She knew what she was doingOh god she knew what she was doing…The latex gloves fondling my aching balls, fingers squuezing and tugging as he hungry, made up lips worked my shaft.Her moans were driving me crazy and it was everything I could do not to empty in her throat right there.I remember trembling when I walked up the stone path to the front door. 29 and married for 6 years, but here I was about to knock on the door of a man dressed in womens under wear. A year of shameful and guilt wracked wanks to sissy and tranny porn, watching those soft cute trannys sucking and taking cock like real women.After hanging around Xhamster for a few months I finally took the plunge and made a profile “bi-curious seeks cock sucking slut”. I soon got chatting to several hotties and one girl in particular…Jessica. A sweet young 20 something with.a body to die for and mind güvenilir bahis siteleri just as dirty as her mouth. She had gone into great detail about the various ways she planned on emptying my balls into her various holes.My mind was reeling at the thought of this younger guy slut doing things to me my wife would never dream of doing. I couldnt resist it any longer and knew I had to sample Jessica’s delights. We arranged a date for when her parents were out and made my way over there.As I approached the door Jessica sent me a text saying to go around the back at let myself in to the conservatory…she was waiting for me.The blinds were all closed as I opened the door, not really knowing what to expect in side. I stepped into a darkened room and closed the door.”Jessica?” I murmured nervously hoping that this want all some big joke on me.The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lights slowly lifted as a stunning sight revealed itself. Jessica was sat in black pvc all over and knee high boots that looked amazing. Her blonde locks framed her face and really accentuated her cherry red lips.”Ah you my new daddy hun….cause this baby needs to suckle badly”. She said as she stood and dropped the lighting remote.I stood the stunned, this is it, this is where I stop being the regular straight guy and become bisexual in practice as well as intent.Her pvc gloved hand caressed my aching bulge, purring like the cat the got the cream, my arms pulling her closer. The delicate feminine perform belied the slutty outfit and obvious sexual intentions. Our lips met softly at first but then as the initial moment lassed we were soon güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sucking each others to gues for all we were worth. My hands grabbed at her tight firm backside almost lifting her heels off the ground, her 5’4″ frame almost dwarfed by mine. She pulled away and grinned wolfishly…Thats it daddy, use your big strong hands to lift me up like a toy. Play with me daddy!” Her voice was clearly one she had spent time practicing.Grabbing her hips, I spun her around bending her so she was leaning against the wall. I began grinding against her pantied arse, my hardening cock tent fitting nicely between her cheeks.”Hehe…such a rough daddy, you know how your Jessi baby likes it”. She knew what she was saying was driving me mad, me hands exploring her tiny sissy bud titties. A squeeze and a tweak of her perky nipples through the tight, shiney material caused her knees to buckle slightly but I managed to hold her up right. Leaning back she kissed me again, he hand running through my hair pulling me in”Daddy…” She breathed. “Can you baby slut taste you hard meat now…time to feed me”…….To be continued (sorry for the spelling…I am on my phone)



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