I opened my eyes slowly and winced at the throbbing in my head which I’m sure had something to do with the brandy from last night. The fact that according to the annoying red numbers on my alarm clock it was 3:45 in the morning didn’t help either especially since Mark and I hadn’t gone to sleep until one am. I sighed, well it’s not like I hadn’t functioned on less sleep, then again I thought most days didn’t involve an impending sixteen hour drive to North Carolina. The only good thing was that according to dad’s “schedule” I wasn’t due to take the wheel until early afternoon so maybe I could nap in the back seat, just stretch my feet across Mark’s lap and nod off.

Speaking of my little brother I looked over at him and smiled. I was lying on my side and Mark was on his back with his head turned towards me. Mark was still asleep and I enjoyed watching him. My brother usually has a serious expression on his face accompanied by an intense stare that gives him the appearance of always being pissed. Asleep however, with his features completely relaxed my brother really was beautiful. Not for the first time I was struck by how much we resembled each other. The same thick jet black hair, high cheek bones, and perfectly even features, even our eyes, although different colors were equally intriguing. My own that were so light blue they were all but transparent, and Mark’s bizarre shade of greenish gold that changed colors.

My lips were much fuller of course and unlike my ivory skin tone, Mark was darker with a hint of an olive complexion. Our parents were both Irish and I guess some of the Celtics had a bit of color to them while the rest were fair. Reaching out I gently ran my fingers through his hair along his temple. Mark made that adorable little noise he always did in his sleep and nuzzled his face into the pillow. My smile widened; who’d have thought my bad ass little brother could be so damn cute sometimes? I repeated the motion and as Mark cooed again this time I frowned. I had pushed harder with my fingers and I could feel the outline of the long scar under my brother’s hair just below his temple.

When he was fifteen Mark’s foster father at the time; an animal named Max had been doing cocaine on a silver platter. Mark had come into the room and as usual Max had hit him, when Mark fell he hit the plate spilling the coke. Enraged Max then took the plate and smashed it into my brother’s head. Mark had suffered a fractured skull and had to have a metal plate inserted in his head, he had been in a coma for three days before finally waking up with miraculously no permanent damage. Not that the Doctor’s had been able to determine that right away as it would be over two weeks before Mark would say so much as a single word. This was traced back to the fact that the police who had investigated the case had found out that my brother as well as another foster child who lived there were beaten for speaking in Max’s presence.

It was little wonder Mark had nightmares and difficulty sleeping. It was those dreams however as well as my own that led us to start sleeping together in the first place. It was rare that either of us would have a nightmare if we were in bed together. In the six months that we had been having sex it had not happened at all. So to me as wrong as most people would say our relationship was, how could it be that bad if we felt so good together? Speaking of feeling good together, as much as I looked forward to seeing my uncle Ray for the first time in two years it meant that for the next three to four days Mark and I wouldn’t be able to even sleep together let alone fuck, so maybe a little good morning quickie was in order.

Leaning forward I kissed Mark on the lips. His eyes opened slowly and he smiled at me.

“Morning little brother.” I whispered and kissed him again.

“You look adorable like that.” He said.

“Like what?”

“You and scoob.”

I realized that I was still holding the stuffed Scooby Doo doll from last night. Mark reached out and touched it.

“You look like a cute little kid.”

“Oh yeah?” I took his hand and removing it from the doll placed it on my tit.

“Still just cute?” I asked.

“Hell no.” Mark replied as he began toying with my nipple through my t-shirt.

I reached down under the covers and grabbed his cock which told me that Mark was more than ready to get some of his big sisters pussy.

“How about I lose scoob, you lose your pants and you fuck the shit out of me?”

I tossed the doll off the bed and sitting up stripped off my t-shirt. Mark slipped his pants off and as I rolled over onto my back started sucking on my left tit his hand going down and his fingers finding my wet pussy.

“Oh, that’s nice little brother but just fuck me! We don’t have much time and…”

As if right on cue the two of us jumped at the sound of dad knocking loudly on Mark’s bedroom door.

“Hey Mark! You up and moving?”

“Shit!” Mark exclaimed as he all but through himself out of my bed.

Grabbing his pants he covered the distance between my bed mofos porno and the bathroom in three long steps. As soon as he entered he yelled;

“I’m in the bathroom!”

