[Previously: Cassie and her beautiful little sister – Helena – have discovered a deep and passionate taboo love for each other. More than that, they are exploring each other’s boundaries with a photographer friend – Sasha. But just as things look rosy, the girls are upset by the news of a family visit…]


Helena and I took the car home as fast as we could. I rang up mom and left a message for mom to say that my lecturer had called in sick and that I’d be returning home early that day. Helena and I didn’t speak much on the way home. Helena found my hand during a stop at a set of traffic lights and squeezed my fingers. I squeezed back.

When I pulled up outside the house we stopped to get a few things straight.

“What do we say if Jack has already found the paper?” I said. Helena frowned, thinking. She always looked like that when she was deep in thought; almost angry-looking that her brows were so crossed.

“We say that it was a prank by some guys at college who we turned down for a date. They wanted to get back at us.”

“What guys?”

“Cassie, it doesn’t really matter. Jack won’t know them.”

I nodded, seeing the logic. “But what about the stuff on your computer?”

Helena smiled, but only faintly. “Not much I can do about that” she said. “But Jack is such a pervert, it won’t take much to get something back on him.”

“How do you mean?”

Helena smiled, biting the bottom corner of her lip. “Just imagine” she said, giving me an alluring wink, “What Aunt Maddy would say if she caught her darling son jacking off in his teenage cousin’s bedroom.”

I wrinkled my nose at the idea. “But how would you-“

Helena leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I wanted to kiss her on the lips.

“Never mind the details, Cassie” she said. “I have a plan.”

We got out of the car and went indoors.

“Hi mom, we’re back” Helena said, as brightly as she possibly could.

“In here sweetie” floated back the reply. Just before we went into the main living room, I pulled my sister to one side and put my arms around her neck.

“I love you, Lena” I said. I leaned forward, eyes closed, and felt my sister’s lips press against mine. My heartbeat raced even at that short contact.

“Love you too” Helena whispered back. She hugged me, very briefly, then broke off and opened the door to the living room. We stepped through.

“Oh there they are! Aren’t they darlings?”

Aunt Maddy was sitting with mom, holding a large mug of coffee. She was a couple of years older than mom, and looked it; slotting comfortably into the frumpy role of middle-age where mom almost had to work at it. She was dressed very conservatively, in court shoes and slacks, with a shirt and sweater. Her shoulder-length bob looked about twenty years out of date (although she probably thought it was risqué fashion). Sitting across from her and mom was Rachel, our cousin. Of the troublesome Jack, there was no sign.

Rachel and Jack, fraternal twins, were only a little younger than us, but it showed on our female cousin’s face (and in what she wore). Rachel had long, dark brown hair, gathered up in a butterfly clip at the top of her head. She wore a long skirt and sensible shoes, with a blue polo top; buttoned all the way to the top. She wore bottle thick glasses and smiled only in extreme circumstances. But she was sweet, in her own way.

Helena and I sat down on the spare sofa and beamed at Aunt Maddy. She was insufferable and a parental tyrant, but hey; what can you do with family?

“My goodness Phee” she said to our mom, “They’re almost like twins. And SO grown up!”

There was a measure of distaste in the last sentence, as though we were growing up too quickly, or were dressed inappropriately (both of which were true, in some respects). Aunt Maddy, although the older sister, had married later in life and had watched mom beat her to parenthood. But she’d always seen it as her responsibility to impart pearls of wisdom about bringing up children, even if such pearls were generally useless and unwanted.

“Rachel, say hello to your cousins”

Rachel looked up from the spot she’d been examining on the floor and gave us both a level stare.

“Hello” she said.

“Hey” we both replied. It was an awkward moment.

“And, um, where’s Jack?” Helena said. This prompted Aunt Maddy into producing a sound we would later discover to be something resembling a laugh. She leant over to my mom and patted her on the knee.

“See?” she said. “I told you Helena would ask about Jack. You’d better watch that one, Phee; she’s very close to her cousin!”

Mom produced a forced smile as close to identical as the one Helena and I managed. I loved her for that. Despite mom’s irrational desire to be middle-aged, there were still some things that made her very similar to my sister and I.

“Jack’s upstairs” said mom, giving us a knowing look. “He wasn’t very pleased when I said that he should sleep in the living room rather than your czech streets porno bedroom, Helena.”

