Continued from Chapter 02:

Yet, something more personally prohibited, it was a rite of passage for a young man his age to have sex with an older woman. Elizabeth knew that John more than liked her. She knew that he was sexually attracted to her as much as she was sexually attracted to him. She knew that he loved her, perhaps not in the way that a man loves a woman, but more in the way that a stepson loves his stepmother.

A forbidden mother and son, even a stepmother and stepson sexual relationship proved difficult for a testosterone filled, young man to resist but easy for him to embrace when horny, especially if she gave him the green light. Yet and admittedly, with her horny enough and sexually frustrated enough, she’d have sex with him if only he made the first move. Should their sexual transgressions come back to haunt her and bite her in the ass with her husband, soon to be ex-husband, for her to agree to have sex with John, the onus of sexual solicitation would have to be on him.

If she was relaxed enough after having a couple glasses of wine, she’d definitely allow him to kiss her while touching her and feeling her everywhere. If she was relaxed enough after having a couple glasses of wine, she’d allow him to have his wicked sexual way with her naked body. Yet, even though she was more than willing to reciprocate his incestuous, sexual desire, the last thing that she wanted was to be the one to sexually seduce him. She needed him to sexually seduce her. Whatever he wanted to sexually do with her, had to be all on him.

Even though she thought of him kissing her while allowing him to touch her and feel her everywhere through her clothes, the idea sickened her as much as it sexually excited her. She’d love him to strip her naked. She’d love him to see her without her clothes, just as she’d love to see him without his clothes.

Yet, because of guilt and remorse, the thought of her being sexually intimate with her stepson was a thought she couldn’t entertain for long. It was one thing to think about sexually seducing him and to sexually fantasize over having sex with him but it was something else entirely to actually sexually seduce him and to have sex with him. It would be so much easier if he got her drunk and had his wicked, sexual way with her. Should her husband find out about their affair, it would be better if she could blame her stepson.

Even though she masturbated over the thought of him on top of her and making love to her before fucking her hard and fast, having sex with her stepson was just as impossible as it was improbable. She just couldn’t go there. Even though she sexually fantasized him fingering her pussy while licking her pussy, returning the oral, sexual favor, the thought of her stroking cock while sucking his cock was just as sexually exciting as it was sexually disgusting.

Relegated to the thoughts of having sex with him while masturbating herself, her horniness and sexual frustration were endless. If only he would, she’d love nothing more than for him to give her sexual orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, his mouth, and his cock. If only he would, she’d love nothing more than for him to cum in her mouth, all over her face, in her hair, across her big, naked breasts, and even in her pussy. If only she could, she’d love to have incestuous sex with her stepson.

Yet, alas and unfortunately, if she crossed the incestuous line of forbidden and inappropriate sex by having sex with her husband’s son, she’d be no better than his father. With a stepmother having sex with her stepson, she’d be worse in her sexual depravity than the sexual escapades that her husband had with hookers and strippers. Her having sex with her stepson would make her no better than his drunken, carousing father and no better than any of his whores. Without doubt, sex between them would ruin everything.

She had read enough of those trashy, romance novels to know that mother and son sex, or stepmother and stepson sex, wasn’t limited to trailer park, trashy, drunken, and drugged out, tattooed women living on welfare. Even the wealthy have their sexually, salacious secrets of incestuous relationships. Even the wealthy have sex between a mother and son, a father and daughter, a sister and brother, an aunt and nephew, an uncle and niece, a stepbrother and stepsister, a stepfather and stepdaughter, and a stepmother and stepson.

Yet, difficult for her to resist, she could have sex with him if she wanted to have sex with him. Having sexually seduced dozens of men, with him putty in her sexually experienced hands, she knew how to sexually seduce her stepson. Having taught him well, she knew how to push all of his buttons, even his sexual buttons. She’d have no problem in making him want to have sex with her, yet he had to be the one to make the first, sexual move.

