Shaving Karen’s PrivatesI switched on the computer and logged in to my e-mail account and then on to xHamster. I had 4 messages and 2 friend requests. 2 of the messages were ongoing chats, and I found myself chuckling delightedly at one of them. There were some very imaginative people on hamster. The other two were people that I occasionally chat to. I turned to the friend requests. The first one was from someone in the States. I checked their profile and Then accepted. I will normally accept, you have no idea of what will occur. It is so easy to get preconceived ideas of what people are like. The second request was from the Uk and not only that they lived in a town only 20 miles away. Then I noticed that they were 18. Karensissy18. Not the most imaginative name I thought to myself, but there again, my name was not particularly imaginative either. I checked out their profile but I knew in this case that I would accept anyway but more out of curiosity than for any other reason. I thanked them for rheir invite and then told them where I lived.Some time later I received a reply. They were obviously interested. It read; ‘Your welcome, love your Pics, would love you to help me be a better sissy. If you are interested just say’. Despite the age they were obviously one of those that liked a father figure. So I asked them what they had in mind. Just help dressing, with make up, need to shave my cock and my ass and sucking cock and fucking my ass. I replied that I didn’t have very much experience myself but would love to help, it would be experience for me too. We chatted for a while longer, I loved his profile and his pictures and I found myself becoming more amd more horny. As I did so, so my replies became much richer and more sexy. I found myself wanting him. She was becoming Karen and I started to think of her as a her and not a him. She told me that she wanted to meet me very much and I told her that would be wonderful! Could I meet her in the day? She told me that she lived with her parents and that they were at work during the day and got home about 5 or so.And so, a couple of days later, I found myself knocking on the front door of an inconspicuous house in an inconspicuous street. The door was opened a tiny amount and a blonde head peered round! “Hello Karen””Jess?” She opens the door more, allowing me in. She wears a leotard, that bulges delightfully in all the wrong places!! No tits, but a gorgeous bulge in the pantie department. I close the door and canlı bahis stand there studying her. She shifts uncomfortably under my gaze! “You look fabulous!” I tell her. ” Thank you!” She replies. “Come in””Thank you” I grab her hand and gently pull her towards me. I kiss her cheek but she turns her face and I kiss her full on the lips. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she murmurs. I pull her even closer and we kiss a little deeper. Her lips are soft, pliant.She is the one to break off. “Where shall we start?” She asks. “Let’s do the shaving first” I answer. She laughs. “That is all you came over for, isn’t it?””Not all.” I laugh. “There was one or two extras that I was looking forward to.””I have everything ready. Come and look.””In that order?” But the pun is lost on her. We have both been looking forward to this moment. I still have hold of her hand and she pulls me into the house. We enter what is obviously the dining room. The table is laid, but with towels rather than a table cloth. “Do you need anything else?””Yeah! A fairly large pyrex bowl with some water in.””Are you going to wet shave me?””Absolutely! Much closer shave with a wet shave.” She undresses and then climbs onto the table. “OOOhh!! Look at that!! Your sweet cock is so hard!””Will it be in your way Daddy?” She asks innocently.”It will, Karen! And I will find it very hard trying to concentrate on what I am doing if that keeps nudging me.””What shall we do Daddy?””What do you suggest?” I laugh.”Wait until it goes back down?” She adds mischievously.”I know what we could do…””What’s that?”I grab her cock and lick the pink knob that has appeared out of the folds of her foreskin. “Oooohh!! Daddy!!” She cries out. I take the whole thing into my mouth and suck on it.Her back arches and she gasps. Her eyes are shut firm and she gives in to the waves of pleasure that overtake her. I pull back on her cock a little more and suck a bit deeper. She cries something out and suddenly her cum spurts out, hitting the back of my throat. I swallow and swallow. I need her to cum again later. I hope she has some in reserve. Leaving her cock but still holding on to it, I move up her body to kiss her on the lips and transfer some of the cum into her mouth.”Thank you Daddy! That has been building up ready for that moment!””Thank you Karen. that was delicious”Out of the sports bag i have brought with me, I pull out my toiletry bag and from that my razor and shaving foam. I lay them on the table. She watches me from her position bahis siteleri on the table. She is lying on her side, propped up by one elbow.”Are