“He’s just cooling off, as all boys need to do, that all” said Aunt Maddy, jumping to her son’s defence. “And Phoebe, I really didn’t see the problem with Jack taking Helena’s room. I’m sure that Helena wouldn’t mind” she added, stabbing a viper’s look toward my sister.

“Nevertheless” said mom, “Helena is, as you pointed out, a growing girl and it wouldn’t be proper for Jack to stay in Helena’s room.” the sentence finished with an edge of finality to it that brooked no further discussion. There was a pause as I let this sink in.

“Cassie, sweetie, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve told Rachel that she can share your room while she stays with Aunt Maddy.”

“Oh that’d be great mom” I said, smiling brightly. I leant forward, exaggerating a stage whisper toward my cousin “But no late-night parties until mom and Aunt Phoebe are out okay?” I said. Aunt Maddy smiled, and Rachel twitched the corner of her mouth.

“So has, Jack – um – been up to my room?” said Helena, trying to sound nothing more than curious.

“Well yes-” mom began.

“He was very much looking forward to unpacking” interrupted Aunt Maddy.

“Yes. Quite a hurry” mom replied. “In fact, such a hurry that he ran straight into the house and locked himself in your room for ten minutes before he would come out again.”

“It was only a few minutes at most” said Aunt Maddy. “And he did apologize.”

“Yes” smiled mom in her softest voice. “He was very quick to apologize when you told him to.”

There was another one of those awkward pauses, where Aunt Maddy was in the wrong but refused to admit it.

“Soooo, where is Jack?” said Helena once again.

“He’s out the back, honey. Playing on his computer console.”

I saw my sister drop the most insincere frown of sympathy ever, and smiled at her.

“Actually mom” said Helena, “I’m pretty bushed. I think I’ll go up and take a shower if that’s okay.”

“Sure honey” said mom. “Dinner will be ready in an hour, so wash up and come down for that. You too, Cassie.”

I jumped up from the sofa. “Wanna come upstairs and unpack?” I said, directing my voice toward Rachel. The other girl looked up at me, then at her mom, who said “Rachel has already left her things in your room. So organised. I’d like her to help Aunt Phoebe and I prepare dinner.”

I shrugged. “okay. Pop up when you want to plan that midnight party, right?”

“Oh you silly!” said Aunt Maddy, still enjoying the 4th grade joke. But Rachel did look up at me, and she did smile too. A genuine smile. It changed her sombre expression completely, if only for a second. A pretty girl under there, I thought. Hope she grows out of her mom’s shadow soon.

I followed Helena upstairs and we parted on the landing between the rooms to our doors. Helena quickly stepped up to me and kissed me on the lips. “See you for dinner” she said. She turned away and I opened the door to my room. Everything was as I had left it. Except for the small suitcase left by Rachel on the far side of my double bed. On the usually empty cabinet by that side of the bed were a few trinkets I didn’t recognise. Rachel had unpacked alright. Superstitious dolls and everything.

I suddenly felt a little sleepy and stretched out the tiredness. I took off the clothes I was wearing and draped them lazily on the bed, I pulled my hair up into rough bun at the top of my head, secured it with a clip then grabbed a towel by the shower cubicle and stepped in. I turned on the shower and stood under the warm jet of water, letting the stream wake me up a bit. Unbidden, I began to remember the last shower I had taken; the shower where I had made love to my own sister. I closed my eyes and remembered the touch of her hands, the closeness of her skin, the feel of our two bodies pressed together in perfect taboo symmetry as the water fell down and upon us.

It was during this very pleasant reverie that I failed to hear my bedroom door being opened. It was also during this trip down lover’s memory lane that I did not hear someone moving close to the shower cubicle, listening to the soft moaning noises I was making under the jet of warm water. It was only when the cubicle door itself opened, allowing cold air to replace the warm mist I was enjoying, that I became rudely aware of the embarrassing interruption. The embarrassment lasted only a second, to be replaced by cold fear as two very welcome arms slipped round my soapy hips.

“Hey sis. Want some company?”

“Helena! Are you mad? Rachel could come in here at any minute! Or mom, or Aunt Maddy!! Get out!”

“Relax” said my sister, stepping up close against me in the now-cramped cubicle. The nearness of her naked body to mine was intoxicating, irresistible, but I was still overcome with fear of being discovered with my own sister. I tried to push her away from me.

