This is part two of the developing relationship between Natalie and her brother.

All characters are over eighteen.

I hope you enjoy this installment. Please drop me a polite comment, whether critical or encouraging, and cast your votes when you are finished.


Life with my sister settled back into the same routine. We still had our videos to placate our urges, and the parents didn’t have a clue about our little mutual masturbation party. They were happy we were getting along so well, attributing it to maturity. If they knew the real reason, they’d both have coronaries, of that I was certain.

I was still a little freaked out about our conversation at the end of that day. My logical mind was trying to convince my sexual mind that there had been a misunderstanding, and that despite her obvious enjoyment during our self-gratification event, she didn’t really say she wanted to fuck me.. I, logically, didn’t want to fuck her either, as she was my sister, and incest was wrong. Wasn’t it?

But… She’s so pretty and has those great blue eyes and her tits are just yummy and her ass is spectacular and her pussy is beautiful and wet and it squirts… That was my dick talking. Letting him make decisions could land me in a whole heap of trouble.

It didn’t help matters that she was being nice to me. Not merely brother and sister tolerating each other without starting a fight… She was actually nice. She brought me drinks unannounced, shared snacks with me, did me favours without bargaining… You know, nice. If we hadn’t worked things out, I’d think she was setting me up for a prank. As it was, I was worried she was setting up something else entirely.

I wasn’t sleeping well. Before, I would dream about her body, and wake up with a raging hard-on, eager to toss off. Now, I’d have dreams about her jumping me… Full blown, suck my cock, fuck me silly sex… While everyone I knew watched us. Our parents, grandparents, all my friends… Everyone. And of course, they all blamed me, and took her side. Needless to say, I didn’t wake up from those nightmares with a woodie.

While I tried to keep up appearances, inside I was a wreck. I had to clear the air.

Natalie’s door was ajar. I knocked. “Can I come in? I need to ask you something.”

She swung it open, smiling at me. “Sure, baby brother! What’s on your mind?” she asked, then lowered her voice, “As if I didn’t know. God, I’m so horny, I swear I’m going to burst if we don’t get a chance soon!”

I followed her back in, to sit on her bed. I guess she saw the conflict on my face.

“Uh-oh. What’s going on?” she asked, moving closer. “Are you freaked out over what we did?”

“No. I mean… No. Not what we did. More like what we might do.” I looked at her fearfully. “You said you couldn’t trust yourself, that you might do something.”

Natalie blew out a long breath, and smiled. “Jeez, you had me worried there. I was just flirting… giving you something to think about until next time. I guess I don’t know my own strength. Don’t worry. I’m not going to rape you or anything. We’re just having fun.”

“Something to think about?” I laughed, shaking my head, “Well you sure did that! Frigging terrified me! I was having nightmares.”

“I’m sorry,” Natalie said quietly, and put her arm around me. “Poor baby brother!” she cooed, stroking my face.

I felt better, but she was sitting awfully close to me. Also, she was pressing her boobs against my shoulder.


The next day, I was listening to some music in my room when Natalie burst in, visibly excited.

“Guess what I just found out?” she giggled.

“That you’ve lost your mind?” I replied.

“No. Well… Maybe, but… No!” she laughed, smacking me playfully. “Mom and Dad are going away for a week! Next week! We can play all we want!”

My dick said ‘Yippee!’ My head said ‘oh shit’, still unconvinced that Natalie didn’t have more in mind. It wasn’t unusual for Dad to be away on business, and it also wasn’t unusual for Mom to join him, as she was an ‘unofficial’ employee of Dad’s company, which was more of a family owned business. What was unusual was the duration, longer than usual… and us. We were unusual, and it was scaring the hell out of me.

As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, Mom went out later that day, leaving me alone with Nats again, and her car wasn’t even out the driveway yet before my sister was standing in my doorway, grinning from ear to ear.

“Why don’t we use your room today?” she giggled, walking in without the slightest thought that I might not be a willing participant. She was looking pretty yummy today, dressed to kill in a satin blouse that matched her eyes, and tight jeans. She didn’t waste much time, unzipping her jeans and wriggling out of them. The string of a black thong peeked out of her ass crack, matching the bra she showed me seconds later as the satin blouse came off.

I was still laying on the bed, unable to keep from ogling liseli porno her body, especially her jiggly boobs, threatening to fall out of her bra. My dick was wide awake, and when her bra hit the floor, it made the decision for me, standing up and making my crotch very crowded. I started to strip.

