Thank You, kinky belle_bi, for your stories and communication! You have given me the courage to tell the truth.


There it is again! That ever so light, tingling, teasing touch on my penis. Only tonight, I’m awake. Being a poor nerd, living at home and going to college is frustrating. No girl friend, just a dull life.

Over two months ago I started having these dreams of someone playing with my penis. The touch was excruciatingly teasing, it was so light. Touching only at first, then light teasing movements all over until finally a light encircling of the shaft with alternating cupping of my scrotum, which had brought me to ejaculation, in recent nights and had me thinking I was going crazy. A few times I had awakened afterward to find that I had ejaculated all over myself. Oh how I wished it were real, that some female was actually giving me this pleasure, the female I really wanted most.

Tonight I went to bed concentrating on waking up if the feelings started again and it was when I felt the fingers wrap softly around my penis that I awakened.

Unsure, but wanting to know, I lay there briefly before opening my eyes just enough to see if it were real or a fantasy.

It was real! ‘Oh my God, it’s real!’ I thought and quickly closed my eyes.

Each time I moved or changed my breathing the touch went away so I concentrated on appearing like I was sleeping.

The ever so light touches continued and I slowly looked again. ‘Yes! It’s real!’ My eyes followed the arm up and I almost screamed when I saw, Moms face.

I flinched and she quickly withdrew her hand and stared at my face. I continued my sleep act and she smiled as she once again touched my penis softly.

‘Oh God, it’s Mom! My Mom is playing with my penis as I sleep. She’s been doing this for weeks now and it’s driving me nuts. Oh God, why! Why is she doing this to me?’

I looked again and saw that her right hand was playing with her breast.

‘Oh Shit! She’s nude! My Mom’s nude! I almost opened my eyes and yelled ‘Mom’, but, I didn’t want this to stop it felt so ‘Good’ and it was my ‘Most Wanted Female.’

My Mom is no raving beauty but she is nice looking. Dark brown hair that she keeps very short, big green eyes, full lips and stands about 5’2″. I’ve checked out her bras and panties several times being the horny male, I am. Her bra size is 34B and her panties are small. I have a 31″ waist and I can barely get her panties on. I always get a pair from the hamper and get so turned on when I hold them to my face, smelling her and even licking the stain in the crotch. Yes, I have had many fantasies about my Mom.

I moved a little and moaned, Moms hand released my penis and hovered above it waiting as she looked at my face. Her fingertips touched my tip and slowly moved down and back up again. Oh God, it felt so good.

‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take.’ She stopped briefly and then wiped the end of my penis with her finger before czech couples porno she stuck it in her mouth. ‘Oh Shit, keep playing, keep playing!’

I thought I heard a low, “Mmmm.”

I was barely moving my hips as though I was fucking in my sleep and I moaned softly. Mom smiled, I must have done this before, because she wrapped her fingers lightly around my penis and softly stroked up and down.

I tried to look at her breasts, but in the dim light I could only see the left one with the right shadowed behind. The aureole wasn’t big or dark, it was a light color, but her nipple stuck out like a thumb. I moaned again making Moms hand stop, but not let go of me.

My mind was begging, ‘Keep going Mom, keep going!’

Moms left hand slowly moved down to cup my scrotum as she brought her right to grasp and stroke my penis.

Unable to control it I softly moaned, “Mom!”

Her hands left me and she went into a crouch on the edge of the bed while staring at my face.

I continued my act and moved my head slowly from side to side while lowly moaning, “Mom, Mom, Mom.”

She smiled, sat straight up giving me a full look at her wonderful breasts. I kinda let my head bounce in place to take in the site. I didn’t notice that she was lightly stroking me again until she moved her right hand back to my penis. She was stroking me as she watched my face and I started making little fucking movements again.

She turned to look at what she was doing and I closed my eyes. ‘Oh Jesus, Yes, Mom, bring me off. Oh Please bring me off.’

Suddenly I felt something touch the tip of my penis and my eyes flew open to see Moms tongue lick the tip. ‘Oh Jesus, Oh God, Oh Shit!’ Quickly I closed my eyes and tried my best to keep the sleep act going. I know I jerked, but Mom didn’t seem to notice as she didn’t move. I barely opened my eyes in time to see Mom kiss the tip. ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I’m gonna cum, Oh shit.”

I didn’t, but I trembled a little and still Mom didn’t move away. I watched as her lips parted and my glans entered her mouth. I stiffened and my sack tightened as sperm started to rise but I managed to stop it from erupting. ‘Oh Jesus this feels good!’ I wanted to ejaculate but I also wanted this to last forever.

Her lips were at that tender area below my glans now and I could feel her tongue moving around and around.

‘Oh Jesus, God, I’m gonna cum!’ My scrotum tightened as my penis stiffened and jerked in her mouth sending spurt after spurt of sperm across her tongue.

‘Oh Jesus, God, Oh Jesus, I came in my Mothers mouth! Oh God! I came in Moms mouth!’

Again I couldn’t help myself, as I moaned loudly, with my head threw back, “Oh Mom! Mom! Mom!”

Slowly I relaxed and settled back down looking to see Mom frozen in place, one hand cupping my scrotum, one gently squeezing the base of my penis and her mouth sucking my glans.