“Helena, for God’s sake, get out!” I hissed. Oblivious czech taxi porno to my warnings, my little sister started running her hands up and down my soaped-up body, feeling the smoothness of my skin and the weight of my breasts. I could feel my heart begin to race. God; was it going to be like this every time she touched me? Was it like this for all people in love?

Helena used her hands to turn my body; face me away from her, then she pulled herself up close to me; pressing her slim body up against my back. I could feel her breasts press against my shoulder blades, and the soft down of her pubic hair brush my ass cheeks. She wrapped her arms around my body; enveloping me. I felt my knees begin to weaken. We’d had sex not two hours ago and I was already desperate for my sister once again. Could this be right, even for two young people madly in love with each other? And I realised I was. Madly in love with Helena. Since the moment we touched each other and discovered our mutual feelings I had not been able to keep her out of my thoughts for more than a few moments.

I felt the press of her gorgeous body against mine in the shower and closed my eyes to her touch. She roamed her hands up and down my body with all-access abandon and every square inch she touched made me tingle.

“Don’t worry about anything, sis” she whispered; her lips close to my ear. “We won’t be caught. Not until we want to. And there’s so much for us to do with each other.”

I felt her lips against my neck; kissing the soft skin between my earlobe and shoulder. I tilted my head to give her more access and she nestled her mouth between my neck and shoulder, kissing and licking and nipping me with her teeth. I wanted her to bite me; bite me hard, and I told her so in husky demand.

“Mhmmm, I would love to” she said, kissing my neck then rubbing her face against the spot she had just kissed, “but that would give you an incredible hickey, and we might had trouble explaining that to mom”

I didn’t care, and told her so. I wanted her to bite me. I wanted her to scratch her nails on my back. I wanted to feel her fingers inside me; like she had done the previous night. I told her all this in broken, faltering sentences; my legs like jelly beneath me as she kissed my sensitive neck and traced her fingers up and down my body.

“There is SO much we are going to do together” Helena whispered, kissing the back of my neck near the large exposed vertebrae. “Every trick in every porn film. Every pose, every kind of fuck two women have ever shared. That’s what we’re going to do right.”

“Yes!” I breathed. “Every trick and a little bit more!”

And I knew that I meant it. Even though my sum knowledge of ‘every porn film’ was less than that of the average sixteen year old boy, I had no illusions that there wasn’t anything I could see in one that I wouldn’t do with my beautiful sister. It was at that moment that I felt Helena’s fingernails turn in against the soft skin at the sides of my ribs.

“Would you let me fuck you dressed up?” she said, her voice as warm and seductive as the water from the shower head


“Even if I were the teacher and you were the schoolgirl?”

“God, yes.”

I could feel Helena begin to smile as she continued to caress me; enjoying this new word game as she seduced me to a babbling fool in my own shower.

“Would you le me scratch you? Hard?” For emphasis, she dug her fingernails into my skin. I felt a breif stab of pleasure/pain that made me draw a quick breath.


“Would you do what I tell you to do, no matter what?”

“Yes I would sis” I breathed.

“Would you hurt me if I told you to?”

I did snap out of my erotic stupor there for a moment. Would I hurt my own sister? The one who I had just discovered and acknowledged as my true sexual companion? Why would she ever want me to hurt her?


Helena giggled lightly, eased her hands over my breasts and squeezed them affectionately.

“Shh” she said. “Don’t worry.”

I felt her shift a little in the cramped space and moved forward as much as I could; only inches away from the wall. I looked back and saw that Helena had knelt down on one knee and was kissing my back; her hands still roaming as far as they could over my nakedness. There was another shift as Helena went down on two knees behind me. I felt her lips reach the little bone just above my ass cheeks and she licked and nibbled me there; the hands rubbing the cheeks of my ass. She lowered her mouth further yet and I felt the little stab of her tongue in the cleft between my ass cheeks. I leaned forward; bent as much as I could in the tight space. The tiled wall was cold against my face, shoulders and breasts.

“I love your ass” I heard Helena murmur from behind and below me. I felt her fingers prise apart my rounded cheeks and her lips and tongue on the soft puckered skin of my anus. I closed my eyes at the wonderful sensation of my own little sister digitalplayground porno rimming my ass. Three days ago, the very thought of someone rimming me was unbelievable. I could not have conceived the idea of being kissed, licked, fingered or fucked in the ass. But Helena had done all of them, and it was only the beginning of our sexual oddessy.

