Author’s Note: Welcome to my first story in a while which also happens to be my entry in the April fool’s Day contest. The inspiration for this story came from a short, but funny foreign commercial I saw on a porn site and had to turn it into a story. Enjoy. Lovecraft68

“Slut Roulette?” Sam burst out laughing. “Come on, Kev, really?”

“Yeah, really, Sammy,” Kev rolled his eyes. “Forget how the name sounds. This site is fucking gold!”

“So let me get this straight,” Sam leaned back in his chair and stared across the cafeteria table at his best friend since elementary school. “You go on this site and you can find women who’ll just cam with you, and for free?”

“Yup! I’d never heard of it either until a guy from work started bragging about it. I tried it out two days ago.” He went silent and sat there with a grin, waiting for Sam to ask.

Sam busted his chops by looking down at his hand and twisting his brand new class ring. The rings had been passed out this morning and he was thrilled with it. Ashley had been rubbing hers in his face for two years.

In typical bitchy big sis fashion she’d ragged on his occasionally borderline grades and claimed he’s never get one because her dumb little brother would never graduate. He knew she’s only been kidding and in some way trying to motivate him, but he couldn’t wait to get home and shove it in her face.

As he looked at the ring, he rubbed at the bandage wrapped around the finger next to it. He’d been so caught up looking at his ring he’d slipped in woodshop and sliced his finger with a utility knife. The only bandages they had were bright green and it looked ridiculous.

“Guess you don’t care,” Kev lost the quiet game, and Sam laughed.

“Okay, fine. Tell me all about it.”

“Glad you asked, bro!” Kev clapped his hands then looked around at the tables around him as if he were worried people would over hear him.

“Don’t worry, Kev, no one pays attention to you.” He’d said it loudly and the two girls at the next table laughed at him.

“Nice.” Kev rolled his eyes.

“I do what I can,” Sam replied smiling over at the girls. Well one in particular. Nicole Wilson. Damn was she fine and seemed really nice. He’d been trying to get up the nerve to ask her out for the last month and with only two weeks left in his senior year he’d better do it quick.

“Don’t bother, Nicole’s going out with Dave from the baseball team.” Kev spoke as loud as he had and Sam’s face flushed as he quickly looked away from Nicole and her friend.

“Aww, that’s okay, I’m flattered, Sam!” Nicole called over to him.

“Thanks.” He gave her an awkward wave, then kicked Kev under the table. “Asshole.”

“Oh, come on, that was good!”

Sam tried to look pissed, then laughed. The ring had him in a great mood all day. “Yeah, you’re right, touché.”

“I do what I can,” he mocked him. “But okay, so back to this site. I’m thinking what you are. Yeah right or maybe it works but only when you pay big bucks.”

“You going to tell me different?”

“Sam? That sites the real fucking deal! You sign up for free then you can pick from these categories like milfs and teens and lesbians and…”

“She males for you?” Sam smirked.

“Nah, your mom’s not on there. I looked.”


“Well, let me finish. Then I notice you can search for local girls. But they warn you if you do that to set your web cam so you only see neck down.”

“Wait, they see you too?”

“Its not like the regular cam sites where a bunch of guys watch the same girl and type to them. This is one on one and they see you too, and you talk to them.”

“That’s as risky as showing your face though, I mean if it were someone you knew.” Sam pointed out.

“Not really they have this filter the voice sounds kind of…I don’t know distorted.”

“So they talk dirty to you and sound like Darth Vader?”

“No, you dope. It just sounds kind of like there’s an echo like the regular cams. Still sounds sexy, but just a little different. I could hear it in my voice coming through on her end.”

“So you talked to some girl?”

“Not just some girl, a smoking hot girl! Did more than talk too.” He leaned closer across the table. “We talked dirty and she got friggin naked and played with herself in front of me while I jerked off for her.” He whistled. “Man I shot a big fucking load for her.”

“Fucking gross!” Sam scrunched up his face in disgust. “Tell me about her, not you!”

“She was so hot! I could only see neck down, but she had nice long light brown hair and her tits? Goddamn man! They weren’t really big, but perfect! And she talked so fucking dirty! Told me to stroke it, how bad she wanted it in her mouth.”

“No shit?” Sam had to admit he was getting interested. He’d been striking out left and right lately and just plain whacking off was getting old fast. Maybe this would be worth a try.

“Yeah, and she showed me,” he lowered his voice to a whisper, “Her pussy and played with it and had me tell her how I wanted ankara escort to eat it and fuck it.”