“That’s better… I thought I was doing a solo there for a minute!” she laughed, winning the race to naked by a wide margin. She tossed her thong on the pile of clothes, grabbed a pillow, placing it on the foot of the bed, and taking the visitors’ dugout . She laid down.

I finally caught up, dropping my underwear. I knelt on the head of the bed, as the home team, and let her make the first move.

Natalie spread her legs, and got busy, fingers flying across her pussy. I retrieved a small tube of lotion from my bedside drawer, coated my cock with a coat of it, and followed her lead. It was quiet in the room, just slightly increased breathing to indicate our activity. The occasional moan, and a few wet, squishy noises came next.

“Can I ask you for a special favour?” she whispered, her eyes closed as she circled her clit with one hand, and tugged her nipples with the other. She really was hot to watch.

“What’s that, Natalie?” I asked, stroking smoothly while staring at the moist, pink recess of her open pussy. Her lips were parted, swollen with lust.

“When you cum, shoot it on me…” her eyes opened, “… Please? I love the feel of hot cum on my skin. Please?” she begged.

Well, I could do that. It’s not too different from what we did before. I’d actually got a little on her then by accident, and she’d done the same to me. I would just move a little closer when the time came. The obvious question, that escaped me at the time, would be how often she had been the target of said hot cum. I was learning all sorts of things about my sister.

“Sure Nats, I’ll cum on you. On your tits?” I asked.

“Oh yes, that’s perfect. Cum on my tits! Just the thought of your hot, thick semen on me makes me excited. I’m getting close… are you?” She had two fingers drilling for oil in her cunt, but my eyes were locked on target ; the large, round, shapes of her beautiful breasts, and her tall, tightly puckered nipples. The motion of her arm made her boobs quiver slightly, focusing my attention even more.

“Oh fuck yeah… I’m real close,” I growled, picking up my pace. I shuffled down the bed, stopping beside her chest. I looked at her face for a second, and saw her eyes, smoldering with desire, glued to my rapidly jerking hand and hard cock.

“Yeah, that’s it bro… Cum of my tits! Cum on your sister’s big tits!” she moaned. “Do it!”

I did, spewing a thick trail of goop all over her breasts, nipples and cleavage. I grunted through it all, panting hard.

“Oh my god yes!” Natalie screamed as I hosed her down. Her body clenched, and she arched her back off the bed. When she finally relaxed, her eyes opened, and she smiled up at me. I flicked the last drop of juice from the end of my cock.

“Oh yes, thank you so much, baby brother!” she hissed, trailing her fingers through the gooey icing. She palmed her breasts, spreading my load across them, and up her chest, rubbing it into her skin, before licking her fingers clean.

I watched her display of utter lewdness, and felt the change. My sister was an absolute slut, of that there could be no doubt now. If this is what she wanted, I’d be happy to empty my balls on her big tits, anytime.

Yeah, my big sister was a slut… and I liked it!

I erased and redrew the mental line I wouldn’t cross with her. Every time I did, the line got blurrier, less distinct, and harder to find.


The intervening week took exactly seven days to pass, but felt much longer.

The day finally came. Mom, Dad, Natalie and I piled into the car, and headed for the airport. Two hours later, we returned, sans parents. The drive home had been quiet. Natalie was the chauffeur, and hadn’t had a lot to say. I was beginning to think she was mad, and wondered if I was the target.

We made it in the door, and I had to ask her the elephant question.

“So, Sis… My room or yours?”

Natalie exhaled loudly. She turned to look at me.

“Yours, I guess, but I have bad news. I can’t join you today. I mean, I’ll be there to watch, but nature is against us, or me anyway,” she said sadly, “dammit!”

“Huh?” I asked, confused.

“My fucking period showed up this morning… Now do you understand?”

“Oh,” I replied, finally getting it, “crap. I can wait, too, then.”

“No you won’t!” she gasped. “I’ve been waiting for another cum shower for long enough! I may not be able to get myself off, but I can provide inspiration for you.” She did the model pose thing, hand behind her head, hips cocked, then laughed.

“Wait a minute!” she giggled, “We are alone for a week! Why be all cramped in your room? Let’s use the family room. More comfortable.”

Five meet suck and fuck porno minutes later, I had retrieved one of my favourite skin flicks from my room, and fired it up on the big screen TV, taking a seat on the leather couch.