Helena continued to rim my ass for a few minutes; her hands massaging and keeping spread my ass cheeks to give her the access to my puckered anus. There was that wonderful pause – that moment of electric suspense – before I felt one of my little sister’s fingers begin to probe more insistently at my asshole. I was beginning to get very turned on by Helena’s attention to my ass, and moaned as I felt her slide her finger one, then two knuckles inside of me. She stared to finger-fuck my asshole and I let myself relax as much as possible, concentrating of the wonderful feeling of invasion as she probed her finger up inside of me.

“That is so dirty!” I heard her murmur, and moaned back a response. Within moments, I could feel all of Helena’s finger squeezed up inside my tight hole, and I felt myself pushing back, inviting more. I wasn’t to be disappointed. Helena pulled her finger out of my ass and I turned my head round to look over my shoulder. I saw Helena sucking on the same finger, then sucking on her middle finger; adding a slick sheen of saliva to her already-wet fingers. I turned back and closed my eyes. Then I felt the pressure of two fingertips against my asshole; probing, teasing then, finally, pushing up inside me. But that wasn’t all. A moment later and I felt Helena’s ring and little fingers playing as the edges of my pussy lips. I caught my breath as I felt those two fingers reach inside me and begin to join the in-out, up-down rhythm of the other two.

I was on fire! My ass being double finger-fucked, and now my pussy too. I realised then that I had acknowledged another sexual milestone; the feeling of being penetrated and filled. I had known the feeling before with a couple of guys (one of whom had a gorgeous huge cock), but had never had the emotionally hijacking experience of being with someone I wanted as much as my little sister. I felt myself building toward a cascading orgasm as Helena continued to frig my pussy and asshole. Then she shifted again and I felt her hands against my ass cheeks once again; working a little more roughly on the soft flesh. She grabbed at my cheeks and dug her nails into the flesh. Once again, I had that extraordinary pleasure/pain sensation. And liked it. Helena must have sensed this, and she kneaded my ass before delivering one, two, three short slaps against the skin. I began to feel flushed, even in the heat of the shower. I knew I wasn’t far from orgasm, and I was desperate for Helena to work on my pussy.

“Lick me, sis. Please!” I moaned.

But Helena ignored me. “Do remember what I said the last time after we showered?” she said. “Do remember what happened, and what I said?”

I remembered, with more than a little touch of embarrassment, that I had peed when Helena made me cum as she touched and caressed me in our last shower tryst. Afterwards, making love to each other in bed, Helena had told me that she wanted me to pee on her. I thought it was kind of weird back then (it seemed an age ago!), but I knew exactly what she wanted.

“Yes” I said, snapping back to the here and now. “I remember.”

“Turn around” said Helena. It wasn’t a suggestion. I held on to the shower basket for support and lifted my left leg over the crouching form of my little sister and turned around so that I was standing, legs apart, over her.

“Do you need to pee?” said Helena, looking up at me with innocent eyes.

“Yeah” I said, somewhat huskily. “Yeah, I need to pee.”

I stood still for a moment and closed my eyes to concentrate. I felt the first pulse from inside me, then opened my eyes and watched as my stream of pee rained down on my sister’s head. Helena had closed her eyes as the warm jet of my pee first hit her on the head, but then opened her eyes and raised her face so the almost-clear stream struck her cheeks, nose and chin. I bit my lip as I watched, wondering what I should be thinking as I peed on my little sister’s face but then Helena opened her mouth and I watched as my stream of piss squirted inside it. Lena closed her lips, gulping down my pee, then opened them again. I felt myself pulse, watched one, then another short burst of pee rain down onto Helena’s face. She knelt up higher to catch the last major squirt in her mouth. I watched her swallow this too then she raised herself from her prostrate kneeling position and brought her mouth up between my legs. She closed her lips over my pussy and sucked and licked at the last few drops of my pee clinging to the short hair of my pussy. She stayed on her knees in front of me; licked and sucking at my swollen slit until I came in her mouth; my fingers dug into her scalp and her hands clasping the sides of my ass. I felt my legs wobble as I orgasmed, and reached up for the shower basket again.

That was when the door to my room closed with a louder-than-usual bang, and Rachel’s soft voice rang out;

“Cassiope? Are you, um there? Hello? Cassie? Aunt Phoebe says she needs your help for a minute. Cassie?”



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