“Wow, and was she older? Like a Milf?”

“Nope, I put in to search within five years of my age. Couldn’t be more than twenty three. Man, she was wild, got on her knees and stroked her pussy from behind and talked about me shoving it in her damn ass and when she got off? Dude, this girl was not faking! Sounded so hot I went off on the spot.”

“Slut roulette?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, now you’re interested!” Kev clapped him on the arm. “Then she told me how she’d friggin lick it up if she were there.”

He grinned. “Actually she said if she were there it would have gone in her mouth.” He sighed. “Tell you what, if she had stayed on I think I could have just kept jerking and gotten off again.”

“I have to say you have me interested.” Sam admitted. “Not sure if I could do it though. You know, take it out and talk nasty.”

“Well, with a needle dick like you probably have I guess you have a point.”

“Your mom didn’t complain.”

“My mom’s a she male remember? You been with her?”

“You’re on a roll today, Kev.”

“I’ve been on a roll since last night and after I get home from work tonight I’m going on again.”

“Just seems too easy. What if it’s someone you know, or they know you?”

“That’s why you do neck down and make up a nick name.” Kev snapped his fingers, “And set up your lap top so there’s nothing behind you that might have your name on it or something that might tell them about you, like your dunkin uniform, shit like that.”

“Good advice.”

“Going to try it aren’t you?” he grinned at him.

“I’ll scope out the site, but I don’t know if I can. You might have gotten lucky with a girl first try.”

“Yeah I had some duds the first two, but got off them quick and found that hot little number.”

“Might be dudes on there too, busting balls and she males and…”

“Hey!” Kev slapped his forehead. “Just thought of something. “You can search by name once you know someone. She was naughtykitten96.”

“Hmm, so she’s twenty,” Sam noted. “An older woman! By two years anyway.”

“Huh, didn’t even think of that. Anyway, try looking her up.”

“But then I’ll be thinking of your gross ass talking to her.” He shuddered. “Nasty.”

“You’re right after seeing me what she want with you.” Kev jumped when the bell rang. “Well I have to work tonight and won’t be around, but if you go one, promise me you’ll tell and let me know if you had any fun.”

“I’ll tell if I do it. I’m not really sure I could go through with it.”

“Your loss, Sammy,” Kev grabbed his book bag and hurried off.

Sam grabbed his own bag and grinned to himself. Who was he kidding? Of course he’d check it out.

Naughtykitten96 here I come, he thought. Maybe literally! He laughed as he headed for his next class.

***** “Hey, Mom, check it out!” Sam exclaimed as he entered the living room and showed off his ring to her.

“Looks great!” Mom gave him a hug. “I’m happy to see you’re excited. That ring will be a great keepsake for the rest of your life and you’ll always know you earned it.”

“That’s right,” he nodded. “Now I’m going to go shove this in Ashley’s face!”

“Sam, you know your sister was only busting you up. She’s thrilled your graduating.”

“I know, but I still want to show it off and tell her she was wrong.”

“Okay, but do it later.” Mom told him. “She just got home a few minutes ago and said she has a bad headache and is going to lay down until dinner, so leave her alone.”

“No problem, I’ll wait until she’s feeling better then say ‘take that bitchy big sis!'” He laughed.

“Whatever makes you happy.” Mom shook her head. “The two of you. I don’t get why you pick on each other when you know damn well you love each other.”

“Because that’s what brothers and sisters do!” Sam pointed to her. “You and Aunt Linda fight all the time!”

“Well played.” Mom bowed her head. “Now go upstairs and do homework or play video games for a while. Your dad’s working a little late so we’re not going to eat for an hour or so.”

“No problem,” he turned away from her grinning. “I have something I need to research on the web today.”

“See, Sam! It’s that work ethic that gets you what you want in life!”

“I hope so!” he called back over his shoulder.”


“Okay, let’s see if Kev was pulling my leg or what.” Sam muttered as he sat down on the edge of his bed.

He had his lap top on the night stand he’d pulled over to the bed so it would be facing the one wall where he didn’t have any posters. Not that seeing a bunch of pictures of Metallica and Iron Maiden album covers and concert photos was a giveaway to who he was, but he wanted to be as careful as possible.

He had even tossed on a plain black t-shirt in place of the Roger Williams Zoo staff shirt he’d had on. The one that had his first name on his chest from the summer he’d volunteered there. That would have been an epic fail, escort ankara right there.