If she was to sexually seduce him, perhaps that would not only alleviate her horniness and sexual frustration but also would allow her to seek revenge on her husband for cheating on her with women reality kings porno behind her back. She’d love to get even with her husband for all the wrongs he had done to her by having sex with a multitude of women all over the country and all over the world. Only, she couldn’t imagine having sex with her stepson just to get back at his father. She wanted to have sex with John for a better reason than that.

If she did, indeed, have sex with him, she didn’t see their intimate, sexual relationship being a one-night stand. Something beautiful and loving, if they had sex with one another, she could conceivably envision their forbidden, sexual union becoming a serious love affair. In the way of The Piano Teacher, The Reader, The Graduate, the Summer of ’42, and even Harold and Maude, there are plenty of love stories of a younger man not only having an intimate sexual relationship with an older woman but also a love affair.

‘Love is what I need and what I want,’ she thought. ‘John may love me as his stepmother but would he love me as his lover? Would he want me not in the way that a stepson lovingly wants his stepmother but, in the way that a man sexually wants a woman? Would he want me after he satisfied his sexual lust for me or would he cast me aside as another notch on his dick?’

Nonetheless, if they did have sex, that would be wrong. That would be nasty. Moreover, if John discovered that she had used him with sex as her revenge on his father, that would be unforgivable. For their forbidden, sexual relationship to work, she had to emerge innocent, guilt free, unscathed, and without remorse. With the onus on him, she’d have to sexually tease him, erotically entice him, and salaciously seduce him for him to make the first, sexual move.

Easy enough to do, she didn’t have to be a mind reader or a psychologist to know of his sexual attraction to her. She just had to look at the clone women he brought home who looked like her, talked like her, walked like her, and laughed like her. In the way that he looked at her, she knew that he lusted over her, perhaps even masturbated over her. In the way that he stared at her, as if undressing her with his eyes, she knew that he imagined her without her clothes while having sex with her naked body.

Like his father who was a breast, leg man, and ass man, John was a breast, leg, and ass man too. With him staring at them hard enough and long enough, she knew that her stepson was enamored with her big, natural, D cup breasts, her long, shapely legs, and her round, firm ass. Only and sexually frustratingly, she wished he’d do more than just stare. She wished he’d kiss her, French kiss her, while touching and feeling her everywhere it was forbidden to sexually touch and feel her.

Whenever she sat across from him while wearing her short skirts, deliberately sexually teasing him, she slowly and seductively crossed and uncrossed her legs to flash him her bright, white, bikini panties and her panty clad pussy. Whenever she leaned over him while wearing her sexy, low-cut blouse, she purposely gave him a lengthy, sexually salacious look at her long line of sexy cleavage had her low-cut bra. What more could she do to sexually entice him to make the first, incestuously, sexual move than to flash him up-skirts of her panties and down-blouses of her cleave while making it appear unintentional?

Something so sexually inappropriate and yet so erotically forbidden to think of someone so young, her own stepson, sexually wanting her, was even hard for her to resist the sexual attention given her from a good-looking, young man. With her so lonely, so horny, and so sexually frustrated, it wouldn’t take much to sexually seduce her and for her to move to the dark side of her sexual life. Having already sexually fantasized over having sex with him numerous times before while masturbating herself, she was just as sexually attracted to her stepson as she knew he was sexually attracted to her.

Yet, with him not making the first, sexual move, she was nearly ready to give up trying to get a sexual reaction from him. It wasn’t until she heard him masturbating over her when he obviously thought he was alone and thought she couldn’t hear him that she thought of not only using her stepson as revenge on his father but also for love. Setting things in motion, it was when she heard him masturbating over her that she imagined him having sex with her with more certainty than just a passing sexual fantasy. Yet, instead of just thinking of him as a fuckbuddy, she thought of him as her forever lover.

With one unable to cross the incestuous, sexual line without the other, just as she was ripe for his sexual advances and for his sexual seduction of her, seemingly he was ripe for her sexual advances and for her sexual seduction of him. Now, that she knew that he masturbated over her while imagining her naked and having sex with her, she decided to take her sexual seduction to the next level. She decided to sexually seduce her stepson while sexmex porno purposely making it appear that he was the seducer and not her.

