Ch. 12: Sisters, Sisters


Where do we go from here?


By the time we got home, got the truck unloaded, and had settled in, it was well after 5:00. Holly was folding clothes, including a hamper full of sheets, while listening to Erin ramble on about her day. I was given leeway to go up to my office and do a little work. Jenny had to get ready to go back to work for a while.

I was just starting in on my email, when Jenny came into the office.

“Hi handsome,” she said approaching me in her tight little workout uniform.

“Mmmm, if it isn’t my favorite sister-in-law.” I laughed, turning my legs away from the desk and facing her.

“So where do we stand now, on our incentive program?” she asked.

“I made goal. You owe me everything. Unlimited access. I owe you a beach getaway, which I believe we should start planning on soon.”

“You want it tonight? Unlimited access, in bed with my sister there?” she asked, almost taunting. “Or would you rather wait for the payoff. Maybe when you’re a little more ‘up’ for it. I imagine you must be pretty worn out by now.”

“No, tonight would be great. And it would take more than 24 hours of nearly uninterrupted sex to stop me from being ‘up’ to taking you.”

She leaned in and gave me a kiss. “Sometimes, Alex, you say the nicest things.”

She turned at the door. “Oh, by the way, you remember our rule that the goals are cumulative?”


“I told Holly that I was yours, but I was holding one little thing back. According to our updated rules, you get me, complete and total access to all parts of me, as long as you stay at weight. So don’t think you can take it easy now that you’ve got me. I’ll be asking you to do weekly weigh-ins.”

“You’re rotten.” I told my devious young sex-pot.

“No, you’ll need to stay in shape to keep us all happy. And don’t worry, I’m going to be staying on JT as well,” she finished, leaving me to my work.

“I’m sure you will,” I called out after her.

Once she was gone I got back to work, designing a custom made 9′ by 8′ platform bed, with a couple of special features. I had a pretty good workshop in the garage, and I figured I could probably talk JT into helping me out. Especially if the girls were willing to pay his going rate.

Dinner was late, waiting for Jenny to get home, but it was the weekend, and we let Erin stay up until 10:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. I had a pretty good start on my design; I’d purchased an e-book all about building platform beds, and spent an hour scanning different designs, and getting ideas for what I wanted to do. I was to the point where I think I had the basics down, and now had to do my blueprints and written design work. I’m pretty handy with the tools – not a finish carpenter by any means, but had built a complete wall of built in cabinets and bookshelves, built a loft for my daughter’s playroom, and had done a ton of work on my back yard, building a board-on-board cedar fence, a covered patio, and some built in benches.

Like most men, each project was an excuse to get another tool I absolutely had to have, and by now, almost one entire bay of the garage was my workshop. Between that and my workout space, we could barely fit one car in the extended three car space. And for the next couple of weeks, that space would be occupied by my bed design.

I was getting antsy, waiting for the kid to settle in so I could retire to the bedroom with my wife and sister-in-law in tow. I let my thoughts wander while we watched a Netflix movie, and the next thing I know, my wife was teasing me about the lump in my pants.

Finally, the kid was in bed, and I was able to take a quick shower, and a second shave. I stepped into my bedroom as my wife Holly showed up chatting on the phone.

“I know! Speak of the devil, he’s standing here in nothing more than a towel, recently cleaned up and all hot and bothered about having his turn at Jenny.” She smiled at me and then reached out and pulled off my towel. I was already firming up in anticipation of the play to come.

“Nope, he’s droopy. You know, semi-hard,” she said and then was passing me the phone.

“I’m so fucking jealous!” I heard Beth’s voice utter. “If I was there you’d already be in my mouth, and I’d make sure that by the time I left you’d filled every one of my holes to overflowing. I swear I’m going to bribe your wife into giving us an afternoon together. I’m going to fuck you ragged. Don’t you want to hear me cry and swear and tremble as that big fat juicy cock of yours makes me come over and over again? I may even make your wife film it so I can have a video to jill off to. Jesus, you make me horny! Give the phone to Holly.”