Sam turned his web cam on and carefully positioned it so he couldn’t see above the neckline of his shirt and went onto Slut Roulette. He registered with a yahoo e-mail he’d just created and stared at the pictures of hot nude women on the home page while he waited for the e-mail confirmation.

When he got it, he clicked back to the site and rolled his eyes at the message ‘welcome Joe98’ couldn’t he have come up with better? Probably, but he didn’t want to create anything dirty that would look lame.

He looked at the options and decided rather than to explore and end up with a bunch of misfires to see if he could find the girl Kev had mentioned. He selected ‘local members’ then picked the eighteen to twenty one category.

A list appeared with names and small thumbnail pics.

“Wow,” he whispered as he looked at some of the picks. Some were of bare asses and tits, some were full nudes and others in lingerie, but none showed their faces.

He thought about trying one of a girl named Ruby in a red thong and stockings and mothing else, but it said she was offline. When he saw he list was several pages long he decided to look for the search members near you and typed in Naughtykitten96

“Kev, you the man!” he whistled when her profile came up.

He was looking at another neck down image of a girl in a short denim shirt that only went about hallway down to her stomach. It was open and she was wearing nothing beneath. One of her hands was teasingly holding one half of the shirt over her left breast.

The other half of the shirt was resting on her right breast and showing off the inner half of it, but just covering her nipple. The bottom was just as sexy; a pair of denim daisy duke shorts that were cut off so high the bottoms of the pockets were hanging out.

Her thighs were well toned and tanned as was her hard flat stomach. Damn she looked in shape and damn hot! He could just see her neck and just the bottom of her chin, but her long dirty blonde hair was down in front of her and went just beneath her breasts.

He imagined seeing her hair like that without the shirt, her nipples peeking through it. Sam found the would you like to send an invitation to Naughtykitten96 and crossing his fingers clicked yes.

“Uh-oh.” He frowned when a box came up. “Type your message to naughtykitten96 here. Be sexy and clever, make me want to talk to you!”

“Man…” Sam’s fingers hovered over the keyboard. “Okay, here goes.”

“Hey Kitten, this is Joe and I live nearby. This is my first time here and your avatar blew me away! My god you’re hot! I love your hair and your sexy outfit. I’d love to see even more of you. Please make my first time here a memorable one!”

Sam hit send and immediately wanted to smack himself, but what the hell else could he say? He wondered what Kev had said? It was hard to picture him being smooth. He sat there nervously, his heart racing then jumped when there was a beep and a message flashing across the screen.

“Naughtykitten96 wants to chat with you! Make sure your cam is on so she can see you too!”

The screen flickered and Sam found himself looking at Naughtykitten who was sitting back on her bed in similar fashion to him. She wasn’t dressed as sexy as her AV wearing a tight black t-shirt that hello kitty on it. The waist down was better though.

Her legs crossed and stretched out on the bed and a good portion of them were visible due to the very short plaid skirt. She was barefoot and her toes curled forward, showing off her blue toe nail polish and she was sporting a silver ring on each of her middle toes.

Her hair was visible, but in a ponytail on either side, like pig tails. He realized the shirt actually matched as she was sporting a naughty school girl look. Staring at her hair he noticed had on a black choker with the words bad kitty on it.

“Hi Joe!” she spoke through the lap top and he quickly lowered the volume as she’d come through really loud.

Sam noticed what Kev was talking about, there was a sort of metallic sound to her voice as if the speakers were echoing, but she still sounded damn fine.

“Hi, um, Kitten?”

“Kitty’s fine!” she pointed to him and laughed. “We match because you’re a Panther!”

“What?” he asked confused.

“You’re school ring! Johnston High, you’re a Panther!”

Smart, Sam, really damn smart. “Yeah, sorry, didn’t get that.”

“I went there, graduated two years ago.” She sounded relaxed and casual which on one hand made him relax a little, but made him feel like an idiot that…

“And you got a booboo on your other finger.” She laughed. “Cute band aid”

Okay, now he didn’t just feel dumb, he felt like a total loser.

“Oh, I uh cut it in woodshop.” Why would he tell her that?”

“You’re nervous, huh? Don’t be!” she lowered her head just enough he caught her mouth which was turned into a big friendly smile. Her lips were coated in hot pink making ankara escort bayan him think she knew was getting him to think about her lips, and he was.

“A little. This is my first time on here.”