‘This ought to be fun,’ she thought to herself.

Chapter 03:

“Mom? Oh, Mom,” she heard him say. Thinking there may be something wrong, she thought he was calling her. “Oh, my God, Mom,” he said a little louder while moaning and growing more sexually excited. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. That feels so good, Mom. That feels so good.”

As if he wanted her to hear him and as if he was beckoning her to come to his room, she heard him as if he was talking to her as she walked past his bedroom door. Normally with the TV or the stereo blaring, had the house not been as quiet, had she been downstairs, and not walking by his bedroom door, she wouldn’t have heard him. At first, thinking that he wanted and needed her help, she was ready to knock, turn his doorknob, and open his bedroom door.

Then stunned by what she heard next, she couldn’t believe all that he said and all that she heard. Unable to stop herself from listening after she heard him say her name, she couldn’t help herself from invading his private space and violating his private thoughts by remaining there to listen. Obviously, he was masturbating over her. Obviously, he was imagining her naked and having sex with her. Obviously, he sexually wanted her as much as she sexually wanted him.

“Elizabeth, oh, my God, Elizabeth. I want you, Liz,” said her stepson, John. “I sexually want you in the way that I never sexually wanted any woman.”

* * * * *

Frozen in place while sexually enthralled and with him pushing all of her sexually, incestuous buttons, having never heard her stepson masturbating before, she stayed to listen. Even more than that, something that immediately got her attention, she hasn’t heard a man say that he wanted her since before she married his father. Yet, allowing her husband’s extramarital affairs to go on for as long as she could, passed the breaking point, that strained relationship turned sour in a hurry when she discovered that he had sex with whores, strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars.

A traveling salesman, with entertaining clients part of his business and able to pay for them through his tax-deductible business expenses, he obviously had whores everywhere he went. As if he was in the Navy with women in every port, her husband, Jim, had women in every city. Something that made her feel bad about herself, obviously, she wasn’t enough woman for him. Obviously, he needed more than just husband and wife, vanilla sex. Love was never part of the equation with him. It was all just about sex.

With him always horny and raring to go, he sexually needed more than she was sexually willing to give. When she refused to expose herself to men by flashing them up-skirt peeks of her panties and down-blouse views of her cleavage and bra while he watched, he found women who would. When she refused to have sex with his friends while he watched and masturbated himself, he needed someone to cater to his sexual perversions and abnormal, degenerate appetites. His way of making himself feel normal, he needed someone who’d accept his sexual perversions as normal.

‘How dare he lust over strippers and solicit prostitutes when he has someone like me at home,’ she thought while feeling hurt, betrayed, and angry? ‘When I’m home alone taking care of his son, why can’t he remain faithful to me? Why must he cheat on me? How dare he have sex with a multitude of women when I’m lonely, horny, and sexually frustrated?” She wondered what she did wrong to turn him against her. ‘Why can’t he be sexually satisfied having sex with me?’

Yet, him dismissing her had nothing to do with her. A man who never should have married, he wanted to experience a variety of women. He had the mindset of a single man, a playboy, trapped by the responsibilities of a married man. It didn’t matter that he had a wife and a son at home, he wanted his sexual freedom. With him not learning from his mistakes, it didn’t matter that he had done this all before with is first wife.

Saying that he had to work late, had a meeting, or was going to be delayed because of a cancelled flight, he was out on the town wining and dining clients most nights. As part of their paid entertainment, he sexually caroused with whores at strip clubs. For Elizabeth to remain here and still live here, since she had nowhere else to go, what else was a wife to do but to close her eyes to her husband’s sexual indiscretions?

Either she’d leave, get a low-paying job, and her own apartment somewhere, or stay to care for his son. With her husband supporting her, she’d have more to lose if she left. It wasn’t much of a decision when John was younger but now that he was older, he didn’t need the nurturing, caregiving love of a stepmother. He had women in his life to do that while giving him sex. With her days living here and under the financial support of her husband numbered, Elizabeth was stuck.

