huge cock. “Thats it sissy boy suck that cock, make it nice and wet”Whilst Tony is sucking on the cock I turn to look at the doorway and nod my head, letting my visitor know its time for him to join in. This was the part I was most nervous about and still had no idea whether I would be able to see this through but I had started so I may as well give it a go. Without a word I pointed him to the end of the bed so he was kneeling behind Tony and watching him suck cock too.Our visitor was called Joe, he was 26 and had a hard body and shaved dark hair, and most importantly he knew what I was trying to do here and wanted to help me out.Tony was so engrossed in sucking my plastic cock he still hadnt realised Joe had joined us. Gently pulling back Tonys hair I asked him if he thought he could suck cock properly now, “Yes mistress” was his reply. Good I smiled so turn around. As Anthony did he came face to face again with Joes semi hard cock. He turned to look at me and I told him I was just your practice run, now you have to make him good and hard. He was too slow to move bahis siteleri so I swiftly brought down the paddle I still held and left him in no doubt that I wanted him to suck that cock.Obedience kicked in and he started to suck on Joes cock, hoping to coax him into life. A little relieved that he wasnt being made to gag on this cock Tony soon got into his stride and even seemed to be enjoying sucking cock. Taking the plastic cock I slowly guided it into Tony making him stiffen, but I didnt stop and it was wet enought from his saliva to soon be fully inside him.”Thats it, whos a good little sissy, sucking cock whilst being fucked?” I tease knowing he cant answer me with a mouth full of cock. Mmm I here Tony mumble and decide to up my pace, pumping a bit faster and a slightly harder. The result of my thrusting was that Tony sucked harder and faster on Joes cock and even as I stopped the thrusts I realised by the look on Joes face that it was too late and he was going to cum. He grabbed the back of Tonys head with both hands and began thrusting hard and fast, face fucking him until he let out a groan and slumped leaving Tony with warm salty cum dripping down his face and throat.”Well sissy boy it looks like you are pretty good at sucking cock, what do you think Joe?””Mmm Ive had better but with a bit of practice she could be quite good”I eased the plastic cock from Tony and dropped the strap on to the floor. “The problem is sissy boy now that you have made Joe cum, there is no action left for me! Do you think thats a problem sissy boy?””Yes mistress””so do you think you can do something about it sissy boy?” I ask as a walk to the side of the bed and climb on splaying my legs wide so that for the first time tonight he can see how wet this has made me. “Yes mistress” he replies and leans forward ready to give my pussy the licking it deserves. I grab his wig and yank his head backwards “You sissy boy havent earned the right to lick to my pussy, I will tell you when that time comes” I hand him my favourite rabbit vibrator “you will pleasure me with this, do you understand””yes mistress”As Tony slips the rabbit easily into my dripping hole Joe eases out a breast from my dress and goes to work with his tongue, slowly teasing my nipples. The rabbit is working its magic and soon I feel the heat building, I buck my hips and shout out “faster sissy boy, fuck me faster” whilst holding Joes head lapping at my nipple. Soon I can take no more and I cum, hard but instead of leaving me satisfied it left me desperate for me.”Fuck me Joe, fuck me the way I should be fucked. Show sissy boy here how its supposed to be done!”Joe masterfully took hold of me and flipped me over, he güvenilir bahis moved behind me and rammed his hard cock straight into me. Holding on to my hair, he starts to pound at me “See Sissy boy, this is how you fuck a woman” He pushed his cock into me again and in a few strokes he had me on the brink of coming again.”Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me please””Bet she has never begged you has she sissy boy, you havent got what it takes to satisfy your wife have you?”One final thrust from Joe sent my body into spasms and I came so much harder than I ever have in my life.”Now get down there sissy boy” said Joe “Go lie underneath her, close enough so you can see what a real cock can do!”Tony manouvered himself until he laid on the bed with his head inches from where Joes cock skewered me, so close that occasionaly his face was brushed with Joes balls.Again Joe began to fuck me like Id always dreamed and the fact that my own husband lay beneath us watching so closely another man fuck me it took no time at all for me to have my third orgasm (something Tony had never managed to give me).This time as my orgasm began to recede I could feel Joes building up and he began to fuck me harder than Id ever been fucked in my life “lick my balls sissy boy, lick my balls” he grunted and as Tony obeyed this instruction Joe came hard, emptying his load into me. Quickly he pulled his cock out of me and I sank down onto Tonys face so that for the second time tonight he could taste the warm cum of another man dripping down his throat. “Thats it sissy boy, clean me up. If you take every last drop I might let you cum” Hungrily he lapped at my pussy until he cleaned up every last drop and I could take no more.”Sit on the bed” I instructed Tony then leaned over and pulled the dress he was wearing up slightly so that finally Tonys cock was exposed. I stood in front of him, next to Joe and told him “Now you can cum sissy boy!” Tony sat frozen, unsure of what was happening. “You didnt think that I was going to want that feeble thing anywhere near me after having Joes magnificent cock did you? If you want to cum Sissy then you will have to do it yourself!”Tony desperate to cum took his cock in his hand and slowly started to wank”How on earth does he think he can satisfy you with that” laughed Joe”He knows he cant, he knows the only person he can ever please with that is himself””Look at him sat there dressed like a fucking girl, if thats what you have to come home too looks like i need to come and fuck you properly more often”Joe reached out and grabbed at my breast “Look sissy, she is mine now, to fuck whenever I want understand?””Yes master” Tony managed to stutter out as the humiliation and the thought of watching me be fucked again were too much and he made himself cum all over his stockings and dress”Thats a good girl” Joe told him and walked out of the room leaving us both to think about how soon we could do it again



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