Shayla arranged her toys along the bench near her window facing the pool. She had planned to play with them outdoors; however, it had started raining. The thought of Derrick finally returning from his weeklong business trip made her hornier than usual. She was used to being dicked down at least three times a week, and this week long hiatus would’ve been unbearable without her realistic dildos. She had purchased two of them particularly because they were the same girthy 7.5 inches long as Derrick. His dick was beautiful. Thick and smooth and long enough to make its presence known deep in her womb.

Shayla needed no lube, unless she planned on doing anal. Sometimes she didn’t even need it then because her pussy was usually dripping by the time Derrick blessed her with a few deep strokes. He had been able to pull out of her pussy and push his soaking wet manhood into her tight hole with no problem, and she loved it. He filled her up so good the intensity of her pleasure was almost unbearable.

Just thinking about Derrick deep inside of her made Shayla cum before even sitting on one of the dildos she had attached to the by its suction base. Shayla closed her eyes and began to moan as her caramel smooth DD cup breasts bounced in rhythm with her riding the long thick dildo. Shayla was sopping wet and slammed herself down on the fat schlong, making a slapping sound as her bubble butt hit the wooden bench. The dildo was wedged deep inside and her pussy lips twitched when the phone rang.

Shayla anxiously picked her phone up from the bench and saw it was Derrick calling. She quickly swiped to answer. “Hey beautiful,” Derrick said as soon as she picked up. “Hey yourself, handsome. Are you back?” responded Shayla. “Yeah, I’m home and I need to see you. Come over,” said Derrick in his deep sexy voice. “I want to eat you out and then fuck you until we both fall asleep.” Shayla shivered and clenched her muscles around the dildo that was still wedged deep inside of her. Derrick always caused this reaction in her. Shayla’s pussy was his to have…anytime, anyplace. Shayla could not and did not want to deny him. She missed him terribly and couldn’t wait to feel his strong arms around her and his big dick inside of her.

“Alright, baby. Let me get dressed and I’ll be over,” Shayla huskily responded. She already had an overnight bag packed, and as she raised her from the dildo, she thought of one thing she needed to do. She had already showed and wasn’t planning on washing off her cum soaked pussy. She wanted to remain nice and wet for Derrick. She didn’t have to worry about messing up her underwear because she wasn’t going to wear any. Derrick liked her in a short skirt, high heels, and no panties. She liked his easy access approach because they usually couldn’t keep their hands off each other and if he was as horny as she was, she wouldn’t be in her clothes for very long.

Shayla had set out her lube launcher when she assembled her toys. She found that the lube launcher got lube deep into her anus, making it comfortable to take her larger dildos balls deep into her ass. She wanted Derrick to fuck her in any hole he desired, so lubing her ass proactively was in order. When she stood up, her juices illegal bahis ran down her leg and made a squishing noise between her legs as she walked over to the dresser with the lube launcher in hand.

Shayla unscrewed the cap to the bottle of lube, placed the lube launcher, tip down into the bottle of lube and pulled up on the plunger to fill the launcher with the water based substance. Once the tube was full, Shayla bent over the dresser and positioned the launcher between her big round butt cheeks and at the puckered opening to her ass. She pushed the smooth round head on the launcher into her hole until all 5 inches were inside. She then pushed on the plunger, releasing the lube deep inside her anus.

Shayla wrapped the launcher in toilet paper and threw it in the trash. She made note of the fact that the launcher had come out clean, proof that the anal douche she had done an hour ago had worked.

Shayla put on the shortest black skirt she owned and paired it with a halter top and no bra. She slipped on a pair of high heeled black sandals, tossed her vibrator and one dildo into her overnight bag, grabbed her keys and wallet and headed out the door.

Squirming on the soft leather seats in her new Acura NSX, Shayla thought about how ridiculous it was to spend so much on a vehicle, but she had money to blow after getting two obscenely large bonuses and an inheritance in the same year. Driving the car made her feel sexy, and driving it while her pussy juices leaked on the cream colored seats made her indescribably heady. She had an itch that only Derrick could scratch, and with every speed limit breaking mile she drove, she got increasingly soaking wet thinking about what he was going to do to her body.

Shayla reached between her legs with her left hand and ran her fingers through the juices pooling between her clit and swollen labia. She brought her fingers to her mouth and slowly sucked her own delicious nectar from each finger. Ummmm, Derrick was going to lap up all her juices in due time.

Shayla returned her attention to the road and whipped the sports car through the left turn into Derrick’s neighborhood. She pressed the remote he had given her for the security gate and drove through once the slow-as-hell gate opened. She was horny and excited and couldn’t wait to feel Derrick’s thick meat pounding her deep and hard.

As Shayla pulled into the driveway, the garage door began to open. Derrick must’ve been looking out the window or heard her car pull up. As the door slowly lifted, Shayla sucked in a sharp breath as she saw her fine specimen of a man standing on the ledge between the door to the house and the garage floor. He wore nothing but a white bath towel wrapped around his waist. He glistened as if he had applied oil to his body, and the muscles in his arms and pecs flexed as he moved from side to side, impatiently waiting on Shayla to pull her car into the 3rd bay of his oversized garage.

As Shayla put her car into park, Derrick hit a switch to lower the garage door and walked in her direction, his smoldering eyes burning into her as she jumped out of the car. She popped the trunk and Derrick beat her to grabbing the overnight bag and closing the illegal bahis siteleri trunk. He opened his arms to welcome her into his strong warm embrace, dropping her bag to the ground. Shayla planted kisses all over his face, eyelids, and forehead and finally their lips connected in a passionate and desperate kiss.