Holly took the phone. “Yep, hard as a rock. You are so bad,” she laughed. “Oh, I think maybe we can work something out. We’ll talk later. We’ll go to lunch Monday, and YOU are buying. Gotta go, the sister-slut is here, ankara escort and I’m dying to see where this goes.” She was looking out the door, watching as her young sister came in wearing a t-shirt, and my guess was, nothing else. “God, yeah, my pussy is so sore, I think I’d pass out if he stuck that in me. Never mind my ass. Nobody’s touching that for at least a month. I think this one is just for the sis. Of course once everything gets going, who knows what’ll happen?”

The sister in question was looking at me with an eye raised, and I beckoned her to come over to where I was standing, already hard and eager to put my tool to the test. I wrapped my arms around her, tilted her chin up and kissed her warmly.

Holly was still gabbing on the phone. “Nope. Don’t you dare! This one is just for her. I told you we’ll work out something, but if you show up I swear I’ll call the police on you, you little cum-slut.” She laughed but it looks like the message got through. “Cool, gotta go, I don’t want to miss this.” She laughed again, “Ok, so let’s say I don’t want to miss ANY of this. Love ya.”

She stood up to hug us both while we kissed. “God, you two look so good together. I’m getting turned on just watching you guys.” She kissed me on the shoulder, “Here’s the first and last thing I’m going to say on the subject. As long as she’s living here, I don’t care what the two of you do together. Just please don’t try to steal him away from me,” she said softly directing the comment to her sister. “No don’t say anything. I know you won’t but I had to say it.” She continued. “You’ll keep your own bedroom, but ours is open to you all the time. I expect that once we have the new bed in place, you’ll sleep down here with us pretty regularly, but nobody’s forcing you to. We’ll be open with Erin about sharing the bed, but not about what goes on inside it. When she’s home, we play behind locked doors.” She turned and went to the door, closing it completely and ostentatiously locking it. “That means if you’re going to screw around in your office, you’ll need a lock on that door.”

Her hands were caressing us both, and she took a breath. “The deals with Dawn and Beth still need to be worked out, and we can talk about that later, but as far as this household goes, imagine that Jenny is your second, junior wife. And Jenny, imagine that he’s your husband, and I’m the senior wife. Well, I guess that’s it.” She stepped back waiting to see our reactions.

I turned to her, and scooped her up in my arms, then leaned in and gave her a kiss. “You set the rules. I’ll live by them. If they become too onerous I’ll let you know.” I set her down on the bed. “Now, shall we see who gets worn out first, the young personal trainer, or the old dude?”

“Bring it on, studly!” Jenny laughed, falling into the bed beside her sister, and peeling off her t-shirt.

My hard-on had wavered during the discussion, but Jenny set to work making it right. After just a minute or so she had some help from her sister. “That didn’t last long!” I teased, “I thought you were going to be a voyeur tonight?”

“My ass has been fucked raw, thanks to the threesome you pulled on me, or should I say foursome, and my pussy is so sore I’m afraid to wear pants, but my mouth is just fine, thank you. Maybe a little tired, but still quite up to the challenge.”

“That’s the best news I’ve heard so far.” I sat back and watched the two sisters practice the art of the dual blow-job. They were learning from each other, and were already developing a knack for wrapping their lips around me from both sides, and sliding up and down. It felt almost as good as it looked. After a few dual mouth strokes, they’d duel over the head, until they slipped off, sharing the bit of pre-cum they’d milked out of me. Jesus, they were hot!

Holly sat up taking a deep breath. She looked down at her sister, nibbling at my cock head, reached over and pushed her down, until I was lodged in her throat. Only when she was gagging did my naughty wife let her up.

“I can tell you’re getting close, I think I’ll sit this one out, and enjoy the show.” She pushed the padded chest away from the foot of the bed, and sat on it, her hand softly caressing her own pussy while watching her little sister suck her husband with abandon.

I was determined to do what Beth had talked about: fill all of Jenny’s holes to overflowing, and I was happy enough to start with her sexy little mouth. She sucked me beautifully, lovingly, passionately, and once I had warned her that she’d performed the job to perfection, she did her best to finish me.

With a groan I came in her mouth, watching intently as she swallowed my cum, then went to work cleaning me up. When my cock was clean enough for her she got up off the bed.

“That was beautiful, Jen. You did a great job on him,” Holly said, before her sister leaned over and pressed her lips to her sister’s, sharing my essence.