My penis softened and Mom sat up licking czech estrogenolit porno her lips. She looked at my face and smiled before slowly standing.

I thought she was going to turn and leave but she bent down and kissed my penis as she pulled the sheet slowly up to cover me. Standing she blew me a kiss before turning and tip-toeing out of my bedroom.

I couldn’t sleep and lay there, running through what happened in my mind, over and over.

This is how it all began for me, slowly and steadily getting more involved and more pleasurable.

In the morning I heard Mom, Dad, and my Sister starting the day as I lay there wanting Mom. I didn’t get up until I smelled breakfast and then slowly dressed before heading to the kitchen.

There was Mom, standing at the table, when I entered. I could tell she had on flannel PJs under her floor length flannel robe. I wanted to hug and kiss her, but most of all, I wanted to see her naked.

Breakfast was the usual small talk, with me as usual, head down, shoveling it in.

As breakfast ended, Mom started putting dishes in the sink, and Dad looked at me and said, “You look, ‘Rode Hard and Put Up Wet’ boy.”

“Yeah, I had a dream that woke me up, and I couldn’t get back to sleep.” I said looking at Mom.

She gasped, dropped the dishes she was carrying and hurried out of the room.

“What the hell brought that on?” Dad said as he picked up the mess on the floor.

‘Idiot! Why’d you say that?’ I thought.

Mom didn’t come out of her room and we all left for our day at whatever. I worried about what I said and Moms reaction all day.

When I got home, Mom was her old cheerful self and made no indication of anything going on or being wrong. I know she caught me looking at her but gave no sign of anything wrong. The evening passed with me being frustrated and going to bed. I hoped there would be a repeat performance but nothing happened. In fact nothing happened for over a week. I was resigning myself to memories only and being eaten up by fantasies about my ‘Most Wanted Female.’

Then it happened again. I just came to my senses as I was thinking it was just another dream of Mom sucking me and opened my eyes. There was Mom, naked, a hand softly cupping my scrotum, a hand gently squeezing my shaft, and her mouth sucking my spent glans.

This time she wasn’t getting away. I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her up to me. She squealed loudly and clamped her forearms together between us.

“Let me go!” She said, and I bear hugged her. Squirming she said, “LET ME GO!”

“Shhhh, do you want Dad to come in here?” I whispered.

She went limp, dropped her head and started crying.

“Why Mom? Why have you been doing this?”

She just shook her head and sobbed.

I eased my grip and started caressing her bare back, going, “Shhhh, Shhhh.”

Her crying slowed and she whispered, “I needed it and you czech first video porno became available. I used to do it to my Brother and Father. They slept like logs just like you do, the house could explode and you wouldn’t know it.” ‘Oh my God, she used to suck Grandpa!’ She raised her head and looked me in the eyes. “You were making a lot of noise one night and I came in to check on you. You were uncovered, naked and talking in your sleep. You were aroused and I just stared at it for a long time until I finally touched it and you settled down. Then each time I would hear you in the night I would come in and touch it calming you down.”

“Mom you were doing more than touching.”

“I know, I know, the thrill took over again and I would strip naked and come in to take care of my lover.”


I quickly kissed her and said, “I Love you Mom. I Love You.”

“Oh, Stephen!” She said before she kissed me, and kissed me, and kissed me. We were making out and Mom was moving up on top of me. Her hands were all over my face and I could feel the heat building in her naked body on top of me.

I was completely confused and overwhelmed until I felt something warm pressing against the tip of my penis.

‘Oh My God, my Mom is going to fuck me! My Mom is going to fuck me!” My dream of fucking her was going to come true. Well, not really, because she was fucking me. I felt her nudge down and my glans slipped past her labia engulfed in a heat I only dreamed about.

She was kissing me wildly, moaning and rotating her hips as more slipped into her. It felt so good, I almost passed out. She pushed up away from me and down with her hips, I was completely in her now and I came from the intensity of the heat engulfing my penis.


I didn’t go soft, I was in a sexual rage and gripping her butt I started thrusting hard against her thrusts.

She was grunting and slamming down on me as I in turn grunted and thrust upwards. Her breasts were dancing in front of me, driving me to further madness.

‘Oh God, if I have to die, let me die this way.’

I raised my head and captured a nipple in my mouth. Moms hand went to my neck and pulled me into her breast.

I could feel an intense heat building in her vagina and it was drawing my sperm up and out. As her heat built my penis erupted and I pulled her down hard against me.

Moms’ entire body was shaking wildly and she was pulling my head into her breast with so much force, I couldn’t breathe. Spent, we both collapsed, gasping for air.

Mom lay on me as my penis softened inside her, without moving or making a sound. Then as my soft penis slipped from her warmth she raised her head and kissed me. Slowly she got up and briefly stood facing me with her hands on her ‘pussy’ before turning and walking out of my room.

‘OH, MY, GOD! MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE MOTHER JUST FUCKED ME! WOW!’ I was out of my mind and for the rest of the night I relived every second of it, over and over, as I repeatedly dozed off and came back awake.

Nothing ever happened again, although I would have given anything to have more. I did have a handful of my dreams again, but they to ended when I left home.

I have had a lifetime of Mother-Son fantasies, leaving me to feel perverted in some pleasurable way.



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