Yet, sindrive porno now that she knew his son sexually wanted her when his father didn’t, giving her forbidden, sexual thoughts, what else was a stepmom to do but to seduce her stepson? Alone with her stepson and constantly horny and continually sexually frustrated, while still in her soon to be ex-husband’s house, her sexual attention turned from father to son. Now that she knew that he sexually wanted her, it would be easy for her to get what she needed from her stepson. A despicable thing to do, perhaps, but it would be easy for her to make John not only her lover but her ally against his father.

Changing her role from his stepmother to his best friend with sexual benefit, she needed to make John her sexual supporter. With her sexually wanting him as much as he, obviously, sexually wanted her, she needed him to be complicit in their sexual relationship. Now that she knew that he sexually wanted her, she needed to use that and play on that to her benefit. Yet, with her not wanting to be the seductress but the victim, she needed him to make the first, sexual move. She needed him to fall in love with her, not as a stepson loves his stepmother but as a man loves a woman.

Even after she divorced his father, she needed her stepson to not want her to go. With her husband never around anyway, she needed her stepson to want her to stay and, perhaps, morph from her role as his stepmom to his lover. Something not hard for her to do, especially with his sexual attraction to her already in place, she needed to make him unable to live without her. Stopping her husband from evicting her to move in one of his whores, she imagined John giving his father an ultimate.

“It’s either her or me. If she goes, I go too,” she imagined John saying to his father.

A man who couldn’t be alone with his bad self, his father would never live alone. Always needing someone to talk to and tell about his personal accomplishments and his sales successes, with no one to brag to, he could never come home to an empty house. Even he needed more than just whores in his life. He needed the love of a good woman. Besides, all about his ego, always surrounded by people agreeing with him, he was a successful salesman because he was so personable and so proudly full of himself.

Outgoing, friendly, and engaging, he knew this one, that one, and everyone. He had friends everywhere. Unfortunately, with his infectious personality, and with him always knowing the right thing to say and the right thing to do, except to her, he had women everywhere. Able to deceive women into thinking that he was not only single but also a catch, if only they knew he was married with a wife and child at home, most women would have nothing to do with him. If only they knew he was a two-time loser, married and previously divorced.

* * * * *

“I want to kiss you while touching and feeling you everywhere through your clothes,” she heard her stepson say while she still stood outside his bedroom door to listen.

As soon as she heard John say that he wanted to touch and feel her through her clothes while kissing her, weak in the knees, she swooned. As if her hand was his hand, she put her hand to her breasts while imagining him kissing her, touching her, and feeling her everywhere through her clothes. As if her fingers were his fingers, she put her fingers to her lips while imagining kissing him, and while touching and feeling him everywhere through his clothes too.

‘I’d love him to kiss me while touching me and feeling me everywhere through my clothes,’ she thought. ‘I’d love to kiss him while touching and feeling him everywhere through his clothes.”

Suddenly feeling old, even though she was only 37-years-old, she felt forsaken and abandoned before John made her suddenly feel younger and needed. He made her not only feel wanted but also, he made her feel sexually desired. What her husband failed to make her feel, her stepson filled that empty hole in her heart.

It was bad enough when she turned 30-years-old without having any children. Now that she was 37-years-old and childless, she never thought her life would be as fulfilled as it was with her role as his stepmother and his role as her stepson. In the way that she cared for him and loved him, John was as much her son as if she had delivered him in a hospital.

* * * * *

At 22-years-old, John was very good looking, even better looking than his father, Jim. Oddly enough, with her husband now 52-years-old, she was 22-years-old when she met his 37-year-old father. Now, with her role reversed, she was 37-years-old and sexually lusting over his 22-year-old son in the way that his 37-year-old father had sexually lusted over her 22-year-old sexy and shapely body. Life has a way of repeating itself when coming around full circle.

For sure, if he made the first move by kissing her, unable to resist him, returning his kiss, she’d not only allow him to kiss her but also, she’d allow him to French kiss her. She’d allow him to make out with her while touching and feeling her anywhere he wanted to touch and feel her through her clothes. A longtime since she had sex, hard for her to admit and even harder to embrace the idea, she’d love to have sex with her stepson.



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