The kiss was as unlike the one with Dawn as night and day. escort ankara Their eyes were closed and their mouths were wide open. I was soon as hard as I’d been before the whole thing had started. When Jenny finally pulled away, she placed a small kiss on her sister’s lips.

“I don’t know how to thank you for this,” she said softly, then hugged her sister, her body shaking. I saw tears spring forth in Holly’s eyes. I moved to get up off the bed, but Holly gave a short shake of her head, and I kept my place, while she held and consoled her younger sibling. I contented myself to watch the unfolding, and stroked my hardness, staying ready for round two.

When Jenny’s breathing had steadied, Holly pushed her away, toward me. “Go. Show him. Show him how you feel, how you’ve always felt.”

Jenny quietly pushed me back on the bed, and climbed on top of me, sliding my steel shaft deep inside of her warm wetness.

“What was that about?” I asked, “If you don’t mind my asking.”

Jenny looked like she wanted to say something, but caught her breath and then was clinging to me, sobbing, while she rocked back and forth on my cock. My beautiful wife had climbed up onto the bed, and was soothingly stroking her little sister’s back. Then she kissed me on the shoulder, her little tongue darting out and tasting me.

“She’s wanted you since you first showed up at our house when she was 15. She was so mad at me for years! She always thought I didn’t treat you well enough, and every one of her relationships she compared to you, and they’d come up short. I knew something about it, and could always tell there were hard-feelings but I didn’t know the full extent of it.”

Jenny had stopped the sobbing and was holding me tight, her mouth leaving hundreds of small kisses on my neck and shoulder while her body eased back and forth across mine, slowly fucking me.

“When I went home with Erin, I think my eyes were opened to a lot of things. Some of it, well, I don’t know if I’m ready to go into yet. But I spent a lot of time with Katrina, Jenny’s best friend from high-school, and boy did I get an ear full. Twelve years of history, and much of it came as a complete surprise. When I arrived back here, she and I had a heart-to-heart. The kind of talk sisters should have, and that we never really did.” She reached over and rubbed her hand down her sister’s back, touching her softly, letting her hand wander down to her sweet butt and caressing her cheek. Reaching between her legs, she let her finger tips feel where I was entering her.

“I realized how I was letting my life just drift away, almost meaningless, with a mind-numbing, day-to-day boredom. I don’t want that. I don’t want boredom. I want excitement, adventure, and most of all passion! And I know that in spite of all the wasted time behind us, you were still the one I wanted it with. When I looked at you through my sister’s eyes, and then through the eyes of my friends, I realized I was probably losing you. That was one thing I could not let happen. Would not let happen!” She got up and pulled her sister upright on my cock. She kissed her and eased her off of me, and then mounted me herself.

“You are MINE Alex Monroe!” She told me through gritted teeth, grimacing as she pounded herself with my hard rod. “You are MINE and nobody is going to change that. I will fight for you. And I will not lose. You are MINE! You don’t want to know what I’ll do to keep you. For better or worse. You said the words! For better or worse. I’m going to make it ‘for better’. For so fucking better you’d DIE before you’d leave me. Do you understand me Alex? We are going to live the best life we possible can. Together. Always. Do you understand me, ALEX!” She was as passionate on my cock was she was with her words. Fucking me like a mad woman, beating on my chest with her little fist, accentuating her demands.

I pulled her down and kissed her hard. She bit my lip, pulling at it hard. “Fuck me, use me, share me,” she gasped, “I don’t care as long as you love me, really love me. Not the ‘love you’ of a goodbye kiss on the doorstep, but the groaning, moaning, heart-rending ‘I Love You’ that I deserve.”

I held her still, my cock ready to burst inside of her. “Stop. Feel it.” I told her. I held her face in my hands, pushing my cock into her, kissing her sweet, passionate lips. I felt the impending release and I pulled my mouth away. I pushed up hard, and felt the cum explode out of me, deep inside of her.


Another push and another delivery.


Another hard push, my hips raised off the bed, lifting her with them, the last streams of my orgasm pulsing forth.


She came hard on my cock as I held her tightly, whispering. “I’ve been a fool. I swear I will never take you for granted again. I will take every opportunity I can to show you how much I love you. Far more than I did a dozen years ago, when I didn’t know you but I lusted for the package. When I didn’t share a ankara escort bayan life and a child with you. I swear, all the love you feel for me and show me, I’ll return twofold.”