“Alright!” Dad called out. “Were leaving in a half hour, so stay out of the mirror!”

Mark ignored that. My dad was constantly riding him about being a “pretty boy”. My heart still pounding I jumped out of bed quickly and tossing my shirt back on unlocked my bedroom door. I had no sooner taken my hand off the knob when dad knocked on my door.

“You up honey?”

I opened the door.

“How could I not be?”

Dad grinned and shrugged.

“Yeah guess that was a little loud.”

“Just a little.” I said then gave him a big hug.

“I’m looking forward to seeing uncle.”

“Me too and your cousins are dying to meet lover boy in there.”

Uncle Ray had two kids Jake and Malorie who were 21 and 19. Spending a few years with no family I had always gotten quite a kick out of them referring to me as their cousin and not only had I been Uncle Ray’s niece since day one but a week after I was officially adopted he became my godfather.

“Not so sure he’s looking forward to it though,” Dad continued. “He kept trying to get out of the trip.”

“Well you know he’s still a little shy sometimes dad.”

“Oh please hon, he wanted the house to himself so Krissy could move in for the week.”

“Probably, but speaking of moving.” I told him.

Dad laughed and went back downstairs. I put the light on to get dressed. It was going to be a long trip in the car, but I wanted to look good for my uncle so I chose a red blouse and matching skirt that mom had bought me for Christmas. I put on a pair of short heels, it was winter but I would be in the car most of the day so it wouldn’t be like I was walking around and I knew Mark would love me in this outfit, probably even get a hard on or two in the back seat. Speaking of I was pretty horny myself at the moment. I shouldn’t have spent so much time looking at him, should have just woke him up with my tits in his face and fucked him.

It was Wednesday and the plan was to get to Uncle’s by 7 tonight stay through Sunday, and leave first thing Monday morning, as mark and I didn’t have classes and dad had taken some vacation days. Best case scenario my poor little pussy wouldn’t be getting any attention that wasn’t from my own fingers anyway until Sunday night. I thought about sitting on the bed and getting myself off now, take the edge off and maybe help me fall asleep in the car, but looking at the clock it would be a matter of minutes before dad would start yelling that we had to get moving. With a sigh I went over to the bureau where I brushed out my hair and put on a bit of makeup including Mark’s favorite shade of red lipstick. Why I was out to tease my brother this morning I wasn’t sure but I suppose if I had to be horny then it was only fair he saw what he was missing as well.

I heard dad start up the Volvo station wagon and grabbing my jacket went downstairs. Dad had just come in and mom was wandering around making sure everything was locked up. I gave her a kiss good morning and she gave me a forced smile. Mom did not get along with my aunt Karen at all and wasn’t completely thrilled about the trip. I knew she was also a bit pissed because she hated long rides and had wanted to leave yesterday and do a night at a hotel on the way, but dad had insisted on driving. Too bad because as soon as I had heard hotel I had started thinking of all the fun I could have had with my little brother. Speaking of, Mark came down stairs dressed in black slacks and a charcoal gray dress shirt that Denise had bought him. Mark looked damn good dressed up; the shirt showing off his broad shoulders and the slacks his narrow waist.

Dad came back in and walking by Mark made a show of sniffing.

“Damn Mark you’re going to stink up the car.” He paused then asked; “Do you have gel in your hair?”

“Yeah why?” Mark asked as he grabbed the black leather jacket I had bought him for Christmas from the chair and put it on.

Dad shook his head.

“Only women put shit in their hair I’m starting to wonder about you Mark.”

Before my brother could reply mom put her hand to his face and said;

“Leave him alone Doug, it’s not his fault he’s so good looking.”

“Mama’s boy.” Dad muttered “Okay let’s get going.”

As I put my jacket on Mark walked past and pausing, leaned over and whispered in my ear;

“You look absolutely beautiful Meg.”

With that he gave me a kiss on the cheek. For whatever reason that caught me a bit off guard and I felt myself blushing. I turned to him and gave him a hug.

“Oh how sweet!” Moms voice came from the doorway. “Look up you two.”

Mom had the new camera dad had bought her. Staying as we were still hugging Mark and I turned to face her cheek to cheek and smiled.

“That’s going to come out wonderful.” Mom said. “Isn’t it Doug?”

“Yeah,” Dad said from just outside.”I just can’t tell who’s prettier. Now let’s moms girl porno get going.”