you going to do my arse first?” She asks. “No. I thought your pubes and your cock and then your sweet balls!”I wet the area that I want to shave first and then apply the shaving foam. I lie her on her back and gently begin the job of removing her pubes. She does not have much hair there, which makes the job so much easier. I am trying so hard to concentrate but that sweet cock keeps brushing my hand and then I get to the point where I have no choice but to hold her cock so that i can shave around the base of the stem. So I hold it with my left hand and the right hand does the shaving.Her cock is becoming hard again. I can feel it growing in my hand. I have to lift it again so that I can shave his balls. There are only a couple of wisps of hair there. Now the bit I have been waiting for!I get her to kneel on all fours, that wonderful arse close to my face, her feet overhanging the edge of the table. I grab the bowl so that I can wet the area that i am about to shave. I did tell her that I wanted to kiss her beautiful arse first and I do. Kissing each cheek in turn and then parting her cheeks so that I can lick between them and also see if they are are hairy at all.Her sweet puckered hole has soft blonde hair circling it. I push my face into her arse so that I can lick it and taste it. It feels and tastes wonderful. “Oh Daddy” She sighs. I wet a finger and then gently introduce it to her hole. There is so much resistance. I wet my finger in the bowl and then press against the hole. reluctantly it allows me entrance. I kiss her cheek again. She writhes, with my finger inside her. When I take my finger out, she looks over her shoulder at me to see what I am doing. I wet her arse cheeks and spread shaving foam all over them and then shave the beautiful hair off. I have difficulty shaving her sweet rosebud, but the hair there is just beautiful and I persuade her to keep it. I kiss her arse once again and then she climbs off the table. She stands in front of me her arms round my neck, kisses me on the mouth. I pull her very close and slide my hands down to that beautiful arse.She suddenly breaks away and my sudden disappointment turns to joy when she slides down to crouch in front of me. She slides the fly of my trousers down and reaches in to pull out my cock. She stares at it a moment before popping it into güvenilir bahis her mouth. I grab her head and pull it onto my cock.She sucks on it noisily and the sensations flow up through my body. I find myself back arching, eye closing and giving in to the sensations that are threatening to engulf me. I feel my cum suddenly feel that it wants to emerge. I only have a very short space of time to warn her before it explodes into her mouth. She carefully extracts my cock from her mouth and licks it clean.”Oh Daddy!!” She says. “That was so much.” Her words are slightly slurred and she opens her mouth and shows me the cream that is still in there. It is thick and white on her tongue, and, before I can kiss her, her mouth closes and I see her swallow. I manage to kiss her then and can taste my cum still in her mouth. “Fuck me daddy!” she begs me. “What about your make-up?” I ask her.”Fuck me first. I need that cock inside me.”I find myself chuckling and then undress. She helps me, but she is very impatient and tries to rush me, almost pulling buttons off in her haste. I stand naked in front of her and we kiss again. Her hand tugs at my cock. Rubbing it. To my surprise it begins to harden again. “Mmmmm! Daddy!! I think you are getting hard again. Are you thinking about me?””It’s not me thinking about you sweetheart!” I reply. “My brain has stopped working. I think my dick has taken me over!” I feel rather than hear her ‘mmmmmmmmmmm’. “It is so naughty.” I have hold of her cock and I am rubbing that. “Daddy! Fuck me now!”She turns and leans over the table and rests on her elbows. She watches me over her shoulder. I stand very close behind her, my hands on her hips, my cock running up and down her crack. I press my cock against her sweet rosebud and then gently press it against it. It reluctantly accepts and in my cock slides. She gasps and pushes her arse against me. I can see her face is pressed into the towel on the table, and her eyes are tight shut, her face screwed up in pain. I pause to let the waves subside a little. “What are you doing daddy?” She demands, so I continue. A few more slow entries and then I begin to speed up. She seems to be enjoying it now and grunts in pleasure each time i bang into her.”Daddy! I need to cum!” She suddenly says..”Cum in my mouth sweetheart!”I sit hurriedly on the floor while she scrambles off the table. She pushes her stiff cock into my mouth and I suck on it. “I am cumm….”It is too late, she has cum. Her cum is very delicious. Not having much experience, I have not tasted much cum, but that was gourmet cum, the best yet! I enjoy licking her clean and we lie side by side on the floor and chat. We still have the make up to look forward to!



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