She pulled up off of me, wiping her tears away from her eyes. “You silly boy, that’s impossible. There’s not that much love anywhere. And anyway, I get to use TWO people to show you how much I love you, because, though I hate to admit it, Jenny may love you almost as much as me.” She leaned over and gave me another kiss before her baby-sister dislodged her with a well placed shoulder.

“Get OFF!” She growled in mock anger. “This was supposed to be mine, you promised, and you already stole one.” Her face went to work, cleaning her sister’s juices, and mine, off of my limp dick, slowly urging it back to life.

Holly stroked her sister’s hair as she went down on me. “I don’t know why she’s had this mad crush on you for over 12 years, but it’s the damnedest thing. I was getting to the point I was afraid to leave you guys alone together, afraid that she’d try to steal you from me.”

Jenny pulled up from her blow-job, still stroking me with both hands. “You couldn’t understand. You’ve never felt it like I have. I saw him walk in the door all those years ago, and it was like somebody punched me in the stomach. During dinner, I could barely breath, every word he said made me tingle. When I got up my panties were soaking wet, and I didn’t even know why. When I went to bed that night, I masturbated for the first time just thinking about him.”

She laid her head on my side, and watched her hand move up and down my cock, restoring its hardness, watching it lengthen and thicken.

“I couldn’t understand it. I wanted to stop and beg him to wait for me to get older. When he sat down and spoke with me, he didn’t treat me like some little kid, he treated me like an adult. Over the years I could always see how he looked at me, seeing my body, appreciating me, but respecting you enough to never make a move, never take that first step, which I would have gladly welcomed. Every family gathering, every time I came by and stayed with you, every fucking time I saw him, I felt it and wanted him desperately, and he was there, so much what I needed, and just out of reach.”

Jenny got up on her knees and faced her sister, while she sucked me. She made a nice show of it. She pulled up again, stroking me while she spoke to Holly.

“I’ve loved him longer and deeper than you. Almost half my fucking life I’ve spent fantasizing about him. Even when you first started going out with him, I knew I loved him then, and you didn’t even seem to care about him at first.” She sucked me hard, just for a second. “I never would have taken him for granted.” She put her mouth on my cock head, sucking and twisting her face, aggressively claiming me. “I never would have said ‘no’ to him, not once.” She took another go, pounding her face down onto my cock, gagging herself, “And I certainly would never have cheated on him!”

The words hit me like a ton of bricks, in spite of my suspicions, and Holly looked up with a look of utter terror and surprise. She got off the bed and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Jenny ran to the door, knocking on it. “Oh God, Sissy, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, sorry. It just came out. I’m sorry! I’m such a fucking idiot. I fuck up everything in my life.” She groaned, dropping to her knees in front of the door and openly crying. “Please come out, please. I’m SORRY. I didn’t mean to say it. I’m an ungrateful stupid little cunt. Here you are giving me my life’s dream and I just fuck it up like I fuck up everything. Please, sissy, please, please.” At the end of her begging she was lying on the floor, in front the of the door sobbing. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”


The door slowly opened, and Holly appeared. She stepped over her naked sister, looking down at her with a look that was part anguish, part anger, part sadness. Then she dropped to sit beside her, her knees bent, tucked to one side. She reached out and placed her hand on her sister’s head, stroking her hair.

She was quiet, and I was waiting to see if she would blow up. Instead, it seemed like just the opposite was happening, as she held her sister tenderly.

“Do you remember how you went through that phase where you wanted to wear your hair in braids? The Little House on the Prairie years. And every morning I would braid your hair before the bus came. You had such pretty hair. I loved that time, and didn’t even realize it for years. Now I think about it all the time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how wonderful something is, until it’s gone. Sometimes only time can show us what was important.”

Jenny moved just enough to wrap her arms around her big sister’s waist, her head at her hip, clinging to her fiercely, still sobbing.

Holly sighed, running her finger’s through her sisters hair, parting it, separating in into three separate portions and interweaving them together. She hummed while she did it.

Then she looked up at me, her hands on autopilot. “Yes, I did it. I was going to tell you about it. And it was more than once.”

She bent her head down as if ashamed.



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