“That’s why I figured I’d talk to you.” Her tongue slipped out across her lips. “I want to take your cam cherry!” she burst into a giggle that, along with her licking those full pink lips had his cock already swelling.

“I really like your shirt.” Oh for fuck’s sake could he be any lamer?

“Thank you!” she put her hand over the Hello Kitty on her shirt and Sam noticed her long bright blue nails. “It’s brand new! I bought it with the skirt just to play with my friends here.”

“You have a lot of friends here?” Why do you care you moron? Come on Sam act like you’re eighteen not eight.

“Some, I’m kind of new myself. Only been on a month, but I’ve had a lot of fun!” she released a purr that sent a shiver through him. “I’m a very playful kitty!”

“You look playful,” Okay, that wasn’t too bad. “Look pretty damn sexy, actually.”

“Hmm, you’re not looking too bad from what I can see, that shirt’s nice and snug. You have nice arms.”

“Thanks!” He caught himself before he said “I work out” at which point he would have logged off in shame.

“Course I’d love to see more.” She ran her hands up her shirt, then fondled her breasts through it. “I’m glad you like the kitty on my shirt, but I bet you’d rather see what’s under it wouldn’t you?”

“I’d love to see what’s under that shirt,” he had to force himself to speak slowly.

“You want to see my titties, baby?” she pulled the shirt far enough up to reveal the bottom of her braless breasts.

“Please?” he asked softly as he stared at the sweet curves of the bottom of her tits.

“Please? That’s sweet! I like sweet! Makes me want to get even nastier.” She pinched her nipples though the black shirt. “I like making good boys bad.”

“I so want to be bad,” he breathed, sending her into another giggle.

“Well, see I’d take off my shirt, but there’s one problem.”

“What?” he was suddenly nervous again. Was this the bait and switch? Would he have to pay? If so where was his debit card?

“You still have your shirt on! How can you expect kitty to take her shirt off when yours is still on?”

“Well, ladies first no?” he laughed.

“Nice try, but baby? I’m no lady. I’m a dirty little slut and I’ll be your slut, but you want to see some skin, I need to see some first.”

His slut? Sam grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off so fast he heard it rip.

“Nice!” she once again showed her mouth and ran her tongue along her lips. “You play sports, baby?”

“Football the last two years,” he said as he tossed his shirt away.

“Flex for me! Let me see those muscles.”

Feeling like a fool, but there were some hot tits to be seen and it’s not like she knew who he was. Sam flexed his arms and she cooed delightedly.

“You’re pretty damn sexy, Joe! If I were there I’d be running my hands up and down those muscles. Then I’d be using my tongue, licking your nipples, then down that hard stomach to something a lot harder!”

“It’s getting harder,” he lowered his arms and made a show of shifting in his seat to adjust the bulge in his jeans. “A lot harder.”

“Ba-by!” she purred sending a thrill through him, Christ even with the slight metallic twang to her voice she sounded hot. “You look like you have something big and hard for kitty to play with!”

“It will get bigger when I see those pretty tits.” He surprised himself with how bold he was becoming and she picked up on it.

“Not so nervous now, are you? Good. I want to have fun today! Take your pants off for me.”

“You haven’t taken your shirt off yet.” He reminded her.

“Come on, baby, you’ll still be in your underwear, which is if you’re wearing any.”

“Are you?” he tried to stare up between where her legs were crossed.

“Yup, see?”

She spread her wide, showing off the thin strip of black material between her tanned thighs.

“Damn.” He whispered when she put her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the thong.

“Hmm, they’re awfully wet. I’ll have to take them off soon. She kept her legs open and pointed. “See, I showed you something. Now take your pants off for me.”

“I…” He could take his pants off, but he knew what would be next. Could he really go through with this?”

“Please?” she pushed her lips into a pout. “Pretty please? Kitty will show you her tits. Promise!” she giggled again. “I’ll even play with them for you.”

Sam stood up and before he lost his nerve pulled his jeans down. He slid them off then sat back down in just his boxers.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Kitty whistled, “Baby, you’re very happy to see me!”

Sam looked down and had to admit he felt pretty good about the way his hard cock was filling his boxers.

“Okay, seeing you were a good boy.” Kitty crossed her arms and pulled her shirt up over her head.

Kev, I owe you one, Sam thought as he took in the most amazing tits he’d ever seen. Granted he’d only been with two girls so hadn’t seen a lot of tits, but this girl could be a damn porn star with the pair she had.



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