On screen, a blonde with huge tits was sucking a black dick that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a horse. I couldn’t help reacting, my dick hardening rapidly. Natalie was right ; we were alone, so I pulled my dick out, and did what comes naturally.

Natalie walked in, looking at the movie on the screen.

“Holy shit! She’s gonna feel that one, tomorrow!” she laughed, then looked at me. “I see you started without me. And after I fussed!” she smiled, gesturing to her outfit.

Natalie’s favourite colour was blue, like her eyes, and with her blonde hair, it really looked good on her. Her attire now was no different. A blue satin robe reached mid thigh, hiding her top half but looking spectacular. Her legs were bare, smooth, and ended in a sexy pair of high heels. I began to wonder what, if anything, was under the robe. Despite the fact that the girl on screen was bent over and Mr. horse-dick was ploughing her from behind, Natalie had my attention.

She smiled again, untying the sash, and turning away to tease me. The robe slowly slid off her shoulders, then dropped to the floor, leaving her standing before me in a sparkly blue bikini that my mother had obviously not bought for her. Her ass looked fantastic, and I think she knew it, jiggling it suggestively. She spun on her heels, showing me the front. Yeah, no doubt Mom had never seen this suit before, and never would. It barely covered her nipples.

“What do you think, little brother? Do you like it?” she asked, swaying slowly.

“Duh!” I laughed. “What’s in it’s not too shabby either.”

Natalie laughed and turned away again, shaking her ass at me. She began to dance keeping time with the cheesy soundtrack music from the porn movie, moving closer until her ass was nearly in my face.

“How about a lapdance, Sir? I’ll give you a deal.”

I was stroking slowly. She lowered her butt almost into my lap, nearly touching my dick, and lifting away. Turning toward me, she shook her big tits inches from my face, again nearly touching. She was pretty good at this, teasing me enough to make me stroke a bit harder. Sliding lower, she squeezed her tits together, making a nice line of cleavage less than a foot from my cock.

“Do you like my tits?” she cooed, already knowing the answer. I nodded. “Wanna see more of them?”

I could play along with her game. I had to admit, she was driving me crazy with this routine. Watching her dance and jiggle her tits and ass for me was getting to me. I nodded again.

She turned her back, wiggling her ass in my lap again, this time grazing my stroking hand with her firm rump. The strings of her top, tied in a neat bow, were right in front of me.

“You do the honours,” she sighed, brushing her ass across my hand again. I grabbed the end of the string with my teeth, and tugged. “Thank you,” she said quietly, sliding her ass up and down against my hand, then standing.

When she faced me again, the untied strings were trapped in the crease under her big boobs. She grabbed the ends, holding them taught, and dragged them straight up, pulling her tits up with the top. She lifted higher, until her boobs slipped out, bouncing nakedly into view. I groaned. She whipped the top off over her head, holding her arms straight up, and shaking her tits again. They swung and bounced wildly, unrestrained, and I groaned again.

She turned away, and this time, didn’t even hesitate to rub her sexy ass in my lap. The contact was no longer accidental.

The small part of my brain that held desperately to the side of the line dividing incest from sexual abandon spoke up, reminding me that my sister was touching me in a sexual manner, and that was wrong. The little guy controlling my dick had his fingers in his ears, chanting ‘la la la, I cannot hear you!’ over and over. He pushed a button, and my hand moved out of the way, letting her rub her luscious rear end directly against my hard cock.

Now she joined me when I moaned. “God, that’s hot! And hard! Does it feel good for you too?”

“You know it does, you slut! So fucking good! I’ll bet you wish you had somewhere to put your fingers now, don’t you?” I growled, undulating my hips to grind against her harder.

“Thanks for fucking reminding me, asshole!” she giggled, slipping away from me and dropping to her knees. She cupped her boobs and jiggled them for me. “Are you going to cum on my tits sometime today, or what?”

“Oh, alright!” I groaned, feigning aggravation as I stood. My hand, resumed it’s rhythm, pumping furiously.

“You do that really good, baby brother. One would almost think you’d done it before,” she laughed, bouncing her jugs in her hands.

“Once or twice,” I grunted.

“Ooooooo, mobil porno sounds like someone’s getting closer. You like the thought of shooting your hot sperm all over me, don’t you? I’ll let you in on a secret,” she whispered, smiling up at me, “I like it too!”