We drove the first hour in silence. Dad had the oldies station on softly, mom was asleep and Mark was… well it was hard to tell where Mark was. His eyes were open but I really don’t think he was anywhere to be found. My brother had spent years barely speaking and could vanish inside his own head for hours at a time. I was tired from lack of sleep but couldn’t seem to drift off. I found myself thinking about Jack last night which got me a little down. Thoughts of Jack led to the rest of the night however and I found myself thinking of Mark and Krissy. I couldn’t get the image of Krissy with her legs up on my brother’s bed and his face buried between her thighs that look of ecstasy on her face. God I was horny. I also realized I was quite cold; maybe the skirt hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

“Hey dad,” I called out to the front seat. “You got the heat on?”

“I do, but if you’re still cold hon, there’s a blanket on top of the bags in the back.”

I turned to look and found an old blue blanket that I grabbed and draped over my lap and legs. I looked over at Mark and started thinking about the way he had felt in the shower last night. How incredible his soapy hands had felt all over my body and how hard he had cum in my mouth. I was getting wet at this point and needed to get off in the worst way. To the point I found myself wondering if there was a way I could get my fingers in my panties. Probably not, damn pantyhose! I spent the next half hour desperately trying not to think anything dirty but as usual once on the subject of sex I just couldn’t stop. I kept replaying last night in my head.

“Hey guys,” Dad said from the front. “Were coming up on a rest stop, I’m going to grab some coffee so if you want anything or gotta go now’s the time.”

We pulled into the rest stop. Mom stayed in the car fast asleep and Mark remained in his trance. I got out, more to stretch my legs, but figured it would be awhile before we stopped again so decided to try to use the bathroom. As I entered the stall I thought again how horny I was but masturbating in a public bathroom was a bit much even for me. However… No I thought I couldn’t, it was too chancy and Mark might not… oh who was I kidding little brother went along with whatever his big sister wanted and it would be dark for at least another hour. Finally realizing that I was getting wet at just the thought of what I what I wanted to do. I decided to go for it.

Locking the stall door I quickly kicked off my shoes, stripped off my pantyhose and sliding off my black panties rolled them up and tucked them into the waistband of my skirt under my blouse. I put the pantyhose back on and just before pulling them up all the way poked a hole in them with my fingernails and ripped the crotch open. After pulling them up I couldn’t resist slipping my fingers inside of my all but dripping pussy. On the way out I gave my clit a little rub with my thumb that sent a shudder through me. Oh this was going to good.

I got back to the car just as dad did and getting into the back seat placed the blanket back over my lap again. Mark glanced over at me and I flashed him a huge smile, his eyes narrowed suspiciously then he shrugged and pulled out a hand held video game that played nothing but word games. Sometimes Mark was such a geek, but that was okay I’d be giving him something else to be playing within a few minutes. I waited until dad got back on highway and became absorbed in driving; mom was still asleep or maybe just pretending to be because she was a little pissed off at dad. I turned to Mark and loud enough for dad to hear asked;

“Hey Mark?”


“I can’t get comfortable can I put my legs across your lap?”

Mark rolled his eyes;

“I suppose.”

“Thanks little brother!”

I put my back up against the door and swung my legs across the seat and into his lap. I slid down a little so that I knew Mark could reach when the time came. Mark grunted;

“Ow Meg, take your damn heels off.”

I smiled as I heard dad laugh softly from up front and of course was more than happy to slide my heels off. I knew full well Mark couldn’t resist the feel of my feet in pantyhose and sure enough after taking a minute to pull the blanket across his lap so my feet were covered his hands slid underneath and started massaging my feet. I sighed softly so he knew I was enjoying it not as much as he was however as I could already feel his hard on pressing against the back of my calf through his slacks. After a couple of minutes of letting myself relax and enjoy the foot rub I slid my panties out of my waist band and reaching under the covers pushed them against Marks arm.