Derrick’s tongue urgently explored Shayla’s inviting mouth, and as their tongues danced and dueled Derrick grabbed her juicy butt and squeezed. Shayla moaned into Derrick’s mouth, and as his fingers lifted the fabric of her skirt and touched her bare skin, he moaned and pulled her closer. Derrick continued the passionate kiss as he squeezed, rubbed, and playfully slapped Shayla’s butt cheeks. Shayla’s pussy throbbed and leaked more juice to add to what had already accumulated between her thighs.

Derrick reached between her legs and stroked the drenched and swollen clit sitting between Shayla’s smooth waxed pussy lips. Derrick added another finger and scooped up some of her sweet juices. He then brought the fingers to his mouth and sucked the juices off. “You taste so good baby,” he mumbled into her ear as he nibbled it between kissing her mouth and licking her neck.

As if he suddenly was tired of waiting, Derrick quickly spun Shayla around so she’d be facing the rear end of the car and pushed her down so her chest was flush with the trunk. He hiked the skirt up to Shayla’s waist and used his knees to spread her legs apart. Shayla trembled with anticipation. She loved when men took charge and made clear what they wanted.

She felt the towel that had just been tied around Derrick’s waist, hit her shoulder as Derrick tossed it aside. Shayla then felt his strong hands spread her ass cheeks apart and felt his breath, then his tongue work its way down the crack of her ass to the source of the juices pooling between her legs. Derrick latched his mouth over her pulsing pussy and began sucking as if this was his last meal. He sucked and slurped and licked until Shayla’s legs began shaking. Her climax was building, and as if on cue, Derrick drove two fingers into her warm, wet sex and began finger fucking her.

“Yesssss, eat that pussy, baby. Oooo it feels so good. Damn I missed you!” screamed Shayla as she looked back over her shoulder to witness her ass bouncing to the rhythm set by Derrick’s finger fucking. She then felt a wet thumb push at the puckered hole above her pussy. Ummmm, this was going to be good.

Derrick brought the fingers from Shayla’s sopping wet pussy up to the hole now being teased by his thumb. He ran his wet fingers across the tight wrinkled hole winking at him. He then pressed more firmly into the hole with his thumb, getting even harder at the site of it opening up to him. He pressed his thumb in to the knuckle and with his other hand lined up the swollen head of his thick cock with Shayla’s wet pussy and thrust himself balls deep into her wetness.

Shayla screamed with the sudden fullness and the delicious feeling of Derrick’s stroking in and out hard and deep. This is what she had been missing in her life since he had been away and she tightened her muscles on each out stroke to feel every inch of him. Derrick slapped Shayla’s canlı bahis siteleri ass cheeks with his free hand, intensifying Shayla’s pleasure and giving Derrick the beautiful site of her big ass bouncing and jiggling.

Shayla arched her back to deepen Derrick’s penetration even further and shifted to get a better grip on the trunk to push herself back to meet every stroke. Derrick plunged into her faster and harder, pummeling her pussy. When she felt him tense up, Shayla knew he was about to come. She had already climaxed multiple times, so raised herself up to look over her shoulder and find Derrick’s lips. She loved to kiss him when he was buried deep inside of her.

Changing her position made the strokes shallower, and Derrick slowed his pace and slowly pulled out of Shayla’s dripping pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock across her tight asshole and whispered. “I wanna cum in your ass.” Those words alone almost made Shayla cum again and she massaged her own big round boobs as she whispered back, “Yes, please.” It was moments like this that she was glad she was a planner and had proactively applied lube deep into her anus before leaving her house. She knew Derrick’s big dick would slide in with no problem since it was covered in her cum and she had lube inside of her.

Shayla was high on anticipation as she felt Derrick spread her cheeks and press the swollen head of his giant cook against her tight hole. He moved his hands to squeeze and massage her breasts as he kissed her on her neck and licked her earlobe. He pushed passed her sphincter and Shayla groaned with the feeling of being stretched by his girth. He pushed past the second ring in her anus and Shala whimpered at the feeling of him pushing deeper and deeper into her most private place.

Derrick pushed as deep as their current standing position would allow, and then growled in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck your asshole now. Would you like that?” Shayla could only nod as every nerve ending in her body was firing. She yelped in surprise as Derrick pushed her back down on the trunk, pressing her chest into the luxury vehicle and lifting her ass in the air for maximum penetration.

Shayla could have sworn she felt Derrick in her chest he was so deep. He then began stroking in and out, in and out, sometimes allowing his dick to remain lodged deep inside her tight tunnel as he ground into her ass trying to go even deeper. Shayla was delirious with pleasure and begged Derrick to fuck her good. She screamed how good it felt and how much she missed Derrick’s good dick.

His balls slammed against her ass hole over and over until Shayla felt Derrick tense up and knew that he was about to explode. “Cum deep in my ass, baby. I want your thick cum to coat my insides,” Shayla moaned.

Derrick doubled his efforts and pounded Shayla’s asshole faster and harder. Shayla’s legs shook and she feared she wouldn’t be able to stay on her feet. “Dayummmmm this ass is so good. I’m cummmmming!” shouted Derrick as he bent over Shayla’s back and pounded out his last few thrusts as he came. He kissed her on her neck and linked his hands with hers as he remained inside of her and they both wait for their heart beats to slow down.

Shayla felt so connected to Derrick in this moment. If she could quit her job and fuck him all day she would. Derrick gently kissed Shayla on the earlobe and said, “Ready to go inside now?”

Stay tuned for Shayla’s Sexcapades Part 2 coming soon.



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