SEXY SHAE’S SECRET #1 (5 PHOTO’S!)SEXY SHAE FLIES HOT & HIGH DAY BY DAY ON LONG HAULS & LONGS FOR LONG-LASTING FUCKSSexy Shae, still untouched beautiful bare bottom, PIC #1: Shae is one of my best female friends & tops all others in her professional qualifications as a captain-pilot.Sexy Shae is one great gal top-of-the-job, who is sexually submissive, longing for harsh caning and a big dick.Sexy Shae has to rely on ferocious fingering, best being hotly heated, from freaky teasing talks with fine friends.Sexy Shae has to rely on female frigging her hot cute clit most of the time as her hot hobby does disallow sitting.Sexy Shae can come as an erupting Etna ‘Vulva Vulcano’ after harsh hot caning of bare bottom and cute cunny.Sexy Shae can come as an erupting Etna ‘Vulva Vulcano’ only every now and then, as her job is sit still & stear!Sexy Shae, beautiful bare bottom showing signs, PIC #2:—————————————————————————————————————————————————SEXY SHAE IS EXTREMELY SUBMISSIVE, ACCORDING HER PRIVATE illegal bahis PROFILE FOR FINE FRIENDSSexy Shae is slender, sensual, sexy & smart, tender & tough ‘tart’ in her teenie-style tasty hot horny Holy holes.Sexy Shae is an enigma to all her so-called friends. – She only opens up to her trusted Professor Poet-PETER.Sexy Shae is sometimes even not honest to herself, forget Prof. PoPE here, in her perverse porn-preferences.Sexy Shae is sometimes even lying about her foxiest fancy: getting hit hard, warm and wanton: To be ‘abused’.Sexy Shae, beautiful bare bottom warming well, PIC #3: Shae is starting to get honest to herself in answering curious questions from her dear Prof. Poet-PETER:Sexy Shae is admitting she mainly likes harsh caning because of the prospect of a relentless rough randy ride. Sexy Shae isn’t claiming faithfulness to her boyfriend back home in Canada, although she pretends innocence. Sexy Shae isn’t claiming she’s a nun during stop-overs at different continents, where fresh lovers might pop up!—————————————————————————————————————————————————-SEXY illegal bahis siteleri SHAE CAN CONDUCT PROFESSOR PETER’S NEW NUNNERY & TEACH HIS NEW STUDENTSSexy Shae is an extreme example to nice new sex students at the ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’:Sexy Shae is an extremely successful woman in her work as a captain-pilot on long hot hauls from Vancouver.Sexy Shae is an extreme fan of careful caning: seriously striping her beautiful bottom into a red-white painting.Sexy Shae is an extreme fan of ferocious fucking her warm wet wanton tight tasty twat, heated by cunt caning.Sexy Shae, beautiful bare bottom gets glowing, PIC #4: Shae is extremely young for an experienced captain, controlling crews of half a dozen or more sometimes.Sexy Shae is extremely yearning for an elder man to completely dominate her doing. She even could quit flying!Sexy Shae is extremely vulnerable, barely able to survive sexually from fucking her current man-friend at times.Sexy Shae is extremely vulnerable, looking for her Mister Right-Guy, who she can trust, telling her sex-secrets!—————————————————————————————————————————————————SEXY canlı bahis siteleri SHAE’S SECRET IS TO TEASE YOU, DEAR READER, INTO OUR NEXT INTIMATE INSTALLMENT!Sexy Shae starts to admit bits about her other side, being beyond a long-haul captain & continuously in control.Sexy Shae starts to admit to Professor Poet-PETER about her hidden secret sexy sides of her long love-lives.Sexy Shae shows her hot Professor glimpses of her other side, her fondness for a fantastic fine female friend.Sexy Shae shows her hot Professor the trust & confidence as if she is inside His Holy Confession’s Cornucopia. Sexy Shae, beautiful bare bottom hotly heated, PIC #5: Shae starts to whisper to her Professor-Priest Poet-PETER: “Please Professor, keep it a sexy secret!”Sexy Shae starts to promise her dear readers she will tell them more in the forthcoming intimate installment(s).Sexy Shae shows her private parts in glowing glory, longing for love & lust by a man, who knows what he I can.Sexy Shae shows us more bashfulness in coming Confession how she hotly comes best from extraordinary sex.====================================================================================ALL RIGHTS @ Professor Poet-PETER, AMSTERDAM-Westerpark, 1013PX, 43-HA, 0206 848 256, 01-04-18



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