I growled back, panting harder as I my balls readied their cargo for shipping. Natalie rested back on her haunches, shaking her big breasts for me, when a smile even more wicked than the one she had been wearing crossed her face. She scuttled closer, her face inches from my dick.

“Here,” she moaned. “Shoot it here!”

Did you ever see the Mythbusters episode, where they load an old cement truck full of a few tons of am-f-o, and blow it to smithereens? How one second, the truck was there and the next, it simply… wasn’t? I swear, that’s what happened to my mind; one second it was there, then my sister asks me to cum on her face, and… it’s gone!

“Oh fuck, Natalie! Oh fuck, uhn, fuck… FUUUUCK!” I groaned, and exploded in her face, coating her with shot after shot of creamy icing. She sat there serenely, eyes closed, mouth barely ajar, moaning softly, as I blew my wad all over her pretty face, hair and neck. Drips and drops adorned her tits as well, but most of it shone wetly on her sexy countenance. Somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t get any in her eyes, although several tiny drops clung to her eyelashes. When my hand was pumping out empty chambers, I stopped, breathing heavily. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Natalie… That’s got to be the hottest, most disgusting, most incredibly sexy thing I’ve ever seen!” She giggled, and smiled. “Would you mind if I took a picture?”

She thought for a second. “For your eyes only, right?”

“Of course.”

“Promise? Even if you’re pissed at me, no one ever sees it, right?

“I promise,” I said, holding my hand up like I was taking an oath.

“Then go ahead, but hurry… It’s running.”

I reached into my pocket, down around my ankles, and yanked my phone out. I framed her on screen. She closed her eyes, and I took the picture.

“One more, eyes open? Please? You have such pretty eyes,” I asked. She opened her eyes. “Perfect!” Click.

“One more,” she said, smiling lasciviously. “Ready? Three, two, one,” she counted down, extending her tongue to lick her lips as I took the picture. She wasted no time scooping as much of the gooey glop into her hungry mouth as she could, while I took one more pic for posterity.

“I had no idea you were such a bad girl, Sis. You’ve always acted so proper, when you weren’t being a pain in the ass, anyway, ” I said quietly.

“That’s what we bad girls do… Hide in plain sight!” she giggled, licking her fingers. “Fucking period! I could really use an orgasm right now!” she cursed, standing and walking out of the room. “What do you want for dinner?” she asked as she disappeared out the door. “Pizza?”

“Done!” I said, flopping back on the couch. Her bra was sitting there, and I wondered if she’d answer the door to the pizza guy dressed the way she was. Maybe I’d seen too many movies.

I promised Nats that I wouldn’t get myself off again until she was back in the game. She wanted a big load to welcome her, and after three or four days of abstinence, she’d sure get one.


I woke the day after my lapdance, feeling terrible. My urges had rewritten the line again, and now I was regretting it. Sure, Natalie was fine with it, so one could argue that I should be too. No one was doing anything to the other, only with the other, but the little voice was still begging me to stop.

Natalie, on the other hand, wasn’t. She wasn’t wanting to stop, she wasn’t regretting anything, and she wasn’t wearing anything, either. I went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast, and found her cooking naked.

“Jeez, Nats… I know Mom’s not here, but don’t you think you should put something on?” I asked, amazed that I would suggest such a thing. If she was my girlfriend instead of my sister, I’d keep her naked and in bed every second I could. Of course. I’d also be fucking the daylights out of her right now… ploughing her pussy… sucking those fabulous tits… Oh god! I was getting hard again, tenting my shorts.

“Are you sure you want me to get dressed? Part of you doesn’t, that’s for sure!” she laughed, pointing at my crotch.

“Look, Natalie, if you want me to save it for you, you can’t be teasing me for four days,” I said, appealing to her own urges. “It’s not fair. No one has that much self control!”

She smiled and took a few steps toward me, letting her hips wiggle more than necessary. I stepped back, but she kept coming, until I ran out of real estate, backed literally into a corner, and onto a chair, with a thud.

“But what if I want to tease you,” she breathed, leaning over, closing the gap between us to inches. Her eyes were sparkling, flitting across my face, and her pouty lips parted slightly.

Oh God, I thought, she’s gonna kiss me for real! She hung her ripe melons in face, then straddled me, bridging her legs to stay just above my lap.

Her lips were closer, and I felt the firm swell of her breasts pressing into my bare chest. The little voice was suddenly speechless, but I was frozen in place. Her stiff nipples dented my skin.



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