Mark let go of one of my feet and grabbed the panties, as it dawned on him what he was holding he looked over at me his eyes wide. I smiled at him, and grabbing his arm pulled his hand along my leg sliding it under my skirt to reach my bare pussy. The look on his face as he turned towards momsbangteens porno me was priceless. I nodded at him and winked, Mark gestured towards the front seat where dad was driving and shook his head. I pouted and lifted my hips up off the seat causing my wet pussy to rub along his hand. I pouted and mouthed the word;


Mark hesitated; I could practically see the wheels spinning. Unlike me Mark thought things through,and worried more about getting caught. On the other hand as I rubbed my leg slowly back and forth I could feel how swollen his cock was. I watched as the struggle went on for a few more seconds then taking the fingers that I had shoved into my pussy I quickly stuck them under his nose. After only a few seconds I took them away enjoying the look of lust in my brother’s face at just that little whiff of his sister’s pussy. It was all over now, deliberately looking straight ahead so dad would see him in the rear view mirror if he looked, and Mark slowly slid two fingers inside of my hot little pussy.

I let out a low sigh then bit down on my lip as Mark added his thumb, moving it in slow circles over my extremely sensitive clit. Oh yeah, I thought as I closed my eyes this is soooo what I needed. Mark was working his fingers and thumb slowly, trying not to make the blanket move too obviously. I pulled my hands from underneath the covers and folded them in my lap so they were on top of his arm. Mark sped up his fingers, it felt incredible but was still a tease, I started sliding my hips back and forth as much as I dared helping to push his fingers in deeper. I let out a very soft whimper that I could tell by the way Mark glanced over he had heard.

I opened my mouth and started to breathe heavier, as Mark’s slow movements were finally getting me close. I straightened my legs, my feet pushing against the door next to Mark, and I could feel my thighs starting to tremble. At that moment dad hit a bump that jolted the car causing Mark to drive his fingers deep into my pussy. I let out a startled yelp that to me at least definitely sounded like a moan of pleasure.

“What?” Dad said from the front.

Without missing a beat Mark said;

“Bless you.”

“Um… thanks.”

I barely managed to get that out as Mark deciding to leave his fingers buried knuckle deep in my pussy finally started moving his thumb in faster circles while pressing down harder on my desperate clit. Once again my entire body tensed oh I was so fucking close! Mark looked over and our eyes met. Mark flashed an evil smirk and removed one of his fingers. I gave him a helpless look trying to beg with my eyes. Mark put his finger to his mouth in a “shhh” gesture then with a wink shoved his finger into my ass. I instantly brought my hand up to my mouth and turned my face into the top of the back seat. Turning slightly towards me, Mark put his other hand back under the blanket and slipped a finger inside of my pussy and started pumping both of them, the blanket was moving but I didn’t care. Neither did Mark who was staring directly at me. Getting a second finger on my clit he gave it a pinch as his fingers once again drove deep inside of both of my tight little holes.

I came hard, very hard. As my hips bucked as much as I could let them, I literally bit into the upholstery of the back seat trying desperately not to let out the squeal of pleasure that was dying to get out of me. Mark kept moving his fingers driving me crazy to the point where I punched his arms through the blanket to stop. I ground my hips into his fingers one final time and felt my body go limp. I let out a long shuddering sigh into the back seat and then let my head back against the door and tried to catch my breath.

I looked over at Mark who after pushing my panties back into my hand under the covers flashed that smug smirk of his at me. Although it had gotten me over the edge shoving his finger in my ass had been a dirty trick, if I had slipped and made more noise we would have had to stop. I returned Mark’s smile however as another nasty little thought came to me. Let’s see how little brother could handle it. Mark had removed his hands from under the blanket and had picked up his stupid game again. I rubbed my leg across his crotch and felt his cock was still hard. Mark looked over and shaking his head whispered;

“Don’t tease.”

No worries there I did not plan on teasing, on the contrary I was going to return the favor. I swung my legs down from his lap and sitting up on the seat slid over so I was sitting in the middle of the back seat my hip up against Mark’s. Dad glanced into the rearview mirror.

“You’re in the mirror hon.”

“Sorry dad, I can’t sleep so I figured I’d play this thing with Mark.” I paused “Should I move?”

“Nah,” Dad shrugged there’s no one else really on the road right now anyway.”

“There’s a reason for that.” Mom said drowsily from the passenger seat.

I glanced down and watched Mark play the stupid crossword game for a minute then sliding my hand under the covers started stroking his cock through his pants. Mark was still hard he looked over at me and was going to say something but stopped as my fingers found his zipper and pulled it down. Reaching into his pants I fumbled with his underwear but couldn’t get his cock out with one hand, leaning over I whispered in his ear;



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